Sunday, September 30, 2007

What are we waiting for? The Daily Crumbs Waterlollies Epic. A journey to Antarctica

Today in the news four MILLION is a big number. Protesters say, "Maybe, its just TOO big."
This argument begun a few years ago, it then faded away so it was lesser known. Until a maths teacher was brutally murdered in Manchester, UK. The protesters believe it was the number four million that murdered the man. The police believe it was the protesters. The media believe it was Madeleine's mother.
So, you may have noticed the 'Closed' post and the very little updates. Well heres the answer
Translation: The Daily Crumb writers, Myself, Vector and the primates are taking a holiday trip to East Antarctica, we're not sure how long we'll be staying there and not sure if we'll actually survive.
We are going prepared with a mini freezer, 17 iced cubes of Ribena and a book titled "Frost Bite." Written by Ian Beale.

I must mention, Vector eventually did have to get his arm removed so thats one less thing for him to worry about falling off.

We are going to Antarctica
to find Nathan Mcree, the music man behind the upcoming Waterlollies. Adam Phillip's internet has gone ca-plonk and we need to collect the audio physically.
He asked a few other members of his online forum but they all shook their heads. But we, at the Daily Crumb need to prove to ourselves that we can overcome a task that our God has given us.
Nathan Mcree does not actually live in Antarctica.. so thats the only flaw our team can see in Mr. P's words of wisdom. But he wouldn't lie to us, never.

So yeh, see you in a bit!
Sammey (Monkey) told me if i kept a laptop with a wireless connection in an oven for long enough the wireless connection would mold into the machinery. Then we would be able to post pictures of our Antarctic journey, unfortunately. It back fired.

- Nathan (On a quest to get Waterlollies completed!) Viney

Friday, September 28, 2007

The Killing Joke (Book)

An excellent book ive recently finished reading.

(Stolen Extract)
Guy Henderson is a struggling actor recently dumped by his girlfriend. Getting drunk in a downmarket North London pub, he overhears builders telling a sick joke about a recently deceased actress - who just happens to be Guy's long-lost mother. He objects, and is viciously headbutted for his pains. But does he seek revenge? No - the incident sends him on torturous quest for the source of jokes such as the one that offended him - and he encounters both shadowy, sinister figures and bizarre characters who appear to have stepped right out of jokes -- and don't have his welfare at heart.The one-liners here are, to quote the title, killingly funny, and the hapless Guy is a wonderfully shambolic hero; If the final revelation doesn't quite match the brilliantly sustained build up, few will complain. It looks like Horowitz has another career - first-rate comic novelist - to add to his bulging CV. --Barry Forshaw

Wondering about the Crumb closing?

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Daily Crumb HACKED by Dazla

Today in the news if anyone noticed a R.I.P Crumb post yesterday that was all Dazla! He's hacked into the Blogger system.
Dazla tells us about his room and his celebrity gossip

Also, the title sequence you may have already seen above.


- Nathan (gunge) Viney

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The aftershock.

Today in the news
Is this Madeleine?

So according to the news Madeleine has become elderly in the length of time shes been missing.
Also in the news
Subject D: Subject has been a veteran member of the pack for a considerable amount of time, which suggests a possible explanation as to how Subject D is somehow exempt from rules regarding spamming and signature size. However, subject's behavior is often unpredictable, non-sequitor, and occasionally erratically different from subject's past behavior, suggesting some sort of mood-swing syndrome. The collected data of this particular subject is too hard to make sense of, so analysis of subjects behaviors is currently incomplete. Written by James (Malakym)
(Brackenwood Forums)
Spammer/Scammer video
Yesterdays post was a wee bit crazy id say, that whoole thing. I'd been planning it for quite a while.
Tuesday morning showing it to Matthew Menhenick was hilarious. "Someone who will love the sherby" He was dribbling in laughter!
And he laughs when i fire snot out of my nose whilst drinking coke.
[22:51:06] The Daily Crumb says: now i must tell you something
[22:51:21] Sani Mustapha says: ok, i'm listening..
[22:51:23] The Daily Crumb says: hello?
[22:51:46] Sani Mustapha says: what do you want to tell me?
[22:52:08] The Daily Crumb says: ah hi
[22:52:26] The Daily Crumb says: yes of course, i need to tell you. You've been pranked by the Prank Patrol
R.I.P Sani Mustapha who went offline.
guilty people go offline

Yesterday we had 103 unique views
And now its time for

And now for an advertisement for my favourite comic

- Nathan Viney


Today in the news three wise men met with three blind mice.
The mice were killed and the men were beaten up by builders.
is practically in the video. But all in all im showing off my new friend.. who's name i cannot pronounce.
Just watch

Sani Mustapha
home address:
avenue de oumarou kanazoe,01 bp,ouagadougou 01,Burkina faso
the capital of his country is Ouagadougou
Where am i after this?
I dunno but it sounded like he knew what a dalek was.. or the term 'cardboard' seemed childish?

Oh well, Sani thankyou for being apart of this! Even though you knew nothing and i wont be sending you my bank account details.
Ta ra Sani!
Ta ra everyone!
Hope you enjoyed my presentation.
This was sent to me afterwards

His address and email are different but i suppose that can be easily excused. I cannot be bothered to find out what is real and what is fake.
If thats not enough excitement for one day!...
Tom Benfal releases to the press that he is growing pot in his wardrobe.
If theres any police reading this, remember. His address is
37 Bargate way
, Kingsley, Perth, WA
aaand International Phone Number is +61894097342
The Daily Crumb Unique Views:
Been very good lately.
So, they've gone down from 114 so what.
  1. Monday: 73
  2. Tuesday: 38
  3. Wednesday: 42
  4. Thursday: 25
  5. Friday: 29
  6. Saturday: 43
  7. Sunday: 48
  8. Monday: (yesterday) 66
- Nathan (join Shadowed Realm forums) Viney
(Hosted on youtube due to Blogger Aftersound. GETIT fixed XD)
PS: Thanks Laurajs for this great pic!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Doctor Who and the Appearance of the Cardboard Dalek

Today in the news firefighters realized fighting the fire just burnt them to death.
Also in the news
A vote on the best way to start a conversation finally releases a winner.
"I don't know about you, but there are hundreds of people getting shot in MY country" (Followed by a wink *Make sure it isn't suggestive*)

Adam Phillips has released Waterlollies onto the internet. Where it is exactly, no one knows. Though part C or (3) possibly [/code] has its sound effects and music to be made.
It's going to be epic folks. Absolutely Epic

What is it that makes Waterlollies so exciting?
I'm not sure. Lets see.
  • Earlier Animations are evidence of .. this. And every year he has improved
  • Professional music from Lara C
  • The amazing effects animation
  • The many lovable characters
  • The previews we've seen! Not only the detail thats put into the art but the colours used
For the last week ive been repeatedly watching Yu Yu and LittleFoot, and all of the rest. Doing a continuous Marathon of viewing.
What are you looking most forward to in Waterlollies? Waterlollies, what that?

umm i dont know the effects probably
The backgrounds have always been his specialty, so that's what I look forward to.
not sure, just like his animations...............more of what new creature he will come up with...
I'll leave you once again with a screenshot

(You have already seen it but its always nice to be violent)

Also in the news today a crazy video staring myself, and a Cardboard Dalek.
Do i get crazier?

- Nathan (Exterminate) Viney
ps: colour, black and white, colour, black and white....

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Nightblog11: Eat the Chef 2

Tonight in the news here comes another wacky video from the dog with the evil red eyes!
(I am the friend the chef mentions. Its easier for me if he puts up some of his vid's. He does actually think his works are great, so humor him.
If you DO actually like his videos please contact me for his personal recipes.)
Eat the Chef 2

(The title of this... was made whilst i was improvising in the first episode. make of it what you will)
music by ween

btw i wasnt even trying when i was drinking that water >.<>

Friday, September 21, 2007

Cold? I call this WINTER!

Today in the news an obviously mentally handicapped mop haired child didnt film himself acting like an obviously mentally handicapped mop haired child.
Also in the news I AM A FOOL
Anywayz aside from that
Congrats Adam on winning Peoples Choice at Flash Forward.
Everyone, you need to check out the acceptance animation. It's classic.

^Click image for animation^
One day ill be at Flash Forward, just you watch me! XD
Look at all those arrows
"Oh, soo wiiise"
^Read that in a sarcastic voice
But not all bad news today...... *cough*
Matthew Menhenick released episode two of his paper animated cartoon. RMN Copz. This time, along with some odd themes hes put "The Hobby" into the storyline. The Hobby is a character originally created by Matt that likes to torture and murder people. It also stars DAVID TENNANT making a heros appearence. so have a watch.
Heres the episode

(To make: Paper, Photoshop, Flash and Windows movie maker)
and heres The Hobby trailer/title sequence that was made last year directed by myself and Matt.

(To make: Camera, paint, Smokey Jewell, The Hobby, Adobe Premiere)

- Nathan (cheese) Viney

Thursday, September 20, 2007

If you thought i was sad, i get sadder. "What a film, SHOULD be like"

Today in the news
Please avoid clicking play
Today i talk about what Good films should include.

- Nathan (Gunge) Viney
(Music by Ween)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nightblog10: Bad quality cooking show and not too tasty either

Tonight in the news its past your bed time Mr. P

-Nathan (@#$%) Viney

Cant think of anything Video

Today in the news swans were found on the canal. How they got there, a conspiracy.
The biggest question of course is, who painted them?

Also in the news it looks like Project Insanity are getting a bit public.

Soo.. We thought we'd join in the propaganda


- Nathan (unch)Viney
(PS: Yu can check out Tadhgs short clip again here. You can also find Project Insanity here)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

RMN Copz by Matthew Menhenick

Today in the news a clown was found dead after swallowing too much helium, going dizzy and falling off of a bridge.

Also in the news:
Matthew Menhenick released an AMAZING new 'Paper Animation' titled RMN Copz.
Based off of the original RMN copz video.
Characters in it include
Reuben, Matt and myself. Matt doing all of the voices and animation.
Also watch out for a few guest appearences. Fantastic!
Have a watch.
(I love my clothes) (I'm the dumb one with the scarf, its excellent :D )

Also look about for Bitey and the medium from the Most Haunted Spoof

- Nathan (fat) Viney

Monday, September 17, 2007

Cat Vomit, Have a laugh and Sports report

, Warning: This clip may cause you to look down on munch
Today in the news

Also catching up on sport today we have a recorded clip from "The Daily Crumb" radio which unfortunatly closed down a year ago after 2 days.
So... honestly the news is a little old. But still keeping you up to date every day folks.
Heres todays "VLOG"

- Nathan (such) Viney

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nightblog9: Exclusive Film Clip

Warning: This clip may cause you to look down on munch

Can you believe it? No
Well, tonight in the news another video.

This is an exclusive clip from the new film "One man, lost in his own home"
Not mentioned in the video is this is when he's been stuck in the house for so long he starts talking to anything.

- Nathan (bunch) Viney

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nightblog8: Trailer

Tonight in the news there was no today. God be praised, there was no today.
Now this is a film i seriously want to see.

If ive spammed you i am very sorry, but it obviously worked caus you're viewing this page ;)

stop spamming me!
F*** OFF
Dorothy: Hello!
Dorothy: I'm sorry we cannot search up URl's
Search With Guide is disabled because you have been involved in a possible abusive action. Our abuse alert is set at a low threshold to protect our visitors and guides.
Everyone loves haters, and we got one. The last post comments were 'spammed' with "F you F!"
which is great!
and he spammed, so that means he wants to be our friend.
You can find one of his comments in "Please dont take my sunshine away"
Though i think by his obsession to post id say hes more of a lover ;)

- Nathan (skunk) Viney
(Ps: i know this wasnt posted 'at night' exactly but in some countries it's night so i win)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Please dont take my sunshine away

Today in the news man with banjo shoots paying passer by.

Edmund Rice Camps
I finished the animation, going to get about $200.00 for it. Which in pounds is about 70 or something.
So alls well that ends cold.
Worried about the song used though, as it is copyrighted. Though the company dosent seem to mind.
I've hosted it on my site until its up on the main website.
So check it out. Very short but yap. I put 'original' above it just incase they ask me to take out the girl eating the flower.
I've been quite lonely lately, until someone i didnt know emailed me. I figured he was one of those people that try to scam you by the frequent asking for my bank details. But i replied and since then we've been having a nice pen pal relationship.
muhammad massa.
So if you're lonely he's always there to talk to you.
Just email him at
I'm sure he'll find time to answer your questions.
So one person whos identity will not be broadcast has asked
[03:48:17] Gray Fox says: how can the Crumb have 111 views?
[03:48:17] Gray Fox says: Datsa some bull
[03:48:47] Gray Fox says: arent Views counted for every refreshy?

No, anonymous person.
I'm reading from UNIQUE views and not page loads.
Thats a new person every time.
and yes it went to 111
and the day after 114
i dont get it, but its there :D
the day after that we went down to 70. But it dosent matter, still many of readers.

- Fungi

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Nightblog7: Vectors dead! :O

Tonight in the news more than two eyes makes you superior to me.

Dont worry everyone, im sure he'll be ok after the surgery.

- Nathan (dutch) Viney

Edmund Rice animation

Today in the news two gorilla's, three lions and one penguin got out.
The penguin won the race probably because the last section of the track was a swimming pool.
Berty the penguins wins a lemonade.
"Anything to say about the race Berty?"
"Lemonade, is refreshing. Buy it."
Non- Night session yesterday
Remember what i said, dont get the hang of night sessions :D There may or may not be one tonight, you'll have to wait and see wont you readers.
Flash job
Edmund Rice Camps WA site animation.
This is something im doing at the moment for Solace Design, check out the other stuff i have done for them here
Here i have a screenshot. It's nothing special, the characters were not designed by me or Solace Design. They look deliberatly like a childs drawing.
So fun to animate.

The Chaser
Yep, wedensday night the Chasers War on Everything broadcast. The episode after the stunt, if you'd like to watch/download it check out this website
Its Episode Fifteen
(May contain adult themes)

- Nathan (bunch) Viney

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Today in the news 4 billion

(Im not advertising Peter Kay in any way)
There will most likely not be a 'night session' post today due to the fact i am away most of the day. Collecting supplies for the upcoming return to college.
Also i have been asked to do a flash job by Solace design, a company i worked on before.
You can check out the work i did here
Also, yesterday the Crumb got

Which is pretty amazing, i have no idea how it got that. I personally do not believe it.
So if you are actually out there, you 111 readers post in the chat box on the left and say hello.
My conclusion is, most likely... about 30-40 of them are readers. The rest may be all kinds of things, blogger people, spambots. All sorts.
But if not, read on! :D
This is a webcomic ive been following up for i dont know how long. So please, check it out.

More on that later.
- Nathan (hcnum) Viney

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nightblog6: Vectors developed a tick

Tonight in the news id better turn the microwave off, its going over the sides.
Vector reports on the latest.
Daniel Kerr, THE SEQUEL

Dont forget to check out Vectors TO-DO blog in the link list

- Nathan (bunch) Viney

Y is spelt WHY SO RANDOM?

Today in the news
Beware: A man with an umbrella

Umbrellas can be very dangerous in this day and age. Weather continues to change from warm to cold, sunny to rainy.
You may think yourself safe walking down the street but soon enough theres going to be a shower of pouring rain.
You think the guy next to you looks safe enough, until he pulls out his umbrella. CRASH! It springs outwards hitting you back into the way of a soaring taxi.
Your body is thrown sideways breaking most of your bones. Then it collapses onto the top of the vehicle and rolls off of the back.
By then you're holding on for life, the taxi stops paused for a while. The driver thinking about what he's done. Eventually he gets out to find three people standing around your body, and then comes your last breath where you speak of no name. You died lonely.
The taxi driver stares for a moment before being pushed away by a doctor who examines the body confirming the death.
The body is placed into the ambulance and driven straight to the grave yard.
Eleanor Rigby
What the hell was that about?
"Excuse me id like a pizza"
"What kind?"
"Can you recommend something?"
"I can recommend a HANG UP!"

"hahha! i didnt really hangup, i just went silent for a little while"
"Yes, i realise that. Was that a joke?"
"Oh cool, mind if i say one?"
"Yeah sure."
"Awesome. the pizza i want is a REDIAL! ahhaa.. like it?"
*hang up*
Nothing makes sense anymore

- Nathan (lunch) Viney

Monday, September 10, 2007

Nightblog5: Waterlollies disappointment

Tonight in the news the biggest lie IN THE WORLD comes straight to your home. Find out more. After this "vlog".

So yes
(You can find it above ^^)

- Nathan (lunch) Viney


Today in the news four men were arrested after attempting to save a mans life from mafia gunfire.
The BBC got an exclusive interview with one of the men, and we stole it.
"We knew he was in the way of gunfire so we asked him if he'd like to come and get some icecream instead of visiting his father."
"What did he say?"
"He refused, called the police and then went and got shot."
"A tragic story from George Patterson here."
"Absolutely. I'd also like to say i was nothing to do with the issue but i'd be lieing. At first i thought that man did not deserve to die. But after he called the police i re-thought that and wanted to shoot him myself. But all i was armed with was an icecream, i didnt have the courage to throw it at him. I also dont believe in wasteing good food. Although i didnt pay for it, my brother did i still dont believe. It's just something ive grown up to abide by."

The Daily Crumb visited the victim in hospital.
"What made you go to the police?"
"They were commiting an offense, they were going against the law. They deserved to be locked up."
"I.. honestly didnt know there was a law against saving someones life."
"Well there isnt, i said they'd attempted to mug and murder me. But the BBC eventually found out i was lieing. This was because they poured alcohol into my wound and i became a bit tipsy."
"Right... so have the police realised that this is a lie?"
"Yes, but havnt let the four guys know. It seems those guys have been taken in so many times they're never surprised when they get arrested."
"I'm.. still listening. Could you tell me more about the people that shot you?"
"It was my Dad. Yeah, he shot me just below the heart, funny story actually"
"Sorry, thats all we have time for. Some people have real news."

Also in the news

Cartoon characters all over the world are continuously being locked up.
Dennis the Menace went a little insane whilst stuck away for most of yesterday.

Also today famous blogs such as Project Insanity are looking down on the Crumb saying immature things like "We're so much better than you."

Thanks Laurajs for this picture! :D

- Nathan (?) Viney

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Nightblog4: Daniel (Vector) Kerr Reports

Daily Crumb reader: ahahaha what the **** goes on in your head?
Tonight in the news
Cartoon characters are not harmed by gunfire. The government are placing the characters in local jails.

And now for a SPECIAL edition of

I think this video proves Daniel has an anger problem.
But he has nice teeth ;)
Thank you Brain syrup for sending in your report of the news for todays BURGERS IN SAND taste not so good competition.

- Nathan (hunch) Viney

Portable Greek in Portaloos and cartoon hole in the universe

Today in the news the title of this article was written after the article. Put that in your notebook, top it with tomato sauce and eat it.
Also in the news
The custard factory in Tasmania reported to the authorities that a sort of rip in time and space had opened up near by the factory.
Heres a photo.

It seems cartoon characters are walking straight into our world.

Which is worrying for us at The Daily Crumb

Most of today the goverment has been working out ways to get rid of this investation but coming to immense problems as they move

As you can SLIGHTLY see in this photo Adam Phillips has captured a Fatsack and is planning to experiment on it.

More news on that later
Stay tuned

The Drain Pipe Duo
Sammey and the rest of the gang
Daniel Kerr's brain explosion aerobics
(Classic Rock)
Portable Greek in Portaloos
Brown snake and the father of all things microwaved
Golly gosh i see a sharp sell through someones foot
Beast Goliath
(Demon Metal)
Shocking one foot with some kind of an electric pulse
(Boring reality TV show Idol)
Quote of the day!
"hmmmmmm...... what to say."

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Nightblog3: Tom Benfall interview "The Squetchnapper"


Tom Benfall, the Squetchnapper
Yes, The Daily Crumb, the only online blog to bring back old news as if it is new.
Find a little bit more info here

On that thought, today Adam Phillips released this animation titled
Check it out
Back to current day, we conducted a Interview with The Squetchnapper
Tom Benfall
The Story of a Steak and Ale pie
Hey Tom, back to the Crumb to do a survey huh. Remind you of anything?
aaah ok.
So what were you originally thinking when that last question was asked. "Did you plagarise a flash cartoon called Arj and Poopy?" and were you suspicious at any of it at all.
I felt like a complete **** at first. Then I saw the lighter side of it and laughted out loud a few times.
How loud?
Ok, so impersonating Bernard Derriman obviously wasnt the worst you've done. Can you tell us about all your runs with the law?
Ive been charged with - Assult, Burglary, Aggravated Burglary, Armed Robbery, Resisting Arrest. been to lockup twice.
Do you have ADD?
i am a crazy ****** ******
its the people I hang around with. its there fault they egg me on
aah no its not. its your fault for obeying
no its there fault for egging me on lol next question :3
funny you should say that. next question is, do you like egg sandwichs?
****** love those *****. havnt had one for like 2 years tho
yeh they suuure are good. have you ever tried to buy something with a leaf?
once I traded a marijuana leaf for a smoke
wow, you just solved an enormous conspiracy.
next question
Have you heard/ are you looking forward to Adam Phillip's new animation, Waterlollies?
yes and yes
what do you think of Daniel Kerr’s brain?
who the **** is daniel kerr?
so ah, thanks for the interview!
i hear you’re pregnant with satans babies
ye, ....wait what?
well thanks again
hope you have an imprisoned life
and CUT
that was great, and funny. gonna go make custard or dumplings
Nightvlog3: Sleep well
I returned to the haunted telephone box for my every night stargazing.

(Worst video ever, but concider it an extra)

- Nathan (hunch) Viney

By the way, if anyone would like to know what swear words Tom used in his interview you can probably find them here

Killer Caramel, Journals and Toms eyes

Today in the news animals such as Penguins are being killed and turned into chocolate bars.
Unfortunatly this is happening all over the world from Koalas to Frogs. Even cows!
Not to mention Kats.
You can find more information about this here
There isnt much news today in the world.
That is apart from Tom Baker's eyes popping out.
Though we could see it was going to happen.

Yesterday and yesternight our Crumb gained a few more on lookers.

Unique viewers went from 30 to 62. Page loads went to 103, and this time it wasnt me.

Now i thought id try out what normal people do with blogs, and actually write about my day. Jot down things thats happened. So here goes.
08 September 2007
Today, i ate cereal. Then, at the highest point of the day i sat at the computer.
It's harder than it looks to write one of those. I've given Sammey a try, if you dont know Sammey. He's the executive writer here at The Daily Crumb.

Log 32: 08 September 2007
Its been over 40 days now, working for chocolate chip biscuits in the studio. They call it a studio, i call it a
Anyway, for all those film makers and TV producers i want to give a sort of show real of what ive done whilst ive worked here.
So here are some bits ive written just for the Crumb over the last year.
"As Adam is a bloggy newbie he was kicked out for making a fake ID. He also tried to sneak his friend Berny in the side gate but was beaten up by two midget bouncers."
"Bodgesack (Sack of Bodge)"
"Chapter 1:
Doctor Charles Corn was born in 1873. Who? Who you ask? Corn? Yellow, juicy corn? The Doctor couldnt help squirt it all over someones diary. The person whos diary it might have been spat out the word BLOG! in an attempt to say the word "GIT!" but he had a terrible terrible lisp."
"In other news a man has built a replica of Postman Pats mail van. He says it’s attracting wild cats."
"Headline in the news today my light bulbs gone out so I’ve stolen someone else’s."
"Today in the news you say what i say and i copy you in the reverse order you said it in. More on that story to be found on page 32"
I hope you enjoyed my presentation
Note: Caution, the night session video log is not Daily.
"Anybody else want to join in the 'Journal' thing?

Oh no, im sorry he's away at the moment.
On his office door it reads "I quit" But i beeelieve that he actually means he hasnt quit. But if i find him lazing about in the lounge i plan to get the monkeys to ***********************
"So what do you think of The Daily Crumb?"
"I like it, it's great"
"Can i quote you? i just wanted to put something at the bottom of my article to finish it off."
John Hutch.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Friday, September 07, 2007

Nightblog2: Studio tour

Tonight in the news tissue paper will be replaced with cobble.
Also another article that proves trying something new is totally unacceptable has been released by The Daily Crumb. This happens to be it.
I thought id show you around the Daily Crumb studio, meet some of the workers. Excuse the 'building sight' look as it is a new building.
The old building, as you know was pulled down by angry rioters.

Also, in celebration of The Chasers success i got myself an Apec card.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Chaser

Today in the news you wont believe it if i tell you. So listen up

By now you may all have heard about the Chasers War on Everythings massive stunt in Sydney. Luckily on BBC news
"All 11 members of the crew have been bailed after being charged with entering a secure area. Police are said to be considering further charges."
The Crew were disguised in three large cars and two motorcycles carrying Canadian flags. When they got far enough Chas jumped out of the car dressed as Osama Bin Laden.
They got within 10 metres of where President George Bush was staying.

Also, why does the Sydney lockdown remind me of The Simpsons movie?
The Chasers made the BBC
and heres A Current Affairs view on it.

Chasers. i give you a 10/10 you've officially proven you are one of the best comedy groups on earth.
I'm happy the Daily Crumb didnt close down yesterday after my cunning plan to trick Blogger into thinking i had more views.
But soon enough they will realise my photoshop skills were used to cover up the triple 0's.
STAT counter:
According to the counter we had a massive 29 unique visitors yesterday + yesternight.

And THIS is the one i'd most like to ignore and forget about.
Page loads


Today the Daily Crumb is reviewing

This button!
On most forums they have a button that shows what threads members are viewing and when they last clicked.
I think its very useful for
1. finding interesting topics
2. working out if people are looking at your artwork/animation/writing/website.
Also it can be used for spying on people.
BTW, the EYE. If you read the Daily Crumb.
You cant edit this now can ya! :D

Nice hat.
You may have noticed yesterday that i posted TWO articles. One, saving The Crumb from closure and one a night video log.
It was just testing something out. I'm unsure whether it will become a common thing.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Nightblog1: UFO sighting and video log

Tonight in the news are you tired of the same old thing?
Well this article proves its wrong to try something new

Monkeys resume work tommorow

- Nathan (munch) Viney
ps: betcha never seen me in glasses before

"I alway find vlogs a bit creepy lol"
Courtney Leacock
You can also find this video on youtube

Its obvious we need to rethink some things

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*The Daily Crumb has signed on*
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Today in the news Dreamworks animation has made the right decision in replacing their 3d animators with Butchers.

the Chasers group got arrested. Read all about it here
They truely are an inspiration to us all.
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harry: Welcome to ChaCha!
You: Hi there, could you tell me why it isnt connecting?
harry: Hi
You: i need to know why it isnt connecting
harry: I have just got on i dont know
You: but i need to write todays article!
You: Well arent you here to help??
harry: I'm here to help what exactly are u looking for?
You: help!
harry: I dont know what you mean!
harry: I don't know why its not connecting. Sorry i can't help you.

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Oh sorry, i didnt mean Cha Cha, they are idiots. Please contact Blogger about your problem

Where can i find Blogger??
Hello! are you Blogger?
no.... i went to school with u , u dumb f****
are YOU blogger?
GREAT! why isnt it connecting?
I'm not blogger. um..i... i.... i lied
Lieing is SO rude
I know... but its a fun habit
What you mean blooger?
well, it may be a bad connection.
so, what should i do? wait?
I'll see what i can do Have you visited e-blogger before? It's a very useful site.
no i dont like things with e's. have you visited the Daily Crumb? i hear they're quite useful.

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Not if i have anything to do with it!
I have decided to ring Tony Blair and see what he has to say about it.
"Nathan, listen up. Hehe, i made my own little joke there. Though my wife says only satan laughs at his own jokes. So i must wait for too you laugh."
"Erm.. haha"
"RIGHT. i have knocked you IN HALF.. dude. Yeh im living on the streets now but i still have spirit ay."
"Ok, can you tell me why my blogger is on its last paws?"
"Yes, i know exactly why. Check out this, ill fax it to you."

"No views AT ALL Munch. Something you need to sort out."
"Thats why Blogger is closing me down??"
"How do you know?"
"Same thing happened to me."
"Wait.. Tony Blair, ex priminister of the United Kingdom didnt get ANY hits on his blog?"
"You answered your own question, EX"
"Oh... Im sorry."
"Right.. bye!"
I hung up then and got to work.

I photoshopped it :)
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Well the contract says i have to let you connect. BUT, ill be watching you, and ill prove you cheated to get to the top mate.



Lets get those readers up!
- Nathan (munch) Viney

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Missing guns and buying leaves

Today in the news it appears this has been going daily for THREE whole days.
Today includes a
Link to a random website page.
and a get out of my parking spot free card!
There's nothing you dont get or understand at The Daily Crumb. Except if you dont speak english. right?
Moving on in todays news
I've become involved in a charity!

Give me all your money!
what if i paid you?
hurry up with the cash!
Can i please have all of your money?
im running a charity here not.. a burger... a take out! i aint running one of those!
*blinks* say wha? why do you want my money? I dont have any.
I am running a charity here!
what charity?
the.. sick bunnies.. federation
no, I need my monies or my bunnies starve to death
im running a charity to save bunnies!
yet it would not save mine ;(
ok you can keep your money... but now i need money for a tissue
use some leaves, those are everywhere :P
Would you pay for icecream with a leaf?
a gold leaf?
nope just a leaf
oh probably not
you sure, cause i got some on sale?
na thanks. it would melt before it got here.
The Cheryl said id be rich :(
make the leaf worth money.
i know! ill go back in time and replace notes with leaves!
Exactly -- Wooh! --
Good idea.
Drawback, i need money to buy a time machine... and i need a time machine to go to the future when they've actually invented time machines!
oh yeh.... bugger
would you pay for an icecream with a leaf?
yes i would

The point of that random chats, i have NO idea. But it was fun, and it made me want chocolate.
Photos i forgot to post 2 posts back (Click on the images to go directly to deviant art)

- Nathan (munch) Viney

would you buy anything with a leaf?
now i herd random but THIS beats it

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