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Every Doctor Who related thing I've ever made. I HAVE to stop NOW!

Blummin Biscuits, Doctor Who has taken away many many hours of my creative time. From space travel to regeneration, the show is full to the brim with artistic inspiration.

It's not always a great show as well. In fact, it's gone quite downhill in recent years. But unlike other series it can never really be a case of 'It used to be better'. Because it's always had it's goods and bads. But at the core the magic still stands, for almost 52 years. The mystery man in the blue box, travelling through space and time.

It is no wonder there are so many fan made series being produced online. There are always stories to tell in a world of hardly any rules.

Since I first discovered it I've made many Doctor Who related videos. As my next one is coming out (hopefully) at the end of the week, I thought I'd list them all.

Here is the trailer for the new film!

Let us start at the very beginning.

I'm not sure what year this was made. Possible 2005 or 2006. It's titled Attack of the Quazwoks and is short, has no direction and has ear bleeding sound quality. CAUTION: Just don't watch this one

Click the image for video

I was at a point where I was trying to design my own Doctor. Not realising that my Doctor was pretty much just an alternative Tom Baker. 

As a side note, I was also working on my own webcomic that revolved around a time-travelling toilet. The comic was named Stargazed and the toilet was called the S.T.A.R (Space, Time And Rubbish)
You can read the strip online by clicking below.
Click the image for comic

Next up, my first proper Doctor Who animation. Doctor Who: Paranomax. It stars my Doctor, K9 and a little blue cat called Para Cat. Para Cat would then go on to cameo in Stargazed, Matt Smith 2010 and my film, Cliff and the End of the Rainbow.

I suppose that was the start of making Doctor Who comedy shorts.

Here is an art piece I uploaded at the time of my Tom Bakerish Doctor and an updated Tardis...

This Tardis design would then go on to star in 5 Doctor Who animations. 

First up! Doctor Who Extremely Short Short!!
It's so short you'll blink and you'll miss it. SO DON'T BLINK.
Click image for video

My Doctor also returned for an Audio Play. It was absolutely terrible. I quite like the Tardis Interior and Cyberman I drew for the SWF though. 

Click image for Audio Play

Next up, my Doctor became a bit more commercial. He then starred (Voiced again by Courtney Leacock) in an Apple Advert Parody video. Also my first attempt at an American accent I think.... ha..

It does not stop there! Then was a busy time for this Doctor Who fan. Here is a short live action video I did where David Tennant (The 10th Doctor) is a talking security camera. 

and another where I made a Doctor Who episode in The Sims 2! Which became very popular at the time. I do find it quite funny that the adults are voiced by children. 

2008 NOW!
Catherine Tate was announced as new companion for the Doctor. Of course I had to make a video for this. She was quite a popular comedian in the UK at that point and so seemed an odd choice. As we know though, she ended up being one of the best companions we've had. 

This one always bothers me because I forgot to put the monsters voice actor in the credits. It's also, sadly the LAST appearence of MY Tom Bakerish Doctor. BUT it was the first cartoon to include Woo the wizard! Who will again appear in the new film. 

I love that guy. 

Next up, probably the most popular of all of the Doctor Who shorts I've produced, Matt Smith 2010

It's weird but I feel like it has aged quite well.
I was so excited about Matt Smith as the Doctor. In preparation for animating I'd watched every performance I could find of him. He did not disappoint. 

Next up a collaboration project with Lana Cohen called Dalek in Love. I really like how clear the direction is and how sad it ends. aww

Now for my least favourite animation really. There were some good ideas in there but mainly,  it's ugly, lazy and unfunny. But it was great to get the cameo voice in there of Blogtor Who.

Phew... I told you the list goes on and on and on. Do you need a tea break? 
I do... 
hold on I'll be back in a second.

Okay, I'm back. Now for a slightly odd one. Some of the most popular videos on Youtube are game related. I've always found it quite difficult to try and be apart of that world. Mainly because I'm terrible at games and my interest in them is limited. (Until I managed to find a good enough reason to produce a Sims related animation). I do love The Sims.

Anyway, at this time I'd really been enjoying Minecraft with Lana Cohen. So, we decided to make something short and simple. Really I'd like to have had more Minecraft ... or even more Doctor Who. But it was not to be. Luckily Ireused some of the animation at the beginning in Tardis Not Included. 

Next up, Tardis not Included! I remember the moment I finished this and uploaded it. Was a nice feeling, now 2 years ago! I was very lucky it did well considering it was not about any big event in Doctor Who news. It was just a general comedy short. 

Still very proud of some of the jokes in that one. 

Last of all so far on the list is my little effects short I did with my cousins! Regeneration is such a magical idea, so I really wanted to try it out for real. 

I hope you've enjoyed the nerd overload.

Ta ra!


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