Thursday, November 29, 2007

Adam Phillips D&D

Today in the news chocolate is best when its bitey.

Someone at my college came across another Adam Phillips piece, working for the D&D game.

Amazed i did not find it earlier

- The Daily Crumb

Monday, November 26, 2007


Today in the news the man that was crushed by the bus actually woke up whilst being cremated.
This ended in a mess.
Also in the news someone has written us up an Uncyclopedia Page
Check it out here

Odd quotes from the page:
"Nathan Viney was not found and the violence and mayhem eventually died down. Since then the police have been agitated as The Daily Crumb continues to update readers with 'fake' news."

This is because we are located in a secret place.
Add THIS to your little Uncyclopedia page.
Daniel Kerr did not die of frost bite, oh no. Sammy bit his arm off because he was going to release our where abouts online.
He's dead now because of you people! And he loved writing for us too, so in honor of him we shall continue to write amazing articles for all to read.

"The Daily Crumb once owned its own Radio Station playing illegally downloaded and broadcasted music 24/7. Unfortunately it was also closed down due to the 'fake' news riots. Callers used to ring in and ask for advice, and comment on the days sport. They also rather liked eating on air just to make people jealous, they commented that they'd lost a lot of listeners on those sessions."

This is true.
We've gathered up some old recordings we plan to release very soon.

- The Daily Crumb
Edit: It does look as if something has happened to all of the information on the page.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

So war is what you want.

Today in the news a man found himself stuck inside a lift. Goliath, a strong bus driver had to drive the bus into the door. The man was killed but the lift was opened. The bus at this time is being cleaned up. The owner of the hotel this happened in said to the Daily Crumb.
"I'm so glad this tragedy is over. The lift doors are going to be replaced in the future."

You may recall yesterday we found out Project Insanity, ex sister site tricked us. We located their where abouts and sent a heap of Tintut families to their main officers.
The Tintut's.. have unfortunately been captured and locked behind bars.
Here is a short recording we got on mobile contact.

It cut out after that, probably a horrible fate.
With that everyone in the office including Ugly Frown took a moment of silence. Then we got a text message saying "I lost the signal, sorry."
Here is the letter Project Insanity wrote

(How immature)
"We have captured your Tintuts! Do what i say and i will release them to you.

I want you to put the adverts back on your blog and i want you to write on your blog that Project Insanity is the best blog ever!!

If you dont cooperate then your Tintuts will be MARMITE!

Happy days,
Project Insanity"

What to do, well I'll tell you.

We deny what you say! What ever you do to those Tintut's will just come back to you, they will eventually escape.
What goes up, must come down, what goes around. Must... thats right. Also come down.
You'll get whats coming.
Those Tintut's aren't just little people.
They're monsters.
We will not put the adverts up. By the way, Sammy says hi to someone called Hugo that he says works at your studio.
Fare well Project THICK! ahah we got you totally there.
You can spam *cough* FIND Project Insanity here
The Location you gathered is incorrect.

- The Daily Crumb

Friday, November 23, 2007

Project Insanity? and Comedy Award

Project Insanity? more like ... Donut in..symphony
The comedy award this week goes to this man

Bryan Seymour, works for Today Tonight.
The award was given for his amazing performance with the Chaser.
He spoofed their 'countdown' on words "Lawyer" and at the same time couldn't help himself saying "Trespass" so many times.
Watch the video that won the award here.
Today in the news it seems Ugly Frown our office clown. (Check out info on Ugly frown here. The well designed website informs you of where he grew up. (The East End of London. How his real name is Ben and his mother pinched him, and how he grew up threatened by his fathers drunken bald state. He went to university studying photography, eventually went bald at the elderly age of 18 just like his father, Phil. On his 19th birthday realizing he didn't have anything to do any more because he wasn't underage so he slept in a dustbin.
And thats where we picked him up, we stuck some crazy white hair wig on his head and painted his nose red. Then filmed the hobo's reaction in the morning.
From then on we payed him five cents a week to entertain workers with his boar impressions. )
So yeah, it's pretty well designed. Anyway, Ugly Frown had a heart attack. Now back to business.
We heard somehow for some reason that they were working together with Marmite to BUST us. And i quote: "We the insanity team and evil marmite has now taken over The Daily Crumb!
We have placed advertisements all over his site due to low money.."
Well we fixed them pretty quick by getting rid of those advertisements!
Being poor and closing down instead of being threatened by them is a win in my mind.
So hah

We have done a lot of research and pinpointed the Insanity team officers here

Now... writers of Project insanity.
Well you will soon, we've planted a family of Tintut's through your windows.
So watch out.

- The Daily Crumb
Also, if you didn't realize. This weeks comedy award was sarcastic.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

$$$ Money Crisis, Please donate. $$$

Today in the news
Our offices were once again threatened today, it seems some of the monkeys are not putting their share of cash into the Crumb.
Their share is the amount of their monthly pay and if they don't pay they will lose their jobs. So all in all i suggest they get new jobs. I disagree!
Sorry. Sammy wanted to write an article today.
Shame i locked him in the cupboard.
Anyway, because of this money crisis we've had to plunk up advertisements around the site. Things like Marmite and Mc Donalds. Once we've gained a bit more cash we'll get rid of these. So PLEASE
to this address as soon as possible.
We were asked to put this on.......

Dont forget to not enter the Brackenwood Trailer comp so it makes less competition. thankyou.

- The Daily Crumb

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Doctor Who: Time Crash - Children In Need

A treat for those Doctor Who fans out there

- The Daily Crumb

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Zombie Train Station

Today in the news fast cars cause fuel disorder.
"That dont mean nuttin" Said someone a little smarter than us. They made no further comments but afterwards pictures were released of him saying that it did mean something.

A should have posted this weeks ago but, here it is. Sam Smiths (A fellow college students) "Zombie Train Station"

Adam Phillips 30 day short/RAZOR

Adam Phillips Waterlollies

- The Daily Crumb

Goobus in Space

Today in the news
i think the title gives away too much
Goobus in Space

- The Daily Crumb

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Adam Phillips on ToonBoom

Today in the news everything on this page and website is copyright to Mr. Adam Phillips.
I hadn't seen this before but ToonBoom interviewed Adam Phillips. And there are some amazing pieces of artwork there. I am assuming at the moment that one of them may be possible future poster for
If you didn't know about yet its Adam's new blog and merchandise store. At the moment there are only shirts but we'll see.

Click the image for interview
As you can see there is a flying loch ness monster in the distance, a nod to Tomothy and Pals i think. Gosh, imagine that thing on your wall!
Dont forget this program is the winners prize of the Brackenwood trailer competition.
So when the videos are released you have to work hard, start storyboarding now.
And watch this for inspiration.

and yes im going to put it in every post for the next year.
Special quotes for special people:
"My workflow is paperless so the first step for me is storyboarding. Storyboard Pro is brilliant and is now the first program I open when starting most new animation projects. For my personal animated works I generally combine the writing process with storyboarding, as I find it quite natural to write a story as a sequence of images.
From there, I create rough background and character layouts in each scene, before cleaning up the backgrounds and keying in the character/effects movement. After that, cleaning up and inbetweening characters and effects, followed by painting with colour.
My workflow is fairly organic and changes depending on how I feel it’s best to deal with the current task. Occasionally I’ll complete a scene of character animation before the background is complete, or vice-versa. While it’s very liberating to work this way, I am very schedule-oriented and focused on the end product. I developed a lot of good habits from working in a high pressure animation studio for 12 years, especially with time management."

  • The network view is so comfortable, it’s scary. Something that looks so daunting to a beginner is deceptively easy to use. Can’t live without it now!
  • The Effect Modules AND the potential to customise/create new modules through scripting and the SDK (even though I know very little about programming).
  • Colour and Palettes systems - they’re intuitive and easy to use
  • 3D workspace and camera (of course!)
  • Zooming timeline, pegs and function editors"

Everything on this page and website is copyright to Mr. Adam Phillips.
- The Daily Crumb but everything on this page and website is copyright to Mr. Adam Phillips.


Today in the news a word beginning with g
If you understand this then you have passed level five point two.
Please turn over the disc.
Matthew Menhenick, the creator of such unique characters as
THE HOBBY (The murderer)
and RMN COPZ (The paper-mation)
has released a short 'Blob' flash and some artwork.
'Blob' In Aquatica

and the artwork:

Here is The Daily Crumb's review on his work:
The animation has a nice storyline, and ends epic like most of his pieces. Although some character movement needs to be tweaked he has the timing and storyline great. And the music in it is genuinely scary.
My fave artwork is the super blob definitely.

- The Daily Crumb

I'll think ill just post this too

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Brackenwood Entertainments Waterlollies Official Release

(Flash player 9 required) (Click the image for link)
Watch it embedded from Yutube below

Thats right folks, today in the news Waterlollies was officially released on the Brackenwood forum.
Screenies: (Click for bigger)
If Mr. P disapproves of this just plunk a message in the Spam box or message me. I've tried to not give away any main storyline incase there are readers.

- The Daily Crumb

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Today in the news 2 wise men realized one was missing.

A cartoon/live action flash video i made for college was released.
Have a watch Click on the Image above

- The Daily Crumb