Saturday, March 31, 2007

Its here

Today in the news theres a new disease where toes turn into sea snail shells and slug bodies. The french are hungry. Over 600 people are said to have it in only Europe.
The first episode of DOCTOR WHO, The 10th Doctors second season.
Smith and Jones broadcasts tonight
Here is the BBC's final trailer for the new series.

Christopher Eccleston regrets his leave

Freazing cold with no home Chris has become nothing but a frozen man left to melt away.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Doctor Who: Path of the Jagaroth

Today in the Muse
Also in the news Tony Blair has joined a travelling circus. He's happy to be recieving the same amount of attention he got as a comedian. Tomatoes up his nose.
Today i put out a new Doctor Who audio story named Path of the Jagaroth.
It is a sort of sequel to both my animation and the Tom Baker episode CITY OF DEATH

So i hope you enjoy and understand what is happening. I have a feeling it may come across better to Doctor Who fans.

Click the image above for the deviantart version)
and youtube

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Actually possible and Possibly maybe

Actually possible and Possibly maybe
two great names for babies.
Also in the news, im sure you've all heard. It's the biggest news around, the tallest man on earth has gotten married.

(Image caption: The photo above was taken sideways.)
Everyone reads Yahoo UK news these days
"The world's tallest man, whose search for a bride covered the world,"
Im sorry? This MUST have been a Chinese reality TV show, surely one of the more boring ones though.
Everyone loves a good Chinese reality TV show.

(Image caption: CRAWWWLL!)
Quote:"After sending out marriage advertisements across the world and going through a long selection process, the efforts have finally paid off"

Tony Blair commented on his comedy performance today:
"It went on for a bit, and in the end i ended up in London so it was all worth while."
"Why did you choose to come back to 10 downing street so fast?"
"Well, im gunna be out of here in a minute when Green pops in so i might as well use it as much as possible. Well im kicked from PM position im gunna be staying at my mums till i can get a job at the golden arches and pay for my own flat."
"Thankyou, Tony Blair."
"I will, though do webcast comedy, you can find it on the tour website."
All that and much much more!
Animation news:
I do very mucch recommend this blog for every bit of PIXAR news you can want
and also check out Adam Phillips' blog, its getting a hellova lotof posts ;)

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Drivers Anonymous

Today in the news Tony Blair's stand up career was put to a short halt when Greggory Snort, the new deputy of health issues melted some ice on the microphone causing some technical glitches.

Also in the news YAHOO reported
'246 drivers are fined a day'
Including hit actor Daniel Craig

"Why do you catch snails, put them in jars and wait till they become motionless?"
"You're wonderful at english."
Hope you enjoyed SLOTHMAN
Possible future:
Well the easter holidays are coming, along with the new series of DOCTOR WHO and new series of THE CHASERS WAR ON EVERYTHING.
So i plan to work on munchs war and maybe some other work.
(AFteR ThAt!?)
Future projects ARE in thought, another film (like) Unsafe for the Silver Screen. "I owe him money"
"Give me the briefcase!"
Also in the news painted noses are the new brush patterns.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Monday, March 26, 2007


Today in the news a group of people in China have got the germ, American.
Created by calerdonian productions, Total productions and Daydream productions. Along with some filming and extra work by Nathan Viney films and main starring Matthew Menhenick.

Watch it below

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Friday, March 23, 2007

Double Countdown, slice of ice

Today in the news a book with a scary front cover judged a man by how he dressed.
Also in the news

Chasers: Australia
Doctor Who: UK
The trailers:


and a little treat:

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Stand up Tour day 1

Today in the news tablets are being made so you can actually swallow them. They believe health issues will lower.
Tony Blair performed his stand up act in Paris today after his very quiet audience in Sydney yesterday. Today was very different, millions of people turned up and made plenty of noise. But all in all both performances had negative audience views.
Some of his jokes were quoted:

"I can only go one way. I've not got a reverse gear.
Tony Blair
Once his wife goes to sleep it takes a minor nuclear explosion to wake her.
Tony Blair
all quite bland, a tiny laugh came from this joke:
You only require two things in life: your sanity and your wife.
Tony Blair"

The audiences who were not throwing tomatoes collapsed in their seats.. sleeping. Blair needed to rise again so he told a joke his mother used to say.

"Why did the chicken cross the road?

To escape the Nazis."

The Daily Crumb: "So why do you think you're comic act went down so badly?"
Tony Blair: "Gosh.. i couldnt say, i think maybe having all that tomato in my mouth made the audience not hear the jokes."
The Daily Crumb: "But do YOU think the funniest thing you said was?"
Tony Blair: "I had some juicy ones in there Nathan. Like these for example.

What do you call a man with a spade in his head?

You call him an ambulance. He may have fractured his skull.
A man walks into a pub.
He is an alcoholic whose drink problem is destroying his family.
.. it tell you, they are all pure gold. I even told one about Gordon Brown.

"How many electricians does it take to change a lightbulb?
One.. brown one!."
The laughter going on in that room, i saw people even crying!"
The Daily Crumb: "That was probably the onions in their eyes."
Tony Blair: "Heh"
The Daily Crumb: "So, still planning the tour?"
Tony Blair: "Oh yes! after how free i felt today! I want to get all the way back to London, i've giving all my parliament mates free tickets for that one.. FREE OF CHARGE!"
The Daily Crumb: "We.. we just wanted to ask, who told you that you could do stand up comedy?"
Tony Blair: "You did Nathan."
The Daily Crumb: "Aaah....."
So, get your tickets for tommorows performance in
Tirana folks! Unfortunatly none of the celebrity guest arrived except John Howard who didnt have anythin

John Howard: "Hi all... do you like jogging? i like jogging. No ones seen a tape of me kicking a child when i was jogging so .. that was a joke. I didnt really do it, well i did but i thought.. tell your life in a story made people laugh.. ok.. erm, yeh. Yesterday i signed a few papers, and missed my jog... next i was having meetings and my ears were filled with people talking to .. me. How long does this last..?
Tony Blair: "Hour."
John Howard: "Ah.. right. I am a humouress guy.. well thats what they say. People like my smile.. but they dont like.. me.. because.. AGHH!"
*Flying tomatoes*

The Daily Crumb: "Maybe it's because people still believe the rumours that you two and Mr. Bush are all cannibals."
John Howard: "No, they are not rumours kid."
I filmed and edited the latest HOBBY EPISODE
Matthew Menhenicks THE HOBBY 3
I'm not quite sure whether i like it or not, it had no storyboard so editing was hard. Check it out below.

The website are slow on updates at the moment, soon enough the videos page will be full again. Some of the links do not work, some, i cant fix. We'll leave that to a jerk.

goodnight, eat your lunch and thankyou, for reading todays Crumb.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

TONY BLAIR, stand up comedian

Today in the news Tony Blair's comedy tour begun today starting in Sydney, Australia and going through many capital cities across the world. It will end in London.
Places like
(Yes, in that very order. It's ok, he has enough money)
Yuo can check out the times of the performances here
If the link above does not work it means you've been tricked.
Throughout his amazing tour he's got some fantastic guests like
Arnold schwarzenegger

George Bush

John Howard

Catherine Tate

And an amazing animated guest appearance!

Today, for the fun of it, I and Matt Menhenick stared in a fellow college students film. Here are some shots of production.
Titled, Sloth Man... working title.

(Im far left, Sloth man in centre.)

Should be released soon, i filmed parts of it as well.
and this was his farewell speech

and remember, when he's out of government he'll always be a proud comic actor.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Today in the news Americans drowned in a car crash
The following film contains tasty violence
Directed by
Nathan Viney
Matthew Menhenick
Original Concept by
Matthew Menhenick
Camera by Nathan Viney
Starring James Jewell and Matthew Menhenick

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Monday, March 19, 2007

A guide to The Hobby

Today in the news steak
Matthew Menhenick, over the last months created the character THE HOBBY, a creepy yellow gloved hooded dude.
This is a guide to every film the character has taken part in.
The episodes:
The Hobby episode 1
The Hobby episode 2
and soon to come, the Hobby episode 3
Interview in THE MATT SHOW
Coffee, a KIND-OF documentary
Freddy comes to town, outakes
and the most recent
Child Server Trailer

THE HOBBY MOVIE title sequence as a collaboration project.
"Papa Smurf"
"Hi, got any teeth?"
AGHHH! GET OFF ME!""MARSHMELLOWS!".............."Hi, got any teeth?""Many"
"How many apples can you eat in one day?""I've tried it before, stuck a straw in it, sucked out the juice and it ended up looking like a popped balloon.""Storyboarding is a monkeys job.""Sure is, all the juice i put in a cup and poured it over the lawn.""Spains nice at this time of year.""Sure is, anyway, it started to grow apple tree's.""Nice."

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Checkers, the stall is eaten

By the way, in the news today
Listening to: The Stone Roses, I wanna be Adored
Mood: Chinese
Reading: What i type
"Hey John, can you hear that sound?"
"Yeh, it's almost.. like..."
"Hahaha.. ahha ... hoo hoo"
"I'm dieing!"
"Maybe because a train just crushed you, and .. you're in pieces along the walls."
"Tell my pie shop i love it!"
"I will, now go ahead and die peacefully."
"Joy, drum beat, spain, glitter, bright lights, america, sting, police, music, drugs, addictive, pie!"
"Ok.. you can pass on now."
"No chance! I'm gunna skit and flip till the sun burns my flesh and i turn into an orange grape!"
"Did any mail come for me?"
"No bill."
TODAY IN THE NEWS, Basil Brush showed a short appearance in this years Comic Relief by turning up for Peter Kay and Matt Luca's sing song.
Which you can find here,

Also i recognised many other actors there.
I added this to my BASIL BRUSH FACTOR, which you can see here
I just love these ads :P

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Today in the news Mickey Mouse stars in an all new feature length film. "Plutos gone missing from where ever i sorta left him for no reason on if what if nothing happened like i last saw him at some place called, what? kennel, 'ome. Not sure DA"
Disney are awaiting the PERFECT script.
BBC's comic relief
Catherine Tate and Tony Blair (PM of UK)

Ricky Gervais, Steven Merchant, Jamie Oliver, Bob Geldof

Mighty Boosh, this isnt at Comic Relief, but its the sketch they did there

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Twas going on

Today in the news a dog ate someones microphone, there wasent any people around so the man ate the dog. It tasted like spam.
WhAt'Z going 0N?
Well any readers, exactly that. If there are ANY readers you will have realised there aint been many updated lately.
This is because of the normal reason, since i left Disney i've been low on money and it's not a joke anymore. I've been out trying to get work lately.


Picture by Neyals.

Hobby title sequence.
Another Nathan Viney and M&M Film.
RMN's The Big Issue.
Matthew Menhenick's new plasticine model.

Feathers Mcgraw from Aardman's Wallace and Gromit, the wrong trousers.
Check out his stuff here
- Nathan (munch) Viney

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Today in the news fox smoking was banned.

We hope you enjoy the comedy/horror maybe? :P

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Thursday, March 08, 2007

From the sea to the sky

Today in the news candyfloss has turned pink, more on that later.
For college i was asked to make a new myspace account, you can find it here.
other than that my new film
UNSAFE FOR THE SILVER SCREEN should begin filming tommorow, depends if my cameras busy that day.
Also, today for a quick bit of fun i made a plasticine stop motion animation and joint my animated logo with it.
check it out below.

#Happy Mouse animation test

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Today in the news a woman with an eyebrow the shape of a triangle caused many peoples deaths.


(If the image does not work CLICK on the image)

Two other productions are being decided lately.
A remake title sequence of MattandNavi's original two youtube films.
Untitled Munchmedia and M&M production:
When two village folk set out to make a horror film the result is hard hitting.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Monday, March 05, 2007

The alien wants to spend a penny

Today in the news people are referring to tree's as 'Hongopotomouse.' George Hartmen of the social dilema society spoke freely to the crumb, "We will not let this result in murder!"
Also in the news a group of Tree loving hippys have painted a giant flower in the shape of a giant flower, they've called it Tony and are planning to draw the design onto a saw and chop people in half. Bloodshed, party time.
Munchs War:
What? oh, that! yes, of course. I animated all weekend and plan to continue this. A bit of lip sinc to do this week and then its off to the continue the first sketch, once that is finished i move into more brain numbing sauce, followed by just.. LOTS MORE.
Pillow&Munch collaboration comic:
To start in a few weeks due to educational beliefs.
RMN productions:
The BIG ISSUE possibly starts filming tommorow, if not it'll be another day. We also plan to make a TITLE SEQUENCE in the coming weeks for another assignment.
Other than that, nothing
Quoteing Matt Menhenick: "Which is quite worrying."

Talking of Matt Menhenick, taken over the regular update position has uploaded 3 new plasticine figures and FIVE youtube films.
In the plasticine characters MATT made a little tribute to "The little squishy thing" from Stargazed along with some other alien characters.

(Info: Top left, Matt's main characters. Blobs, this shows a blob with his floating friend, a piece of glass. Left centre, The Squishy family!! Top right: Odd alien!!!! oooo Bottom right: Another odd alien, UNDER A STONE! OOOO!)
And that was the info on that image. Thankyou Matt. You can find Matt's deviant art here.

Also in the MATT WORLD.
Matt, as i said released a few new films on Youtube, i showed off 'The Hobby' earlier in ... the earlier crumb.. days, back then well now there is a HOBBY TWO along with MANY other films (5)
Find his page here.
The Hobby 2:

The Matt show (Interview with The Hobby)

Thankyou matt for filling up my blog for today.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Sunday, March 04, 2007

"Time machine for sale!"

Today in the news a man dressed in formal wear spilt ketchup on his tie. He stormed out of the cocktail party not weary of the things around him. A man dressed in a dark hooded cloak stood over him and threw a knife into his stomach. The tie was stolen and so was the cocktail.
ALSO in the news:
Time machine on ebay!

"Hello, I am selling what I believe to be a time machine that was built in the year 2239 by Dr. J. S. Strauss. I found the machine under my house when I was doing remodeling to the bathroom. The machine was hidden in a old rotten wood chest along with some other findings that I believe to be related to the machine like old pictures, letters, etc. I don't know to much about time machines or electronics, but from my observations I believe that the machine might have caught on fire, at some time or another from the looks of the inside, and is now in a non working condition. It also looks like there might be some parts missing on the inside, but I don't know."
I expect the "flat earth society" were excited about this when they heard.
The ebay page has been shut down since.
I personally really like it :P
Remaking a section of animation i did for munchs war.
Nathan Viney and Laura Williams, (Munch and Pillow (the sheep)) are planning to create a collabortation comic project.
The comic is sure to include, action, comedy, pirates, ninjas, bloodshed, archery, car chases and welsh rams.
Title: "Protecting Penrhyn"

RMN productions are planning to start filming on THE BIG ISSUE later this week. As i've said before, it is storyboarded.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Saturday, March 03, 2007

"You're a wizard Harry"

Today in the news a chess set played two games of chess, a towel wrapped around its shoulders it attacked the ref. Medical came straight away, besides the human deaths the chess board was missing a pawn.
Also in the news, "You're a wizard Harry"

(Daniel Radcliffe practices for his role in the last 2 Harry Potters.)
the intro is complete, and on to the museum!.. oops, no.. the main SLUUUTHE (explained below in completion list)

- Nathan (munch) Viney
(Any of the Daily Crumb readers will notice a quote in Munchs War)

Friday, March 02, 2007

on its way to heaven it got hit by a moving ident

Today in the news a spy was shot after playing a trumpet in a situation where one sound would get him killed.

Also in the news Could not connect to Saving and publishing may fail.
ok, i hope you all enjoyed "The Mobile Effect" i rather enjoyed it as well :) i know what your thinking, "Why isnt it on the main site yet Nathan?" or... maybe you were not.. but whatever.
ok, so, reason it aint is because the computer i use to upload the folders isnt connecting to the internet. MIGHTY BUMMER!

The Mobile Effect was not an RMN production, just in association with. It was a pure blood 100% Daily Crumb film.

This weekend i finally started work on the Munchs war intro, and finished it. All it needs now is some music. Which i will try and get in the next few weeks.
Munchs war completion list:
Intro: Finished, needs music.
Main sluuuthe?: Set designed, animating and voice recording will commence soon.
sketch 1: Set designed and may be changed... no further info on that (Character design done)
sketch 2:set designed, voices recorded, begun animating. (Character design done)
performance: set half complete. (Character designs done)
*checks script again*
I have a looong way to go :P

Heres a really terrible and snappy picture i ... put together?
listen up! there is in no way any.. way that the film will be out.. soon so.. dont get .. happy.. like a hippy.

(image: Sorry for the quality) It was taken as a screenshot) (That's how cheap i am :P)
THE BIG ISSUE RMN production documentary is scripted, storyboarded and filming should begin next week.

the wait.. :D
This will be one of the last "interaction with people" film for a while. Sorry folks, i know you all enjoy them. (Brackensack, The Mobile Effect...)

MATT MENHENICK earlier this week RELEASED a .. disturbing video, of gore, blood and runny nosed tissue paper.
check it out

- Nathan (munch) Viney