Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Y is spelt WHY SO RANDOM?

Today in the news
Beware: A man with an umbrella

Umbrellas can be very dangerous in this day and age. Weather continues to change from warm to cold, sunny to rainy.
You may think yourself safe walking down the street but soon enough theres going to be a shower of pouring rain.
You think the guy next to you looks safe enough, until he pulls out his umbrella. CRASH! It springs outwards hitting you back into the way of a soaring taxi.
Your body is thrown sideways breaking most of your bones. Then it collapses onto the top of the vehicle and rolls off of the back.
By then you're holding on for life, the taxi stops paused for a while. The driver thinking about what he's done. Eventually he gets out to find three people standing around your body, and then comes your last breath where you speak of no name. You died lonely.
The taxi driver stares for a moment before being pushed away by a doctor who examines the body confirming the death.
The body is placed into the ambulance and driven straight to the grave yard.
Eleanor Rigby
What the hell was that about?
"Excuse me id like a pizza"
"What kind?"
"Can you recommend something?"
"I can recommend a HANG UP!"

"hahha! i didnt really hangup, i just went silent for a little while"
"Yes, i realise that. Was that a joke?"
"Oh cool, mind if i say one?"
"Yeah sure."
"Awesome. the pizza i want is a REDIAL! ahhaa.. like it?"
*hang up*
Nothing makes sense anymore

- Nathan (lunch) Viney

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