Sunday, March 18, 2012

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Hi everyone!

Today in the news Falcons were caught doing some pretty foul cons.

The Daily Crumb Youtube released a new Dr Who cartoon staring Tony Coburn. This is the 2012 release in the style of a sequel to the previous Dr Who spoof cartoons.

In this recent 2 minute, 26 second animation a cartoon Matt Smith is desperate to eat his tasty birthday cake. Unfortunately for him Amy and Rory are the only ones to turn up at his party, and Rory's dieing again! Steven Moffat and David Tennant also make an appearance in this toon.

The cartoon reached 5000 views today since release which is lovely, thank you to everyone eating and sharing.
MATT SMITH HAS A BIRTHDAY (Doctor Who Preview Clip 2012)

 The Daily Crumb Youtube's previous Dr Who shorts include Doctor Who meets Minecraft
Dalek in Love
Doctor Who preview clip 2010
Doctor Who preview clip 2008
 The Daily Crumb also produced some very early ones with their own Doctor Who design including 'Hello I'm a Mac' 

 * OTHER NEWS! The film we worked on 'Green means Stop' is in editing stages at the moment, but when complete may get a full screening in London. We may be working on some documentary type film as well as possibly some short comedy animations (both not official) The future of Daily Crumb Animation is not entirely clear at this point.

Reekingmends (Recommends)

*   Blob Corp Studios will be releasing a short animation they did for Freelance work soon on their channel

*   Anna in the Aviary (The musician that performed the 'Rainbow's End' credits song at the end of our film Cliff and the End of the Rainbow has changed her name to 'Star-Eyed Shrew'.
Star-Eyed Shrew will be releasing a new album! Here is a preview track.

*   The band The Daily Crumb used to produce, 'Ekalopse' who soon signed onto 'Xtric Plugkits Records' retired in earlier weeks. Though they are still touring. Their blog is available online.

 - The Daily Crumb