Friday, December 09, 2011

Sandbox AlterEgos

hi everyone! this is a game idea I have. It wont ever be made or anything but I thought, as I've not said anything recently I'll tell you my perfect game.

its based in a city and you can make a character. (which can soon go on to meeting a girlfriend/boyfriend/having kids whatever (like sims) but you can choose whether at night, or sometimes at day, whenever you want you can go out and have an alterego, whether that is a criminal (thief murderer super villian), a mysterious painter (like banksy, make strange art and go around the city and people will gather) or a hero (catch or kill super villains and save people) You will choose your alterego costume, whether it is just a jacket, or a mask, or anything really to cover your identity (as a joke you'll probably be able to just choose glasses as well (superman) and you'll have a type of celebrity status. and if you tell people you risk getting yourself arrested or if you are a hero, you'll get all the fans after you! (If you tell your wife, be nice to her or she'll tell the world who you are), and if you are a criminal you have to avoid the lights, on lookers and police, keep your face hidden. Its like GTA mixed with Sims but with an Alterego edge.
Like Sims you'd be able to buy a house, but unlike Sims the gameplay would be more like a multiplayer game (not sure of the technical terms) where you press arrow up and your character will move forward. Like The Sims 3 all of the characters in the city will grow old and breed. Which also means you can make your son or daughter also have an Alterego, following in papas footsteps. You can switch character by the click of a button and the camera will swish over to your wife/husband/daughter/son/grandfather.
The different categories of alterego would go a lot more in depth. Like criminal you'd be able to break into people houses, steal all of their things, crash your car into a house perhaps? Yes people can die but that's the players choice. Create loads of stories with your character or growing family. You don't really choose a stuck category, you can turn from a superhero to a supervillain by simply pushing an old lady off of a cliff in broad daylight in front of people. OR you could have 2 alteregos, pretending you are a lovely nice superhero but then in the darkness pushing old ladies off of cliffs. You will be able to get jobs as well, you need your money after all, unless you rob people, then lifes easier for you, apart from the police part. All alterego choices will be able to gain superpowers at some point, working up to it with experience. Whether that is going invisible for a short time, speed, burning people with your eyes or being able to fly around the city.
What you do will dramatically effect the newspapers and conversations the city will have, as well as the media. On TV you may be in the news.
You'll be able to be a secret detective with whatever alterego you want, spying on bad guys, organising meetings and finding out what's going on.
Their will be suspicious people around the city, including yourself if you really want to, all having suspicious meetings in suspicious places. You can do whatever you want. You could be a bad guy that kills good guys, a good guy that kills bad guys, a good guy that kills bad guys and good guys in secret. OR
If you really want you can just be a guy with a job who works at a shop and goes fishing every day or collect hidden treasures underground as a explorer or collector.

You could buy a location as your Alterego hide away, whether that be another house, a skyscraper, a cave, or a building under the sea.

The cities and towns would be created randomly for each player placing designed buildings and locations in different places. As well as the city people, generated randomly.

or even better, its online. I think this would work online.
You could join online cities or towns like how Minecraft multiplayer operates. This way the owner can moderate the city, making sure one of their players does not go around killing other players families and only kills the NPC people.

- The Daily Crumb

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Harry Workington

Hello, my name is Harry Workington. I am 83 years old and have a wonderful house. It is very cosy, there is a fireplace, a coffee table and a smooth surface on the kitchen counters. I try not to scrape them and dust them regular-like.
I go to the local bakery every Thursday and buy myself a meat pie. Jonathan Wood works at the bakery, he and Mr. Thistle work night and day baking the best produce for our little street.
Ethal George lives across the road from me, shes got a bump in her tummy this week. Jonathan says it's all the bread she'd been buying, I says its a new baby girl or boy.
Jonathan says he wonders who the father might be, maybe his boss, Terry Thistle. Ethal had visited the bakery a lot recently, maybe to see Terry?

I asked Jonathan if he had heard about Old Ricky Wiggs from number 21, how he'd sadly passed away last night. Left his lonely house to a cold, bored dog to look after.

I suggested my son, Laurence Workington take the dog as his own. Laurence was having none of it, his last wife cheated on him with a sea lion you see, a female sea lion. So animals and such, or anything a little bit out of his comfort zone were a no go for my son.
"How did he die?" Asked Jonathan

It was a nasty event, Ricky got his leg stuck in his dog door, so Miss Perkins chopped it off. Old Wiggs lost so much blood he'd died before the ambulance had arrived.
"I'm flabbergasted" Says Jonathan. "I'd have never thought of Miss Perkins being able to do such a thing to a leg."
I told him that she was a practising surgeon, she was trying to impress Terry Thistle, but unfortunately she'd only studied two books. She tried to squeeze the wound with her hands but it just squirted out more blood. She used toilet paper in the end but the red just soaked through. The blood was all down the pebbles.

"What about Miss George then, think she is pregnant with a baby girl or boy? Either it is Terry or the Postman, what was his name? ... Mar.."
Mart Mekelly, yes there was him, and he stunk! He used to creep into my garden and steal apples from our apple tree. He deserved what he got.
"What happened to him? Mr. Workington?"
Well, i says to him, you knows that woman at number 3 that always throws children's shoes up on the electric wire? He nodded, well she threw Mart up there as well, he could not get down for a week. Ethal George was laughing at him in his face.
"Oh how terrible"
I told him about Daniels Workington, my grandson, son of Laurence and how he wanted to be an artist when he was older. I says there's no work in that dear boy I said, them artists never worked an honest day in their lives. As for you Jonathan, you're a woods, your families been cutting down trees for centuries, until now of course. But baking is sure a worthy profession. I don't agree with such things as Justin Baby, the singer. He blummin never worked a day his life.
Jonathan agreed with me, he is a hard working honest chap, Jonathan.

I told my grandson, I saids you're a Workington, we got our name for exactly that, being hard workers. It's a good profession being a worker, so stick to it dear boy.
Well, I'm open to new things, I'm a modern man, a bit old, but the wrinkles are all a lady wants at this age I'm sure. I've never dyed my hair, I know the ladies like to re-make their old colours before theys went all grey but I look good in my sharp white hair. I believe a person respects a man like me, in a waistcoat, walking stick in hand. Mr. Shovwell, (Came from a long line of Shovwells) said I looked the part of a good, friendly, funny grandpa.
Then he said, shame I was not that, give the look back to a nicer guy.

Jonathan handed me the meat pie and I said my goodbyes and hellos to Mr. Thistle who was busy in the back room baking.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hello Campers! Tomothy is back

I bet you never expected Tomothy and Pals to come back, after, well.. i shot him!
But it is back. I'm not sure for how long but I've done NINE new comics, thats right, NINE.

You can check them all out here

Now hurry!
While stocks last!

- The Daily Crumb

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DASHKIN Beta Game Review

screenshots at bottom of page

So here we are again. The word and name, 'Brackenwood' is not a new one to The Daily Crumb. No sirry. We've been huge fans since the early days of the online animated series, Brackenwood.
You may be familiar with films such as 'Waterlollies', 'Prowlies at the River' and 'Bitey of Brackenwood'.

The mysterious and speedy character, Bitey has not appeared since the latest released short, 'The Last of the Dashkin' which began to explore Bitey's life and history. Taking a dip further into his growing up on the forest planet.
Go and watch it, although it is the latest in a few short animated films it is a very nice introduction to the world with some beautiful music.

Attempt 1 (Kinda Eggtopic):
Brackensack was Adam Phillips (Creator of Brackenwood)'s first attempt at a Bracky based flash game.
I rather enjoyed it.
You can still go and check it out here
It has very simple controls, you use the mouse and space bar to effectively keep the 'fatsack' character airborn whilst head butting it.

But now! Look what we have! .. almost.
All of you brilliant people pledged as much as you could for a brilliant game. Your money well.. spent, given.. donated... whatever.



So myself and some other peeps have played the BETA of Dashkin, the yet to be released Brackenwood masterpiece.
It is, well it is a game, first off. It is always nice to mention things like that, this is a game. A game designed by Adam Phillips and presumably coded by Sean McGee. Like 'Last of the..' I believe Lee Miller has been brought back as epic musician. Nice to see he has brought his own chair into the Bracky office and is comfortably ready for the continued journey.

The Dashkin BETA is a basic playthrough of the gameplay. It gave examples of four levels to play on, all quite different from eachother. (Phwoar)

My question is, what are you expecting from the gameplay? I can tell you this, it is half, 'YuYu the Flash Game' and half 'An even closer look into Bitey's daily life'. You are Bitey, i suppose you can't get any closer into his life, unless you become his siamese twin?
When you were a child/ If you are a child, did/do you ever stare out the car window as the vehicle is zooming down the road and imagine characters running alongside the car? Soaring at high speeds, jumping over things and occasionally running straight into a pole?

This is Dashkin, Bitey is constantly jumping, you've got him in a rush, you need to make sure that he does not injure himself. (With the amount of injuries he can get and at that impact I'm surprised he does not die!! But no one would want that.)
If you hit a boulder at high speed you are going to feel it. My little brother even covers his eyes in shock)

There are 3 obstacles so far revealed to us. I'm not sure how much i can mention but all I'll say is you can go SPLAT, SPLASH AND... SCRATCH. Adam West will love this game. Screenshots reveal all! And be assured, with these amazing confrontations comes some fantastic animation. The animation of Bitey merges together from jumping to swimming to super speeed running. It's beautiful.

Luckily I was given a 'Training Level'. I was very happy about that and did terribly the first few rounds. But if you read carefully the controls are actually very simple.

You may have come across games similar to this, 'avoid things' games. But this game is very different. You actually have a lot more control over the main character than may appear so. Whilst he does his constant jumping, you are able to 'skid' (slows you right down) and of course the SUPER SPEEED RUN. (Not official name)
You create your own time really.
But thats not all that makes it different, durrh, you think i would stop there? This game has the most amazing atmosphere I've seen on a flash game. (Or movie)
The reason the previous films did so well was because Adam can bring you into this beautiful natural world of sounds and colours.
Well now it is a game you are actually involved and it feels good. Throw away your 3D glasses, just hire Adam Phillips to make a flash game and you'll be sorted.
We were given examples of a nice clear day, a miserable, rainy, windy day and a nighttime level

The rainy one was my favorite. With the falling rain and perfect foggy colours that drifted in the background art it make me feel cold, like i needed to HURRY and get back to a good hot chocolate. Those in the UK will know the feeling when playing this level.
The levels started off quite simple but quickly got filled with the things I had to avoid, which of course added a lot more fun to it.
For a BETA this game had the perfect level of difficulty (all together). Do not make it harder (apart from later levels of course)
This can be enjoyed by all ages hopefully, you know, apart from babies and old people who can't see it anyway. And they will not appreciate Lee Miller either, so keep it away from them.

Whether you want to get the fastest speed, collect the most egg thingies or just be an emo and bash your head a few times this is the perfect game for you. I look forward to the full release when the 'STORY' will be revealed!
We'll want to play through to discover more storyline in the game. Wow! This things big.

You can watch the intro to the game here

Here are some screenies i took

Click for larger

And here are the pics revealed to us on the official Facebook Page.

- The Daily Crumb

Monday, October 17, 2011

Your clone will be out there

Phillip Schofield
Mark Aiken
(Click image for larger)

-The Daily Crumb

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Daily Crumb's review of 'Lady Gasoline'


Lady Gasoline is the second album from Irish singer/songwriter, Chris Singleton. After overcoming from Hyperacusis (A hearing condition where all sounds are perceived as painfully loud ) he wanted to make something loud... interesting. This something was Lady Gasoline! A 2010 poprock album with more instruments, more bounding flavour to get you dancing on top of an old wooden chair.

Chris' first album (Released FREE online) was Twisted City. This album was/is fantastic. I found after downloading all of the tracks I gave it a few listens, enjoyed the tracks and then left it alone. Later on I realised, whilst my playlist was on random that, the Twisted City tracks were the only songs i would not skip.
If you can, go and check out this FREE album here
From this album, half worried about the fact he was not earning any money from a free album and half because I loved his tunes, i bought his second album, Lady Gasoline.

"Mummy look! Rocks back!"
She didnt care.

But I did.

On Lady Gasoline, Chris collaborated with the musicians of 'The Distractions'.
So that was a bit of information on the man himself and whats 'up' with this album.
Now heres the review.

Buy Album HERE

Due to the magic of the internet I can include a few of the tracks from the album on this very blog post. NO WAY?

There are twelve tracks on Lady Gasoline. Straight away you are thrown into the running sound of 'Let me Out'. Literally, you could jog to it and lose a few calories.
Something noticably different about Lady Gasoline (Other than the epic full band sound) is the appearance of a 'Lady'. A few of the tracks have backing vocals from vocalist, Jane Fraser. She appears on my favourite track, 'Sold the World'. It has a smooth other worldly sound. A wahwahy tune and acoustic guitar, that is heaven to the ears. Then introducing Chris' fantastic vocals and lyrics.

Chris Singleton has a knack for making catchy, enjoyable chorus'. 'Caught in the Sun...'. Every track has a unique lyrical tune.

This album also includes a bit of a big bang feel, something very lively. As mentioned in the booklet, 'Peter Rolinson trumpeted on 'Bad Ambitions' and 'You came with a Bang'. Both excellent, powerful tracks. I've used Bad Ambitions on my showreel, it, like many of the other tracks have become instant classics to me and my fellow listeners.

Lady Gasoline is a perfect title song and instantly loved by every listener. It has a really nice overall sound, not sure what the instrument is in the chorus, organ/synthy thing. But i love it. A very well written song with a great chorus and a bit of female backing vocals. If this one does not get you dancing I DO NOT KNOW WHAT WILL. And you should see a Doctor.
But in the end I do believe 'Bad Ambitions' was the one that made me buy the album, at the time I was looking for that lively trumpet sound and with Chris' memorable tunes there was nothing to lose.

So those songs mentioned were the ones that jumped out at me, but the album is still jam packed with excellent sounds. 'Valium' getting stuck in my head for a few days, 'Blood' a cool, memorable and kind of creepy track.
There are some songs that do not personally jump out at me (Momma Miss America, Lou Reed) when others do, but that is just me. Depends on what you are looking for in a sound.

I've bought and listened to a lot of albums in the last two years. And 'star' wise this album is better than alot of the 'big guys', you know, the ones that have a worldly fan base and such. But this album is better than them, it throws you straight into an epic pop rock party and you'll listen to these songs forever.

The Highlights
Sold the World - Chris Singleton and The Distractions by Chris Singleton

"If you hang around me love you'll end up in a song."

- The Daily Crumb

Monday, September 26, 2011

Plan Crumb from Outer Space (Look at Facebook etc..)

Hello coldies! I've got a case of wacom pen hurting my thumb... maybe I've woken up and forgotten how to use it. I don't know.
Whats up with the whole world of bloggers going onto Tumblr? Tumblr this, tumblr that. I suppose it does make things look a little bit prettier, but aarghhh. I'm okay, hold back!!!! FROM THE BEN AND JERRYS.

Then theres Google + and Facebook! Twitter, and myspace... forums. Forums were popular, I'm not sure if they still are... yes i think they are, have always been useful and sometimes 'family-like' places.
Myspace was a popular one for the kids! And personally, i prefered it to Facebook as it gave more space for interesting design and colours. Now i hate it, because it is ugly, strange how our views change.
Facebook stole the spotlight, i think it may have been older people that began it's popularity. Sure! I know the story, I've seen the film( On a plane mind ), it began with university stalking.
But around the world i reckon it was parents and grandparents getting it to connect with their friends from the past (A new Friends Reunited). Kids tried to avoid Facebook, guh!!! It don't have the templates, the automatic ear squelching music!! But ONE kid joined Facebook, either because they were interested or their mum forced them..... So then their friends join in the.. 'fun'.

And now Facebook is a human catalogue of Earth. Like Argos, but with people. (If you don't know what Argos is, it's a shop that works like the internet. You read a bible, choose your favourite appliance or.. anything really, write down it's number and recieve your object over a desk. It's weird and I avoid it all costs.)

I don't think anyone ever expected Facebook to get so big, but it is basically the HELLO OLDER GENERATION WELCOME TO THE INTERNET, YOUR KIDS ARE ALREADY HERE. (Apart from the COOL Adults at the time, like animators...... i remember a few websites.. Lovely name.
Now hardly anyone does stick animation anymore, and rightly so, it was weird. Weird weird weird and a huge part of my growing up. Then Adam Phillips came along with his brains and experience as a disney mouse. He brought his spark to Flash, a program originally developed to just... make flashy images.. or buttons for websites. But Adam, and a few other smart founder daddies i don't care about came along and rocked the internet.
But now even Flash is being rejected (Well SWF anyway) Newgrounds is getting much less talented peeps than the old days and a few less visitors. (This is not a facT, just a guess because i'm cool)

Youtube came along. Youtube used to be a video website. A website where you go and watch videos, most of the videos were teenagers moaning about life, or doing badly edited comedy sketches. Some of these teens actually became web celebrities. (For a bit)
Youtube is now clogged with videos, so many.. the amount of videos and Gig that youtube uses blows my mind, I can only imagine a never ending.. string.. how long is a piece of string? I always imagine a string thats been cut with scissors so that .. does not make any sense to me.
Conclusion, youtube is huge! EVERYONE uploads to it, whether it is feature films or just bad quality phone videos of cats.. falling... FALLING, falling.
So anyway Google comes along with its magic control stick and GETS THE POWA. Google buys Youtube and suddenly the internet begins to change.
Suddenly 'Google Videos' Remember them? They no longer exist... suddenly they get deleted, they wipe into nothingness.
Replaced with youtube, the king of all things. Google, Youtube...the controllers of the world...... So who are the biggest peeps on the internet? Google and Facebook?
Twitter comes along, actually giving quite a fresh view of a 'lots of people' website 'with lots of people saying stuff'. It's short, its sweet and you are limited to saying a short sentance so you don't embaress yourself in front of celebrities)
Accidently used one of Freud's jumpers to unclog the loo. And i think he already has a brown one

I gave Freud a day off today after a suspect shouted some offensive stuff at him. He did not see the suspect so i got away with it this time

Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

Google + is on the way, on it's horse to save the day.
I'd like to say it gives a fresh new look to Facebook... but theres something about it.... about Google.

I have 3 google email accounts, and because of the connected nature of ALL THINGS GOOGLE when ever i want to check these different emails, my Youtube channel logs out, then logs into another... (As my emails are connected to youtube)
So when i comment on your youtube video i could be ANYONE! Well out of three, my main channel (My preferred log in), my second channel and the Two Detectives channel. I never thought the internet could be wrapped up together, taming the internet.
So...Well something needs to be fixed there.
As if i decided to check one of my emails right now, this blogger would log out and I'd have to log back in to continue this.. ranty thing.

Anyway. That was the history of the internet from my perspective ............ well not really, but it was a blob of the social aspect (Any names used in this rant are completely fictional)

I like Google +, because its all white, like an ipod (I do not own any apple products, i have never owned any, maybe one day, when i see one in the market for 3 pounds... though i would like to get myself an MP3 player for ma moosic)

Facebook is big, like youtube, it is hard to imagine it exists, when it does. It is noisy and messy, it never started like that, but there ya go. I want to leave it, like many do, but with the connections there are on it, family and business, it would be silly to depart.

Twitter is good, also messy but more likable than Faceberk. And it is very easy to pretend you are a celebrity!

A song from Anna in the Aviary

The Daily Crumb

Friday, September 23, 2011

Cliff and the End (Reviews ~)

Short Film reviews:

"i loved it. that was soo sweet! I especially liked the cloud! it was adorable. "
- Kaja.tan

"XD lol~ A CHILDREN film? XD I freaked out when the witch was shot! XD This is awesome!"

"Suuuuper cute! I love the ending! "say something cliff!" "aaah~" *peck* ----Silence--- xD Super darling film with good characters and very good animation!"
- Ribb0ns

"That was a very cute production. I loved it."
- Limejuid

Topleka left us a rather brilliant review aimed mostly at the voice acting
"Nicely done. Lovely animation, interesting story, and a satisfying, if not slightly scary conclusion. This is possibly one of the spookier children's films I've seen, but I think it's still age-appropriate. Is this part of a bigger story? While the plot all came together well enough, I'm confused by the Warrior character. He doesn't seem to add much to the plot at all, but it seems like there's a bigger story behind him and Para Cat. Will that be explored later on?

Miss Locket - I really liked your voice, especially during the intro. Evil enough to be scary, but not over the top. If I'm not mistaken, you sounded older after the time jump which is great. I think she could have afforded to be more annoyed when everyone was trying to stop her, but that's a nitpick on my part.

Tam - You have a really sweet voice, and I love the kindness and warmth that you gave the character. I think some of the lines could have done with being called out more ("Cliff!", "Here I come!"), but she sounded really timid instead. The "I'm a friend...Tam! Tam! I mean...Tam..." was adorable, though. It made me smile.

Para Cat - The voice you used was fantastic, and it matched the character very well. I don't know if you were doing post-pro dubbing or not, but the lines felt like you were delivering them slower than everyone else. It made the pacing feel a little off, but I like your energy and warmth.

Cliff - Definitely younger sounding that I expected. Good delivery, though.

Captain Sinkshipndrown - Proper sea captain voice. bo_o

Warrior - Nicely done. The character itself is rather a stereotype, and you managed to solidify his character immediately.

Ghost Voice - Appropriately ethereal. Wish I could have heard more. D: "

"I can't begin to tell you how much I loved this animation of yours. Do you plan to do a "making of" for it? Those are always my favorite. I can tell you used some type of animation program (Adobe Flash?) but you obviously have some classical training or at least you went for a more traditional animation approach. Well done =) Really great. I'd love to see you expand this universe, it's really awesome."
- Goomba478

"That was freakin' adorable. It was just so, so well put together and the music and voice acting was rad."
- 007Meepit

"Extremely imaginative story! I feel that your characters had some unique personality to them and seeing a sort of cute could with the witch was very strange but also makes it not so clique! I really did enjoy this Munch your work is progressing so well. The animation style is becoming so fluent now and the art style looks brilliant and recognizable as your own style. Was great to see Para cat again oh how I missed him! planning on extending this?"
- Laura2Daisy

"I really liked it :)

Your zany humour wrapped around a cute story. Works perfectly.

Nice music, too."
- Brakkenimation

"Absolutely adorable. :D The animation is great, the story is so sweet and the voice actors are brilliant. I loved every second of it! ^^ And I spent today looking forward to seeing it. :D

Fantastic work!"
- Shadowdax

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Doctor Who Animation: Dalek in LOVE

Enjoy my first Widescreen youtube video!! WOO
Also another collab with Lana Cohen (RainyDayBlues)

Video Below

please leave comments on Youtube or on Blogger
- The Daily Crumb

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crumb Updoot 31st August


So peas. How are you all?
Would you call a child 'Pea' if it was born with green skin? With middle name, Grinch? Possibly, you get back to me on that.

So here is what is going on in my head

the boy with orange hair is a variation of my Tomothy and Pals character, Vinnie (The one that was in a bubble. He had black hair originally)
Click for larger image

I was curious as to what is inside BLOB? (

I was curious as to.... how long Adam Phillips would wait before grabbing a tissue.

guess Who

A nice old lady!!!!! Leave her alone you big pepperpots!

Green Means Stop......

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The King is Dead

Today in the news, bulldozers vs monster trucks!!!!!! Thats what Scotland Yard are suggesting if there is another riot in London.

Here are some inspiring words from a big man with a microphone.

Spare a tear for David John
Who once was here, but now hes gone
He lived a life with going-to-do

But sadly died with nothing done

At last he rests, beyond redemption

Neath' massive piles of good intention

Matt Smith in 3 years.


So my microphone is broken. I did want to do another Homelessman and Shambles short! But bye bye to that idea.

I'm also working on a brilliant short film! I am animating a green man over live action. Though this is on halt as well because of technical issues. :(

and I'm also trying to write an episode or 2 of my own possibly series, Stargazed. Based on an old webcomic of mine

Last thing on the list for 'before i die of starvation because I've got no money' is my short film idea, Icecream. Which would be about a young girl and lots of magical things in war time. Sounds like the synopsis for Peter Pan 2 but it is not! ... that film.
So anyway. I'm hoping to get Lana Cohen with me to write that one. Lana Cohen is a beautiful lady that i know who writes lovely scripts in her spare time but never shows them to anyone.

And my dog is on my pillow nice and asleep! Thanks for the flees! I don't have flees. But i'm sure it is a possibility now.


Doctor Who starts next Saturday. The only program that, even if you do not know ANYONE in the cast or crew, you still feel like it was made just for you.


Oh. I will say something in my own secret way now

nur nur

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Disney man says story no important

Today in the news
A Policeman has been told that he can do more than be a lollypop man. He can now handle all of the other candy as well.

Also in the news
A Disney executive has, in some sort of conference spoken out on his views on 'success'. He says that to make a popular film, story is not important.
His exact words:
"Alice in Wonderland, the story isn't very good, but visual spectacle brought people in droves,” he said, adding, “And Johnny Depp didn't hurt."

This was Disney’s chief technical officer, Andy Hendrickson.
"People say 'It's all about the story,'” Hendrickson said. “When you're making tentpole films, bulldroppings!"

His language got SO out of hand the rest of what he said can only be written as this
"%!!#$%# "**##!!33#4"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
We hear that he swore all night. He even sung it in the shower the morning after, four letter words dragging on in musical form.

So anyway. It's all true!
I stole the info from here,60512/

My Opinion:
A lot of people on this earth will see a film because it looks pretty, or it has Johnny Depp in it. To some people, both of those mean the same thing.
But most of us go to see a film because of the story!

He is NOT saying, 'The Best films don't need good stories', he is just saying that 'More tickets get sold if the movie looks shiney.'
So in the end, the viewers go in, watch the movie they thought looked interesting, realise it is terrible, go home crying. Their money has still been spent and placed into Disney's magic bucket.

I disliked Alice in Wonderland, the CGI world was horrible, Johnny Depp was pointless, and the story was icky like vomit stuck to the side mirror of your car. And then some guy comes along, trys to peal off the vomit because it is 'supposably HIS, by rights.' I dunno. Anyway!

Story is important if you want to make a film that is memorable, one that will stick in your viewers heads. Also, too much blibber blabber and no story leave viewers feeling really weird. Like they saw all this stuff they feel like they should love it because it looks amazing, but at the same time they just want to go to sleep!!!SLEEEEEP

I can't talk, i can't tell stories very well. But i try anyway. I love story more than i love anything, so i'll keep working at it.
I know Disney don't all think the same way as this man...... although it is quite possible they do in the Alice in Wonderland case.

There are some films that are just made to sell tickets, and there are others that both look good and have real quality inside them.
Pixar always boast about their stories, they are allowed to. The idea and imagination behind Pixar's films is always a audience puller-inner.
I also love the Princess and the Frog, and Winnie the Pooh. I'm not sure how that is relevent, Winnie the Pooh DVD coming soon! Excited!

Anyway that is the end of the news today.

Image source:

And heres a small cartoon about two London Rioters (They are nice ones though)

- The Daily Crumb

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cinefringe Kids Festival

Trailer for the Cinefringe Kid's film festival includes both Cliff and the End of the Rainbow and Blob: Origins of the new (A friend's work)

As well as many other brilliant works. Liking the bono one and the wolf one. I also watched the CHEF one, think it is my favourite.
All good stuff!

So if you are in Edinburgh on the 19th and 24th of August at 4:30 pm go and check out our films on the BIG screen! Plus a whole child friendly experience I'm sure.

Apex Hotel on Grassmarket, Edinburgh

All you at the Fringe please enjoy!

- The Daily Crumb

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Festival Intro and Shop

Hi everyone!
My website has been going Cliff and the End of the Rainbow MAD
Which is a bit weird but there you go.

Thanks to Blobcorpstudios for inspiring me to start up a SHOP. You are now able to buy Cliff and the End of the Rainbow shirts.
There are three choices at the moment for both adults and children, Cliff, The Rainbow Gang and Fluffy (Gotta have the cute one)

You can visit the shop here

I've also updated the youtube banner

Click to make it bigger.

and you can also check out the animated intro for the CineFringe Festival in Scotland by clicking here

Thats all for now.

- The Daily Crumb

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Drink your drink Flurp

Drink your drink Flurp

Good boy

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hot Chocolate!

Hi everyone!
It has been a long while and as it is late, it is going to be an even longer.. while!

Just wanted to jump in and post some updates!

Cliff and the End of the Rainbow got into the 'Films for Children' section in the CineFringe Film Festival in Edinburgh! Exciting huh? I'm not sure whether I will actually be able to attend though, due to it being really expensive but we will see.

For the festival we were asked to make an intro for the show. They originally wanted my face, but who wants to see that? So they said I could do a little Cliff intro.
So I am working on that at the moment. Here is a screeny

Whats he up to?

In other news Ekalopse released their album a little while ago.
It is called Too Dumb to Panic and is avaliable for download here
The band released this statement along with the record, "Too Dumb will be our last album. The General and I are going to be going our seperate ways. It's not like we have had a fight or anything. It is just The General wants to go off doing some classical and I want to either go to sleep, or try myself at some solo music or something.
The track 'Fish Scales' was all played by me and I think that means I'm ready to be by myself. I don't need him. I do really." - Pupendai
"Yeah I'd really like to continue what my father did, classical music. I've enjoyed my time with Ekalopse. I admit it was more fun towards the end, after the death of Mr. Bindy (Our previous keyboardist) we just... things were not as strong as before. Then things started to pick up again. My proudest work away from Classical is our song, "I love cookies".
Pupendai has been a good friend, but at the same time he is hard to deal with sometime. As you can imagine from a murderer. But as an old school friend I've learnt to work with it. " - The General

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Cliff and the End of the Rainbow

It is finished!
Animator and Comedian Howard Read said it was, 'Lovely/Mental'. Web Animator 'Weebl' sort of said.. it scared his daughter, which is a bit unfortunate. But he liked it/apart from some sound issues. My tutor said he thought it was traditional to have the tutor mentioned in the credits, he stood confused as to why nobody actually did.
We did our final showings of our final major projects on Friday, (The day it was released onto Youtube.) Then released on Vimeo a day later (today)

I've had more than enough fantastic comments about the film to keep me going so thankyou to everyone!
More is good though :D
Still waiting on my friend, Matthew Menhenick's comments, (His internet has gone down). As it was very much inspired by his work.

You can view it on Youtube and Vimeo RIGHT HERE

Here is Vimeo's copy (May be a quicker load)


If you cannot see the videos pop over to

- The Daily Crumb

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Monkey Bus (A sort of poem thing)

Monkey Bus

Just checking everyone still has their tickets. No excuses here or there, not there or anywhere. If you've lost it down the sofa, lounge, or by gopher. Common be dog, or the wind, it's evil claws and swift fin. There is no way to claim, your ticket fell down the drain, because in the end we all know you are liars.
Spot one, spot them all, a scarf and a black cape, a mole and a shower cap. A liar here, there, every place we turn. Without a ticket there is no entrance, no eyes to read, no heart to love our foul foul words of wisdom.
Without a ticket you stand, bland, in a puddle of shame on the sidewalk, pavement, lane, crying in pain, you've not been framed, you've just been thick. As a brick, with no tick on my clipboard, no seat for your butt. No space for your cigarettes, you've just got bad luck. No shoulder by the window, no sunny outside, no mother of baby, no runaway bride. No fat man sitting, no magician with a box. Your eyes will be just fixed, on the door as it locks.
With no ticket you'll just stand here, alone and forgotten. You'll be in the rain, cold and feeling all rotten.
I got no reason, no feeling to care, you've got no pity from anyone, not anywhere. Your mum ironed your ticket, your fire ate it up, your monkey shredded it or you drank it in your favourite cup.
There is no inside, no warm safety now, you needs to keep your head on straight fool. Don't be a smelly cow. Look where you are going, write down some lists, Even when it is snowing, concentrate on your fists.
Don't run here, there playing cricket, vomiting chunks of laze. Just remember your prickly ticket! And avoid that really complicated maze.

Now run away foul monster, you've made a fool of yourself. Go sit in a dustbin aching, dribbling in the filth. There is no place for you here, you were never tall. And call up the next failure, this lines getting small.

Teaser Trailer for Cliff and the End of the Rainbow

Watch here!
(f you cannot see video, then please visit the blog or

-The Daily Crumb

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trouble in the dusty town of Squelchford

Twas a hairy night in Squelchford and a time of year worthy of celebration. Mr. Blechqwaff and Mrs. Michepogs were both planting mystical red seeds into the dirty clumps of the haunted mine. In three mighty years four glowing royal flowers will grow from the rippled soil of the mines floors.
These flowers will ooze a beautiful perfume that will cure the people of Squelchford of the mass disease, 'The Dreaded Cold'. This disease has jumped from one victim to another over the last week, bringing four deaths to the people.
"Fred Wilbert Henry the Flurge was a young and very brave man. A son and mother and father and uncle to at least seven fat children of the north. "
These words were spoken at one of the victim's funerals of pain and suffering.

"ME? WHY I AM MIGHTY WARRIOR Peke Sheif. We come in peace little people."
The two magical warriors stared down at the small fat children of Fred Wilbert.
One child said this, "In the future, what is to happen to our people? Do the magical medicine flowers finally bring their mega power upon Squelchford?"
Peke smiled, "THEY DO."
"And are we all saved from death?"
Benson stepped in, "I CAN Answer that one young child."
"Go ahead then."
"Everyones gunna die of the Cold. Sorry."
The fat children alll began to cry.
"Yeah.. the flowers take three years to bring forth their medicine. But cold kills everyone in like, a week. So its like..."
Peke burst in, "Da maths just don't add up chakow?"
"OH yeah."
"No yeah."
"Potaa... sorry Benson. I got a bit carried away there."
"That is ok Peke, after all, its the kids that are going to die."
"I say it is because they eat so much, makes the Cold want to eat up their lunches... which is in their stomachs, you know?"
"Peke, the kids are standing right there. Watch what you say..."
"Oh sorry Benson, sometimes you are pretty smart when it comes to my social disability."
"I know, deal with it. But seriously those kids are pretty obese."
"Sorry. It's getting late. Should we head back to our own time?"
"Yeah sure, 1995?"
"Yep. So long Squelchford."

Sunday, May 22, 2011

How many Hawaiian shirts does John Lasseter have?

Your question is answered!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Animations this Week and

THERE ARE VIDEOS IN THIS POST. So if you cannot see them but you realise i am talking about them. I have not got insane... or anything. Unless of course you have hurt my feelings in anyway. I'm looking at you!!! My tears are like rain buckets.. or rain. Buckets of rain i mean. No.. well they are not like huge buckets, they are not buckets, the tears are filling buckets, like rain does. You know? The videos are just invisible to you. Not deliberately. I'm not excluding you from anything. It just means you are reading this from an email address. For great animation vids head over to.. here...

Here are some brilliant animations we found online recently.

This is Out of Sight.
An amazing and very cute story about a little girl's adventure through the big world, with a twist.

I'm not exactly sure what this is. But i do know the animation is by Studio 4°C (The makers of Tekkonkinkreet).

If anyone can tell me where this stuff is from, or if it is just a music video let me know!

Adam Phillips

It has been a while since The Daily Crumb has talked about anything other than it's own production. But now production is ending Adam Phillips is back on the Daily list.

Here is working two projects now.
Most of you will know he is making the BITEY game, Dashkin. A running game. It is going to be an excellent experience.
I remember someone who had played it said it was like 'being inside the brackenwood movie'.

You can watch the gameplay preview video here. And head over to Facebook to check out the screenies

Also Adam is working on a music video for musician, Cilla Jane.
According to she came across his film. Little Foot, and wanted some very pretty grass in her next music video.
I did watch one of her videos, i believe she was trying to be a cat. Also there was an old man in a dress. Lets hope Adam's involves such great features.

Here are some screenshots from

Once again that is Adam Phillips at


-The Daily Crumb

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rainbow Animation

Cliff and the End of the Rainbow animation kind of finished today.
Not completely as I may want to add tiny things or my assistant director may want something changed or added.

But scene animation was completed today.
I think there are 7 scenes all together.
The final scene, as it was quite intense with the effects needed to be splitted into three parts.

Here is a screeny from the last scene i animated


- The Daily Crumb

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Series 3 trailer!

Little Howard's BIG Question preview pic! What an epic series.
I did the first armour bit and some sky diving on this trailer
video below. If you cannot see it hit

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunny Days in the UK

The sun has been out for a while now, at least 3 weeks.. maybe. That is a very long time. And it was hot for like 2 days!!! cooorraazzzy
I went out in it once, that was nice, got some icecream and sweets! And a pie.
I'm animating everyday, not as hard as i dream of. Writing a schedule is a bit like having a nice dream really.
You plan out all these wonderful days where you complete a full load of coursework or any kind of production all at once. You expect, on that one day you will be stuck on WORK MODE( A mode you are familiar with, you have done it before, you'll do it again.) But you don't, you wake up, tired, lazy, and looking for food even though you are not actually hungry.
Any excuse to get 'in the mood' I'll be in the work mood in a moment, surely. Maybe once i have a shower, no, maybe if i eat breakfast.
Maybe if i check my email, facebook and twitter all will come together and work will start.
It does not work like that, first you've got to pass the most difficult part: Is todays work difficult?.
This question is very important.
If the answer is YES, then you avoid work because it is going to be difficult and possibly BORRINGGGGG
if you the answer is NOOOOO
Then you will leave it all day (It's ok, i'm ahead of myself, that bits so simple i can finish it later).... you either end up staying up very late or doing it the next day! Then you end up behind schedule! *

Another thing that can hold you up is if you've had a bad experience previously, if you feel like what you have just done sucks! It looks terrible and it has wasted (ooh stylo just came on on media player) a load of important working time.

To get past that last one I try and find something really easy to work on. Whether I'm doing something easy or difficult at least i am doing something that helps production. Then something is always completed by the end of the day, even if that is just flicking a puppies nose.

and stop blogging

thanks Bobby Womack for those kind words


Sunday, April 10, 2011

♥♫ ღ Sims 3 Machinima - Love Is Simple ღ ♫♥

Video below by Lana Cohen and Sims 3
If you cannot see it click here

- The Daily Crumb

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Cliff Update

Before i go into how my film is going, how awesome is this? I am very much looking forward to the new full 2d animated (Toonboom'd) feature length film

Don't look at Tigger's mouth.

My film, Cliff and the End of the Rainbow is now 2 minutes of full animation.
I've shortened down the animatic to 6 minutes 20 now. Rather than seven minutes, which is rather helpful. I was hoping i could get it down further, but unfortunately it may stop making any sense.

Heres is a screenshot from production.

Here is a picture of me Lana did!

And here is Howard Read/Chris Banks/Steven Plunkett's new viral animation of the UK ROYALE wedding.

-The Daily Crumb

Monday, April 04, 2011

Cliff Screenshot

So this is the sad scene where Cliff is shot by the evil Wild Western Witch!
oh... April Fools was... a while ago. Ok sorry.
Here is a screenshot .. before he was shot.

- The Daily Crumb

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Little Howard's Big Question UK Tour Competition

This video says it all!
(Video below or click link)

So gather up kids for a brilliant competition!

I am not entering but i see it as an excuse to make up some dog names!
Please feel free to use these for your new pets at home (Cats, dogs, birds, mice, cockroaches). But i don't think using them for the competition will get you very far as you'll obviously be a thief! :D









Kid Honk (Superhero name ;) )









Pickled Toad Ink Sod


Flesh wound



Turd market

Saturday, March 26, 2011

'Cliff' Character Art and Production

Hi all!
Here is some work in progress art of one of my main characters, Tam.

Click for larger

And this is the first time we see Cliff, popping his out of the tree.

Here is the cool kid that appears at the beginning of the film and will hopefully return later on

Here is a bar with the remaining work i have left.

- The Daily Crumb