Saturday, July 30, 2011

Drink your drink Flurp

Drink your drink Flurp

Good boy

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hot Chocolate!

Hi everyone!
It has been a long while and as it is late, it is going to be an even longer.. while!

Just wanted to jump in and post some updates!

Cliff and the End of the Rainbow got into the 'Films for Children' section in the CineFringe Film Festival in Edinburgh! Exciting huh? I'm not sure whether I will actually be able to attend though, due to it being really expensive but we will see.

For the festival we were asked to make an intro for the show. They originally wanted my face, but who wants to see that? So they said I could do a little Cliff intro.
So I am working on that at the moment. Here is a screeny

Whats he up to?

In other news Ekalopse released their album a little while ago.
It is called Too Dumb to Panic and is avaliable for download here
The band released this statement along with the record, "Too Dumb will be our last album. The General and I are going to be going our seperate ways. It's not like we have had a fight or anything. It is just The General wants to go off doing some classical and I want to either go to sleep, or try myself at some solo music or something.
The track 'Fish Scales' was all played by me and I think that means I'm ready to be by myself. I don't need him. I do really." - Pupendai
"Yeah I'd really like to continue what my father did, classical music. I've enjoyed my time with Ekalopse. I admit it was more fun towards the end, after the death of Mr. Bindy (Our previous keyboardist) we just... things were not as strong as before. Then things started to pick up again. My proudest work away from Classical is our song, "I love cookies".
Pupendai has been a good friend, but at the same time he is hard to deal with sometime. As you can imagine from a murderer. But as an old school friend I've learnt to work with it. " - The General