Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The aftershock.

Today in the news
Is this Madeleine?

So according to the news Madeleine has become elderly in the length of time shes been missing.
Also in the news
Subject D: Subject has been a veteran member of the pack for a considerable amount of time, which suggests a possible explanation as to how Subject D is somehow exempt from rules regarding spamming and signature size. However, subject's behavior is often unpredictable, non-sequitor, and occasionally erratically different from subject's past behavior, suggesting some sort of mood-swing syndrome. The collected data of this particular subject is too hard to make sense of, so analysis of subjects behaviors is currently incomplete. Written by James (Malakym)
(Brackenwood Forums)
Spammer/Scammer video
Yesterdays post was a wee bit crazy id say, that whoole thing. I'd been planning it for quite a while.
Tuesday morning showing it to Matthew Menhenick was hilarious. "Someone who will love the sherby" He was dribbling in laughter!
And he laughs when i fire snot out of my nose whilst drinking coke.
[22:51:06] The Daily Crumb says: now i must tell you something
[22:51:21] Sani Mustapha says: ok, i'm listening..
[22:51:23] The Daily Crumb says: hello?
[22:51:46] Sani Mustapha says: what do you want to tell me?
[22:52:08] The Daily Crumb says: ah hi
[22:52:26] The Daily Crumb says: yes of course, i need to tell you. You've been pranked by the Prank Patrol http://dailybloog.blogspot.com/
R.I.P Sani Mustapha who went offline.
guilty people go offline

Yesterday we had 103 unique views
And now its time for

And now for an advertisement for my favourite comic

- Nathan Viney

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