Monday, April 30, 2007

ALSO: Spice

Today in the news that old woman just stole my wallet.
Matt Menhenick has done a 'MOVIE BURPS' video using clips from films and turning them into something else.
Chek it out

Also in the news:
My computers dead, dont expect anything from me
- Nathan (munch) Viney

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sources say, Toaster

Today in the news the news has been read by many of sons and daughters.


Sorry folks, false use putforward earlier:

Doctor Who executive producer and chief writer Russell T Davies has dismissed the rumour spread by several media sources this week that Australian pop singer and actress Kylie Minogue was to appear in the 2007 Christmas special of the show.

(This post shall be edited in the future)

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

"I thought you were lieing when you said you were brewing one up"

Today in the news computer dies. God bless you.
Also in the news MOST HAUNTED SPOOF finished. Check it out below.
I've noticed its a little after-sound but im afraid thats youtubes doing and i cannot fix it. It's only out by a little bit anyway.
Nathan Viney as the Psychic
and Matthew Menhenick as the Skeptic

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Yutube ABC scamp

Today in the news milk cartons will be replaced by lamp shades.
My computers crashed, which leaves a huge delay on EVERYTHING i planned to do. Finished Munchs War, edit my Most Haunted spoof video footage... sorry folks.
Also check this out
A while ago you may remember the "ABC" taking off my Chasers War tribute video by myself andJoseph Waters.
So i contacted the "ABC" and they got my video put back on. Now would you believe this, the "ABC" was actually a 15 year old kid that FOOLED YOUTUBE.
Heres the read-through:
Want a video removed from YouTube? Send along a fake takedown notice pretending to be from the copyright holder. At least, it’s a prank that worked for a 15 year old from Perth, Australia, who sent a signed form to YouTube pretending to be from the Australian Broadcasting Company. The form requested the takedown of hundreds of clips from “The Chaser’s War on Everything”.

YouTube not only reacted, but sent warnings to all the uploaders saying their accounts would be deleted if they persisted
The REAL ABC said:
Everyone does dumb stuff when they are 15. But what was of concern to us was the fact that YouTube was sending copyright infringement notices to people who have been uploading Chaser clips to YouTube, threatening to shut down their access to YouTube if they persist that’s what was worrying to us.

Here you can find them talking about:

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Sunday, April 22, 2007

smarties are colourful, causing spiral darkness

Today in the news you say what i say and i copy you in the reverse order you said it in. More on that story to be found on page 32
Check this out folks? For a moment i thought Russell T Davis was on a role, giving us a slightly juicy christmas ep. Then a great Smith and Jones, and a fantastic Gridlock so far. Hopefully there is more to come but..
what is this i hear?
The British Sunday tabloid newspaper the News of the World is running a report this morning claiming that Australian actress and pop star Kylie Minogue has been cast in the 2007 Doctor Who Christmas special
"A BBC insider said: 'Kylie jumped at the chance to be in the show and is really looking forward to acting again. She is flattered to be asked to be in such a classic TV show.

'The Doctor Who team are delighted they've got someone high profile as Kylie to ensure they win the annual ratings battle with ITV'."
What the???
"The show spokesman added: 'Russell [T Davies] is just putting the finishing touches to the episode and it will be TV dynamite.' Russell, who has met Kylie to discuss the part, said: 'I imagined she'd be booked up for the next two years'."
and now... wait for it
The paper also claims that she will appear in the programme as a Cyberwoman, but this is not supported in any of their "insider" quotes.

this what we have here.....

Well, i cant judge until i see it guess, but i say this. It should be judged by someone with more importance before broadcasting.
Also in the news
Also in the news
Kylie got a free Russell T Davies mask!!

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Anotherone tastes the rust

Today in the news "Did you hear about the news?"
Also in the news Tony blairs stand up didnt quite go to plan.
When he arrived at the wrong gig

Nothing to report except these things below:
- Trying to animate munchs war
- Written new films script titled Money Hustle (working title)
- Planning Most Haunted Spoof in a weeks time
- Possible animation in the coming weeks (Stop motion possibly)
- Scripted Tony Coburn video The Minds Momentum (unknown release date)

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Goodbye Vanilla Coke, we hardly knew ye

Today in the news people in love get special treatment, people in love get everything wrong, this is such a rip off of Dead Ringers.
Nod your heads UK in tearful woe. We have to face the fact Vanilla coke is gone.
.. dont cry for us...

Also in the news Cha Cha are human.
Theresa(20276): Just when you find something you like -
Theresa(20276): I liked Diet Pepsie Twist. Can't find it anymore
yep, im sighing with ya laddy.
I even emailed the Pepsie company about it. Now I have to have diet Wild Cherry Pepsie
Thats right folks! WILD CHERRY!

Though i was never into Pepsi much, not since that chemical accident got into their drinks.

Well i emailed the BBC for another photo of Basil Brush in his comic relief experience and here it is!

I have no idea who those people are but one to add to the collection at least!
Also in the news
Angelina Jolie and her brother will split their late mother's life insurance policy between them.


(From BBC's Doctor Who)

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Friday, April 13, 2007

Daily Crumb's ambush on ChaCha

Today in the news a spark of orange was seen at the corner of his eye.
Anyone heard of ChaCha, no i hadnt either until their GUIDES, who help you SEARCH was pointed out on Brackenwood forum.
They hold live chats personally with someone who can try their hardest to search for things for you. So i went in forth as the Doctor.

Status: Looking for a guide ...
Status: Connected to guide: Kara(70564)
Kara(70564): Welcome to ChaCha!
You: hia!
Kara(70564): Hi
You: haha im new to this biggrin.gif
Kara(70564): How can i assist you on this topic today?
You: i just wanted to know whether i could get a flight to Gallifrey!
Kara(70564): Im sorry but you will need to do a search for flights. Your keyword that came across to me was engine scanner.
You: its from london
You: sorry?
Kara(70564): I do apologize, but we will need to close out and do a search for airfare.
You: ok
Kara(70564): Thank you for using ChaCha!
Status: Session ended.
Status: Looking for a guide ...
Ring: ...
Status: Connected to guide: Lisa(21205)
Lisa(21205): Welcome to ChaCha!
You: hallo!
Lisa(21205): Hello
Lisa(21205): May I locate a site for you today?
You: i was wondering if you can help in making a desision for me
You: its to do with flight plans
Lisa(21205): I will sure try
You: thankyou very much.
You: well my ship cant get me to gallifrey because id cross my own timeline so i was wondering if any flights from london went to the same area
Lisa(21205): I'd be happy to help you with that. If you will bear with me one moment, I will compile some information for you.
You: and if you'd tell me what a stupid decision i am about to make
You: practically walking straight into enemy lines! the flight times are to be looked at though. Thats why i need your help
Lisa(21205): oh my gosh
You: yes?
Lisa(21205): nnnnnnnnnnnnooo
You: do you have the coordinates?
You: Wheres the Cha Cha service here?
You: i'm burning up a whole sun to talk to you!
You: he's found you hasnt he, the master! oh gosh. im very sorry to have contacted you. It's all my fault!

The Doctor then went forth to save another!

Status: Looking for a guide ...
Status: Connected to guide: Allen(68798)
Allen(68798): Welcome to ChaCha!
You: hi there!
Allen(68798): Hello.
You: i just wondered if everyone in your office was safe!
Allen(68798): How are you doing today?
You: do you know Lisa?
Allen(68798): I work from home
You: is she dead?
You: oh, you're lucky
You: Lisa's family... if you know her.. im very sorry
You: Tell me, did you know Adrick?
Allen(68798): No Guides know each other (unless they invited there friends and family to be guides)
You: thats lucky for you, Adrick was murdered by the cybermen.
You: Now, can you help with flight plans?
You: please! i need to save Romana! Martha's gone and stuck HER face inside the TARDIS!!
Allen(68798): I'm sorry, but I can't take this seariously
You: No! this is all my fault... MASTER ARE YOU THERE?

The Doctor was lucky enough to bump into MARTHA next!

Status: Looking for a guide ...

Status: Connected to guide: MARTHA(81996)
MARTHA(81996): Welcome to ChaCha!
MARTHA(81996): hello
MARTHA(81996): what can I find for you today?
You: my gosh, where did you hop off to? last i saw of you your head was half way through the TARDIS?
MARTHA(81996): Please be more specific as to what you're looking for on this topic.
You: id like a rose for my blue suit please smile.gif
MARTHA(81996): a rose for my blue suit?
You: yes thanks
You: a rose, for my blue suit
MARTHA(81996): okay
MARTHA(81996): what color rose?
You: yes, shes got blond hair, big lips, wears odd clothes trying to fit in though shes really common and lives in some flats in London.
MARTHA(81996): Please be more specific as to what you're looking for on this topic.
You: i told you, a rose for my new blue suit recently designed
You: dont get jealous
MARTHA(81996): what color rose?
You: but she was much smarter than you, you just sit there and glare
You: blond
You: thick, thickity thick thick
You: hmm, you arent very helpful are you
You: what paid search engine human goes to wikipedia for help?
MARTHA(81996): Is there anything else on this topic I can find for you today?
You: a cabbage patch blond, guess that'll have to do
MARTHA(81996): Is there anything else on this topic I can find for you today?
You: yes please, i want to go back in time and get Tom Baker to destroy the Daleks! Two little wires together, that was all it was!
You: Tom Baker was an old regeneration of me, YOU'RE NOT REPLACING HIM!

and now IM THE GUIDE!

Status: Looking for a guide ...

Status: Connected to guide: Derek(70660)
Derek(70660): Welcome to ChaCha!
You: hi Derek!
Derek(70660): hello how are you doing?
You: I'm doing well. How can i help you mate?
Derek(70660): you want to help me?
You: sure mate, its what im paid for aint it
You: it says here you are searching for cannibalism, anything in paticular?
Derek(70660): O of course can you find me links to tell me how many career homeruns ken griffey jr has
You: yes siry
You: ya got the main website kid
You: and the man himself live in the shower as well
Derek(70660): sorry i cant copy and paste that can you put it under the add results section
You: its ctrl alt delete, one to learn when you're a bitolder
You: anything else mate?
Derek(70660): nope doesnt work
Derek(70660): yes more sites
You: anything in paticular?
Derek(70660): and these links arent working
Derek(70660): you are a horrible guide
You: im sory
You: dont rate me badly!
You: please
Derek(70660): and your also a horrible prankster come up with a new prank this is about the tenth time i have seen this kind of search
You: have mercy sweet son of the fathers tears
You: prankster?
You: are you kidding me?
You: you're the prankster kid! get off Cha Cha before i alert the armies of Gallifrey!

THIS! is me being posh!

Status: Connecting ...
Status: Looking for a guide ...
Ring: ...
Status: Connected to guide: Aneesa(29272)
Aneesa(29272): Welcome to ChaCha!
You: hi there aneesa
Aneesa(29272): Hello How are you doing today?
You: im doing ok, yourself?
Aneesa(29272): Doing well thanks for asking smile.gif
Aneesa(29272): One moment please while I search your request for you.
You: thats ok, im doing as well as you. Been good lately?
You: thats ok
Aneesa(29272): Thats ok what?
You: thats ok, you can continue your search
Aneesa(29272): Ok
You: have you got any leather sparkies?
Aneesa(29272): What is that?
You: you know,leather sparkies. Clips for horses teeth.
Aneesa(29272): I didnt know thats what that was
You: erm, yes. I need a flated flannel as well. The dogs, well how do i put it. Been at the foxes again?
Aneesa(29272): I dont know what you are talking about
You: blood everywhere. Thats why i need the decon wine and cherry salt, to sooth their pain.
You: im sorry
You: the foxes are.. ill. I just need you to search up ways of keeping them alive for another run.
Aneesa(29272): oh
You: can you do that for me madam?
Aneesa(29272): ?
You: help me help the foxes
Aneesa(29272): Thank you for using ChaCha!
Status: Session ended.

AND NOOOW just... me being an idiot!

Status: Looking for a guide ...
Ring: ...
Welcome to ChaCha!
Status: Connected to guide: Shannon(84332)
Shannon(84332): hello
You: hi there shannon
Shannon(84332): what can I find you today?
You: forest planet brackenwood please
Shannon(84332): ok one minute
You: thanks
Shannon(84332): is this a game or book or something else?
You: something else
Shannon(84332): it helps me when I serch to know what it is
You: ok
Shannon(84332): so what is it?
You: brackenwood forest
You: got anything?
Shannon(84332): still searching just one minute
You: ok
You: are they websites?
Shannon(84332): yes
You: oh yes
Shannon(84332): are they what yo are looking for
You: no im looking for Yu Yu
Shannon(84332): sorry?
You: but yes, on those lines
You: the same Brackenwood
You: i also want a bitey badge as well, could you help me in that area?
You: sorry, do i click on it?
Shannon(84332): yes
You: right
You: sorry, i clicked on it but it didnt turn on
Shannon(84332): you might need to laod a certain program to watchany of the videos on the sites
You: no, it just wont turn on. and its getting rather warm in here
Shannon(84332): ok I am sorry I am not sure why they opened fine for me
You: should i plug it in?
Shannon(84332): those are what I have can I get you aything else?

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Writing, Doctor Who, The Minds Momentum

Today in the news a gunshot startled a hog.
Also in the news, a new sport has entered the 'Posh British People's' world named, "Painting Horses"

MuNcH NeWsz:
As you may all know im a terribly big fan of the BBC sci fi series titled, Doctor Who. I've written Doctor Who stories, made a Doctor Who machinima (Sims 2), two Doctor Who cartoons (Paranomax) and recently released a Doctor Who audio story on deviant art titled, "Path of the Jagaroth" both a sequal to Paranomax and the Tom Baker episode City of Death.

Also, a few days ago i made a short video sketch based on the UK's Video talking CCTV cameras with star David Tennant (Doctor Who)(Tony Coburn)
Tony Coburn is a fellow YUTOOBA. (Youtube) and makes films and sketches based around comedy and.. Doctor who.
You can check out his great stuff here.

ANYWAY, i asked him if i could write one of the episodes he makes with (His Doctor and Companion). He said yes, and i finished the script.
Titled: Doctor Who - The Minds Momentum
Sounds good, Tony and his comedy crew (WhAt?) have all the props, effects and the great acting skills! He's been on BBC1 Totally Doctor Who and won film competitons.
Minds Momentum is based slightly on the FULL ON Stargazed (comic) story that not many of you know anyway.
So, lets just sit back and let them do their magic.
I will put the script on DeviantArt as soon as the film (episode) is released.
The Doctor (Tony Coburn):

Jason (Companion)(Thomas Rees Kaye):

and other characters ..........
and, now my notepad OF DOOM.
FATHER, NOOOO! "The stone wont hold such an obese person." "What would Jesus do in a time like this?"
"THE WINE! it makes... me cry... the misery, THE DEPRESSION MASTER!"
"Call me what? YOUR SNAKE BIT MY BUTTOCKS YOU SLOB!" No.. time will tell Father, time will tell... "The honey on the lantern has been sniffed."
"Gosh, is that a maze?"
"No... it's hedge maze."
"Take me! I have a family!"
"After im done with this lemon juice the WHOLE WORLD WILL BE MIIINE!"
"Will this haunt us for enternity Father?"
"Lets ask Jesus shall we children...."
to be....

"Snakes on ladders in areoplanes cause fat little mushroom clouds from war machines make fairies CRY!"

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

0, or 9 or +66

Today in the news George Bush has had a new born child.

The Daily Crumb is proud to announce some fantastic new features to the Daily read!

With celebrity star COURTNEY LEACOCK:

Have you ever bungee jumped?
no, fear of heights
how far can you go up before going mentally insane?
depends, I don't have a problem if I'm inside a building but outside maybe 100 ft
next question, are you afraid of anything.. oh no looks like ya answered that one. Anything else?
can't think of anything
ok, whats your favorite sandwich?
cheese and ham
ok, im gunna add some sauces onto it and you gotta tell me whether you'd have it. Tomato
brown sauce
chilli sauce
Dutch womans fingers?
erm no lol
BBQ sauce?
possibly, would have to be with tomato though
ok thankyou, just wondering now. What kind of bread would you use?
ever tried Organic Sliced Whole Wheat Rosemary Focaccia light and airy?
no, might have had something like it
nice, do you like to keep the cheese under your armpit for a while or just lay it out by the sun?
lol, I have no idea what you mean
ooh! you dont melt your cheese? are we talking hot or cold sandburger?
fridge or freezer cold?
fridge or room temp
thanks, one last question. Do you read the Daily Crumb?
no lol
well ya should, you did, afterall record a line saying "Whats in the Daily Crumb today?"
cheers for the sandwich-based frolick, bye
au revoir amigo!


Thats this weeks news, catch us next week, ON DRIVERS GO INSANE OVER COLOUR OF STEERING WHEEL TEST a new Chinese reality TV show!
and now!

check it out at my deviantart

- Nathan(munch) Viney

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Anger Against Crumb

Today in the news earphones are being used by scientists to create ear-wax sausages. More on that later.
Welcome too!

The Crumb have been looking into old files and have been trying to find times when the Daily Crumb has ACTUALLY angered people.
It seems, it has been EXTREMELY rare. We've got no complaints, probably because no one ever reads it and no negative views at all.
Records show:
*Random Chat conversations, angered 1 or 2 people, yes.
*Filming of Brackensack, Angered by filming in music shop.
So, what angers people? Lets find out.
- I hate it when the milk carton doesn't open all the way, and you sort of have to cut it to pour the milk out. I get angry when good shows are canceled. And stupid people, like this one girl who didn't know that China was a part of Asia.
- Arrogant, selfish, 'un-smart' people
you mean mentally disabled people?
- no
people with various mental issues?
- no. - Immature people I guess
you mean people with the minds of children?
- No, people with mental disabilities don't anger me.
but people who act childish? does that infact include children themselves? you get annoyed by young children acting immature?
- No not children themselves
are you scared of children?
- No
so, what exactly are you saying angers you then?
- That's a long list.
what really angers you?
- Nothing really.
nothing at all? What if i was to continually nudge you on msn?
- not to be able to do something
- frustration
like, cliff hangers?
- What? .. erm
- no..
- Hello?
- Helloooo?
- helloooo!!1!!
- what angers me is dishonesty, and people mistreating other people and animals.
So, you are in love with animals?
- no. i like animals
What kind of animals?
- doggies and wild animals
Do you own a dog?
- I do
Is your dog a wild animal?
- .. no. - Whats with the questions?
Its a contest too get the word 'coffee' into a conversation.
- Oh, keep going.
Does your dog drink coffee?
I'm not sure whether we angered ANYONE THERE! I think we're too nice.
well, its worth one more shot.
i hate you, do you hate me?
- yes

--We love you Daily Crumb!
--The DAILY CRUMB IS NUMBER ONE #1. I cant stop readng it, its so amazing!
Lets get back into the news now:
This man is doing a new backstroke, OVER the water

"Hey do you have the fairies?"
"Yeh, they are in this jar."
"Whoa! I dont believe it!"
"They're dead...."


It's amazing how many images i dont credit. Maybe i should do it more often.

Image of the day:
Clock by ~scorsagra

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Monday, April 09, 2007

Rock! Funk! and Blaazz!

Today in the news these people are posers.

Also in the news, Tony Blair began too melt

More on those stories later on but first a very serious issue involving.

Daniel (Vector) Kerr, property of THE DAILY CRUMB lashed out at us trying to imply our stories are all fake.
So we hacked into his computer and started deleted every file he's ever used and or created. He will return to his desktop in the morning (Time differences are relevent in the real world) and FIND his desktop, as Tony Blair melting.
Daniel will wonder for a moment, "Well.. thats odd." First thought that comes to his head is not known to us, not known to anyone.
Daniels thoughts and reactions are like no other for his blast brain power overcomes us. Luckily too explore Dan's reactions we continuely took pictures of his reaction. This was the best shot we captured.

Also in Munch news: Heres a little video i animated in flash revealing a secret message at the end.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Hello people that are viewing the David Tennant image.
Please leave

Today in the news a pile a vomit was found under a manmade shoelace that had frantically escaped from a loony bin.
More on that one later.
You may remember two weeks.. sorry, DAYS ago we were talking about the new TALKING CCTV cameras being placed over the UK.
Here's a picture of the great work they can do:

And, just by the Daily Crumb studios there is one very similar so i decided to deliberatly drop some trash.
Here's the result:

I am SURE i heard David Tennant in there somewhere.
Remember, the guy that tried to read his girlfriends mind but only got a door in his face.

Au revoir Amigos!
- Nathan (munch) Viney

Saturday, April 07, 2007

The official Mr. P

Today in the news electricity went out in a small town called, Baggy trousers and a hat with corks on it to keep away the flys.
The town also had a bomb scare, because of all the bad luck they have been having they have cancelled Easter.
They burnt a giant Easter egg in the centre of the town, it melted. And flooded the town.
80 people dead, 300 people missing.
None of the people from the town above had a say in the article below
ADAM PHILLIPS, God, of all that is in dept.
ADAM PHILLIPS, leader, of a t-shirt
and Adam Phillips, the British child psychotherapist and essayist.
Born in the old times, many years ago.
Born January 1971, was raised by giant pieces of papers with scary drawings of spiders on them. Throughout his childhood he shreiked at the site of any sort of paper related object because he still had the scars... of his parents paper cuts.
Soon Adam found a thing called a graphics tablet, since then 80 paper cuts a year had gone down to 3 post it note cuts a year.
All was good.
Untill that fateful day, he won the lottery.

Here are what some people have said about the issue:
"Might take a while to get used to"
"He can do what he wants"
"The black guy?"
"Why would i care?"
"I laughed, though i thought he was going to be a woman."
"I dont believe it."
"how can he get a new face?"
"i didnt want adam to have plastic surgery"
"He's cool how he used to be, he shouldent be messing with his body like that"
"he did it!!??"
and what about barry?
"wha ? Barry? whos barry!?"
the little head popping up there
"Now you're just confusing me man"
"um who is barry"
"tony blair, barry white?"
sure. what do you think of barry white popping up in places surprisingly?
"munch... im so confused"
What would you say to him if he could still hear?
"well, it depends how much he change. i mean i seen him before an a old photo and he was ok. I like him for that, he had his cool messy hair and a t-shirt that was a bit messy and the sleepy eyes"
"I mean the man is married what on earth would he have to strive for surgery at this point in his life?"
noot anymore
"How do you feel?"
"plus how could he afford it?"
he won the lottery, havent you been reading up?
"well which news? The Daily crumb perhaps?"
Yes, great read that one!
Would you growl at him and say things like, ROSY CHEEKS, ROSY CHEEKS?
"heh, maybe"
thanks for your survey time everyone
The Daily Crumb went for an interview with the man himself.

He wasnt avaliable.......

"Sweet Child 'O mine"
Daniel (Vector) Kerr, the smartest man in the world entered Brackenwood Idol.
and check out Comlock attempting to release some exhaust.

No, Adam didnt present it.
Yex, coming in closely first with her interpretation of the song, "Sweet Child 'O mine"
Too bad, it all ended in tears

Dan was on his geetar, Comlock, obviously on his BANJO.
You can find her great singing here!
Crumb: "So, Daniel, can i have your autograph?"
Daniel: "Brain, speck of salt. All yours!"
Crumb: "No.. *whisper* Dan, i REALLY do want your autograph this time"
Daniel: "Just a sec, scalple."
Crumb: "And, now live to the wool of a sheep eating horse!"
So, who deserves the crown after all of this hard work?

(I think you know who i mean)

- The Crumb reporting
- Nathan (munch) Viney


Friday, April 06, 2007

John Howard reads the West Australian

Today in the news David Tennant trys to read his girlfriends mind.

But fails.
He didnt see the dumping thats for sure.
Also in the news
Come on! This has to be one of the best news.. issues around. Talking CCTV street camerasin the UK!

An issue i think the Daily Crumb should CERTAINLY look into ;)
Heres a little trace over of a Guild Wars character i did for no reason.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Brackenwood, the ultimate battle!

Today in the news nose hair is melting into a substance known as flat mate arm odour.
TODAY IS THE DAY, THEY BATTLE IT OUT! (All characters and artwork is copyright to Adam Phillips of



- Nathan (munch) Viney