Sunday, November 30, 2008

WALL-E Art Attack!

Today in the news 14,418?

Also, you all remember the classic ART ATTACK series. Well now, sadly Neil Buchanan is getting wrinkles. Of course other channels have been producing ART shows (Terrible ones, by the way) In 2007 the show was axed.

But this year, to end it all Neil is back, with one... more.. BIG picture

-The Daily Crumb

Some WALL-E Hidden Secrets (Easter Eggs)

Today in the news, books are in fashion again.

I was looking through the interweb for secrets in WALL-E but was not successful. You may remember i did a Ratatouille secrets article a while back.
You can see this article here

Well, I need your help to find more but here are the collection found in the film WALL-E.


- The Daily Crumb

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Today in the news dont forget to read the nursery rhyme....
before the cookies are taken from the cookie jar.
If you knew the question you would not be asking the questions put forward as only a simple, but obviously question related question.

Stop Motion animated feature film directed by Henry Selick (Nightmare before Christmas)
It looks absolutely amazing
But annoyingly im not sure whether it is the website, creating the trailers or just some made mix up... but UP and Coraline trailers both have THE SAME SONG
anyway, amazing AMAZING piece of work coming 2009 (like everything else)

-The Daily Crumb

Nursery Rhyme

Today in the news
Koalas in pajamas are falling down the stairs,
Koalas in pajamas are running to the fairs
Koalas in pajamas are eating teddy bears,
'cos beneath the trees, where nobody sees
They'll hide and seek as long as they please
Today's the day the Koalas will have their picnic
And, has thou slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish bear!
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!
Hey diddle diddle, a fish did a piddle
All the King's soldiers, and all the King's hens
Couldn't put the teddies back together again!

- The Daily Crumb

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hayk Manukyan

Today in the news coin is on fire.

You may remember Hayk Manukyan, the fantastic animator.
Well now he is playing his character, Harut, with a bit more hair.

I think Robert Benfer and Hayk Manykyan just stole my idea to do live action comedy as well as animation.
It looks like this is the direction things are going.
Hayk, i love your latest video but i still think you should animate a lil more :).
It is all about popularity i suppose, but people dont realise whether you fail on Newgrounds or win a good front page place you still get HEAPS of views.
The treadmill bit is awesome.

If you are not sure what earlier animations of his were, here is an example.

is evidence of AMAZING animation


In other news
Apparently if you view this enough i might get money.

-The Daily Crumb

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bring on Eddie Izzard!

-A post by Laurajs-
Eddie Izzard
Despite his crazy transvestite clothing, Eddie Izzard really makes me laugh! Compared to other comedians his jokes are extremely random and very unpredictable.

Check out some legos videos of his comedy now!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Very BIG NEWS: New Brackenwood Film?

Today in the news inspiration does fire at you fast. So BreckFEST are giving away free bullet proof vests to prevent skin damage this year.

Yes that is right.
There is not much info on this, it seems like a complete firework of love for his project at the moment.
His live camera, based in his office says, 'Working on: Brackenwood'
So feeps, Adam Phillips' is working on something Brackenwood related. There is no further information on it but i think that is for the best.

We do have the insight of seeing what Adam is working on, on 'non' sunny days though.
If you want to be an absurdly obsessive fan like Sammy the monkey and Nathaniel Tinga the medium... ok, like me.. then check out his brilliant workplace LIVE.
Recently i have seen some brilliant freelance work, a running horse. Waterfalls of detail and smooth movement.
So check it out.

Is Bitey back?
Is Bitey going to be bigger than ever?
Or is he going to be a midget? Will he become a vegetarian?
Or will Bingbong be a sneezing news reporter?

- The Daily Crumb


Today in the news Matt hates Fridays

It has come to my attention that a new Red text comedy film has been released. You may recall these are the many bold RED text american films with RED text actor names on the posters and logos.


AdamSandler ReeceWitherspoon and SteveCarell

But this time we are in for a treat, for the influence of Christmas is on our side.

A spark of GREEN

How wonderful

So now i shall link you to the original article on this subject.

- The Daily Crumb

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Who actually thinks dinosaurs are extinct!? Where i am here to proove you wrong!

Meet my very own pet dinosaur "fetus"...
However due to his condition "Dinosaurtosis", fetus is unable to explore the outside world and can only stay in a jar full off water. This is why we need your help.."Dinosaurtosis" causes lack of tail growth and corrosive burning on the skin. With the money you donate we are able to cure fetus and all of the dinosaurs who suffer the same condition! Please donate to by including your name, credit card details and other personal information.

Help them now before another dinosaur is born with the same condition!

The Up Himself Timelord Man

Today in the news monkey wears necklace

I disliked that Doctor Who christmas short clip.
just because someone is calling 'doctor!' the doctor thinks he is needed yay jolly running. He wouldnt be expecting a hit and run victim around the corner would he.

and then this up himself man comes along saying he's the doctor.
"The one, the only AND THE BEST!

This, is a job, for a Timelord."

Good: Amazing music when it first begins and nice set.

- The Daily Crumb

Friday, November 14, 2008

They like JAM

Today in the news a balloon fish met up with it's fellow band member Chocolate Coin and started to jam to their earlier singles.

They began We began They began looking into traditional animation today.
Here was a test i found.
Description on the video:
1. This flower catches a falling wand
2. Does spell to create HAT
3. Does spell to create water
4. Blocks water with wand powerz
5. Makes water go into hat with powerz

Animated with no lightbox/onion skin/view of earlier frames.

Click on the image for the members profile

- Teh Doilly Cram

Monday, November 10, 2008

El Materdor

Today in the news
"Dont you remember? You was there too!"
"What? AGHH"

- The Daily Crumb

Sunday, November 09, 2008

The full rescue Squad Mater

Today in the news a man attempted to pull a soar tooth out by glueing it to a passing Lamborghini.
Unfortunately the top half of his body was ripped off.

Also in the news, Mater tells us a story.

- The Daily Crumb

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pixar goes UPside down

Today in the news that title is not really relevent but it sounds good and could possibly be used in a cheesy newspaper like The Daily Crumb.

The first UP trailer.
Seems Ghibli to me, colourful and adventurous.
Watch it BIG and high quality here

- The Daily Crumb

David Firth's new Film, 'Dog of Man' and Robert Benfer goes to the MOON

Today in the moose we found a packet of crayons.

Robert Benfer (Knox) goes to the moon, keep watching untill the end.
This one IS CHILD FRIENDLY, unlike Firthys

Also in the news:
David Firth released a new film for 2008, you all know him from the creepy and wonderful Salad Fingers, Burnt Face Man and The Child that Smelt Funny (and many many more).
As much as this film is fantastic i would not advise it for younger viewers. Or adults who are easily offended.. honestly, so beware. I warned you.
Of course in a few cases this will offend adults more than younger viewers. So my advice is, unless you are a David Firth fan, dont watch it.

Dog of Man by David Firth (

- The Daily Crumb

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Have you ever noticed? Horoscopes 5th November 2008

Tosay in He Nuz
Have you ever noticed that hedges dont normally feed you the berries, you actually have to pick them?
Have you ever noticed that three lost geese is better than the stone?
Have you ever noticed that the wise old man with the hat, scarf and walking stick is actually a giant lizard disguised as a wise old man with a hat, scarf and walking stick?
Have you ever noticed the drawing on the frosted window?
Have you guessed what it is yet?
Did you just say Have you ever guessed?
Have you ever noticed that a fallen fixture can be faster melting snow than a metal sly hood?
Have you ever guessed the right thing once?
Have you ever noticed a flake?
Have uou ever noticed that 'you' was spelt wrong at the beginning of this question?
Excuse me, could you tell me what year it is please?
(He said PLEASE)
Have you ever guessed who said please?
Have you ever noticed Walmut is a real person under that hat?
Have you ever noticed i keep writing have you ever noticed questions?
Have you ever noticed the button is only one of many in hell?
Have you ever noticed the universe?
Have you ever believed in The Secret?
Have you ever wondered why things cost money? If you have, you receive a pat on the head.
Have you ever noticed that mermaids have only been seen in films and plays, WHY DONT THEY EVER COME OUT WHEN THEY'RE NOT BEING PAID?
Have you ever noticed that mermaids are shellfish?

The medium, Nathaniel Tinga's Daily Horoscope:
5th November 2008

"A bald man or woman is going to enter your cavern (Meaning your home). Dont be alarmed, if you are, it will hurt their feelings. "
"I can see a bath, or the sea. Someone you know likes the sea. Their name starts with a letter in the alphabet."
"Whilst there is love in the air it is also farming season at the moment! and your next two weeks are going to be filled with glamorous foods."
"Meadow! Pure happiness but a lot of sickness!
"You will come across an abandoned fridge."
"You are not a very nice person. The stars say you will have an epiphany."
"It is nice to see you but you have no future"
This week you will come across a wild animal, but no worries, this could also mean a new friend or enemy. Or you could be eaten alive.
"Buy that thing you've always wanted to buy! Just buy buy buy until you are poor and begging for money. (Whether you buy or not the stars say you WILL be poor."
"I see yellow, you're going to wet yourself in an awkward situation. Possibly involving a very important meeting which some very important people."
If your star is missing please go to!:
"As it rains, oddly enough you are going to melt like an icecream in the sun."
"Looks like today the stars are on your side! Your next week will involve money and buisness. I can see that themepark you've been planning to replace the elderly home with finally being build."
"I can see a bird, a child or younger relative of yours is going to reach out and attempt to fly in the big world."

- The Daily Crumb

Monday, November 03, 2008

50 of the Worlds Best Marbles

Today in the mews a giant tub of ink was stabbed, pushed and forced to roll down a high hill. There is an investigation occuring at this point in time.

Sergeant Theo Clok spoke about the matter: "Are you being spammed this article in an email? dont blame yourself. Blame the stars.
I would like to release the fact that this is a suspected murder investigation. We have fourteen suspects, and all of these were at the scene of the crime. Every single one of them had ink on their hands and shirts.

One has told us he tried to reach out and save the giant tub of ink but was unsuccessful. We in the police people place disagree. We say all of them pushed the tub.
After a few experiments we discovered only fifteen people could actually push a giant tub of ink like this one.

It is obvious that they did not have a fifteenth person so decided to STAB the tub, leaking the fluid and causing it to become easier to push.
None of our suspects have given in to our torture as of yet. The police force sends thoughts out to the family of the poor fat tub of ink."

Here at the Daily Crumb, myself, Sammy the monkey and Laurajs stood in a minute of silence to remember the great tub that used to be our buddy, Fat tub of ink.

- The Daily Crumb

down here

Sunday, November 02, 2008

The AntiCrumb

Today in the news 3 posts in one day IS going too far!

As you may have noticed somebody sent in an application form to apply for a job here at The Daily Crumb. Laurajs, the writer of Project Insanity which closed down due to racist comments in 2003 said this about The Daily Crumb: "I hang out with them alot yet they treat me like dirt sometimes! Either they're being snappy at me when im trying to help or they're complaining about another person to me!"

Please! Interested in writing for the Daily Crumb? We dont care anymore. Come along and send us a form.
All info can be found here

Do you really like reading the Daily Crumb? But continuously forget to check up on it?
Or we write too fast for you?
Do EXACTLY the same as you do for application and the Crumb will be delivered to your email every new article!
So once again, check out this link and email me your name

- The Daily Crumb

Joined the forces of the Daily Crumb!

Right guys i have taken over the Daily Crumb! Well joined forces with the editor himself..

My name is laura however you can call me Darth Vader..
Darn i tried!

Right whats in the news today? Hmm Spam..SPAM and more spam!

Doesn't he look like a happy chappy!!

Heres a story for you..has anyone ever shopped at aldi?

You must! There is so many biscuits that i haven't heard of there..

Next time you go there get Discos!

or if your in the mood to be evil to a famous singer..just steal a pack of Madonnas biscuits!
I hope this post was enjoyable and i didn't make you hungry!
Today in the news here is a picture i drew for Halloween

- The Daily WooOOoo!? .. no?.. ok

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween was yesterday

Today in the news soon you will have to register to find out the news!
Comment on this below.

Would you like to be a writer for The Daily Crumb? The only online newspaper ON THE INTERNET that updates often to no readers at all?
Well now you can!
Just fill out this form!
Then just

After that you'll get the job! No trust is required, you're right in here with all the controls to delete and move every image.
Plus! You get to post lots of spammy posts just to annoy me and the other invisible readers.
If you REALLY want to ruin someone's day you can even DELETE the blog.
But that is if you REALLY are FUNNY MAN SATAN.
Well listen to this stand up act ive got planned.

"So i was walking down the street and suddenly i saw a drum kit, and it was raining. What are the chances of that? Drum kit, AND raining in the SAME street!
So anyway the cars are driving past, wind their windows down and saying, 'A'Right mate?'.
AHAHA would you believe that? 'A'Right mate?'
ahaha! 'A'Right mate?'
So there i was, street, drum kit, raining and these bloke saying 'A'Right mate?'"

That is an extract. Hope you enjoyed it.
If i did not explain earlier (Which i did not) i am looking for another writer due to fact that i AM moving into the stand up comedy buisness myself. Soon i will be up there with the greats, Lee Evans, Peter Kay and Tony Blair.
So look out for my on the television!

- The Daily Crumb

The news today

Now some very important news in the news today. The news is that news has become so extra new that news reporters have found the new news hard to news report. The news is, news may have become the new ipod. The news department of New South Wales have employed a new news specialist to inquire into the new news ways of the spoken news reports.
News reporter Nelson Mews spoke about the new never ending news report due to be released on the new year. Muse and the BBC new news report team associated with New South Wales and the great Mount Current Affair company knocked down the news reporters union of news and related news. News reporter Noola Newz knows the news but does not feel it is news worthy as it includes the news.
More news on this later.