Saturday, December 30, 2006

Whats on ebay? & website production

In the news today dvds are being taken over by Cabrey chocolate bars.

Whats on EBAY?

Vanilla Coke :)

find it here

It may interest you why i was looking up Vanilla Coke on ebay... THIS IS WHY

What has Vanilla coke done to deserve this?
Maybe many people think its discusting, wow, im very interested in your oppinion BURT is a good man.. BUT a few years ago, Easter Day in Australia i got five chocolate eggs and a Vanilla Coke. I was so happy.
So, this is defnatly a personal issue, very close to home. Close to the heart, close to my teeth rotting away. They want it! They want to rot away! NOW!

They also have pot noodles, one shoelace and even toothpaste!
But what i thought was fantastic was

find it here

Its really quite amazing how many problems ive come across along the walk of producing this website.
First i sat in Australia as boxes were carried past me and the desk i sat at was slowly disapearing before my eyes i designed the new website. It took we three weeks to work out what javascript was!!! and i only put my website onto a flash drive on the second last day when the computer disapeared for good (Havent seen it since) along with most of my other things.
Once reaching England i realised my website would be destroyed (But its not, its still there, "" but cannot be uploaded)

As my college year went on i kept doing projects i could add to the site, and i did. But what i need was a host, and hoping to get one from my upcoming internet connection ORANGE. And i did, but ORANGES are messy so that all stuffed up.
THEN Finally i bought myself my own server and now i have the website up and running, apart from some links, which is the latest problem.
Until the problem is fixed not even The Crumb will be able to see it :P

I am hoping it will be soon though, i just need SOME HELP!.. stupid new version of firefox... D:

au revoir!

- Nathan (munch) Viney

"SPAM, coming atcha from angles you cant possibly imagine"

In the news today someone placed a glass of water on top of a ladder and tried to balance it whilst holding it over their heads. May he rest in peace.


I'm telling ya the new site is getting closer to release, i can feel it in me BONES.

Whilst this is all happening i must contact the Biscuit Factory Arts Centre back in Australia to see if they still have some of my really short clay animation which ill be able to put into a little movie to add to my website.

So, i HAVE done clay animation everyone, its just never been released onto the internet before now. Not even now infact... but hopefully later. If not later, never.


And now a lesson on SPAM

I've been researching, it is said every second corner shop on this earth is a secret SPAM service gathering ground.

just that, petrol stations say they close early for safety reasons. But
the fact is exactly 60% of them are once again SPAM service gathering
grounds and it's rising still today.

Looking very closely into
it, they dont just take your email and personal details but also go to
your house and take pieces of your family.

There are about four people in the world leading this crime but with one man on the top.

Sir John Smith

I think you know why he started this association. Johns original email was

SPAM hit it like a rocket.

Just for revenge sake his new SECRET email is

Just.. a wee bit of information to keep you all on track and alert.


Infact John Smith contacted me recently, i was very honoured in fact, check it out.


As expected those noble gentlemen-referred here to
apparently all of the same individual from what I could see as we
Indeed? I snorted through widened nostrils. Rather short on
other side as well?
I jumped to my feet, spilling dry crumbs of dead sandwiches onto the
were very much in order. Which gave me the sweet pleasure of waking
was more than respectful when he talked about them because they appear
about it. When I held onto the ceiling with my hands I could not move
Explain! Floyd shouted. Not in the best of moods.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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Friday, December 29, 2006

Owy Blople keen pway theh farpoozica

In the news today someone very important made a typo in one of his emails, what a mistake. Buy an umbrella, Americas at WAR!

Well the new website is underway once again, originally it was going to be named, as it is now, then it was changed to and now finally the result of a domain name shall be (hopefully)

It's very very imaginative, took years to deside on it, i hired over forty employees to work together on brain work.

They sat in a giant room typing and chatting, using their brains usefully. I went over to find out how they were going.

"So what have you people's mighty brains throught of yet?"

"Well," One replied, "Almost every idea we've had is taken."

"Any examples for me?"

" even GAMESPOT.COM is taken! Then we thought, what about some classy names., taken. not taken, but someone over there who was obviously drunk didnt like it and then we asked eachother, "What is that guys name?"

'Nathan, they replied, Nathan Viney' So i said, what if we call it, ', again some drunk guy didnt like it. I really think you should fire him, he didnt like, or '' Taken.

"We worked so hard to get a good one, " was a very good idea, and then suddenly someone came up with the perfect idea. Genius! We all clapped together on that one and thats how we got to the final conclusion!"

"Yep, and then i changed it to so um, your all fired. Except that drunk guy over there."

April Fools everybody!

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Brain molding


In the news today thousands of people have bought pens with their own names on them. People have started to complain that they cant pronounce them.

The Story below is a test to make you change your look about the character. Change your feeling for them.

Its called

There is a Burglar in my house.

The moon shone wildly on this cold night as Mr. Erns tucked himself up in his cosy bed. He leaned over to switch the light off listening for that light ‘click’ and started to close his heavy eye lids.

Whilst he did a man, dressed in full black crept around in the darkness shadowing the walls and the floors.

He leant over a set of drawers close by and opened one up to find nothing of value, he opened another once again feeling around with dark black gloves. The only mistake he made was turning the side lamp on next to him.

Mr. Erns face lightened up as he threw himself out of bed jumping into a ninja stance and swaying his fists around suddenly.

The Burglar turned around in shock noticing what a fool he had been, he glanced quickly at a red glowing diamond, grabbed it and ran for the window.

At this time Mr. Erns was fiddling around the other side table for his glasses, “Where are they? Where are they?” he mumbled to himself.

The Burglar had grasped a thick rope from his own backpack; he tied it tightly onto the leg of the bed and jumped out of the window abseiling down the five story building.

Mr. Erns had finally placed his glasses over his eyes and had noticed the window open, the curtains waving in the cold wind gushing through. In no thought at all he ran towards it and leapt out of the wide window feeling the cold air shoot across his face. He fell forwards rolling in the air before collapsing onto a giant metal bin and ricocheting off onto the pavement.

The Burglar was shocked at this sight, watching above and below him. He abseiled quicker down until his feet were placed on the pavement. He then placed the diamond into his bag and walked slowly over to where Mr. Erns’ body lay, crippled.

“Not even YOU deserved that,” he said. “But what a stupid thing to do.”

Erns’ eyes suddenly opened and he jumped up with his arms in a strangling position. The Burglar stepped back in disbelief, and before he knew it Erns was on his feet. “That diamond belongs to me,” Erns said before leaping towards the thief.

The Burglar turned and hopped forward a little before running at top speeds through the streets. His backpack shook on his back as he bounced off of a wooden chair and threw himself up onto a shop roof.

Mr. Erns watched as this happened; he then sighted a little boy on a scooter. He ran up to him and pushed him off, “Police business.”
The child replied with a, “You don’t look like a policemen.”
“I’m not, but isn’t theft, business of the Police?”
The child became grumpy, “Well THIS IS THEFT!”

Erns drove off down the street zooming after the running Burglar jumping from shop roof to roof. “I’m just borrowing it!”

The Burglar spotted Erns driving fast on the flashy scooter below and didn’t notice the giant banister heading his way.

Erns saw it and started to point, the Burglar swayed his head not understanding. Before he could hop to the left the Burglar shot right into the metal corner of the banister.

Erns skid the scooter causing it to spark and steam as the Burglars body slid off of the roof and fell onto the paving.

The town went quiet as on-lookers stared.

Erns stared down at the body, “Looks like the rich are always the winners.” He pulled up the bag and grabbed the red diamond. “And I am the rich.”

The Burglar’s face was that of a terrified person. “It’s not rightfully yours!” Erns suddenly crushed the Burglars face with his giant shoe, grinding it into the ground splattering blood across the stone. “It is RIGHTFULLY mine now…”

The Burglar gritted his bloody teeth, “You stole it from my family! Our history! My great great grandfather was awarded it by royalty!”

Erns face became evil, “Finders keepers.” He lifted his foot, and killed the man.

On the way home Erns walked calmly, the diamond in his pocket, the moon at his display. Suddenly a man came up to him hugging him, “Jesus! I haven’t seen you in years mate!” Erns looked quite surprised; he’d never seen this man before.

“Excuse me?”

The man looked up at his face, “Oh sorry, my mistake. Thought you were… umm… Pete, off the old… Custard Factory… resort… station…”

Erns replied with a frown, “Ahh.”

The strange man walked off down the alleyway and disappeared into the darkness. Erns stared around a little embarrassed, “Silly mistake,” he then checked his pocket to find the diamond gone.

“Damn friendly muggers.”

By reading it you may have, with the character ERNS, changed your mind through out.

ERNS, begun as the innocent man in his house, being burgled or the idiot. Then he became the 'baddy', the Burglar was in the end trying to get the diamond back due to the fact it was part of family history. (Although it is still theft/ breaking and entering)

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Turkey Ran away with the Spoon

In the news today toilet roll is necassary when you use the loo for a number 2, people are wondering if there is such thing as a 2.5 or possibly a 3 because they think they've done it and they are surprisingly discusted and wonderous at the same time.

I've been reading some childrens books, thanks to, check it out.

The things in them are mind numbing, things like.
Spots found a ball
Spots going to play with it
What are you doing now Spot?
Oh! you've lost the ball now
It's not in the crocodiles mouth is it?
Oh, theres mummy
Safely home
Oh! you've lost the ball now Spot!

So I've decided to write my own little books:

Spot and the missing harmonica.

Spot, you've found a harmonica!
Who on giddy earth would have left a harmonica here???? They must be a right numb nut!
Whats that Spot? A knife?
Dont touch it, it might be dangerous.
Oh, naughty spot, you touched it, now you are bleeding!
Awww, you've lost the knife Spot, but at least the harmonicas still in your mouth, but dont choke.
Aww, Spot! You choked, at least that giant boulder landed on your back and hit it out of your mouth!
Harmonica, you've found a crocodile!

And now, to the serious things, childrens novels and TV shows, all kids shows today are made either by the British, the USAans or the Australians (Thats right, they are going up in the world) I dont see Africa helping along with entertaining the younglings?
Well, i'll hitch in for them, cause im a nice bloke.

The Fluffy Red Sparrow episode 1

"Forgive my archery your majesty, i did not realise the arrows point was aimed at your stomach."
"It is fine young sir, now you go diddle daddle down the old market place and grasp us some old choc chip biscuits and a tub of apple juice my good sir."
"I swear on the queens heart i will return with every resource of your need your majesty, but before i go? could i take one more try at getting the target?"
"Yes yes, my good sir."
"Oh, you've shot the arrow into the Queens stomach as well."
"Oh, i'm sorry Mrs. Queen, i do apologise."
"It is fine, young horse haired spoon nail! It will clean off in a day or two, where the sun grows larger every day, we live under a wave of enfluttment and chutterblatter taster shones!"
"Who are you? Luis Carroll?"
"No, i am the Queen."
"Oh, you've shot the Queen once again, another accident good sir?"
"No, she was getting on my nerves, and so are you."
"You've shot me again sir, what is wrong with you? Are you insane in the membrane or do you have some kind of sprout growing in the springs of your skull stone."
"Something like that yeah."
"You've shot me again."
"And me."
"Tell me something my good sir, and Queen, how come you will never die?"
"We've both starred as James Bond, we are now imortal."

- Nathan (munch) Viney
And now! i have a lot of DVD's to watch
Au revoir!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing day

Thats right, today in the Boxing Day news Boxing Day has been cancelled due to too much boxing causing deaths across the world.
This smart reporter says, "Lets put this day in a box ;) " (He actually did the wink)

Hope your Christmas was Jolly!

"The year is almost at an end, a time for all of us to regret not working hard enough on things we either didnt want to do or were made to do.
And sometimes things we really wanted to do but couldnt be bothered, or things you might have wanted to do at the start and not want to do anymore, or the opposite of that.
But all in all Christmas has come and gone, in one day. As it does, as it happens, every year.
People celebrate, but before you know it another Christmas will be here and you'll regret not doing anything since last Christmas."

And that was a part of the Queens speach Christmas Day.
God Bless UKen 20 pence coins.

In MUNCH news:
Sadly there is going to be a longer delay on the website. But, keep your hopes up as Munchmedia gets closer to its release, hopefully.
Its not thats its not made, its the whole FTP hosting thing, problems shooting from side to side, acheing my headache.
COMinG SooN:

Some good news, ive got another person doing voices for Munchs WAR which should be good!
So thats 3 guests, or 2 and a bit.. i dont know. Or maybe you could say it as 1 guest and 2 extras, or 1 guest and 1 extra with an awesome band.
Or... 1 super guest man and some little teeny extra peoples and stuff....


- Nathan(munch) Viney

Monday, December 25, 2006


In the Christmas news today

Ok everyone, get this. I didnt even realise my christmas animation, Tomothy's Christmas Carol was put on the Happy Holidays section on NEWGROUNDS.COM
Check it out, scroll down here
Quite impressive, i am honoured for Tom or whoever to write a little note next to the movie.
"Things are getting tense this Christmas" So thanks to them for not putting, "You owe me money munch!" or "Tense as MY BUTT"




And now, who wants to contact the priminister of the United Kingdom? He's sitting in his office writing and reading ready for your email or letter. All organised by the NUMBER TEN WEB TEAM, what an awesome name, closely beside THE POWER RANGERS.
But... stop bubbling and rambling,
your leader awaits your letter. Click on the piccy

Say something nice like, "I hear your a BONO FAN, can you tell me how to enter that category of government?"

Surprisingly on Xmas 2006 i got alot of presents!

I got:
The Pogues, greatest hits
The Anthems, various bands
The Undertones, havent heard them yet.

Bottom scripts (UK comedy series)
4 Doctor Who books
The Beatles chronicle

The Chasers war on everything volume 1
Monty Pythons life of Brian
Planet Earth, the complete series
The nightmare before Christmas
Howls Moving Castle
Garfield 2

Dilbert volume 1,2 and 3

Football scarf, football merchandise
some shirts

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Poison arrow


And in REAL news today, BONO, the lead singer of the irish rock band, U2 and poverty compainer has recieved an honorary knighthood.
You can find an article about it here from Yahoo.

But what i really love about this article is the humour coming out of it, and i quote:

"Prime Minister Tony Blair said he was delighted Bono had chosen to accept the award.



And yes, maybe Tony is a BONO FAN, so much infact he might forget what the real issue is.

"I'll leave it to others far more knowledgeable than me to talk about U2's music. All I'll say is that, along with millions of others right across the world, I am a huge fan"

The Daily Crumb: "And what about you Bono?"

"very flattered to be honoured, particularly if the honour ... opens doors for my long standing campaigning work against extreme poverty in Africa."

Tony then said, "Oh yeah... Africa!"

Also in the news today a group of rioters claiming, 'Smoking Kills' were crushed by a giant banner that had 'Fallen out of the sky'. Now the cigarette companies are putting on the packs, "Not smoking kills."

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The worlds top everything 2006

In the news today a camera swallowed a man whole when he pressed the ‘Eat me’ button?
welcome to

The Categories are

And TV Drama

After looking through every animation on this earth, every cartoon series, film and shorts the crumb came up with four close winners.

Arj and Poopy (Interweb cartoon), Hong Kong Phooey (Children’s cartoon), Brackenwood series (Interweb cartoon) and the Wallace and Gromit series. Leaving The Simpson’s very close behind.

Due to a delay a riot broke out just outside the Daily Crumb’s main offices. The crowd really wanted to know who was going to win this proud prize.

- The winner of the Daily Crumb’s worlds top everything, category ‘Animation’ is: The Brackenwood series!

Adam Phillips gave a short speech:

“G’day mate, it’s good to get another award, gud. If people accuse me of winning because like, The Daily Crumb is like, my biggest fan then… so be it. I still get the trophy.”

Next we had to organise which of many would be the world’s top film, the crew came up with a few possible entries.

The League of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse (Television film), Brackenwood the feature length film and Ambush Revenge (In filming stages)

Unfortunately the Brackenwood feature film hasn’t been made yet and Ambush Revenge is, as said, still in filming stages.

- So the winner of the Daily Crumb’s worlds top everything, category ‘Film’ is: The League of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse

Mark Gatiss gave a short speech:

“What am I doing here? I should be writing the next episode of Doctor Who!”

After the Crumb crew eating piles of different pies they team came up with three favourites. An Australian Chicken and Vegetable Pie, A Steak pasty and a curry pie.

Due to the fact a steak pasty cannot be classed as a pie it was overlooked.

- So the winner of the Daily Crumb’s worlds top everything, category ‘Pie’ is: Australian Chicken and Vegetable pie (This particular pie was chosen because it is tasty cold or hot)

The Custard Factory gave a short speech:

“We don’t make pies, we make custard, but this trophy will pay for the mess made back at the factory, custard everyone, our boss got ripped up by crows, not so nice at Christmas.”

Now best band, quick shot but there were so many bands to choose from, with FIVE runners up. The Pogues, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blur, Oasis and U2

But there could only be one winner, after listening to the music and learning the history we decided one certain band deserved it the most, for not pausing in making music, or letting their music go down hill, for doing a DOUBLE DISC album and having every single song on it great.

- So the winner of the Daily Crumb’s worlds top everything, category ‘Band’ is: The Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Pogues came to accept their trophy:

“Wait… what?”

After reading through many of comics, Interweb and written there was five runners up this year around.

Imaginary Friends, Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, Garfield and The Beano

- So the winner of the Daily Crumb’s worlds top everything, category ‘Comic’ is: Calvin and Hobbes, for showing all other comics what it’s made of and inspiring young cartoonists to do the same. Peanuts was extremely close behind.

Bill Waterston came to accept his award:

“I wouldn’t want my speech to go on to long, I don’t think I’ve ever won an award before… apart from this one which is amazing. When I get home I’m gunna go straight to my desk, grab a pencil and fall asleep!”

We hired thousands of tree huggers out there to vote for this one.


Because the voters didn’t have a clue what most of them were they chose the…

- So the winner of the Daily Crumb’s worlds top everything, category ‘Tree’ is: The Bonsai Tree for being so small, yet so detailed.

Man of Trees 2006 made a short speech:

“I would have voted for Mountain pine, so much more flavour.”

And the TV drama, the hardest award to snatch.

Runners up were:

Coronation Street, Doctor Who, EastEnders, Doc Martin and The Bill.

With Coronation Street and EastEnders being typical soaps it was impossible to choose without hurting anybodies feelings, the team originally decided on The Bill but then noticed that Doctor Who was on the list.

- So the winner of the Daily Crumb’s worlds top everything, category ‘Best TV Drama’ is: Doctor Who

Russell T Davies or David Tennant couldn’t make it to the award ceremony so Tom Baker came instead.

Britain, Britain, Britain…”

Hope you liked this evening’s moose, and we have a bowl of blood out on the right.


- Nathan (munch) Viney

Friday, December 22, 2006

Cloafe, Yu and Soap

Bortle Berry Bortacus Blout Bear your Bottom so we can all shout!
In the news today Bortle Berry Bortacus Blout was arrested for public nudity.

Today i released a very short and pointless story, here is our review on it:
- Reviews:
The Daily Crumb: There’s nothing in it for me, it’s a terribly pointless read and we hate it.

Cloafe and the pirates

I was originally going to use this picture

But decided against it going with this plain piece of Apple Mac.

Click on one of the images to view the story on Deviant Art

Daily Crumb reviews:

The Yu Yu by Adam Phillips/ Brackenwood Entertainment:
First sight at watching this, my stomach fell, my eyes started to water and my head became some sort of magnet, being pulled towards the screen. The music, that music, my ears started doing the beat, twitching and trying to twirl. My bones were cracking inside, reflexs caused my arm to fly sideways and hit a glass of water which fell off of the desk and landed on the carpet. It then frantically rolled across the hall and started for the stairs, falling and falling on each step until it had reached the last one.
Where it touched the tiles, smashing into thousands of tiny pieces of glass. One hitting the door at a frightening speed causing it to open suddenly hitting a giant wooden bookshelf over, it fell into a weak banister breaking right through it causing the ceiling to fall in, including me and my room. When my room fell in the computer connection was lost, i just fell, collapsing on the floor downstairs as the ceiling followed, i became crushed under a giant bed, lucky i'd lived. But after that all became quiet.
The connection had gone.
But i swore i saw bitey drinking some milk in the kitchen....

5/5 stars.

You can find the Yu Yu here if for some mad reason you havent already


Woman becomes crazy, another woman becomes crazy or maybe she's just evil. lady cheats on husband, husband cheats on lady, bar woman dates ex mafia dude, ex mafia dude has a heart attack because of bar womens brother who is evil. Evil brother goes out with female species who locks herself in a room and pretends evil brother did it to her. Whilst the first crazy women just locks herself in a room because she dosent want to see her family anymore who are all cheating on each other. Ex mafia dudes sister and her step son comes to town and they then go out with eachother which causes the bar women to become suddenly pregnant with ex mafia dudes baby but ex mafia dude dosen't want to contribute to the relationship because he's dead.

Tune in next time for
Eastenation S'teet

here are some real examples of what i mean:

Stacey gets over her split from Bradley by turning her attention to his dad. Pauline fights with Martin.
This unlikely liaison began after a few drinks in the Vic. Michelle became pregnant with Grant's baby, but she fled to the USA without telling him.
Carol Jackson was pregnant with her lover Dan Sullivan's child. When she discovered that he was seeing her daughter Bianca behind her back
Michelle learns Violet is carrying a secret that could change her life forever. Tracy continues her plan for revenge on Charlie with Claire as an unwitting accomplice.

On the websites they actually seperate the episodes with:
Love, Trauma, Deaths, Fights, Marriages (Which normally end in Love, Trauma, Deaths and fights and practically no marriage.)

and there is much more.... sheesh :P But we love em

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Sludge on the boots

In the news today, mobile phones are said to be sucking your brain out of your ear, more on that later.
After the happenings of a death by the red telephone box one of our reporters went to take a closer look.

No one died in the making of this report.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Snap, Grabble and Slop (The Basil Brush FACTOR)

In the news today the last ever pirate with an eyepatch was arrested for being a pirate. The police are questioning him now and have taken his boat in for extermination.
He said live to the media
"Arr, i be the last ever pirate to actually say Arr, aint i be?"
We responded in saying

Celebrating something many episodes of the Weakest Link Basil Brush participated and came second, that's right, second the little fox!

Basil Brush has also appeared in his own television show and worked with French and Saunders on about two occasions. This fox is BIG. I have been lucky enough to watch him live :)

Basil Brush on "The Basil Brush Show"

Basil Brush as DOBBY from Harry Potter as a 2003 comic relief with French and Saunders.

The original fox

The original fox was voiced by
Ivan Owen but after he died he was later on replaced with a fantastic new puppeteer.... but who?
Whats so interesting about Basil? He's got the mind of a modern comedian and the puppeteers identity is not known to many outside of the bbc.
After doing some deep research the only name that has come up is of
Michael Winsor which seems there is no information of on the net, (Impossible? :O)
Basil: Himself
Basils Personal Assistant/ Basils fitness instructor: Mike Winsor

Basil Brush:
Find out about the original Basil, and hear and watch recordings of the shows here

or go to the great modern site
where the fox has his own blog :D
Basil sung in the audience of Peter Kay's entry to the relief

and THANKS TO THE BBC for sending me this picture from Basil's Fame Academy

(click for larger image)

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tramp Snatcher released

In the news today it's onion's that make you cry and not depressing matters that occur in your life, who'd have thought?

You may have noticed lately the crumb hasent been quite so daily, this is because of internet access problems, this shouldnt last for much longer.

A few days ago a fellow student and member of college film production team (breaths in) Res has released RMN's latest film.


The film can be found right here

Also in MUNCH news the new MUNCHMEDIA design should surely be out soon with the college giving me 5 pound a week for free im hoping to get a .com or . something else without advertisments.

Getting Jolly for Christmas?
Well dont

- Nathan (munch) Viney


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Five burnt toast and a furry lemon under the tree.

In the news today people are still trying to find out, who exactly invented the chinese. This question came abouts when people started realising everything had been made in china.
The Crumb has researched into this and found that the fortune cookie was actually an American creation. This leads to the fact China was built by the US.
But the US are pretty dumb in themselves, they were invented by the British who are smelly and made of pollution.
So the end result is, Australia invented the world.


- Nathan (munch) Viney

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Adam on Adobe

In the news today a mammoth sized mammoth did a marathon and won a toy mammoth, the size of a giant mammoth.
Also in the news
Charles Hentworth, the proud owner of the Custard Factory, Parmuth, Australia drowned today in a giant silver custard bowl.
His body was then ripped apart by magpies, the scientists and team working on the case are trying to figure out how it happened and wheather the magpies wanted the silver, meat or custard?
It is almost proven that it was the custard.
- Arnold Armshire reporting live from the Custard Factory.

"Hello Munch and the Crumb team, i'm Armshire in Parmuth, WA live at the death of a remembered man. Mr. . mr.. he.... his name will be remembered for ever. Earlier on i did an interview with one of the workers."
"So did you see anything?"
"What are you? The police?"
"Have you any idea how it happened?"
"All i know it wernt me and the custard was exploding out top of building. My family stood out front of house and ate it."


"I also had a talk with one of the local police officers."
"Any news on the conspiracy?"
"I dont know, you'd have to ask someone actually working on the case."

"Arnold Armshire out."

Thankyou for that wonderful live coverage. Stay tuned for more news on the issue.

Adam Phillips has become a featured artist at
Check it out

Res hopes to submit Tramp Snatcher as soon as possible, the moose. And now we are currently filming the new AMBUSH REVENGE, sequel to Ambush Rewind.


- Nathan (munch) viney

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Smartest man on Earth

Daniel Kerr has just recently been told he is now the smartest man on earth, staright after the press conference The Crumb went in to grap him first taking this photo whilst running towards him screaming.

He was a little bit shocked.

So, yes, he may become famous in years to come but we've got him first, WITH A GIANT CRABBING NET

- Nathan (munch) viney

munchs war set built

Today in the news
Taken by suprise today Lord Malcolm from a mythical country that dosen't actually exist has declared war on all that is american. This includes hot dogs.

Also in the news a man with a guitar was found busking for money by a music shop, he's recently been hired.

Porridge has been declared stale at the custard factory, on this cold, wet raining day whos to say what will happen next? People are saying this is the apocalypse no one expected. In honour of the traditional apocalypse, the stale porridge is being fired at the earth in the shape of an asteroid.
Good luck on that topic.

See you next time, when we personally enter a cave made of rocks and amazingly shake a can of coke.

I bought the Pogues greatest hits, fab and got The Chasers War on Everything volume 1, genius.

Munchs WAR flash set has been drawn nicely, the intro is storyboarded.
Now animate that, draw the rest of the sets and start getting the voices recorded.


- Nathan (munch) viney

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Today in the news

Today in the news a toaster replaced a iron when it was turned upside down but now the clothes have crumbs all over them. They are rethinking the whole thing.

Tramp Snatcher should be out soon enough but untill then let us enjoy the grace the news has brought us since october 2006

From October 30 to december the 5th

And today in the news someone was found with a packet of chewing gum.

Today in the news protests and issues are evolving on the issue of germs are gods creatures too. The crowds are planning to sue up to three companies for advertising about the deaths of 3d animated germs dieing after touching a blob of cleaning fluid.
In other news a man has built a replica of Postman Pats mail van. He says it’s attracting wild cats.

Today in the news the president of the United States was replaced by a plank of wood. I firmly agree to this change of position as i believe George W Bush was verbally impaired.Also on the headlines of most newspapers today a man choked to death on a chocolate button in a cinema whilst sharing popcorn with his imaginary friend.Head of parliment said in a press conference, "I'm personally glad the man's dead, chocolate buttons are discusting."This has brought across many riots on 10 downing street. The priminister found a midget with a giant firework strapped to his back inside Tony Blaire's clothes cupboard. A few hours later a rumour spread the internet and the BBC news, even going across to America and Australia that there was a packet of chocolate buttons in the Priminister's front pocket. He denies the whole thing.

Headline in the news today my light bulbs gone out so I’ve stolen someone else’s.
In the news today an Elephant named Pete was found stuck/sunk in a giant puddle of mud. Visitors including children are paying three pounds to have a ride if they are a certain height. And weight

In the news today a man miss read his script on a live show saying, "Whats that on the road? A head?" When it actually read "Whats that on the road ahead?"

In the news today a manager of a football team keeps slipping due to the fact the players keep dribbling..

Today in the news a man in Ireland kept tripping over an invisable block in the street. Only after thousands of investigations and news reports did they tell us the man was a Mime.

Today in the news a small man entered a library only to walk into the biggest trouble he’d ever come across. A bookshelf.

Today in the news it is said that stepping in a puddle can cause an earthquake in the sea, although scientists deny this theory the voodoo believers are all for it.

Today in the news it has been reported that Britian is the most spyed upon country with thousands of cameras spreading it. They think its due to all of the surveliance that celebrities have, i think we should get rid of them all.

Today in the news a man with two legs attempted hopping over a large fallen tree. He failed and stubbed his toe.

In the news today a man was frightened to find out he'd have to have his finger taken off after it got stuck between two keys on his keyboard. He was trying to reach some biscuit crumbs as his wife told him not to eat by the computer.

Today in the news a baby swallowed a five pound note; the doctors say it will pass through without any harm. So far, there’s been no change.

In the news today a Computer monitor is concidered a fire hazard... well done Dell.

Today in the news a man with no head was seen walking suspiciously into a carpark. People are calling him the "Man Chicken."The fan club spokesmen... spoke: "Goodwheetabix. Today we read from chapter thirty two of the Man Chicken Gospel. He rose again, and walked towards the freedom of his mighty Pod. The lights were overwelming, releasing all stress from the butter and bread around him. The aliens energy transformed him into a bottle of wine and his three followers drunk.Let's remember him for that. And the fact he still walks with us is astonishing."More news on that laterAlso in the news the comic strip creators of Asterix are sueing Microsoft. *_*

In the news today a swan was accidently stepped on as a child thought it was a stepping stone. He was colour blind, the swan jumped into a frantic attack and took the childs eyes out.His parents said, "It was lucky the voilent creature took something that wasen't any use to him."

In the news today someone called me up and asked if they'd called the right number.

In the news today people making a film on doing a news report were sighted somewhere near my desk.

In the news today a giant shoe landed in the centre of London, people are still wondering who could have tied such big lases.

In the news today a man was to pick up a phone to find, not only a dialing tone, but a person saying, "Hello?"

Today in the news 'all boys' schools across the planet are organising get togethers on the matter of, 'Do girls exist?'. Please contact them if you have any evidence or proof on the matter.

In the news today a man poured scolding hot tomato soup on his face. He anounced it was very tasty, this was after the surgery.

In the news today a hedgehog was seen biting a whales tail.

oh.. oh oh... is that the sound of a bird scraping his beak along the washing machine lid?

In the news today a block of flats fell over when the lift started to work.

In the news today a monitored started to flicker and that ruined christmas for everyone.

In the news today a mars bar attacked an old women, the women commented that she didnt take a bite but the chocolate disagrees.Also in the news a turtle was seen acting like a tortoise, it is a crime to steal someone elses ID.

In the news today a teapot fell out of the sky, luckily the water was frozen? What on earth? A teapot!

In the news today a man with two hats wore both them in memory of his father, the hairy hat man who recently passed away

Today in the news christmas comes early when a drunk man dressed as santa speaks on a local radio station.

In the news today a big hat IS worth wearing.

Today in the news a man skidded down his roof and collapsed on top of his car after trying to reach the clouds. His wife told the press she had told him he couldnt see them anymore

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Red Telephone Box film poster finished

Today in the news a man skidded down his roof and collapsed on top of his car after trying to reach the clouds. His wife told the press she had told him he couldnt see them anymore.

Red Telephone Box poster

Check it out

The website is coming along well and i should be getting a host soon, also RMN's latest production TRAMP SNATCHER shall be out in the next 2-3 days.
- Nathan (munch) Viney

Sunday, December 03, 2006

New Christmas Animation: Tomothy's Christmas Carol

In the news today a big hat IS worth wearing.


Listen with sound to


Tomothy is taken to the stage to sing his idea for a new 2006 christmas carol...
Too bad he forgets the whole song.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

The Official Cartoon munch and Josephs WAR on Plagarism

Today in the news christmas comes early when a drunk man dressed as santa speaks on a local radio station.

The cartoon version and FULL RECORDING of the war on plagarism can be found on YOU TUBE
(This is the cartoon version for munchmedia)
pictures + confession video + whole sound recording
Early on last year it came to our attention that someone had posted our Bernard Derrimans work online saying it was theres.
The plagarism expert stupidly posted his adress and personal info on the net.
So munch and Joseph went to get a face to face confession.

here it is

A christmas animation
Should be out soon

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Friday, December 01, 2006

You and you Tube

In the news today a man with two hats wore both them in memory of his father, the hairy hat man who recently passed away

I'd like to advertise YouTube right here.
Since joining You Tube i've put three videos on, and two of them are rubbish.
With that a film we make at college
was asked to be on UKen television. Impressive.
You can find AMBUSH REWIND below

From that the tv show wanted to show
Lukai and his castle which is on my website which should be updated soon.

Just yesterday i was messaged by someone from sims shorts a big Sims 2 film making competiton who wondered i'd like to enter this entry

So, go there, join in and you might get find out!

- Nathan (munch) Viney