Sunday, September 30, 2007

What are we waiting for? The Daily Crumbs Waterlollies Epic. A journey to Antarctica

Today in the news four MILLION is a big number. Protesters say, "Maybe, its just TOO big."
This argument begun a few years ago, it then faded away so it was lesser known. Until a maths teacher was brutally murdered in Manchester, UK. The protesters believe it was the number four million that murdered the man. The police believe it was the protesters. The media believe it was Madeleine's mother.
So, you may have noticed the 'Closed' post and the very little updates. Well heres the answer
Translation: The Daily Crumb writers, Myself, Vector and the primates are taking a holiday trip to East Antarctica, we're not sure how long we'll be staying there and not sure if we'll actually survive.
We are going prepared with a mini freezer, 17 iced cubes of Ribena and a book titled "Frost Bite." Written by Ian Beale.

I must mention, Vector eventually did have to get his arm removed so thats one less thing for him to worry about falling off.

We are going to Antarctica
to find Nathan Mcree, the music man behind the upcoming Waterlollies. Adam Phillip's internet has gone ca-plonk and we need to collect the audio physically.
He asked a few other members of his online forum but they all shook their heads. But we, at the Daily Crumb need to prove to ourselves that we can overcome a task that our God has given us.
Nathan Mcree does not actually live in Antarctica.. so thats the only flaw our team can see in Mr. P's words of wisdom. But he wouldn't lie to us, never.

So yeh, see you in a bit!
Sammey (Monkey) told me if i kept a laptop with a wireless connection in an oven for long enough the wireless connection would mold into the machinery. Then we would be able to post pictures of our Antarctic journey, unfortunately. It back fired.

- Nathan (On a quest to get Waterlollies completed!) Viney

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