Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Today in the news 4 billion

(Im not advertising Peter Kay in any way)
There will most likely not be a 'night session' post today due to the fact i am away most of the day. Collecting supplies for the upcoming return to college.
Also i have been asked to do a flash job by Solace design, a company i worked on before.
You can check out the work i did here
Also, yesterday the Crumb got

Which is pretty amazing, i have no idea how it got that. I personally do not believe it.
So if you are actually out there, you 111 readers post in the chat box on the left and say hello.
My conclusion is, most likely... about 30-40 of them are readers. The rest may be all kinds of things, blogger people, spambots. All sorts.
But if not, read on! :D
This is a webcomic ive been following up for i dont know how long. So please, check it out.

More on that later.
- Nathan (hcnum) Viney

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