Sunday, April 01, 2012

Amination is fun

Today in the muse

Hi people reading this blog.

First off, I'd like to say, thank you everyone for your kind words on that Matt Smith has a birthday video. It was spread widely across various blogs for Doctor Who, Animation and even The Sims. Such lovely people out there spreading my rubbish. Luckily, I feel like, unlike physical rubbish that needs some effort to clean it up, internet rubbish simply fades away in the minds of people.
Thanks to Tony Coburn for returning with his fantastic voice to joy the people of the Doctor Who world once again.

In this blog post I'm going to talk about possible future projects of my own. As well as looking at some interesting and entertaining videos and music I have discovered recently.

I have good friends! All working very hard on their projects.
I have an unknown friend named Nick Maynard, he is working on some ToonBoom cartoons, they will hopefully appear on the internet, even if quite simple.

My fellow Detective, Matthew Menhenick, the creator of the webseries, Lillium is working on more projects as well as the next episode. You can check out his blog here.

My other friend, the musician behind the credits music of 'Cliff and the End of the Rainbow' has released a musical album under the name, 'Star-Eyed Shrew'
Click the image to listen and download album


Own Projects:

A Tomothy and Pals 30 second short will be out in the coming weeks. The animation is complete but waiting on a voice. It will be presented as a comic in the series.

I'm wondering what I should be doing next, and whether I'd have time to do anything. Before anything is for certain I'd like to earn some money.
But here are things I'd like to do.

  • Random animated shorts
  • Possible short music vid
  • Animated short film (Similar to Cliff but better)
  • Animated web series (Oh to dream!)

Question is which one to do first? 


Stuff the internet found for me!

4 chords!

Not a full song.. but its Damon Albarn! 'The Dancing King' I saw him play this live last year and I met him! We're waiting on 'Under the Westway' Blur recording.

This is the next thing I wanted to share, for UK readers. The BBC Radio 4 show 'Just a Minute' is finally a TV show.

For people who are not in the UK you can listen to an older recording here

Picture by Drombyb, discovered on

A lady playing Zelda on Violin

Screenshot of the new SimCity
My fave picture from Gorillaz Phase 3

Inspired by Family Guy

A simple countryside background I drew in a short amount of time

Preview of the Tomothy and Pals short 'Awkward' posted on the Tomothy and Pals Twitter page

- The Daily Crumb