Thursday, September 13, 2007

Edmund Rice animation

Today in the news two gorilla's, three lions and one penguin got out.
The penguin won the race probably because the last section of the track was a swimming pool.
Berty the penguins wins a lemonade.
"Anything to say about the race Berty?"
"Lemonade, is refreshing. Buy it."
Non- Night session yesterday
Remember what i said, dont get the hang of night sessions :D There may or may not be one tonight, you'll have to wait and see wont you readers.
Flash job
Edmund Rice Camps WA site animation.
This is something im doing at the moment for Solace Design, check out the other stuff i have done for them here
Here i have a screenshot. It's nothing special, the characters were not designed by me or Solace Design. They look deliberatly like a childs drawing.
So fun to animate.

The Chaser
Yep, wedensday night the Chasers War on Everything broadcast. The episode after the stunt, if you'd like to watch/download it check out this website
Its Episode Fifteen
(May contain adult themes)

- Nathan (bunch) Viney

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