Monday, September 17, 2007

Cat Vomit, Have a laugh and Sports report

, Warning: This clip may cause you to look down on munch
Today in the news

Also catching up on sport today we have a recorded clip from "The Daily Crumb" radio which unfortunatly closed down a year ago after 2 days.
So... honestly the news is a little old. But still keeping you up to date every day folks.
Heres todays "VLOG"

- Nathan (such) Viney


  1. SPAM - Go to a better blog!

    hehehe just had to spam :p

    Great vid munch.. hmmm i wonder if i should try and make a Vlog... Will have to wait and see! x

  2. The video in this post is your best to date. You need to put that sketch on YouTube. I will blog it if you do.

  3. Good idea! I should go out and have a daily laugh too!

  4. Heh... "have a laugh"
    Oh, funny stuff :D
    Good one.

  5. That was so cute XDD

    I couldn't here the news very well, but that was fine, I liked the first part betteer XD