Tuesday, November 24, 2015



1. The creator of the website fed a Buzzard too much Buzzard food.
(Buzzard is a type of bird)

2. Cracked.com was just too intelligent for us.
(Because that website has very long paragraphs)

3. Everyone wants to be a Disney Princess.
(Even the manliest of men that kill animals and build walls and eat Nutri Grain want to be a Disney Princess. Question is, which one?)

4. People like lists.
(I like lists, so this must be true)

5. Buzzfeed asks the question 'What kind of Old Person will you be?' But never asks the question, 'What kind of Young Person were you in World War 2?'
(They are actually ageist)

6. Adorable Giraffe Products.
(27 Adorable Giraffe Products You Need In Your Life can be found on Buzzfeed.com. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity. Below shows someone wearing a Giraffe ring)

7. Stupid, terrible, physical magazines that gossip about celebrities have been replaced by Buzzfeed.
(The ghost of our dead hamster is giving my child the father-son relationship he really needs)

8. If you click things, Buzzfeed probably gets money.
(This IS the top 10 reasons Buzzfeed exists..)

9. It talks to cool children who know how to speak the lingo.
(It's main website links are titled 'LOL', 'WIN', 'OMG', 'CUTE','FAIL and 'WTF)
(What on giddy earth are they talking about? Bless their little cotton socks)

10. You have interests, you have nostalgia, we have connected culture. And they feed on that. 
(It's your fault for being privileged)

Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Childhood Strikes Back 2015

2015 will certainly be the biggest year for bringing back the stuff I loved as a kid. Unlike some people, my taste in media has pretty much remained exactly the same. I don't feel too insane, I know plenty of people like me. Even grown-ups can appreciate the media they loved as a kid, even if it's not quite as obsessively as I do.

Is bringing back our childhoods a bad idea? Will regurgitating my younger days keep me forever from maturing?

Who cares! (But probably yes)

The trickiest thing to do when bringing something so loved back into the limelight, is getting it right. After all, there is a lot more chance of upset among viewers than a completely new idea with no fan base.

So, have my childhood favourite reboots succeeded in fulfilling my inner 10-year old's expectations?
Unfortunately, a few of them have not been released! But they look promising.

So let's start with the ELEPHANT in the room. It's that one that has taken the whole world by storm. STAR WARS was a huge part of so many peoples childhoods. The universal love has actually become one of those amazing discoveries only the internet can offer. It was not just you playing with your STAR WARS toys who loved the films. It was EVERYONE.
The original trilogy had very human characters, amazing ideas and lots of fun. Oh and lots of toys. My favourite bit was when I learnt Luke had built his own shiny new green lightsaber. That guy was so cool.
I quite liked The Phantom Menace as well. That's all I've got to say about the prequels.

STAR WARS:The Force Awakens is not out yet and so could still be a train wreck. But it has grabbed the exact look and atmosphere that I think every fan was hoping for. Something subtle and surreal in this world that feels so much bigger than our own.
Without the prequels, we'd probably not have something that looks so right. I'm hoping the amazing visuals compliment a good story... else we're in trouble. But looks as if we may be in good hands.

An honourable mention now. The 21st of October this year was celebrated as the day Doc and Marty arrived in Back to the Future II. It was a bit depressing that the day had finally come, but a good day to remember some excellent films. (3 is my favourite... )

While we're talking about big Hollywood films vaguely related to Steven Spielberg, 2015 also brought us Jurassic World! The fourth installment in the Jurassic Park Series and personally my least favourite.
Another one we were all so excited about. Who wasn't inspired by the original? It still stands today as one of the greatest films in history.
Unfortunately 'Safety Not Guaranteed' Director, Colin Tomorrow delivered a bit of a mess of OK and awkward. While Jurassic World has one of the most exciting ENDINGS I've seen, it has messy characters and boring, unrealistic dialogue. I still prefer Jurassic Park 3 to this. Did the film feed the Jurassic Park fan child? No, not really. Chris Pratt was great, but he was no Sam Neill.
Spoilers in this CLIP

While we're talking disappointments, can't forget the recently released PAN. Really, the only reason I say disappointment is because it has not done very well in the critic circuit. Also, my little brother didn't really enjoy it.
Thing is, I really liked it! I will probably be buying it on DVD as well. While I'd say the first half had the better scenes (The nuns and the circus act pirates) it does have some massive problems that can't be ignored. Though, as I mentioned in my full Pan Review, it's probably the best Pan Adaptation we've got since the brilliant, Hook.
As it's kind of the point of the article, did PAN feed the HOOK and Disney's Peter Pan fan child inside? A lil bit. It didn't make me upset at least.
Here is the trailer (Why was this song not in the film? *sigh*)

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation released this year. The fifth in the series, a series that looked like it might have been dead after movie 2. It's not that special that a new Mission Impossible came out this year, they've been coming out at a good rate for the last few years. But this one felt kind of special to me. The original Mission Impossible film is another for my list of serious favourites from childhood (Obviously not THAT young). But it was certainly up there with Star Wars and Jurassic Park. Out of every Impossible installment, this one felt the MOST like the original. Gritty, dark, spyey, but a lot more funny. Loved it!
Did it win in the fight against the child fan? Yes.

Some other quick mentions before I get onto my TOP 1 and 2 childhood favourites coming back... Even though this is not a TOP 10 list, it's not a TOP anything list.

So these are some that didn't really make much of an impact on me but I do think are important to mention.
Terminator: Genisys, Goosebumps, Spongebob Squarepants (Sponge Out of Water), Batman V Superman....
Oh and can't forget Mad Max: Fury Road (That was awesome)

So really, everything has been MOVIES. Where are all of the music and television shows? Well, none of my personal favourite television shows have come back! But go and check out the new DANGER MOUSE series. It is magnificent. There is also a new Peabody and Sherman series on Netflix I have yet to see. Or you could just go and watch this hilarious parody of Peabody and Sherman instead by my friend, Rob Yulfo.

Now to music.
 I'm not going to go through all of the bands that came back after a long hiatus since childhood.... why would I do that? No, I'll just do one, Blur. Undeniably my favourite band ever. I have no idea why, they've just always made music that I connect with.

I discovered Blur close to the beginning of their.. split I suppose you could call it. I discovered them in 2000 and they released their last album in 2003. While I was super excited for their 2003 Album, Think Tank (And loved it) it was saddening to know that guitarist, Graham Coxon was not involved. Then silence, as Damon Albarn's Gorillaz hit it big.

It was in 2009 that the band got back together to do a few gigs, reliving the old days. But I don't think the scars had healed. Not for a while. I was lucky enough to see them in 2009 at Hyde Park and it was amazing.

We did have a few new tracks come through. Most noticably in 2012 with two songs written for the Olympic Year. At the time we were ecstatic, but looking at what we have now... they could have been better.
Time moved along for us fans as our Blur forum was closed down. All of the band members seemed to be busy with their own things and it looked like we'd probably never have another Blur Album.

Bring on February 2015. An out of the blue press conference broadcast live announcing a new album. Blur: The Magic Whip.
It was a miracle really, for both the band and the fans. In tribute, I even made an animation for them. I'm such a nerd. Anyway, the album was marvelous. And like I hope STAR WARS and THE PEANUTS MOVIE will be, it was kind of exactly what the fans were hoping for.

It's funny with something like that because the fans have SO long to wait and churn up ideas for how it might be and so easily let down. But The Magic Whip was not a let down, it exceeded all expectations. Now let's hope it leads to more!  (Not getting my hopes up)

Two things make Blur's return even more special. I always thought, if Blur were ever to come back, I'd want to be in my home town. Or at least, in the place that I first fell in love with them. Blur came to Perth Australia on July 30th 2015 and I was there. And my animation made it into their official music video for song, I Broadcast.

To top it all, they are releasing a film about the making as well!

Whats next? Only the most important film of 2015!

THE PEANUTS MOVIE (OR The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Peanuts Movie outside of the US)

I've made enough videos on Youtube for you to know that I'm a huge fan of Peanuts. I read it in the paper, I collected the books and watched The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show at 5am when it stopped being on at prime 'Home from School' time.

I've always been inspired by Charles M Schulz's art, character writing and stories. I've not watched every single special broadcast but I have a lot of them on DVD and hope to continue building my collection. I also have many toys, it's RATHER EMBARESSING. What can I do? Nothin. Peanuts has always been perfect for me. When I was a child I related most to the later Snoopy, but these days it's Charlie Brown.

As most of us know, every Peanuts film or television show up until this point has been animated in 2d. Whether that be traditionally, or digitally.

Happiness is a Warm Blanket Charlie Brown was the last special to be released (2011). It had quite a digital look that they had trouble shaking off. Plus it was mainly based around the art style and stories of the earlier years of Peanuts so didn't  really appeal to the mass market.
I still really liked it though, it had that weird pace that only the classic Peanuts could pull off. It was a mix of converting comic punchline to screen and using real child voice actors.

This is something I don't think The Peanuts Movie will have much of. Judging by the trailers, it looks like they've thrown out the comic by comic way of writing screenplays. This is probably for the best, as it will make a more flowing picture with space for real human dialogue.

Stories always came across magnificently in the long running comic strips, but not quite as good in the specials. (They still have that wonderful charm about them that will make them timeless).

Just judging by the trailers, they've taken dialogue and relationships from the strips and just spread them out for the big screen.

Look wise, this film looks beautiful. I'm a bit scared that this will call the end of 2d animated Peanuts films (and so never giving me a job on a film). It's kind of generally bad for 2d all together... but at least it will bring people back to reading the comics and watching the specials.

But FAN WISE, by golly, it looks like a painting. It absolutely brings the comic strips to life in a perfect way.
I've seen a good mixture of slap stick, good dialogue and fun Snoopy scenes so as long as it's all paced out well .. I'm totally on board! (On Snoopy's Kennel).

Unfortunately, the film will be coming out quite a while after the original release here. So this means I'll be seeing Jermy Jans and Chris Stickyman posting their reviews FIRST. So I'll be avoiding them at all costs.

Everything looks right to me. It's amazing that it stills feels like the specials, the TV show and the comics though.. wow.
Also, I don't mind all of the music that has been advertised, but I am hoping for some smoooth Jazz.

Does it go down well with my inner fan child? So far, YES!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Every Doctor Who related thing I've ever made. I HAVE to stop NOW!

Blummin Biscuits, Doctor Who has taken away many many hours of my creative time. From space travel to regeneration, the show is full to the brim with artistic inspiration.

It's not always a great show as well. In fact, it's gone quite downhill in recent years. But unlike other series it can never really be a case of 'It used to be better'. Because it's always had it's goods and bads. But at the core the magic still stands, for almost 52 years. The mystery man in the blue box, travelling through space and time.

It is no wonder there are so many fan made series being produced online. There are always stories to tell in a world of hardly any rules.

Since I first discovered it I've made many Doctor Who related videos. As my next one is coming out (hopefully) at the end of the week, I thought I'd list them all.

Here is the trailer for the new film!

Let us start at the very beginning.

I'm not sure what year this was made. Possible 2005 or 2006. It's titled Attack of the Quazwoks and is short, has no direction and has ear bleeding sound quality. CAUTION: Just don't watch this one

Click the image for video

I was at a point where I was trying to design my own Doctor. Not realising that my Doctor was pretty much just an alternative Tom Baker. 

As a side note, I was also working on my own webcomic that revolved around a time-travelling toilet. The comic was named Stargazed and the toilet was called the S.T.A.R (Space, Time And Rubbish)
You can read the strip online by clicking below.
Click the image for comic

Next up, my first proper Doctor Who animation. Doctor Who: Paranomax. It stars my Doctor, K9 and a little blue cat called Para Cat. Para Cat would then go on to cameo in Stargazed, Matt Smith 2010 and my film, Cliff and the End of the Rainbow.

I suppose that was the start of making Doctor Who comedy shorts.

Here is an art piece I uploaded at the time of my Tom Bakerish Doctor and an updated Tardis...

This Tardis design would then go on to star in 5 Doctor Who animations. 

First up! Doctor Who Extremely Short Short!!
It's so short you'll blink and you'll miss it. SO DON'T BLINK.
Click image for video

My Doctor also returned for an Audio Play. It was absolutely terrible. I quite like the Tardis Interior and Cyberman I drew for the SWF though. 

Click image for Audio Play

Next up, my Doctor became a bit more commercial. He then starred (Voiced again by Courtney Leacock) in an Apple Advert Parody video. Also my first attempt at an American accent I think.... ha..

It does not stop there! Then was a busy time for this Doctor Who fan. Here is a short live action video I did where David Tennant (The 10th Doctor) is a talking security camera. 

and another where I made a Doctor Who episode in The Sims 2! Which became very popular at the time. I do find it quite funny that the adults are voiced by children. 

2008 NOW!
Catherine Tate was announced as new companion for the Doctor. Of course I had to make a video for this. She was quite a popular comedian in the UK at that point and so seemed an odd choice. As we know though, she ended up being one of the best companions we've had. 

This one always bothers me because I forgot to put the monsters voice actor in the credits. It's also, sadly the LAST appearence of MY Tom Bakerish Doctor. BUT it was the first cartoon to include Woo the wizard! Who will again appear in the new film. 

I love that guy. 

Next up, probably the most popular of all of the Doctor Who shorts I've produced, Matt Smith 2010

It's weird but I feel like it has aged quite well.
I was so excited about Matt Smith as the Doctor. In preparation for animating I'd watched every performance I could find of him. He did not disappoint. 

Next up a collaboration project with Lana Cohen called Dalek in Love. I really like how clear the direction is and how sad it ends. aww

Now for my least favourite animation really. There were some good ideas in there but mainly,  it's ugly, lazy and unfunny. But it was great to get the cameo voice in there of Blogtor Who.

Phew... I told you the list goes on and on and on. Do you need a tea break? 
I do... 
hold on I'll be back in a second.

Okay, I'm back. Now for a slightly odd one. Some of the most popular videos on Youtube are game related. I've always found it quite difficult to try and be apart of that world. Mainly because I'm terrible at games and my interest in them is limited. (Until I managed to find a good enough reason to produce a Sims related animation). I do love The Sims.

Anyway, at this time I'd really been enjoying Minecraft with Lana Cohen. So, we decided to make something short and simple. Really I'd like to have had more Minecraft ... or even more Doctor Who. But it was not to be. Luckily Ireused some of the animation at the beginning in Tardis Not Included. 

Next up, Tardis not Included! I remember the moment I finished this and uploaded it. Was a nice feeling, now 2 years ago! I was very lucky it did well considering it was not about any big event in Doctor Who news. It was just a general comedy short. 

Still very proud of some of the jokes in that one. 

Last of all so far on the list is my little effects short I did with my cousins! Regeneration is such a magical idea, so I really wanted to try it out for real. 

I hope you've enjoyed the nerd overload.

Ta ra!


HERE IS THE LATEST/last ONE. The one that took the longest

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

My new showreel!

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When I did voices once!

Hi guys!

I was standing back and looking at the world wide internet pass my eyes. So many tweets and facebook updates soaring by. But things on the internet are rarely ever gone. (This could be bad for some people).
Not for me. Recently I found my first flash animation I ever made on Photobucket. It's terrible, as you might imagine, but I was happy to see it.

It's not just my own projects that have made a home on the internet, to hide in the crevasses until discovered. I've done a bunch of voice acting for other works. These are creators that for whatever reason, thought my voice suited their films.

1. Viridarium: Mudslides

When my voice was slightly younger, I played a fun loving character in the forest.
I love this flash short. The art, animation and music is great. Just a shame my voice recording of two lines is such bad quality.
Two recordings for this character were also used in this berry catching game.

2. Catfat: Episode 2
So much expression in the animation! Always loved Shaun Mcginley's work. It's a pretty funny role as well.

3. The Lillium Series
I worked on voices for multiple episodes of a Youtube series created by my friend Matt (@Mattandgus). Each episode was a great fantasy story with some cool characters. I was lucky enough to play two characters! Both the Monk and the High Lord (My old man voice)
The episode I linked to stars both.

4. Gabber Heartbreak
For brilliant traditional/digital animator, Sam (Hexadeci) Smith. I play a shop keeper in this short!

Thanks for stopping by!
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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Blur I Broadcast. Blur as Cartoons


The band Blur announced recently that they were going to choose some videos for their live show. Unfortunately, the cut off date for this was only a week ahead.

A lot of the time with my animation projects I am usually drawn to finishing by a force of inspiration (and a bunch of emotional support it seems these days).
In some cases, that inspiration has been there for so very long. Recently there have been two cases of this. Both with my The Sims animations and Blur. While The Sims animations did not really appear to be a tribute to the franchise (and more of an insult) they were. For I would not have finished them without a love for the series. This is the same reason I worked on those Doctor Who shorts.

(Beard provided by ) >>

In Blur's case, I've been listening to their music since I was... I don't know... 10 or something. Since then I've followed everything the members have worked on in and outside of the band. They have such a large collection of tracks that I'll always be able to find a different one to suit my mood.

No one really expected Blur to release a new album, well I didn't. But it is fantastic to have new music in our (Blur fans) hands and great to see the group happy together again.

So I thought, what time would be better than now to make a tribute to their music?

So here it is, take the journey with Alex James in an adventure with Cheese in Space.

I've listed some of the secrets you may find in the backgrounds.

* Under the Westway (2012 track and lyric reference in For Tomorrow)
* Milky/ Milk Carton from Blur's 'Coffee and TV' music video.
* Mr. OK. Mascot for Blur's new album, 'The Magic Whip' and star of the 'Go Out' lyric video.
* 'And the view's so nice' written on the floor. Lyric from Blur's 'For Tomorrow' and based on writing that used to be on the path at Primrose Hill in London.
* Banksy Graffiti with Think Tank (Blur Album) themed tag.
* Blurry writing in background 'Day upon Day' and 'Parklife'. Both Blur tracks.
* Blur Album '13' cover art on the wall.
* Burger artwork from 'Sunday Sunday' track on banner as Mr. OK rises.
* Alex James loves cheese
* 'No Whey' cheese joke sign in the background.
* Tent coloured in 'BLUR BEST OF' cover colours.
* Satellite called 'The FAR OUT' in reference to Alex James' track 'Far Out'.
* Elephant appears next to Damon Albarn in reference to his song, 'Mr. Tembo'. Lyrically it is about a little elephant he met that went to the toilet.

I think that is it!
I hope you enjoyed.

This is also my first proper project (As short as it may be) on the animation software, ToonBoom Animate. For the most part, I enjoyed working with the software. It makes drawing a lot more fun as well as camera work. Though I'm still getting used to colours and the amount of layers it requires. Oh and how it is not specifically designed for doing multiple scenes.

If you are interested you can also check out the animatic of the short RIGHT HERE

Don't forget to search up 'I Broadcast' and check out the other entries!

- The Daily Crumb