Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Grapes. A short film (Live Action)

Hi everyone, Lana Cohen has written a brilliant story about two kids and the reintroduction of imagination. Here is the director talking bout it. They are looking for some cash to help them out. They are already spending 1000 (eek) from their own pockets. so it would be nice if you guys could help out! It will sure be appreciated. :)

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I've worked beside Lana on this script for a long time now and know that it will hold the interests of both adult and child. We all relate to the loss of imagination, the real world beckoning us with it's negativity. Well in this story a girl, is pulled back, to where we should all be. A worry free world of imagination.
It is going to be a good film, no doubt about it. There are a good team behind it, all very interested in the project. It is just a matter of getting some of your help.

Watch the video below

- Nathan