Sunday, September 27, 2009

Late Night Crumb

Just going through some papers on my desk. Various news articles from various newspapers. We only have one actual reporter and he's on sick leave. Got the King's Cough.
A very nasty cough that is spreading very fast. All the news is on about the 'Swine Flu', a dangerous illness but curable none the less in most cases. We are forgetting the King's Cough, Germinating from the victorian ages and spreading through breathing. We can easily just breath in this airborn cough. A cough that kills, ongoing coughing. Once a person has no time to breath he can lose his life.
Our reporter monkey Piccles is suffering from the King's cough right now. We are all very worried.

Because we have no first hand news today and no Sammy advice on how to entertain the ages (Because it is so late)
I'll just show you some doodles i've been doing in the dark (When i should be working).

Today was a slow day here at The Daily Crumb MAXTREME. Our location manager Ted Estmen did call up with a great location choice for filming.
I just called up the actor playing Cliff in the next animation, he was not very happy that i was calling so late...

A mouse

A castle (Going to be used in film)

Creepy green man-child

An odd creature

Background (Will not be used in film unless adjusted)

thanks for checking us out

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hit by Cheese. Crumb Appealing to all ages.

Bit of useless news today. There will no longer be any 'Today in the news' beginnings to articles.
We are now The Daily Crumb TO THE MAX
And when we're TO THE MAX we SCREAM AT YOU.

Basically the monkeys have been studying and they have discovered that the best way to bring in new readers is by adding MAX to the name.
Now in all honesty i think Max Branning is just a false ginger man with a small head. But the teens of today seem to love that sort of thing.

But along with the 11 to 17 year olds that adore Max we are attemping to bring in some of the older folks as well.

Sammy and the crew have discovered that older people have more knowledge than younger people BAM. To the max
(A little add in for our younger readers. It keeps them interested)

So for the older readers like old man Phillips we have a paragraph of interesting reading.

A body was found in Saddletick lane earlier today. The man named George Francis aged 80 has yet to be identified.
We interviewed a curious crowd at the scene.
"I was walking my dog when i heard the scream. The curious thing is today i made it across the bridge."
Many folk said this. The body of the un-named man was found alive and well by the river side.
Police originally thought the murderer was the troll that lived under the bridge.

The man is back with his family completely death-free. The troll has been set free and continues to stop people from crossing the bridge.
The violent magician that has the mental unstable-ness to stab someone several times and then revive them has yet to be found.

and for the kids

Have an awesome time at the party guys!
Make sure you make it a totally drunken experience.
I wonder if you were smart when you walked into your first party.
Look at you now, pathetic.

Concerned parents
please ring


As you can see we're reaching out to all ages here. Hopefully the monkeys will be right this time. Come and check out The Daily Crumb.

Matt Smith did a good job of cleaning those borders off of the wall. The Daily Crumb is so shiny you'll be able to see your dead relatives reflections in it.

Why do they always leave the 'turning the lights off' to me??

actually i know why.. selfish monkeys

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Beano's Dennis the Menace 2009

Someone in this room. Is a desk lamp.
I am not saying who.

Just throwing it out there for speculation.


Some of you may know by now i am all hyped up about the new CBBC series
'Dennis and Gnasher'.

I love change and the 'new' as long as i am not involved personally. This is NEW. There are a lot of differences. I thought i would go ahead and bore you with some of the changes to the selection of characters and such.

But first i'll stamp this on your forehead. This is one of my favourite episodes. I am not sure why. I am also not sure why the whole thing has been uploaded to youtube...
Great quality video. Please enjoy.
video below


So now i have relieved myself... of that copied and pasted video url i can continue.
Like many UK folks i used to love the BEANO. (Even though i was buying them in Australia (Yeah, they were sold in my local newsagents! amazing))

And most people will have an image of 'Dennis the Menace' in their head when the name is mentioned.
Whether that be

or this

They both love stripes.
That is UK and US versions of a different character with the same name and a dog.
Completely coincidental i understand.

Dennis the Menace started one of the ordinary characters in The Beano. I believe Biffo the Bear was the front page guy at the time.
But Biffo wounded his neck and had to be shot. So Dennis took over the front page spotlight. Dennis and the rest of the characters became household names for UK kids. They still are years and years after.
David Law created Dennis the Menace in 1951. But working at the Beano means if you leave, die or get fired other artists will take over. (Which is a good thing, keeping your characters alive.)
"You might think getting many characters in one book would be a value, but when Dennis took off, every other character in the Beano became something about a little brat who torments others."

Some early Dennis pictures

Dennis the Menace evolved over the years. Basically because different artists took over and changed him a bit.

^Above, original SCARY Gnasher.

The 1970-90's brought this ICONIC look.

Drawn by David Sutherland.

"As the eighties progressed, Sutherland's Dennis began to take on a life of his own. He became taller and stockier, his nose more bulbous and his chin ever broader. As the nineties dawned, Dennis was looking like a thuggish teenager, some way from the cheeky, if surly, youth Law had created and nurtured. In 1993, editor Euan Kerr stepped in. As he later explained to me:

"It was felt that Dennis had become just a bit too elongated and consequently older than he should be. A more active look was also sought for. Another reason behind the change was to make him easier to animate for the Beano Video which was then being planned. ... To be honest, the artist probably went a little too far and made Dennis too young and cute. However, some readjustment [was] made, and we feel he is now just about right.""


Suddenly Dennis' mouth had got stuck behind his... one eye with two pupils. But it was a great look. And lasted until now.
Dennis found himself on his first CBBC animated tv show with a new look.
video below


It was ok, it was fun.
It annoyed me that it was nothing like the comics and mostly did not LOOK like the comics. It was only based on.

By this time Dennis the Menace had
his Dad
his Mum
They never had names...
in the cartoon above they even called eachother 'Dad' and 'Mum'...?
Of course Gnasher the dog, a main character.
Rasher, a pig. (Who has recently been renamed, Harley?)

Then Dennis' two best friends were
Pie Face and Curly.

^ That is Curly.
I guess it was their idea to make every character have the one eye and 2 pupils thing to make Dennis look a bit normal.

An exciting moment for me was when
Dennis the Menace's little sister BEA was born in the comic strip. I love story progression and in a repetitive comic strip this is really exciting.

Thats BEA.

Dennis the Menace has been the same since 1990.
The Beano has stayed pretty much the same.
I love the characters.
Dennis, Minnie the Minx, Rodger the Dodger, Ivy the Terrible, Les Pretend, Lord Snooty.
As i said Biffo was shot... well he came back for a few Annuals i believe... and The Bash Street Kids.

The Beano does not make me laugh... i dont think it ever did.
Apart from one artist, Mike Pearse. Who i think left a while ago. Mike used to do full comic strip stories, his writing (Dialogue) was much more human. And his comics had real humour.
Unlike the rest of the Beano.
But i still love it for their artwork and characters.

It obviously needed a revamp.
It was same old same old and Dennis was not appealing to the generation of children anymore.
A lot of adults (and maybe kids) would have been happier if it stayed the same forever.

Dennis and Gnasher hit CBBC recently (2009). With a whole new look in both characters and ..real nice animation.

Dennis is no longer just a jerk, he's a kid (Made younger with new look and voice) who just wants to have fun and have an adventure! Like any kid.

The title of the new tv show reflected the comic strip and completely got rid of the word 'Menace' (Apart from occasionally in the tv show) ... but we know who he is, so we do not need to be told.

As the nineties dawned, Dennis was looking like a thuggish teenager, some way from the cheeky, if surly, youth Law had created and nurtured

I think we may have returned to that.
And now Dennis and all of the characters have two seperate eyes! I love the new design, it's friendly for all of the characters. Everyone has gone through a change.
You may remember Curly above.

(I think a big improvement)
All of the characters have been improved. Things like mum's hair to many of the characters losing a load of weight.

Not to mention the animation in the series is brilliant. It is not often that that much detail is put into a kids show.

You may remember Bea and their mum from the original cartoon.

and of course...
Mr. Dennis the Menace himself. (And Gnasher's new design)

Buy a Beano at your local today.
The writings not that great but i dont suppose it has to be for the age range. It's not funny but some of the art is brilliant.
And Dennis has a whole new look you might want to check out. I am so happy i can watch a tv show and read the comic that looks the same.

Now all they need to do is revamp some of the other characters. Let your hair down Minnie! She really needs a fix, or some plastic surgery.


Well it looks like we're out of time.
But before i go.

Here is a clip from the very first animated Beano with 'all alive' moving Dennis the Menace, Gnasher, Minnie and the Minx and the Bash Street Kids.
I'm glad they didnt make this a series. But it is fun to watch
video below

- The Daily Crumb

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Big Post about Everything

Today in the news it may or may not be Blogger's birthday. This information came up when we saw a picture of a birthday cake on the logo that heads the blogspot pages.

Now the world is full of different news. Things like japanese men having successful business careers and animators doing fantastic freelance work in Sydney, Australia.
But who was it that said the most important news is, at home?
And who else was it that said, home is where the fridge is? That was garfield.

So in todays post i will be showing and talking about the happenings .. here

So first off.
The Daily Crumb are working on a new cartoon (It is only in idea and design phases now.)

It is a whole of a lot different to what has been done in the past.

To start off.
Do you remember Madeline?
Little orange hair american girl with a french accent from the original cartoons?

Ringing bells? Well as we are casting new actors for the new roles in the film Madeline actually turned up!
Though shes a bit older now..

Though the old french woman did inspire us a little. Why do such complicated drawings when you can 'go a bit simple' and still get away with the story?
Well i ended up going simple with the faces anyway as you will see hopefully.

The films title is
To the end of the Rainbow
or just End of the Rainbow
or Cliff and the end of the Rainbow
or just Cliff?
but not Rainbow... never Rainbow.
Anyway i will get back to you with that.
It will be Daily Crumb's first fantasy adventure film.

But before i go into that here are some of the other.. odd looking witches that auditioned for the role of THE WITCH.

Bit bland love.
Poor girl, looks sick.

Sorry, do you even know what a witch is?
Then she turned me into a frog

Thats what i'm talking about! Look at those colours! But no, not quite what we're looking for sorry.

So they were all kicked out..
until one of their twins auditioned.

Back to the fantasy thing.
I write crazy stories all the time. Some make sense, most of them don't. And none of them are read.
I've never been brave enough to put a story of mine properly onto screen. Apart from when i did You Can't Handle the Knowledge which i think failed storywise.

So anyway this will be my fantasy debut i feel.
As i say, i'm not brave so this might never get made.



Matthew Menhenick, as you may know is the king of Fantasy down here in Plymouth. His stories are full of strange creatures and different adventures for Blob and his many other characters. He works pretty hard as well for some reason. He should really enter them into competitions. We all should.
But wasting our time aside his work has always inspired me.

Some of the best stuff is magical, fantasy, mythical. Look at the Brackenwood Series. A masterpiece.

So anyway i'd like to point out Matthew is working once again on another BLOB story. An expected bestseller.

You can see all updates and screenshots here

Here are some of my faves.

Check out that guys hat.

So thats him. Go check his work out


Next up on the list that has not been written yet i must go into the future and make sure i write it for my future self to pick it up and give it to my present self.
is Rainbows.

If my film has a rainbow in it.. i might as well study them.

My sister made her own.

and.. a picture i took

full stop.

Thankyou for reading, viewing or skimming this article.

For those who read, you must be ever so proud.

Unfortunately this design will not be used.

- The Daily Crumb

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Audition for rainbow animation

Today in the news never before has this been done live on television.

Also in the news
If you'd like to audition for my next craazy stupid animation. All info is at this link here
3 characters
a little girl
a grandfather
and an evil witch

Though i know most of my readers, well all of them. Well there is only one and i force it upon them. And none are keen voice actors. But you know, might as well... and none of them are little girls, old men or scary witches.

- The Daily Crumb

Friday, September 11, 2009

Billie Piper farts again

Today in the news Awkward Eric.
Fine showers of rain today.
We'll be back after the headlines for today.
We're back and totally wicked. Everything from our hats to our shoes. We match, we catch and throw glass at your faces. Welcome! To today's weather report.
Today in today's weather report tommorow is going to be sunny.
Samson is reading a book over there but don't worry about him because the cameras on ME. Howdy there folks, bit of a crisis today folks. Nah i'm not talking about America being no more. I'm talking about my hair! It has gone!
Today under the wig, shine factor! Oh yeah!
And look AT THIS BELLY! Totally Lassetised. I'm telling you. The wife brought in some flowers today. She poured gravy on them. It was well sour.

Back after this dudes.


Billie Piper farts once again

At this point in the film once again the writers were planning to shock the viewers. Making their own unique story not samey compared to other victorian based films.
They chose to kill off a very important character soon into the film. Billies character is later referred to as
"The Lady of Fumes."
Video below

We're back and totally off the market and onto the spice wheel. I'm cheating on my wife with the co presenter. Co presenter! What's the weather going to be like?
Hey! Don't look at me like that. It's not my fault you didn't tell me your name.

It's not my fault i didn't hear..
listen to your name!
Check out my colourful sleaves! When i spin around they sparkle. My sunglasses transform into a handgun. Neat huh?
Don't make that face at me Cassandra! Yeah? So what if i know your name now and i did not before. Am i liar? You tell me. you liar!

I've just been told we're being connected to Ben Parks in France.
Sorry there was an error.

There always is.
Does Ben Parks even exist?
It seems i've been fired. Well i'm only going if Cassandras going caus she ruined my life! What? How?? She made me cheat on my wife and lose my job!
You!! None of this is my fault!

The end

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The End of the Rainbow

Today in the news think of a letter.
make sure it's not p or j
I'm going to guess what it is by the end of this article.

Dusty martians on the stones
all of them
born from bones
Dusty martians on the stones
they lied to us
told to go home
We followed up, the pasta hut
The rain it fell was over
The small guy, the signs were crushed
and the pasta man run over
Pizzas back. Bit of pasta
nothing special, nothing was
salad tray left over

Bus drive past
busy stop
someone pushed the driver
pasta drunk
heavy trunk
bus drove to dover

icecream van
icecream man
kids they squeel
a daily meal
of icecream for their supper

Hotel smells
sun is hot
the dresser is on fire
Royalty parks
horse and cart
We are asked, say "Sire."

Big book
longer than a letter
just rubbish in word
i could write quite better

and the letter was

If not call the helpline.
If you have mental issues concerning the post before please email this address He will tell you Francis and Gertrude are female buddies.

- The Daily Crumb

Pub Quiz?

Today in the news calling all those on Bert's side of the table. Ok, listen carefully. Put that shotgun away! Ok, question one.
Who was it that single handedly took down the titantic?
No no, don't shout out the answers. We'll tell you them at the end. No it was not the old woman.
Question two now.

Bert stop spinning around on your stool. It's getting everywhere. Why didn't you just use the toilet like the rest of us? Dennis, is that Dennis over there? Someone tell me, someone? Yeah? Yeah ok it's Dennis. Shut up Dennis!

Right! Is that, under the hat? Whos that? What? No under the hat. The HAT! The one wearing the hat! Gertrude? What the hell kind of name is that? Oh sorry Gertrude. I did not mean to speak.. in that way. Look could you stop talking to Bert's team? I can't trust anyone that is mixing with other tables.
Oh no! Now look what you've done Eddy! It's all over Jim's bald head! I'm so sorry Jim. Say sorry Eddy. No i know i'm not your mother but just SAY SORRY. Good. Now sit down and eat your chips.
Oh Mary how did you do that?? Oh god, stupid pens leaking everywhere. Anyone got an extra pen for Mary? Oh! Wait.. yep, yep that's great. See, just over there, Bert's got one for ya.
Oh no, don't start kissing. Bert i'm going to cut your head off with the guillotine in a minute!

Sorry i did not mean that.
Oh, oh why are you leaving? Gertrude come on! Eddy? Eddy my man? Guys! I didn't mean it! Don't go! Bert! Bert!!! You paid for this you drunk saddo!
Jim? You're not going to leave me are you? Ahh...
Oh hey Dennis! Up for a game of?... oh.. you could have warned me before you went and shot yourself. What did i say about that shotgun?


- The Daily Crumb

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Billie Piper does a fart

Today in the news
i was shocked when watching the BBC's Shadow in the North. I was just checking out Matt Smith's performance when suddenly the writing turned nasty.

The director wrote this:
"By this time in the film Billie's character had become very ladylike in the viewers eyes. So obviously the writers wanted to relax the viewers when looking at her character. A fart seemed the necessary way i suppose. And a great way to end a great film in my opinion."


Once again this article has been written late at night with no chocolate to comfort us. The Daily Crumb studio lights are being switched off as i write so i better make this quick.

Go underground! The bombs are falling!

Not that important a messege so i thought i'd leave it till last.

- The Daily Crumb

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Doctor Who 2010 Preview Cartoon with Matt Smith

Today in the news monster truck run down by scooter

You will probably already know this now. But the Doctor Who animation with Matt Smith and David Tennant has been released.

videos below



swf version

- The Daily Crumb