Tuesday, January 30, 2007

BLATENT is a word

Today in the news people sited a horse with lumps on its back. Vets are examining it now.


access has been denied.


- Nathan (munch) Viney

No Crumb today folks, sorry, due to interweb difficulties and an Indian person on the other line.. and in the background my white square thingy isnt blinking...
Au revoir

Monday, January 29, 2007


Today in the news a man balanced on a giant stick for an amazing three minutes. But was soon struck down by lightening. He's dead now.
Also in the news a Wii controller shot through a window and killed a postman, people living on Brighton Street USA will not be getting their mail this week.
The services are speaking of getting a replacement.
Yesterday i made a model penguin out of plasticine....
i then ruined it by plonking a whole load of rain on top.
You can find it here.

(i play to edit it with snow or less rain STAY TUNED)

'Pete didnt expect this when he booked a flight to London'
I was influence by my good friend Mad Matt who recently released a fantastic collection of plasticine models.


- Nathan (munch) Viney

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dust Particle or Ghoul?

Today in the news non-digital photography is coming back into light.
Also in the news Adam Phillips has started a new merchandise campaign

For Australia day, as we're Australians in a distant planet we celebrated by a get together and the setting off of fireworks.
I went out to take some random photos with my dodgy camera.
This is setting up the fireworks, my uncle seems to have a glowing.. smudged... orby thing next to him?
Some people asked whether it was the moon or something, there was NO moon at the time. I promise.
I must mentioned also someone was murdered near the area it was taken.
This is another photo, now it seems to be near the same guy again.
This is the only picture that makes me think...maybe, its not a dust particle *raises eyebrow*

other glimmer

Here is a page on some ghostly knowledge. I do believe in ghosts but when i saw this i thought it was a bit of nonsense... but dont they look similar? It is said they are only seen in haunted areas.
Where i was, was sure haunted.
- The Daily Crumb reporting

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Creme Egg

Today in the news Australia day went off with a bang causing South Australia to seperate and flood Tazmania.
This is another natural disaster, we will always remember this day as. The 27th of January 2007.


Also in the news since the year 2004 very sad chocolate loving people have been trying to get Cadbury to create a KING SIZE Creme Egg. It seems since its happened ever chocolate bar they've created has become King Size EXCEPT the Creme Egg.
Sign the Petition.

Also in some tragic news, These Eggs have literally, been falling from the sky.
My question is, Isn't it obvious whos behind it? CADBURY! Who Else? There some mysterious alien lifeform crashing to earth. Theres CADBURY written in giant letters across it! Why havent they been arrested or something on those lines?
Heres some CCTV of one of the incidents.

Roald Dahl would be proud.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Friday, January 26, 2007

Its a newspaper

(Todays blog is written by a Junior Crumb Writer.)

Today in the news a pig did sky diving onto a farm.

Also in the news when i step on the floor this person screams. Could you get those 3 doctor who books down? I've got quite alot of Doctor Who books.

Also, Nath is the badest writer in the world. (typer)

(I mean, in the galaxy)


Just killed Nath

Thats the headlines for today.

And Nath's body is now with me forever and i have a pet Dalek which. I'm not just a writer, im also a tiiiiiiime looord.

I dont know


BBC 2 News is now over, with Nath dead.

Can we play that game now (hits Nath)

That moving sack game, when the sacks jumps over hedge and he trys to catch it but he never does.

The character that bounces it off his head is called, Thingymabobbygiggy.

Now can we play that game now? No, dont write that down.

Now you need to write, can Daniel come in now?

The End

- Nicholas (Nick (Thats my nick name)) Savage.

- Nathan (munch) Viney


"So, how was your day?"


"Oh, thats nice of you."


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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nintendos new game

Today in the news a man with a stick conducted an orchestra. The stick has been confiscated.

Also in the news:

The Daily Crumb has reviewed a flash animation on the Interweb. You can’t see it here, but if you glare closely at the button you may find it. here

Also in the news Nintendo have just released another hopeless game.
Super Mario Slush Puppy Brush Bucket
Buy it now! Check it out here


“He’s got a fly between his ears.”
“I know, I put it there.”
“Hi guys, geez, I have a frog in my throat today.”
*cough, ahem*


“How wonderful is this jazz music?”

“No words?”

“No, these don’t normally have words.”

“What? Are they karaoke versions?”

“No… they’re just… what?”

“Oh I hear the singing now.”


“Yes, doo bee doo bee doo bee”

“That’s you…”

“It’s what?”

“That’s you singing you idiot.”

“It’s not me, I can’t sing like that.”

“You idiot.”

“It’s really quite amazing when you get into it.”

“You idiot.”

“Is the record stuck? It keeps repeating a bit.”

“Be quiet, you’re ruining the mood.”

“It does that does it?”


“Make people moody.”


“I guess that’s your problem, you’re too happy. Is that why you bought them?”


“They’re working.”


“I could talk all day steak-head man.”


“Hahah you swore, and it bleeped it out.”


“haha oh…. Brill man. This is amazing.”


“Hello, this is big brother.”


“Hahah, enough, I’m listening to some music.”


“Yeh… shut up now please.”


“Stop with the stars.”

“Oh ok…. Fine then.”


“Sorry.. I just like stars.”

“Where has this convo gone anyway?”


“It’s a good day to be jumping around in the sun isn’t it?”



“There aint much room in this car.”

“I know, it’s shrunk since I bought it.”



“Beat boxing, beat boxing, beat boxing, beat boxing.”

“What are you doing?”

“Beat boxing”


“Fed up of all of these random little things that make no sense and are written by the Daily Crumb, no worries now you have.

FART EXHAUST! Nothing beats a bowl of FART EXHAUST!”


Munch news:


- Nathan (munch) Viney

(How could you fall for that joke twice?)


One mans stuck up a tree, two cats looking down at he.
He sings, he’s frustrated, that’s a mushroom he has hated
The birds, they think smart as the man wishes for Exhaust Fart.
Nothing beats a bowl of Fart Exhaust!
You’re always being picky, what foods you think are tacky
And there’s never a fat food place to help you become fat
Watch where you’re stood, wear a hood, cause your foots gunna be blasted OOOOOFF!
Look a tractor! It ran over a scarecrow which was dead anywaaaaay
It might not have even been alive, but it looks like it had its head in a bee hive.
Nothing beats a bowl of Fart Exhaust!


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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

*musical tune*

Today in the news a toe nail was voted best cricket player. He was not british.

As of today The Daily Crumb are personally investigating the incident of Tony Blair and the piano.
Some documents we found from Tony's school days.
[ Dear Parents of student
Tony Blair, your son has been causing alot of problems in both class and in the playground. He has been making sounds like a plane. Nyuuuuawwl Nyuuuuuawwwl.
In music class he attacked the music teacher and struck her with a pencil case. She was recently sent to hospital, this is out of order and the responsibility always comes back to you, the parents.
Today was the last straw, your son pulled out ever key from the schools piano, pushed it along the floor (it has wheels) and crushed a pair of students up against the war.
Now i dont want to seem like a worry wort or a mean teacher or guardian but YOU NEED TO SORT YOUR CHILD OUT! i have no idea what on earth that child will be when he's older. Stop his madness before he rubs his face in fart exhaust. ]
"Ah here we go, the Daily Crumb again."
"I have to, cause people read it."
"I dont know. There must be something wrong with them."
OO Fart Exhaust! The superest hero in the whole of this world like, oo Fart Exhaust, he's got your shoes and hes not gunna give them back, OH fart exhaust! He'll step on your feet and the chop em off! OO Fart Exhaust, its one, not two but six forks in your feet.. EXHAUST! He smells but that aint important, cause ya dead! By Fart Exhaust! Theres now way out of it because your nailed to a waaaaall!
"A chinese please."
"Get out!"

Munch news:
I'm not sure whether i already said this but my computer has arrived but the only way i cna use it is if i get a flat screen monitor, which i plan to do, then i can continue animating, play sims 2 and get on with my fantastic life! :D

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Giants are coming, and they are invisible.

Today in the news a man eating a bar of soap was seen scratching his shoulder. People were amazed, and then saddened as he died and fell onto a moving boat.
'Gosh, my watch has stopped.'
'How did it do that?'
'I dont know... the battery ran out?'
'Oh. Well thats alright then. I thought you were going to say i did it.'
'Did... you do it?'
'What country are you going to sir?'
'The one this plane is taking me to..?'
'I vomited on my shoe!'
'Like the tweenies!'
'How are you feeling?'
'Not very well.'
'Whys that?'
'I dont know, your the doctor.'
'But whos, REALLY the doctor here?'
'David Tennant?'
'Its lemon juice!'
'No its just sour.'
'A gush of wind blew my hat away.'
'Did it have its suitcase?'
'Dont be an idiot.'

Also in the news Giants are literally taking over the world, and they are INVISIBLE

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Pile of Dirt

Today in the news a tree dressed itself, it was then burnt for giving people bad luck.

Also in the news Daniel (Vector) Kerr (The Smartest Man in the Wolrd) spoke in court.
"... and finally, your honor, I'd like to thank the Daily Crumb for showing their support by not getting involved in any way, shape, or form in this investigation. Here, have some brain."

The Daily Crumb burst in at the last moment to stop the investigation. "There is no proof that our smartest man was giving out bits of his brain. Except some on lookers and some CCTV footage which we have have deleted.
its gone."
"Your free to go"

In Munch NEWS:
Mike Swain, the creator of Blockhead on (newgrounds.com) has emailed in his recordings for the Munchs WAR script, if ya out there swain, thankoo.
Also in the news i grabbed a good mic for a few days and recorded as many sounds as i could, i planning on borrowing it again.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fat people should play more video games

Today in the news production of chocolate Easter eggs has begun all over the world. At the same time its been found out that the Nintendo Wii actually helps people lose weight.

Nothing is fixed.


The Daily Crumb being sued is surely old news now, since the whole thing happened the Crumb has laid quite low in where it stands newsreporting wise. As you may have noticed we are keeping a little quieter on the new more important news. But not for long.

Sue, the lawyer was arrested today after being found with four truck loads of illegal drugs, heres our reporter. Tony Maloney.

"Today, the somethinth of the new year which has a seven in it a well known lawyer was found with a large ammount of drugs. Heres a local policemen from the scene"
"I.. what are you talking about? I havent been informed on this matter."
"The case of the truck full of drugs, what are you doing about this?"
"Umm.. if.. maybe i should ask another officer."
"Will you give her what she deserves?"
"I'm sorry?"
"No.. we meant... what punishment do you have in stall for her?"
"Hold on, are you the Daily Crumb?"

And thats the latest news from that scene.

Also today in a complete coincidence everyone else who wanted to sue the Daily Crumb have been arrested for the same reason as Sue.


On the subject of coincidences The Daily Crumbs "The Smartest Man in the World." Daniel (Vector) Kerr was seen handing out bits of his brain.

The police department spoke.

"This is unacceptable behaviour."
Thankyou, police department.

Daniel will be taken into court later this evening, as The Daily Crumb arent very 'liked' at the moment we will not be showing our support.

Last off in the news The Daily Crumb have gone into speculation about where Tony Blair will be when he is shifted from his current position as PM.
90% of workers say The Bill

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Todays Title

Today in the news Toblerone have taken over Switzerland, people are saying this is World War 3.

"I personally think its been too long since we last had a world war. Come on countries! Attack!" - Man on street.

"Toblerone should have a war with like, nestle and then Cabrey can have a war with Galaxy and in the end the earth will be a melted pile of a purple foxes droppings." - Man/Woman from street.


Faster than a man with a hat on it came out of the darkness eating away at peoples legs.


No one on earth struck me as a saucepan victim.


I was walking down the street and something hit my head and i think it was a pole


"The new Vomitiser! it vomits FOR YOU!"

- Nathan (munch) Viney

(Mr. P, release that game :P )

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Friday, January 19, 2007

The Daily Crumb is sued

Today in the news old people keep dribbling on their furniture. All furniture from an elderly home or an elderlys personal house is being taken away immediately.


Also in the news The Daily Crumb, local news reporter has been sued for making some news up.
A while ago a man in a wheel chair came to our office's. In our report of the incident he ended up being eaten by a dragon.
Now obviously somewhere along the line the dragon spat him out because he's come back to sue us.
The man originally came from the Custard Factory claiming he hadnt been interviewed after a bunch of magpies ambushed him and left him on the edge of life.
We actually did interview him when he was unconcious, we've got it on tape.

We're going in court today, Tony Blair will not be backing us up he said.
"The Daily Crumb are backstabbing murderous rampaging theives who should all be locked up, it's unfortunate its only a sue."

Sue, our lawyer said, "You cant make anything funny about this guys, this is a serious matter. Hey, i put butter on my nose to try and get it out of a stuck locker. It slipped out but i ended up falling on a wooden table which broke in half causing nothing less than a riot in our house! Anyway, what evidence do you have that a dragon does really excist?"

The Daily Crumb followed this up with pulling out the Dragon.

Sue: "There's nothing there Crumb..."

"There's a Dragon there Sue."

The court went quiet this evening as Sue was eaten by a dragon.



Three people want to sue the Daily Crumb.
  1. The man in the wheel chair
  2. Tony Blair
  3. and Sue the Lawyer

Find out more next time.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

coming soon, video review of the new upcoming Biteycastle game by Adam Phillips

Deleted Scene

Interview with the Custard factory man:
Why do you plan to sue us?
Everything we said was true, you just couldnt see past your eyes.
ye man, its a problem i have
its those lead walls i had installed in my eyeballs
Is Tony Blair going along with it? He said himself in an interview we were murderous idiots.
he might
What exactly did he say to you?
he said he liked my eyes
and that his wife would like me to join them
i replied with a swift right hook to the eye socket
And what evidence do you have that the dragon WAS NOT real?
i saw the guys feet
Your not going to sue us for filming your unconcious body as well are you?
not at all, not at all
did i perform well?
Twitching is always an actors pride
I try, I try...
Tell me, what made you go ahead and sue us anyway?
the flying Death Monkeys made me do it
What made you film my unconscious body in the first place may I enquire
No reply I see.
Well I may go ahead and sue you, as you cannot be civil enough to inform me as to your motives when filming me whilst unconcious
Tell me though Nathan
You dont mind me calling to Nathan, do you?
its Monkey typewriter dude actually
Tell me, 'Monkey Typewriter Dude', how exactly did you manage to render me unconscious for such a long period of time?
you were attacked by magpies, dont you remember?
I can't say I do, dear fellow.
Though I severly doubt the credibility of this statement as there has been no visible damage to my outer person
Well, in the words of Tony Blair, The art of leadership is saying no, not saying yes. It is very easy to say yes


Thursday, January 18, 2007

George Bush, mentally challenged has GONE MISSING!

Today in the news the news hasent occured yet. But coming up next, a news report on the importance of crime in our daily lives.

Also in slightly less important news George Bush has gone missing.

Tony Blair and John Howard, priminister's of the UK and Australia agreed in having a toast over the missing American president.

JUST IN! The long running brain damaged USA President has returned to his position. George Bush was happy to inform he'd just had a late night out drinking with some TEXAS folk.
Georges fellow followers responded in weak happiness.

Look at that weak smile and embarrassed hand motion.

Tony Blair and John Howard made a joint speech: "We missed him this much."

"Didnt we Johnny?"

George Bush: "I'm fine with it, im quite confident that i was wrong to drink on my shift. But when does my shift stop? Aint there a day i can just stop being president and have a pint?"


Also in the news hitler was seen in a local Disney Shop. George Bush was happy to inform they were class mates and both had a "Disney Club" sticker.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

FRONT-PAGE: Microsoft

Today in the news light bulbs are going up in price because they seem yellow when they are turned on.

Also in the news Tony Blair made a speech about the piano issue.
"If only i had been reading the Daily Crumb recently i would have known of these lies. Whether the monkey who owns it is my friend or not, he is a still backstabbing. The Piano issue IS A RUMOUR! I DID NOT DROP A PIANO on a unsuspecting witness, except the one who died. Other than the one who died i am not guilty.
I wipe my bloody hands of it. Not that they have blood on... there is no evidence to suggest i even own or owned a piano."
"Is it true your pencil sharpener broke recently and you went into a mad house fit."
"10 Downing street has told me i am not aloud to answer anymore questions from the Daily Crumb. Any others?"
The Daily Star: "Does your family agree to the mishaps of blood on your hands?"
"Thats.. WAIT NO! THAT WAS A RUMOUR CREATED BY THE DAILY CRUMB. IT IS NOT REAL! What about some real issues, like the WAR... isnt that just the slightest bit important?"
The Daily Star: "So you are denying it?"
The Daily Crumb: "He is ya know."
The Daily Star: "Have the police inquired into this matter?"
The Daily Crumb: "Is it true your washing machine broke now and you were so angry you put your hand in an electric toaster?"
The Daily Star: "Did he? FRONT PAGE NEWS!"
The Daily Crumb: "Yes, terrible electric shock, check his fingers."
The Daily Star: "But might that be why he has blood on his hands?"
The Daily Crumb: "We'll need to find out whether the blood came from the toaster or the man crushed by the piano."


Daily Crumb: "Is it true the man was your piano tutor?"

- Nathan (munch) Viney

- Policestation, "Has anyone got a lighter?"
- Football, snap cards game idea.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Today in the news someone very important said "quack" in a conference.
And now, a large bunch of terribly random questions to unsuspecting messenger users.
How many days exactly since either you were born or your neighbour was arrested for selling the Big Issue in an uncivilized area?
5855 days, wait.... I forgot leap years. one second
2931 days
.... no wait.
4383 days! EXACTLY!

The question ;)
i see
No answer?
I was trying to do the math, when I realized I didn't care much
Next question, how does it feel to be elected for pointless chicken feeder award?
Well, at first, I was a little ashamed. I mean, I have a wife, ya know? But once she confessed a certain desire for specially fed poultry, well, I was able to accept the award with enthusiasm

How does it feel to be elected for pointless chicken feeder award?
lol wtf
Simple Question
it feels embarrasing cos if i was a chicken feeder id like to have a point

I'm not afraid of Spam, i kill spam with my feet
Is it true your feet havent left your socks in 15 years?
Denying it?
Thats not true. My feet are the best lovemakers!
Is it true that they can as well be lethal, not only physically but mentally?
Thats why i keep talking to you, i can kill you with my words.
Next question, how does it feel to be elected for pointless chicken feeder award?
Denying the whole thing?
im not denying s**t. talking about s**t, thats why i didnt answer before now
how it feels, well i dont know, migtht have to ask you :)
Tell me, are you related to the bald man who called himself a lier?
Nope, hes not bald.
Oh good, well thankyou for your help on this survery, would you say it was informative?
Have a nice ride in your helicopter
are you giving me a helicopter :D
my address is Meow Meow Meow!

Tell me, are you related to the bald man who called himself a lier?
Err no, but im related to a bald man.
Do you know anything about Espens feet?
no but if they are anywhere near as talented as his hands then I want them
Is it true you were there when Tony Blair dropped the piano on the innocent victim?
yes I was the victim! I still find keys sticking out of my skull
Have a nice ride in your helicopter

"Also in the news
cant remember it..."- RMN's Tramp Snatcher

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Monday, January 15, 2007

Man with leg

In the news today a bald man called himself a lier. More on that later.

Today also, a man went through a terrible accident where his arm was removed. This silenced him with four days away from work as he could no longer type. We interviewed him over MSN last night.

He sat quietly in his hospital cell.

Crumb: Can you tell us more about the leg incident?
Crumb: have any info on the matter?
oh you mean the daily crumb
Crumb: Just wondering if the medical doers have said anything.
something about a hippo and a piano I think
Crumb: what colour was the hippo?
purple. but it had brown mud on it
Crumb: Any news on your mate?
Crumb: The one crushed by the fallen helicopter. Are you thinking of sueing?
doubt they have anything of value to inherit
Crumb: There are rumours flying around Tony Blair is behind the piano issue. Do you agree or disagree?
I wonder what his favourite Disney movie is
Crumb: Do you agree with George Bush and his 90% military and 100% childrens theme park in the same area?
nope, he's neglecting the sandwich makers
Crumb: How about the rumour a man was ambushed by magpies at the custard factory?
apparently the custard wasn't real. it was made from flour and water with yellow food colouring. set to lure him in.
Crumb: Is it true your leg is actually a fake?
no comment
Crumb: Is it true the officer in charge of the investigation got your name wrong?
he didn't even interview me. he ate some doughnuts instead and made it all up
Crumb: Is it true that the term "BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE" came from a dog, barking up a tree thinking there was actually a cat there?
the cat was in another tree. see
Crumb: thankyou, you've been a fantastic help, just one more question. Was it a red firetruck or a red and white firetruck that came to save the cat stuck up the other tree?
yes, it was a barber fire truck, I remember now!
Crumb: Thankyou very much, have a nice ride in your helicopter!

- The Daily Crumb reports out.

(All interviews are with real people)
RANDOM MSN surveys

Crumb: Hello, we're just doing a survey.
Crumb: its on the simple current issues of things like, the man in the water glass and Tony Blair beind the Piano issue.
Have you got anything to say about the man disapearing in the glass of water?
Nothing you feel needs to be said to the world?
no idea what thats about.
Crumb: Rumours say you knew the man
Crumb: Lots of witnesses, do you know a Tommy?
Crumb: How about a James or a John?
if i did what are the chances it'd be the same as your james or john
Crumb: Very high! Infact, almost 3%! Now, can you tell us more about the glass of water?

*The Daily Crumb was blocked*

Crumb: Hi, we're just doing a survey about bread.
no.. word on the issue?
ur really funny
Crumb: Are you denying the fact some bread is softer than others?
L.O.L. (laugh out loud)
no further comment now leave me alone
Crumb: Just one last thing before you continue cooking, is it true your dad was related to the man attacked by magpies at the custard factory?
omg SO random XD **lolz**
Crumb: The Daily Crumb like to keep to english so we may have to bring in an interpreter to decode that last comment.
"Oh My God. SO random Xylophone Door"
who the **** is this and why are you messaging me with lame jokes?
Crumb: We're writing down all of the lame responses you give us.
Crumb: Do you agree with George Bush and his 90% military and 100% childrens theme park in the same area?
ok enough this is powerfully lame, ill block you if you dont stop
Crumb: Its fine, we can finish now. Just two last questions. One, did you find the survey useful and two who invented the word, "Chortled"?
2 questions, one second of your life washed down the drain.

*The Daily Crumb was blocked*
Crumb: Hi there, we're just doing a survey on the existance of dinosaurs.
They do not exist
Crumb: But recent scientist research says different
Your research? GTFO
Crumb: Science says not only do Raptors excist still todaybut you've been connected to a murder
Crumb: The only way to get out of arrest, ive been told is to say a dinosaur did it.
*slowly backs away*
Crumb: The Scientists are fine with it, The Crumb has spoken to your mother, shes fine with it. NASA are fine with it. Who else do you need to be fine with it?
Crumb: The only choice you can make is to say a raptor did it. Only last week a man in a wheel chair was eaten by a raptor

*The Daily Crumb was blocked*

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Sunday, January 14, 2007

JUST-IN! Someone named Justin has suddenly gone missing.

Today in the news an ancient book was found written by a wonderer of the US undiscovered parts. It said in it
"Twas a cold day travelling today, me and five others are dieing of hunger and thirst. We have finally reached the undiscovered lands and we plan to name it 'Count Harrington' in faith to an older family member of ours."

Today the area was renamed NEW YORK 2 :D

George Bush was proud to say, "The area has been renamed due to popular demand, myself. I am proud to name the undiscovered island NOW DISCOVERED with a new name. That name is, New York 2, Revenge of the Sith, (George followed this with a giggle) It DOES sound a bit like a sequal dont it... it does. You have to admit, and that is why we named it that."

The Daily Crumb: "And why ignore the explorers, the title, Count Harrington?"

George: "I'm sure ive missed something here, im confident about that."


The Travellers are still alive today, this might have been why George Bush and the other Americans ignored their discovery.

Its true, nothing really happens until someones dead, so the explorers have agreed to die.

One of our reporters was arrested today for the murder of two explorers, more on that later.

JUST-IN! Someone named Justin has suddenly gone missing.


George Bush has declared the area be named 'Count Harringtons revenge'. He says its going to be the biggest theme park in the world.

He also says that 90% of the area will be used as Military bases and professionally 100% full funny kiddy rides and theme park adventure. This maths was not discussed before hand.

Two hours later George still stood by these percentages.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

FACT: The word SPOOF was invented by Arthur Roberts, 1884

Today in the news America have created a Video burning day, where everyone in the country throws their videos into a town bonfire. This is saying, "We look forward to the future." (Meaning DVD's)
People are worried Video burning day wont last many years as they will have burnt all of the video's.

It has been sorted thousands more Video's are being made and sold just for this day, bringing some big companies back into buisness.


Isnt is true that, when you put the word "FACT" infront of something it automatically makes it true?
FACT: Putting the word FACT in front of something automatically makes it true.
This will only work if its in a convincing place.

But now, The Daily Crumb. What complete wasteless idiots we are have investigators searching so deep into the word FACT we've come out with
NOTHING. So we're gunna see how many times we say FACT in this passage below.

Anyway, like the crumb has said before we admire the FACT Lewis Carroll (The creator of Alice and Wonderland) created the word, CHORTLED. This is a FACT.
Fact is, not only did Mr. Carrol (FACT: Real name, Charles Dodgson) invent so many words, but so can you.
Fact: OXFORD Dictionaries say you can send in a word you've made up, whether it be hogjush or gubprok they will ACTUALLY CONCIDER putting it into their dictionaries.

Yes Folks, HOBBIT is now in the OXFORD Dictionary. FACT.
What the FACT?


"Your getting a bit FACT, might want to cut down on the jelly babies."


- Nathan (munch) Viney on an absolutely pointless blog entry that when absolutely pointlessly no where and that is a fact.

(17 Facts.)

Before we go A quote from Adam Phillips working on his next masterpiece
"I expect to get this done pretty quickly because the story has been done for years now. However, the water effects are full-blown frame-by-frame animation, the backgrounds are intricate and there is a lot of character animation too." Adam Phillips (Waterlollies)"

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

News Reporter of the Daily Crumb, gone missing in a glass of water.

In the news today Scientists at the head of the UK have classed Oxygen as an illegal drug and are beginning to get rid of it.

Just in! The Scientists are dead.. and so are many other people.

As the Crumb are terribly close friends with Mr. Tony Blair himself we gave him a little interview.

"So Mr. Blair. What have you to say on the matter?"

"I knew you'd do this, i'm told im having an interview, i sit here shaking my toes off because im worried you wont even tell me what the interviews about. Then i finally go and convince myself your going to tell me what its about and ill be fine in the end and now you come OUT AND... I NEED A GLASS OF WATER!"

(Service man collects refreshment for the pm)

"So, the matter of people dieing Mr. Blair!"

"Oh... well, we're trying to stop that of course. Its probably well known anyway. For all who dont know, we are collecting Bums off of the street (homeless people) and freazing them in our cellers, burning them and then freazing them to see if they live. Thats how we are dealing with the problem. Freazing."



Also, as the headline says (read more on page #)

One of the reporters has gone missing in a glass of water.
He set for work in the morning singing, "London Loves" by Blur and tripped up on a possible "ROCK".

The Police are searching the CCTV and finding if there were any witness'.
He collapsed forward into a glass of water.
It was a terrible sight.

His body fell down through the bubbles and disapeared into thin air.

His wife specifically asked that the BRITISH SCIENTISTS corp had NOTHING to do with it after the Oxygen issue.


Tony Blair on Deviant Art
Mood: Messed up
Listening to: paper shuffling and phones ringing, a bit like the background soundtrack of every
episode of the Bill.
Reading: Book
Eating: One of those wheat bars
Drinking: Glass of Water

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tommorows Today is Today's Yesterday

Today in the news i man went bullet time.

A Mission of Stone
Munch watched closely as the guards sniffed on their tissues. He noticed they'd lost a seconds concentration and needed to take his chance.
There was a sharp noise as a blade shot past one of them. The Guard stared around confused trying to work out what had happened. He stared down to find the master key was gone. Vanished from his side.
Munch spun into the air landing firmly onto the green vegetation. After looking back to see the guards reaction and continuing a song of giggle he hid in the nearby bushes.
The windows, too thin to simply climb through. And any movement surrounding the area would obviously be detected.
The moon was lit now, glowing upon the dark blue shades of an oncoming day. The opposite guard, not noted in the mission report pulled a weapon out, a gun. Munch was quite surprised now, leaping to his feet and grounching down by the giant stone wall.
The guard walked slowly along the earth, the stars mind blowing above him. There was silence.
Munch leant on a small stone, which sat in some soggy mud... his weight pushed it down causing it to slip forward. The guard spotted his prey and fired straight away catching Munch in the arm. Like a knife through bread the bullet ripped through his flesh. His body crashed backwards against the stone wall and he slipped down into the mud. Although he was injured now, he was out of the guards sight.Munch, with his strong arm pulled himself upwards and unzipped his backpack and grabbed out a pear of gloves. Each one had tiny specks of metal in them. Clamberock gloves, the ability to climb almost anything.
Munch placed them on his hands and soared up the side of the cold stone wall, leaping over the top.The guard at the front noticed the movement and called in for backup. This wasent very helpful.Munch disapeared in the darkness, now inside the buildings court yard.The guard pulled open the gate that he stood infront of and shouted at the top of his voice, "INTRUDER!"Munch suddenly stopped the guard in his path landing a centimetre from his toes. "Ello." He said, following the meaningful speech with punching the guard directly in the nose."I do apoligise, " Munch continued taking the weapon from the guards hand."HANDS UP!" shouted a voice from behind him.Munch turned around glaring at them..."Oh come on..."There were at least twenty men standing infront of him, "Put the weapon down."Blood was now pouring out of Munchs arm, this shruck a nerve. "Ok ok!" In a split second Munch fired the gun and the man at the front was dead. The gaurd, getting up from the punch stood behind Munch. He luckily still had another gun, in a split second he fired the gun whilst aiming at Munch's head.
Munch was gone when the bullet shot forward, it soared onwards until it splattered into one of the other men's stomach ripping open the insides that would once have stayed compact.With two gunshots the whole groups nerves had errupted and in minutes they'd killed their on Guard.Munch walked around inside the building staring at the giant stone walls that stand tall around him. "Umm.... Did the mission say anything else...."Munch got out a piece of paper from his backpack and read it, "You need to get into a building but it is guarded closely by a guard...." done... something about a key.. which ive got, and used to open the building aaand... You need to gain access to this building for the quest to move on... Looks like thats all i needed to do.
"Munch walked over to a gloomly area where four red chairs stood. He then relaxed when sitting himself down on one.He then heard the angry mob coming towards the echoeing room. "Time for some more fun."He grinned.
- Nathan (munch) Viney

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Today in the news the Duracell bunny was found dead at the bottom of a cliff. It wasent that he'd lost energy or anything, he was just pushed by the Energizer battery.

This is a fact

Energizer lasts longer than Duracell

find it here


Not much to confirm today apart from the release of a BETA version of Adam Phillips first game, Brackensack which you can find on his forums at.

The game is fantastically animated and coded on flash but a more detailed review of it coming when the official version is released.

The coding on the game was done by the brillient Daniel (Vector) Kerr who you may know as THE SMARTEST MAN IN THE WORLD. His website address is http://www.vector.talkhost.info/

Vector also, a while back worked on munchmedias game TAP, Fight to the sausage... which is a bit of a easy game but at the time it was fun to make and Vector brought it to life for me :)

Thanks again for that Danny, i say thanks at least once every year.

So, stay tuned for a Brackensack review and link


- Nathan (munch) Viney
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Monday, January 08, 2007


Today in the news a dragon entered our dimension. People are calling him a midget, he is burning them.


Today in the Crumb the custard factory came to us, pressed our buildings beeper and said, "I deserve an interview!"

The man was (late last year) attacked and slaughted by birds when the custard factory had a disaster.
The man was at the front of the building in a wheel chair. We opened the glass doors and smiled, "Sorry, wheel chairs are not aloud in the building."
"Your not even disabled friendly?"
"Yes we are, but in your case its an acception. "
"This is discusting."
"So are you."
"I was ambushed by a pack of magpies!"
"Come back when its piranhas."
"I'm interview material!"
"Sorry, we're busy at the moment reporting on a Dragon entering our dimension."
*Dragon eats man*
"Yay! Who wants a wheel chair? :D :D"

And now a video from
our favourite television show on the planet.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Sunday, January 07, 2007

last time i checked it was something am or pm ;)

In the news today a boxset has been released with only two dvd's inside. What is this world coming too?


Check it out at

If for some reason you havent seen the new website

- Nathan (munch) viney

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Blupguh Traffic

In the news today a man posed for a photo, he hasent been seen since.

Find the comic here

And now a poem.

Blupguh Traffic

Vy welcome thy traffic, though slugs be off town.

Charcoal is a reading, Fort Folgy is down.

The bug blub is juicey, liquid is good. Toe nail chinese and canadian wood.

Blupguh is bearing, hersh voice is vowl harsh.

Burh trojan is scoring, pitty explosive trip blast.

Kerky been ripping, chicken it slice.

Yuttleborp thy Juttlekorp bury ground mice.

Lung janune bear boshives as globble they chop.

Tark Gansit be thriving for blood berry at shop.

The end


- Nathan (munch) Viney

Friday, January 05, 2007

Well i liketh thy one young toad of fort Fallen, your Lord which is my Lord is finally calling....?

In the news today people are asking, what CURRENT is? People are becoming confused between current affairs and Blackcurrant berries. This is because, as Wikipedia says, they are both "palmately lobed with five lobes, with a serrated margin."


Yesterday i released a NEW STARGAZED COMIC
which took me all day.
Here is the comic
(Click on it for LARGER version)

Hope you like it and if you havent caught up with the long running series yet for some strange reason, check it out here


Both this one and another were storyboarded, after those two i will try and do one Tomothy and Pals comic and then continue on with MUNCHS WAR.
This is the plan for th next few days/week but dont get excited, im not very reliable.

Also whats great is.
Antiseal of Brackenwood (A fantastic musician) is producing one of my written (lyrics) songs.
Here is NIGHTFLOW so far

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tony Blair on Myspace

In the news today china are sueing everyone they meet that calls their plates and cups, china. They are literally going up to them, tapping them on the shoulder and asking, "Whats that?"
"Its a cup?"
"What kind of cup is it?"
"A good cup.!
"It's china isnt it?"
"umm.. i guess"

Tony Blair recently asked me personally what myspace was, i said, aw Tones, i'll make you one if you REALLY want me to.
So i gave him a usuel Myspace Survey.
He just replied with his answers.

Name: Tony Blair but people who i dont know call me PM
Birthday: I'm not old
Birthplace: Britain, no doubt about that.... you.
Current Location: 10 downing street, at my desk which i just tidied. And its clean now, no papers or nuthin.
Eye Color: Is that a trick question? Cause if it is, my eyes are not the colour of an elderly person.
Hair Color: Its not grey
Height: Blue tie
Right Handed or Left Handed: The hand i write with
Your Heritage: I'm from England but some people call it Britain... some other people call it the UK, AND NO ONES EXPLAINED WHY YET"
The Shoes You Wore Today: expensive ones, and not my nans old ones.
Your Weakness: George Bush
Your Fears: George Bush
Your Perfect Pizza: George Bush
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: I'm hoping to go back to Uni and drink alcohol.
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: howl r u spork an wer u @?
Thoughts First Waking Up: Paperwork
Your Best Physical Feature: My brains good
Your Bedtime: 6.00 but if i have work on about 6.30
Your Most Missed Memory: Window Suppliers
Pepsi or Coke: Coke is illegal in my country.
MacDonalds or Burger King: I cant eat from them until i know the ruler behind them.
Single or Group Dates: On a calender
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: They both have a T
Chocolate or Vanilla: I'm going to have to say Chocolate flavoured Vanilla only because it's easier to drink through a straw.
Do you Smoke: Myspace is run by George Bush!
Do you Swear: I've heard me i think
Do you Sing: I auditioned for the X factor, but i didnt sing.
Do you Shower Daily: Too much work
Have you Been in Love: I am, with my gameboy!
Do you want to get Married: My wifes standing next to me.
Do you belive in yourself: Do all Americans spell believe wrong?
Are you a Health Freak: No, but i bet the greens are.

Thanks Tony.
After reading it back to himself he decided he didnt want a myspace just incase he'd lose some friends.......:O????D wHo???!!?* *cough*... ahem.....


- Nathan (munch) Viney

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Yesterdays a Virus

In the news today Virus's are spreading over the internet, these include colds, stomach germs... etc.
Yesterdays work:

Yesterday i released a new Stargazed issue, it was originally for a competition but as it included Para Cat i posted it as a comic strip.
If you havent read the amazing adventures Munch and the little squishy thing check it out here.


Heres the latest picture

Also yesterday i did a silly picture for a Brackenwood forum comic strip which you can find here http://z7.invisionfree.com/Brackenwood/index.php?showtopic=10715

au revoir

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The wotsits of society

In the news today a man with a spade saw an alien sighting. The man with a spade complained that the news team interviewing him said 'spade' when he "claimed" he was holding a shovel not a spade like he was really holding.


Well the new website was released so, The Daily Crumb came out of the blue and and reviewed every short flash animation on the website.

Here are our reviews:

Doctor Who Extremely Short Short which can be found here
"What rubbish." - The Daily Crumb

The First Autumn leaf which can be found here
Daily Crumbs review: "Its a terrible, criminal, murderous shame the
sound is not what it should be. Because of that aspect we hate this

Lukai and his castle, which can be found here
Daily Crumbs review: "It was terrible, we cant imagine anything worse."

Blocks, which can be found here
"Theres no way to describe how bad this is" - The Daily Crumb.

Jerome, Ninja Dog can be found here
"Rubbish" - The Daily Crumb

Peanuts tribute which can be found here
"Charles would turn in his grave" - The Daily Crumb

The Train was next and can be found here
"Its amazing what people think of, stuff like this that we'd rather NOT see!" - The Daily Crumb

And last, Prowlies here
"The worst animated cartoon on earth. It's make AdamPhillips turn in his grave, if he was dead. And if he was it'd be this movie that had killed him." The Daily Crumb.

Terrible news now for all those who own or use Gtalk or Gmail, anything Googly, http://www.thewest.com.au/default.aspx?MenuID=145&ContentID=17608

And now for something, completely different

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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Monday, January 01, 2007


In the news today a puppet theatre burnt down when a puppet CAME ALIVE.. and scared his owner who held a candle.



After so much difficulty the official site works fine if you dont have the latest version of firefox.

So, enjoy the falshyness :) I'm still updateing little things casuelly as i go.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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