Saturday, September 08, 2007

Nightblog3: Tom Benfall interview "The Squetchnapper"


Tom Benfall, the Squetchnapper
Yes, The Daily Crumb, the only online blog to bring back old news as if it is new.
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On that thought, today Adam Phillips released this animation titled
Check it out
Back to current day, we conducted a Interview with The Squetchnapper
Tom Benfall
The Story of a Steak and Ale pie
Hey Tom, back to the Crumb to do a survey huh. Remind you of anything?
aaah ok.
So what were you originally thinking when that last question was asked. "Did you plagarise a flash cartoon called Arj and Poopy?" and were you suspicious at any of it at all.
I felt like a complete **** at first. Then I saw the lighter side of it and laughted out loud a few times.
How loud?
Ok, so impersonating Bernard Derriman obviously wasnt the worst you've done. Can you tell us about all your runs with the law?
Ive been charged with - Assult, Burglary, Aggravated Burglary, Armed Robbery, Resisting Arrest. been to lockup twice.
Do you have ADD?
i am a crazy ****** ******
its the people I hang around with. its there fault they egg me on
aah no its not. its your fault for obeying
no its there fault for egging me on lol next question :3
funny you should say that. next question is, do you like egg sandwichs?
****** love those *****. havnt had one for like 2 years tho
yeh they suuure are good. have you ever tried to buy something with a leaf?
once I traded a marijuana leaf for a smoke
wow, you just solved an enormous conspiracy.
next question
Have you heard/ are you looking forward to Adam Phillip's new animation, Waterlollies?
yes and yes
what do you think of Daniel Kerr’s brain?
who the **** is daniel kerr?
so ah, thanks for the interview!
i hear you’re pregnant with satans babies
ye, ....wait what?
well thanks again
hope you have an imprisoned life
and CUT
that was great, and funny. gonna go make custard or dumplings
Nightvlog3: Sleep well
I returned to the haunted telephone box for my every night stargazing.

(Worst video ever, but concider it an extra)

- Nathan (hunch) Viney

By the way, if anyone would like to know what swear words Tom used in his interview you can probably find them here

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