Saturday, January 29, 2011

Alan Davies releases page turning news.

Today in the news

Above: Alan Davies, Jesse Eisenberg.
Alan Davies steps far away from the spotlight Murder Mystery television program, Jonathan Creek to announce a new mind boggling story.
On the 29th of January 2011 Alan released to 'The Sun' newspaper that when he was younger, he got pregnant at aged 16. As previously reported the UK is known for it's school childmaking workshops but Alan never saw this coming on himself.
"I suppose i just did not think and next thing i was pregnant. My girlfriend ran away at the sign of danger. She could not bare the thought of responsibilities." - Alan Davies, Set of BBC panel show, QI.
"So i sent my kid off to America or somewhere. Actually my mum did. I was more interested in collecting cards and battling people. Remember 'StormBleek the Wild Wizard Cards'?. I had the rarest card, as well as the collectors addition glitter pack."
"So yes my son is Jesse Einsburg. I contacted him through twitter a long while ago. He never replied. Then suddenly he arrived at my door step. So i said, "Son?", he replied, "Hi Dad." I honestly thought he was someone elses son. He looks nothing like me. But there you go."

Jesse Einsburg grew up in NEW YORK. Soon enough he hit Hollywood with such films as 'AdventurePark', 'Zombiesland' and 'The Facebook Movie'.
He'd always wondered why his family did not look anything like him.
"When the twitter message came from Dad i did not know what to think. I looked him up on Google Images and realised he looked like me. Then my parents told me that they got me from a crate floating in the sea. The crate came from a 'Alun Davees' in 'Engund'."- Jesse Eisenberg

So there we have it.
'The Sun' dressed both of them up in their known costumes and took a nice shot of them together.

Getting on are we? Tips for stopping age progression.

Dear M/F
It has come to our attention that you are suffering from 'Old People Syndrome'. You have reached a certain age, whether it's 40, 30 or even 10 where you want to stop. Captain Jem North from South-East-West Society is willing to give you that opportunity.
Send to us your chosen amount of money. (All amounts must be over 1,000 local currency). As soon as the money is collected and given to a Panda related charity we will send off our special, "Age control' Tablets.
Soon enough your wrinkles will disapear oldies. Your wobbly knee's will be bouncing you from building to building. You will be eating young people for breakfast.
What age you look and feel will only depend on how many life threatening tablets you take. But don't take more than 0% or you'll find out what the small print says!
As this is clearly readable. The small print is actually hidden in invisible letters.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Super Music Video!!

Ok so not JUST mine.
I animated a superpowers music video for Little Howard's BIG QUESTION on BBC1

You can check it out here.
Little Howard created and written by Howard 'Drinkwater' Read
Also written by Chris 'Bert's Greasy Cafe' Chantler
Storyboard by director Dermot 'Caramel' Canterbury
Cow by Lana 'Kickupafuss' Cohen
Animation by Nathan 'Bighead' Viney
Compositing by the Compositor people :) 'Bill and Ben'
The series is produced by Kez 'I loves monkeys' Margrie

Can i attain superpowers? I don't know
This is part 2 of the episode. If you want to watch part 1 click HERE

Music video begins at 8 : 50
or just enjoy the episode

Sunday, January 09, 2011

So hello there

How are you folks?
I've been busy animating exploding rabbits and giant gorillas on Little Howard's Big Question, that and visiting my home city in Perth Australia for Christmas.

Any animation you see come from me will probably be for a university project, unless you watch Little Howard.
I upload animations onto my or /thedailycrumb2
There will be a new something out in June. I'm not sure what it is yet but I will keep you updated.

The Two Detectives is a live action series BlobCorpStudios and I work/ed on previous. This has been on a huge break but will hopefully get an episode eventually. Maybe in a month or so. Due to work on both our sides this has been pushed back to 'less importants' as much as we love the characters and stories.
Michael and Freud will be back at some point.

Now if anyone can help me write an essay... a very very big one. That would be mighty helpful. Cya later!

- The Daily Crumb 2011