Monday, October 30, 2006

A Fist of view

Today in the news protests and issues are evolving on the issue of germs are gods creatures too. The crowds are planning to sue up to three companies for advertising about the deaths of 3d animated germs dieing after touching a blob of cleaning fluid.

In other news a man has built a replica of Postman Pats mail van. He says it’s attracting wild cats.

But back to the point I was trying to get at. Comedians will never get hit by a car; this is because they are so good at timing. Some will argue this will happen with any actor also. I argue that unless they have a time travelling machine or gravity binding reflexes then all together every single actor and comedian on this earth is going to get hit by a truck. The theatre went quiet after that.

I’ve heard that this country is full of people who like beating up people. The key of course is, to confuse them.

Wrong thing to do: “Oi Kid!”


“I don’t like your hat!”

(Starts terrible fight (It is not important who started it, it is only important who made it begin))

Right thing to do: “Oi Kid!”
(Looks around behind you, turns back) “Who me?”

“Yeh you, I hate your hat!”

“Oh really? Well, I’ll take it off then.”

“What? No…”


“No… it’s just… well ok. Do it then.”

“Done, thanks for your point of view.”

“No… no wait, I hate your shirt mate.”

“Oh… well I’ll take it off then.”

“NO! NO! NO! Go on, ahead… keep walking… LEAVE ME ALONE!”

(Confusion complete 100%)

(Walk off, ipod safe in pocket.)

(Don’t try this at home)

Next week on the news: Boars are loose.

What I do need to do is work on the next Stargazed comic which hasn’t been updated since August.

Tomorrow prepare for some informative Flash steps and skills. Only a small amount because I’m not Mr. P. These will be for beginners and not for *people who already know how to use flash* or they might be, I’m not sure, we’ll just have to wait and see.

But what I do know is it’ll be Flash steps for dumb people.

Flash Steps for Dumb people.


Clockwork Oafs

On my way home from college today i spotted some glowing red and green lights, i thought to myself. Gosh, is it really that close to Christmas? I soon after realised they were traffic lights.

And today in the news someone was found with a packet of chewing gum.

Today or possibly yesterday, i lose interest. I posted some terrible photography from yours truely. I call it "The House of Chimes." I am considering taking some more of these but i wouldn't count on it. You can find these here
I favour the outside shots, the long walls and the foggy car lights. These four were the best of a selection and your thinking, "Wow, they must have been REALLY bad."

Munch's War is still in idea stages so thats.. pie. But most of it is planned, so... i guess the planning stages are finished. yay! Now down to designing, after that i'll worry about recordings, and then start animating. Then it'll be well underway.

Now i was told by a very wise oaf recently named "User posted image." The user posted the image and now it isnt working because hell has finally frozen over. I heard a while ago by another oaf that a part of it had already frozen. They'll have to start concidering heating. But back to the very wise oaf that can't be identified. He told me this blog needs to be more informative, help people... leeaaarrn. So today i bought a book on the ancient history of BLOGS.
Would you believe it?
(The guy was named Mr. P)
Chapter 1:
Doctor Charles Corn was born in 1873. Who? Who you ask? Corn? Yellow, juicy corn? The Doctor couldnt help squirt it all over someones diary. The person whos diary it might have been spat out the word BLOG! in an attempt to say the word "GIT!" but he had a terrible terrible lisp.

Chapter 2:
Pages lost to sandy winds and restless slaves trying to find food, finding the pages, and eating them.

The end.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Sunday, October 29, 2006

My Recent Interests

I think you'll be startled to find out today is the apocalypse.
You can't escape it, it wont be falling firey rocks or acid rain, no, this apocalypse comes as an evil red gas.
Luckily before it happens i found out about Damon Albarns great new band, "The Good, the Bad and the Queen. "
Damon Albarn, the singer and songwriter of the UK pop band Blur who were the best thing to hit the music industry. Bands trying to hold on, fall by them, soaring past the others and disapearing into a pit of black nothingness.
Yesterday, or possibly the day before, the band played an amazing gig live at the UK's first Electric Proms.
According to them this is just a side project, a project, on the side. Not a band as such, but a collaboration group. Their new album comes out in the first month of 2007.
This is the track list
1. History Song
2. '80s Life
3. Northern Whale
4. Kingdom Of Doom
5. Herculean
6. Behind The Sun
7. The Bunting Song
8. Nature Springs
9. A Soldier's Tale
10. Three Changes
11. Green Fields
12. The Good, The Bad & The Queen

You can currently watch them playing all of these songs live, i havent listened to all of them but the ones ive listened to, i love.
You can find them live here
The band members are
Damon Albarn (Blur, Man behind Gorillaz)
Tony Allen (Indian that thought Damon was from Oasis)
Paul Simonon (Bassist of the Clash)
Simon Tong (Guitar in The Verve)

IN other news, check out Adam Phillips daily movie :O here (you must have flash player 8)

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Celebs in my Studio Trilogy scripts

As this is a new BLOG some people might not know about the comedy scripts i wrote a few weeks ago about two film makers and their journey through the world of celebrities.
You can find part one here
Two here and my favourite part three here.
There won'tbe anymore of these.

Also i released a picture of my new web design.

The buttons in the middle are flash buttons

Today i also updated my profile on the right, thats all folks
-Nathan (munch) Viney

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Blog Awards 2006

After joining the amazing adventures of Blog Spotters i have been invited to many of celebrations including thousands of thrilled blog holders.
I was sitting there with my fellow Blogs as the amazing Award ceremony begun. The Blog Awards 2006. They were going to make it 2007 but then they realised it wasen't actually 2007 yet. Genius.

I was sitting with Adam Phillips and Dave Phillips, we had front row seats. The amazing blog holders of the night. I didn't win anything but Adam couldn't help wet himself when Dave let a fish finger fall out of his mouth whilst eating dinner.

All in all it was a fun night.

As Adam is a bloggy newbie he was kicked out for making a fake ID. He also tried to sneak his friend Berny in the side gate but was beaten up by two midget bouncers.

But enough nonsence, i must tell the truth now. (This is a fictional story.)
That is all.
And now, for something completely cropey
Cropey = Not a word.

I recently found out that the writer of Alice and Wonderland (Unknown identity) was actually the inventor of the common used word now as "chortled."
You can find more information on this interesting amazingness on wikipedia, but untill then here are some words i've made up.

Bodgesack (Sack of Bodge)

Blabbytoaster (A toaster that cooks Blabby.)

Flatjack (A man named jack cooking a pizza inside a block of government flats.)

Gorp (Explains itself)

Yesterday i made a picture of a myspace band i met... twice?
The Bullet Holes

- Nathan (munch) Viney
and goodnight

Mic & Munch's War

Yes, i've decided to join the amazing crowd of Blog Spotters.
On the venue today

Ok, i think i'll let loose on my ideas for my next animation...


Anyway, as halloween comes, i'm not sure exactly how long really i've made a vampire comic.
I did make one last year, so i guess it may become a halloween tradition.
Ok, and you may have seen the new website design preview, this will be out in november 2006 hopefully. Due to internet connections and hosting. There's lots of different worries really with that but i wont go into it, im proud of the design and that's fine.
So in these weeks i really have been POPPING them out.
We've had a short flash with really bad sound and 3 comedy scripts along with some other pictures (Including a flash picture of the Perth band The Bullet Holes.)
I drew this picture FOR Munch's WAR. Which, i will now give a little info on.
It'll be a live flash sh... "Well it was live when it was filmed."
With 3 guest stars. That is all, 2 scripts will be used from Celebs in my Studio.

Microphone: Yes, i need a new microphone, i am lucky enough to have a great resource thingy at the college i go to. Which is... great. As soon as i get back from my weeks holiday i will try and borrow one.
Today an Animation/Film/Photography came out. This was... nun other than something that someone or some people made... at college.
Find it here.

This gives me the chance to make a VIDEO section on the new website. So enjoy and forbid!

Darn i sure write alot.
Enough chit chat from me.
Go to to check out Adam Phillip's daily flash animations and blog.

- Nathan (munch) Viney