Friday, September 14, 2007

Please dont take my sunshine away

Today in the news man with banjo shoots paying passer by.

Edmund Rice Camps
I finished the animation, going to get about $200.00 for it. Which in pounds is about 70 or something.
So alls well that ends cold.
Worried about the song used though, as it is copyrighted. Though the company dosent seem to mind.
I've hosted it on my site until its up on the main website.
So check it out. Very short but yap. I put 'original' above it just incase they ask me to take out the girl eating the flower.
I've been quite lonely lately, until someone i didnt know emailed me. I figured he was one of those people that try to scam you by the frequent asking for my bank details. But i replied and since then we've been having a nice pen pal relationship.
muhammad massa.
So if you're lonely he's always there to talk to you.
Just email him at
I'm sure he'll find time to answer your questions.
So one person whos identity will not be broadcast has asked
[03:48:17] Gray Fox says: how can the Crumb have 111 views?
[03:48:17] Gray Fox says: Datsa some bull
[03:48:47] Gray Fox says: arent Views counted for every refreshy?

No, anonymous person.
I'm reading from UNIQUE views and not page loads.
Thats a new person every time.
and yes it went to 111
and the day after 114
i dont get it, but its there :D
the day after that we went down to 70. But it dosent matter, still many of readers.

- Fungi


  1. Anonymous1:11 PM

    fuck you faggot

  2. The Cheryl1:26 PM

    Wow that guy must really love you Munch, or at least want in your pants, you got a groupie, yay~!

  3. Agreeing with Cheryl, he wants you bad. XD
    Ah if only you could ip check him/her