Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Waterlollies buggy

Today in the news happiness is just a Brackenwood movie away.
Ok, so today.
I wanna give an update on Waterlollies.
I've decided Nathan Mccree is not going to be doing the music or sound effects. INSTEAD, Nathan Viney will be doing them.
ALSO every single scene will have at least one flashing "Visit NathanViney.com" come up on the screen.
(To test out the subconcious)
With all that aside.
I want to
stop putting new thoughts on new lines.

Right. This is a small collection of Waterlollies previews, i may have missed some but ive tried to collect as many as i remember.
All screenshots are hosted on blogger and sized to my liking. All screenshots are copyright Adam Phillips (Mr P) at biteycastle.com/ chluaid.com/ oohbitey.com/ bitey.com All the many names!

Click on all of these for the larger scale.

and we cannot forget the awesome flash preview on the newgrounds alpha. Check it out on his blog:

^Click the above for flash preview^

the woodenblogs latest table


New Waterlollies video

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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