Sunday, September 09, 2007

Portable Greek in Portaloos and cartoon hole in the universe

Today in the news the title of this article was written after the article. Put that in your notebook, top it with tomato sauce and eat it.
Also in the news
The custard factory in Tasmania reported to the authorities that a sort of rip in time and space had opened up near by the factory.
Heres a photo.

It seems cartoon characters are walking straight into our world.

Which is worrying for us at The Daily Crumb

Most of today the goverment has been working out ways to get rid of this investation but coming to immense problems as they move

As you can SLIGHTLY see in this photo Adam Phillips has captured a Fatsack and is planning to experiment on it.

More news on that later
Stay tuned

The Drain Pipe Duo
Sammey and the rest of the gang
Daniel Kerr's brain explosion aerobics
(Classic Rock)
Portable Greek in Portaloos
Brown snake and the father of all things microwaved
Golly gosh i see a sharp sell through someones foot
Beast Goliath
(Demon Metal)
Shocking one foot with some kind of an electric pulse
(Boring reality TV show Idol)
Quote of the day!
"hmmmmmm...... what to say."

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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