Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Daily Crumb's "The Mobile effect"

Tooday in the news o's are becoming common. As well as m's.

The Daily Crumbs new documentary is finally out based on
(last time i checked it didnt work, so ENJOY THE VIDEO!)

I give no meaning, i give no answer, i ask no permission to use peoples faces on camera.
"I am honestly very proud of both the editing and how this film came out in the end.
It is a comedy Doumentary without any evidence to suggest my RANDOM theory is correct. Prepare yourself for laughs, frightening truths and pity for the guy jumping around in the streets.
Lets explore the concept."

- Nathan(munch) Viney

Monday, February 26, 2007

Umbrellas inside are a toffee apple

Today in the news someone hidden in crops rode a mosquito aeroplane.

Not much time or news today, plans to see, things to attempt.
On-coming POSSIBLY:
THE BIG ISSUE documentary
MOBILE PHONE (untitled at the moment) documentary
to work on:
^two and Munch's WAR

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Today in the news a bald man wore a wig.
HOT FUZZ film review:

Well, Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg have done it again. The amazing creators behind Spaced and Shaun of the Dead released their latest film, HOT FUZZ Valentines Day to the UK 2007.

I had the pleasure of seeing it on the big screen cinema. With a fast moving storyline, slick cut-away’s and first class humour Hot Fuzz made it into one of my favourite films ever made.

Hot Fuzz is based on a London policeman named Sargent Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) who is so good at his job they have to let him go.

Angel is sent into the country to a town called Sandford, where there hasn't been a recorded murder for twenty years. Totally crime-free. After some mysterious deaths Nicholas Angel is suspicious of the town, is it hiding something? He’s not totally certain until he witnesses a murder for himself.

I truly recommend seeing this film, full of quick time edits, fantastic script and amazing special effects.

What makes Edgar Wright’s films unique is the “quick edits and sound to match” affect he uses to show passing time, that’s what I have recently picked up on. I honestly think it works perfectly. This effect is used to bring some ‘horror’ effect to it.

The amazing story and epic ending is one to find out, prepare for the best pack of moving comedy, fast paced action scenes and wide and colourful country locations.

Enjoy the film.

5/5 stars

Also in the news John Howard was seen on a beach.

Not much news today folks.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Saturday, February 24, 2007

John Howard: Alive!

Today in the news
[Quote] Lisa Nowak's definition of mature turned out to be putting on a diaper and filling a bag full of objects that would be dangerous in the wrong hands. As of press time, jealousy crazed adults wearing diapers are still considered to be "the wrong hands" for nearly every object in existence, and are only mentally capable of getting tasered. [Quote]
That's right, a crazed murdering mother with a "full" diaper on her head was caught attempting to commit an offense called mu
rder. What else would you do if your love cheated on you?
Shipman gave Nowak a chance to explain why she was dressed as a serial killer that smelled like baby s***, but she was instead greeted w
ith a face full of pepper-spray. [Quote]

[Quote] NASA is currently trying to determine whether or not Nowak suffered any psychological damage as a result of space travel. Some believe that her condition is reminiscent of previous cases of space-rabies. [Quote]
How do we know she's not been taken over by an alien?
And further more, what evidence do they have that shes was trying to murder them? Everyone has pepper spray in their pockets to protect themselves from oncoming people who want to talk you out of being insane.
[Quote] Nowak was found by authorities in the process of ditching any incriminating evidence from her person. In addition to the wig, BB gun and pepper spray, a search of her car yielded a new steel mallet, a pocket knife, rubber tubing and large garbage bags. [Quote]
Maybe she was just going bowling?

In other news:
Check out this awesome email i got today!

(click on it for better view)
Also in the news the dog who ate John Howards arm and legs was arrested for doing drugs, we always new he was a bad'n.
We will always remember John Howard

("Please God, give me some human flesh")
Daniel (Vector) Kerr (The smartest man in the world) remembers the day John bought a piece of brain from him.
"I remember that smile he had, that glowing smile. Brings a tear to my eye, he licked his lips and said, "Dats a good bitta brain int it.""

BBC1: "We did, sometimes forget who this man was sometimes.. but all in all we'll remember him by this."

The Daily Crumb:
John Howard emailed me yesterday at his email
I asure you, Tony Blair and George Bush were telling the truth. They did not eat him. John said in the email he was running away from the law, he's actually eaten his own wife. He added, "With syrup" and thinks that the police are after him.
Now i dont know why he chose to email us because... well, no one ever believes us at the Crumb.
But we'll get down to it.

His email was connected with the one i posted above

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Astronaut info from http://www.theshavedreport.com/

Friday, February 23, 2007

Tokyo is split

Today in the news Tokyo split from Japan and became the country, Tokyo.
Also in the news John Howards leg was found in a Sydney waste bin. No news on that so far, apart from one of the sniffer dogs ate the evidence. We'll get you all posted on this.
Also in the news Britney Spears shaved her head, in some sort of depression and confusion.
We're are worrying that this is whats wrong with RMN's Matthew Menhenick.

munch news:
I'm going to be seeig Hot Fuzz again, and my internet is terrible at this point in time so The Daily Crumb issues may become less daily.

"God bless you."
And thats the last we'll see of someone called Tommy.

has arrived late to his fathers funeral, sadly he is a boxer and the parents dont like him.
"So how was cricket?"
"Musical :)"

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Doctor Who, Time's a Wish

Today in the news Adam Phillips, Lord and creator of forest planet Brackenwood was named the 11th doctor in the current Doctor Who series. David Tennant's character is said to be killed at the end of the fourth series in a battle with a giant jelly cloud. Adam's doctor will take over and destroy the Daleks with a drop of alcohol.

(Official 2007 BBC image)
(Click on image for a much larger version)
Also in the news Nathan Viney released a very long and meaningful Doctor Who story named
"Time's a Wish."
You have to be a really good Doctor Who fan to enjoy it. (Personal thought)

And no.. people, no deaths :P Besides Captain Jack, he almost dies.
Find the story either
here (Deviart)
or here (Brackenwood stories section)
(There's aways the wonderer who believes in Virtual Time, and for family he'll go to the extreme. Garmentanica, one of the only planets with a "still sun" is about to come across an "energetic" shock. The Doctor, Rose and Jack find themselves on one of the weirdest adventures they've ever been on. Together with Romana of Garmentanica, The Doctor finds out what is confusing the villagers.)

This story was written a while ago for a Gallifrey forum collaboration, it was never released.
I read it once again, and really like it. There is only one scene i dont like and you may find that but otherwise this i love this story.
This story has characters:
The Doctor (10th)
Romana 2(Old companion)
Rose (companion)
Captain Jack (American)
and a few other faces, there is also mention of the 7th doctor's companion, Ace in the story.
Have fun! It's an interesting read!
Also in the news Tony Blair was arrested for breaking into a butchers, and eating the butcher. No meat was taken, besides the Butcher.
He actually escaped the police grasp and ran off into the sun set.
"Hi, do you have any grass manure??"
"What kind?"
"Erm, just the normal grass manure."
"Do you want a bag?"
"No thanks."
"Do you want flies with that?"

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Whirl Wind of the Well

Today in the news a mime was arrested for finger painting.
Also in the news someone named their toe nail, larry. More on that later

Nathan Viney released a new story today, his continous violent writing has had some complaints.
"must your stories always be so violent and full of pain??"
The Daily Crumb's Answer is

The new short story can be found here:
Whirl Wind of the Well

It's almost as wacky as YOKE but possibly a little bit less wacky.
NOW: I've decided to investigate all the stories i have written and see how much violence is really in them.

The Mash Island Chronicles , Half Side:
The story concists of violent battles, but is also mixed with lots of friendly, light hearted things. One minute everything is happy and jolly.. and FUN. and the next some crazy guys are dieing. Brutal deaths, ok, you win that one.
The Mash Island Chronicles, unfinished story (gone from internet)
I think the story was named, Cretans Crawling. The story was finally of wonderful colourfulness... AND violence. It concisted of helicopters crashing, trains crashing, people being thrown around, being shot by arrows...
James Dodger and the Crown Room
This story was full of violence
BUT, it was very LIGHT hearted violence i find. Simple deaths and less detail.So.. yeh this one is a bit slower.
ok.. yeh a helicopter brings down the big ben and a london museum is flooded.. SO WHAT :P
SCRIPTS: Celebs in my studio 1 2 and 3
These comedy scripts had NO VIOLENCE AT ALL. Practically.... yep, there is ALOT of shouting at eachother though. :P
James Dodger and the Rain Bug part 1 and 2
hmm, yep. Death out of aeroplane, people being shot, but most of the story is actually an investigation into a robbery. It, like Crown Room is a very fun story.
Cloafe and the Pirates
Well... i like it. The story is of a wannabe knight in Mash Island (Connecting up to Mash Island Chronicles and MUNCH) There is, like you say, a bit of violence yes. A young guy dies, and most of the pirates die. There is alot of strain. Ending dont make sense though.
Price, Archer
OK OK GO AWAY! Yes.. this is the most violent story ive ever written, i think.. people dieing, being shot, in the brain and being set on fire. It's lovely really.
To conclude your point ill just let you know EVERYONE DIES at the end :)
Old woman, cant breath. .. .. you win again
Whirl Wind of the Well
Drunk guy, bleeding eye. not TOO much! Seriously, its very light hearted compared to my others. hee hee watch out for that kid with the fizzy coke by the way.

So thats it.
The only story ive ever written that dosent have violence is the Celebs in My Studio trilogy.
You win this battle, but i like writing twisted violent things so, nyah nyah!
And in other news hitler was seen venturing in a Disney shop.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Today in the news a crossdressing terrorist was sighted on CCTV footage
He's having some guidence on the issue. It is said in 3 months he will not have the urge to dress like a woman ever again.

Also in the news Tony Blair has released a meat product called, 'My shoulder, taste it and become like me.' Only one packet was sold and only bought by TESCO supermarket.
As the human meat wasent sold rapidly, the Daily Crumb bought it for themselves.
Nathan: "It is an interesting piece of meat, it looks like it was just bitten off his own arm, we're gunna stick it in a dusty room we never actually go to and see what happens to it in a few years time. Should get a bit of money out of it one day."
BBC1 news:
Nathan Viney has shown his appreciations to the BBC by giving them Tony Blair's shoulder, in good condition. We no longer have the erge to kill him.
Tony Blair in a speech recently said, "I lost a shoulder for my ideal world! I want everyone to be a cannibal like me and George Bush!"
"What about John Howard? Pm of Australia?"
"No.. no we ate him."
Tony Blair: "See i dont personally find it funny, my arm is hanging by a thread folks, and you know when you have a headache and you cant get comfy in bed because of it. It's like that, i havent slept since i ripped it off."
Just-in, the boy from London who ventured down south for job opertunities died recently in the huge battle of The Daily Crumb.
The funeral was a few weeks ago.
We want to remember Just-in now, a second in silence please.

Right. Good.
His parents are trying to sue The Daily Crumb! Lets go and steal that second back.
Also in the news orange juice is acid, there was an experiment where somebody put a tooth into it, nothing happened.
MUNCH news:
A new SHORT CREEPY story on Deviant Art named YOKE was released. It is about an old woman who wants some breakfast.
I'm thinking of doing a series of Yoke short stories (not sequals) but connected in some way.
Find it here

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Monday, February 19, 2007

Dont judge a book by it's liver

Today in the news an apple was eaten by a deadly worm, pest killers are being taken down by rioters. "PESTS ARE GODS PEOPLE TOO!"


Also in the news a diver jumped off of a wooden plank and landed on another wooden plank.

Due to the price of surgery needed to fix the man his parents have asked that he is put down.




What do you think of sandwichs today?


nothing? you never eat sandwichs?


so what do you think of them?


so you think they are discusting?


What do you think of sandwichs today?

mmmm sandwich. Try ketchup,then ham and then some nice cheese with pizza spices then put it in your microwave and 1 min later you have a tasty sandwich

And what about juicy cheese sauce splattered along a brick covered in chocolate chips?

Dunno.Never tasted it heh


What do you think of sandwichs today?

Go away!

So you hate them?

stop messaging me

have you tried two pieces of bread covered with a mixture of spices and two types of sauces crushed in with a speck of tomato paste and icecream flavours?

why do you message me with these stupid messages

i dont find them cute or funny or zany, just so you know

you missed a question mark in there

how do you even know me?




Just doing a quick survey, what do you think of sandwichs today?

delicious lol

and your fave sandwich?

why? lol

online survey, to make you look like an idiot ;)



The burnmyheels



hey SUP?

Just doing a quick survey, what do you think of sandwichs today?


The food type.


ever tried a cheese mixed with chocolate sauce bread squash up?


it sure would, PEACE TO THAT D00DE!



They're ok, i guess.

anything in particular?


anything else?




They're ok

any improvements they may need?


How you mean?

Well, do you find them tasty?



Well i like chicken sandwichs, very nutricous.

mm me too. sorry um.. do you think they'd need any improvements.

Yeh, price needs to be lowered and some need to be given away, some people in the US eat like Fat darn pigs and fart their greasy backsides off. Cant even fit their giant sized elephant butts on a toilet stool!

A bad sandwich with white bread will constipate you or give you diarrhea, never eat a sandwich with white bread!

You answer is being processed

now THAT is an answer :D


{Hacker as logged in}

WHOA, what a ****** blog!

{Hacker as logged out}


- Nathan (munch) Viney




Though Tony Blair refers human flesh toasted.


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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Example Note 2

Today in the news a man with a pink tie was welcomed by towns folk.

Now, you may or may not believe this or you may believe it because you've read it somewhere else.

But there are still a society of people on this earth who believe the planet is FLAT.

Check it out here



We have never gone into space, Antarctica doesnt exist and the sun is 3000 miles above my head.

Jesus hates you if you think the earth is round.

Now i truely believe people who believe this can believe.. well anything. So i joined the forum, and it seems that anyone who points out their oppion gets deleted or banned from their forum.

Well i dont know.. i just had to put my theory out there.



The only proper replies i got were from Mutey, A fellow Brackywoodian who said.

OMG, it all makes sense! Surprised


and a few other.... posters:

How original. A cubic Earth, whudda thunk? You sir, are obviously a cunning linguist.


The Earth isn't 3 demensional?!?!?!

WERE DOOMED! THERE IS NO WIDTH! Or is it hight? Wait which demension are we lacking?

Hang on a second! If the Earth is only 2 demensional... Does that mean that humans only have 2 demensions too?

Wheres my length!?!?!? OMG I'VE LOST MY LENGTH!!!!!!!


Well, apart from the spelling dimension you're missing many. I replied with the simple logic of the matter.

It is stated that someone obsessed with Juns O'Connor's work took a boat out to sea. Can anyone explain why he didnt return?

Exactly, it is believed he flew (not fell) off of the edge and into
space, of course there is no evidence of this, it is quite possible he
just hit something and sunk his ship.

Both Jun and this guy who's name has never been revealed's names
have been put up in rememberance on a giant stone in Digiboo. People
regulary visit it such as yourselves.

Jun's theory is welcome to the flat earth theory as well, much is beleived. The cubic theory, being the one with most evidence.


Also in the news a man was attacked by splodges of energy firing out of his backside, no one has explained it but sceptics are calling it, "A normal human reaction to a curry"


- Nathan(munch) Viney

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Harry Hill's Soap bUrPz! and RMN's COPZ (with a Z)

Today in the news Tony Blair has been arrested for illegally feeding a pigeon
to a wild lion.

Also in the news SPAM master John Smith has knighted himself a new email address, due to the fact his other address kept getting spam.
He said, "This new email will be known by no one."
Our reply to that is, "Then what is the point of it?"

John Smith HAS gone ahead and created his own Email checking Windows and Mac program. ONLY spammers like himself can email to it.
Want to find out about it?
email: Johnsmith@hotmail.com
In an interview he said, "It runs well on internet explorer." This comment didnt go down very well.
After RM found out Nathan Viney was still alive they became very depressed, they then decided that they'd continue it till he accidently dies anyway.
Nathan convinced them to add his friend John Smith into their latest title sequence.

RMN are thinking of changing their name too
Reconciling Ministries Network
This is still being concidered.
I'm alright, i'm out of the shaft now, have been away a few days, finally got out, told RMN i was still alive showed them a terrible sketch i'd done and then went to Mc Donalds for a mound of greese.

(Click on it for bigger image)
The tramp, who called himself Alfred Dirt leant me the box for cover in the rain. Its unlikely he has internet but i'd like to thank him anyway.

Now if you watch soaps, which you most likely dont. But i know Mr. P does, you'll like our baldf man with glasses. Harry Hill.
the bill

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Today in the news a man asked for a return ticket to the city, he was ripped off.
Also in the news John Howard announced the reason hes been away the past days, he has been setting up a Cannibal camping trip with pm, Tony Blair. They leave tonight and are going to report everything that happens in notebooks.
"Hahah IM PM!"
"NO I AM!"
"mm haam..."
And in slightly less disturbing news George Bush was depressed he wasnt a cannibal and was determined to become one. George was recently stopped whilst trying to slice an old mans arm off. He only got half way, George found the taste addictive and has been taken into care.
People with red and black hair are said to be dumber due to the fact gothicness effects the brain. Also scientists have found out recently that being a goth can attract lethal flesh eating mutant birds. These are said to peck through your skull and suck up your brain killing you instantly.
If you are a goth: Look on the bright side.. no dont look there... actually.
"Hey, wanna taste my icecream?"
"Only if you havent licked it."
"Yes what?"
"I havent licked it."
"Oh.. ok, *lick*"
"Ok.. wait, i cant eat it now..."
*punch* *blood* *crash* *snap*
The man sat there, staring at the monitor, suddenly, out of the darkness crept a giant DONKEY!
*grabs lighter*
Donkey: "How do you use this thing anyway?"
"You just.. kinda.. click it sort of.. and then a flame should appear."
"ok.. ok good."
*flame appears*
BBC: "RIP Nathan Viney."
Nathan: "What do you use for food down here tramp man?"
Tramp: "I usually grab myself bits of rat and mud splodges and nibble on them a bit. Tasty and delicious."
Nathan: "How... did you become homeless?"
Tramp: "Well i was born in a lonely train carriage left in the sand planes, my life got better from there."
Nathan: "Sweet. Just a sec, keep talking but ill probably be ignoring you while i write this Daily Crumb article."
Tramp: "Ok."
If you have been either mentally or physically effected by Todays Daily Crumb please resort to depression.
*dances to memorable tune*

- Nathan (munch) Viney
of the Daily Crumb

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mobile phones: Poison

Today in the news Tony Blair announced he was a cannibal, he said "It seems, the worst has come. I was staring at a picture of my family and i suddenly felt like eating some ham."
More on this later...

*Star wars theme tune*
Nathan: "OH FlOOGE!"
*Missile fires towards him through sewer*
"Any news on the death of Nathan Viney?"
"Who told you about that?"
"You did."
"Got fish?"
Also in the news Reuben Speight and Matthew Menhenick from RMN are considering *After the disapearance of Nathan Viney* to change their name to either
RM productions
Radical Morph productions
Reuben productions
Regional Marketing
or possibly
Roof Magazine INC.
You decide
Mad Matt, in rememberence of RMN has drawn this picture.
"Any news?"
"You ever played chess before?"
"Sure thing."
"Good stuff."
BBC 6.00 news: "Nathan Viney died of a um.. food poisoning today!"
Nathan: Their excuse.. i hid in a different pipe line, missile shot right past me. I'm alive."
Tramp: "Why is my box on fire?"
- Nathan (munch) Viney

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gush of wind

Today in the news a gush of wind shot a bike rider into the sea. The other man regretted letting it rip.


did a RMN artwork today

As so did i :P

Also in the news:
BBC news:
The Daily Crumb offices is being cleaned away slowly, they still havent found Nathan's body yet. It is suspected he DID escape, and he's selling the Daily Crumb illegally on the streets of Plymouth.
(Dont listen to them, that's their cover up story. They know exactly where i am, and are planning to shoot be dead from above.)
Tramp: "Are toenails meant to be yellow?"
Nathan: *idea!*
(I'll dress in this tramp's clothes and walk out there innocently!)
*Plan sorted*
Tramp: "I look like a jerk."
Nathan: "Um... ok..."
(Walks out innocently.)
"I'm just an innocent tramp."
*Shot down*
"This is the BBC, we've killed Nathan Viney."
Nathan: "Oh dear, better scrap that idea. I cant have my blood all over the floor like that."
Nathan: "Better him than me. Now, i need a hideout, any ideas tramp man?"
Tramp: "A... box...? :("
Nathan: "No thanks, agh! I see a sewer across the road, i could jump down there out of sight!"
Tramp: "Watch you dont land on my box."
Nathan: "I'll have to make sure the BBC helicopter dosent see me. But now they think i'm dead they wont be on such an alert."
BBC: "It was just a tramp, weapons at the ready!"
*Nathan runs as fast he can towards the sewer*
*They fire*
*A bullet crashes into Nathan's shoulder, he's pushed forward firing blobs of blood into the air and splattered across the street*
*Nathan falls head first down the sewer.*
"Ow, ow, ow.. ow ow ow ow ow ow ow, i'd really like to say a naughty word right now.. ow."
BBC: "He went into the sewer, we think he's still alive. Send down the troops!"
Nathan: "Ok..ok... concentrate... RUN DOWN THE PIPES!"
- Nathan (munch) Viney

Monday, February 12, 2007


Today in the news a bus stop decided to take the bus itself, three people were crushed to death.
Also in the news Adam Phillips of Brackenwood was seen on CCTV breaking into a wealthy bank. He now has plenty of cash.
Tony Blair was finally released from the RSPCA after trying to convince them for a about 3 days that he wasent a dog.
Tony: "Though i did get used to the cardboardy taste of dog bones and biscuits i would like to Sue the company."
"But dont you think that will leave many poor animals out there?"
Tony: "Animals dont earn money, they are bound to be poor. They need to get jobs, with no earning money i have no room for them in my country."
The boy, Just-in is set to have his funeral in the coming days.
"Big Issue!"
"Fine... what about a piece of chewy greasy chicken leg?"
"Everybody! Check out the BBCone news on BBCone!"
*Nathan makes his way to a shop window*
BBCone: "Today in the news Nathan Viney HAS been spotted and it being circled by a helicopter, he will be shot down as soon as possible."
"Hey kid, i think someone up there... dosent like you..."
"You fink??"
*Runs into shop with Crumbs in backpack*
*Helicopter fires*
Tramp: "Hi."
"Nathan, come out with your hands in the air, this is the BBC. If you dont come out an innocent will be shot."
Nathan: "Why arent the police getting involved with this?"
Tramp: "The BBC OWN the Police!"
Nathan: "OH FRADGE!"
Munch news:
Combined some sounds together for my animation.

- Nathan(munch) Viney

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Today in the news an emu learnt how to walk, though it's egg could not.
So, i'm left to sell this junk on the street now.
I cant say "Anyone want to buy the Daily Crumb?" because i end up getting beaten to the ground, or sometimes the wall. So i just say, "BIG ISSUE!" which dosent get me any customers anyway.
Also there normally is an old tramp selling the Big Issue next to me anyway.
"Oi! What are you doing? THIS IS MY PATCH!"
"no.. erm, i'm actually selling the Daily Crumb."
"The.. Daily Crumb..."
*street goes silent.*
"He said... Dairy Crumbs... folks... Free..."
"I DID?"
*street continue to walk on.*
"I need some buyers folks! QUICK! Phone me on
483948 838433 9388320842 484
haha, thats a fake number.. heh heh
but SERIOUSLY. Contact me at
if i do not reply it means you are a spy, if you claim you are not a spy try this email.
Also in the news George Bush wants to rename himself Jorge Bush. People comment, "It's the same name." He replies, "No, it has a silent J."
Munch news:
I'm trying my hardest to get back into the flash animation mood, but ive worked it out, i can only animate well when i have the sound to acompany it which is a bit stupid. I'm sure i can get back into it.
I plan to make, MUNCHS WAR and possible a Tomothy and Pals episode 3, Camping. (This one is completely not gunna happen maybe if whatever.)
Comps set up, lets get to storyboarding.

Hello all! This is just a bunch of stuff we'll be expecting in the future.

-Brad Bird, you probably have heard of him IS working on Pixars latest film Ratatouille. So i personally think its worth a shot :D

- Dreamworks have pulled off of Aardmans 3 year film contract deal because Dreamworks thought they were not getting enough money for the films. They've worked with Dreamworks since Chicken Run, then Wallace and Gromit Curse of the Were Rabbit and recently, Flushed Away.
I personally think this is great! :D Let Aardman run free folks!

- Aardman productions:
Shaun the sheep TV series
Find the trailer here http://youtube.com/watch?v=PWJA-VPVmUQ

- A US version of Creature Comforts, crazy american people on the streets answer random questions. Hopefully you've all heard of Creature Comforts.
You can find the US here http://www.creaturecomforts.tv
and their working blog here http://eyeballsandfishlips.blogspot.com
It's being made in both US and UK.. i think.

- Talking of Dreamworks dieing,
Now, i was a bit stupidfied when Dreamworks released Shark Tale at around the same time as Finding Nemo (Along with ants/ bugs life. *googly eyes* but whod have thought some other company i dont know the name of is releasing THIS FILM.
The Reef (and Sharkbait, two named)


- [QUOTE]The plot was literally an even mix between Finding Nemo and Shark Tail, without the originality[/QUOTE]

So.. i dunno :P The animated 3d world has taken over 2d films at the moment, ok. But get some originality and good storylines please!

- Dreamworks said that their aim was to make at least 3 3d films A YEAR. This is, as you've probably heard, Shrek 3 (Fishy, i liked 1 and 2, practically the only good Dreamworks films and i didnt mind Over the Hedge but 3 is questionable. At least they'll be able to sell it as a trilogy! :D)

- Aardmans next FILM (Was originally planned to be with Dreamworks but no more) is possibly going to be co-written by John Cleese. I've forgotten the title and i dont know whether itll be stop motion or 3d.

So they are things to look forward too, AND avoid in there.
And now, lets explore the changing of related words.
stomped on by a giant shoe
blue jumper (Scares away the monsters)
Pixar, Monsters Inc
apple juice
apple mac
(ill leave it there)
easy :D Try it yourself!

- The Daily Crumb
Nathan (munch) Viney

Saturday, February 10, 2007

WAR on the Crumb part 3: Undercover work.

boo! Just thought id scare the lot of you.

Today in the news a man who wore a pink jumper was stoned to death.

Also in the news a boat has sunk in the coldest of seas, luckily one member of the crew was rescued, another froze to death in the waters. He said, "It was like shoving my head into my freazer, when it's turned to the coldest temperature."
"Have you any idea how you survived and your friend didnt?"
"I just told you how! i've practiced shoving my head in the freazer since i was five years old with my papa."
- The Daily Crumb
"Got chicken?"
Nathans log:
So, i'm stuck under a table with nothing but a laptop which i must add is going to run out of battery very soon.

I did hear the celing collapse earlier but it seems this desk is keeping me from harm.
I just cant escape, even if i do leap out to safety ill either be burnt, crushed or eaten by Sue's. It's a lose-lose situation.

The Police: "Ok, we've sent some highly professional torch people into the building, they all have camera's strapped to their helmets so we can see inside as well. They are also wearing protective gear.
This is inside the office at the moment."

"Any sign of life?"
"The fire looks alive."
"Yeh... you stay away from that"
"Got steak?"
Nathan's log:
Ok, i've made my decision, i'm going to put the laptop in my bag and run from there, right out the back and try and escape this madness.
ITV news:
"Well they say that there is no buisness like show buisness. Well, i think what people are saying today is. 'Die Daily Crumb.'
There has been many reports of people saying Nathan Viney snuck out of the back, but none of them truthful until now. One person called in at the exact time on CCTV footage an unidentified man ran out of the burning building.
The Police: "Did you see anyone run past or by you guys?"
Torch professionals: "Yes! Shot past me, burnt me leg off and now im on fire. It hurts, but im a professional."
The Police: "O...k, no Nathan then?"
Torch professionals: "Nope, but one of our men just ran off, i tried to call him back but he didnt."
The Police: "That may have been him."
Torch professionals: "Who?"
*hangs up*
Someone near the Daily Crumb disaster actually took a picture of the man running. We've examined it and yes, it is Nathan Viney. It looks like he's made a safe escape, NOW FIND HIM! He was last sighted on Rouy Tale Street, BRING YOUR PITCH FORKS! WITH FLAMING MARSHMELLOWS ON EACH POINT!

dot dot dot

*screen* "The madness has died down now. The building, burnt down, both police and army were called to the street where Nathan was last seen.
He was not found. The screaming mob of sues have evacuated the area and have gone home to give some cooking apples a bath. Non sign of Nathan since the incident, the police are sure he escaped though if they are wrong they are afraid they'll find his body whilst cleaning up the mess."
OK! listen up! Not many of you are reading the daily crumb lately because they dont think i've been writing it. BUT! My faithful fans though i am, you out there! I will be selling the Crumb daily on Union street DAILY and every day for only fourteen pound! Turn up to get your paper amazement illegally next to someone selling a big issue!

No one turned up.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Friday, February 09, 2007

War on the Crumb part 2: Is there no hope?

Today in the news i am stuck under a desk and the only word that has popped into my head is "DUCK!"
A duck was seen crossing a road today, he was then shot by a lethal maniac chicken. More on that later.

BBC Current Affairs reports on the happenings of The Daily Crumb studio disaster:
"Hi, we're going to eat some bread so when we talk crumbs fall out of our mouths. This has nothing to do with the news today. Yesterday The Daily Crumb Studios (News reporters) were ambushed by a huge gang of rioters with human fire.
We interviewed one of them:
"What about him?"
"No, Jem just likes to pick fights."

The man we were interviewing was arrested shortly after. Still at this time no one has come into contact with the owner, Nathan Viney.
If he is inside, then it is possible this may be an almost death experience. Some people are saying they saw him run out of the back or escape somehow, no cctv has confirmed that. Nathan will not be arrested, the police are just trying to protect him.
We interviewed a policemen at the scene to confirm this
Nathan's Monkey Log:
Its been at least two hours now, Adam actually went to the loo half an hour ago and never returned. In the time he was here though, he taught me how to spell. Ok, so the battle is rising, i think the best thing possible is to stay RIGHT HERE! and DO NOT move. Then in the end it'll be fine.
See, last time i said in the Crumb that there was a bomb in the building, now its obvious no one actually reads the Crumb because no ones responded to that comment.

JUST IN! Researcher viewers on sight are saying there is a 90% chance the whole building will collapse soon enough, encourageing all rioters and services to evacuate the area.
The back of the Crumb offices has already collapsed in itself.

Tony Blair was found with a monkey on his shoulder near the sight.
"I was over for a pizza and a warm cup of mud and suddenly i had the terrible erge to go to the loobert. Soon enough id sat down and was honking a smell one out and then an angry monkey opened the door. I was like, "AGHH!"
Monkey: "He screamed like a girl he did."
Tony: "Impossible, im not a girl."
Monkey: "Then suddenly the room fell off of the building bursting a pipe or something throwing us into the air. I would love to do it again."
Both Tony Blair and the monkey were taken by the RSPCA.
A man named Adam Phillips was found surfing the most pit of rioters he said, "I went to the loo, fell through and then found myself surfing an audience. It was magic, one of them will have got my backside fall-out dump though. My heart goes out to them"
"Nathan Viney found dead"- The Sun.
(The idiots! They are paid to lie. Stupid morans hahahahahahaha)

ITV News:
"A tear goes out to the bit of the brain i owned, i left it there, i'll never forgive myself." - Daniel (Vector) Kerr. This man was one of the only people the Daily Crumb team ever actually made good of. Since the Daily Crumb named him "The Smartest Man in the World" Daniel has has thousands of interviews all of the world.
"No, they aint done nuthin for me."
(And... now... it takes effect. Thanks alot)

Daniel: "I read that ages ago, but as everyone here is protesting that everything the Crumb says is a lie i suspected this was too."
*The rioters left the scene and escorted their way back home.*
The Police: "If there really was a bomb in there, it would have exploded when the ceiling fell in, unless he's still alive inside."
The Police (band): It is possible, Roxaaanne."
Also in the news a bird was made bankrupt, but more on that later.
Nathan: "This desk should keep me a bit safe, that is untill something really heavy falls through."


Thursday, February 08, 2007

War on the Crumb part 1: Studio under ambush!!!

Today in the news a bald man looked in a mirror.
Also in some slightly more important news THE DAILY CRUMB offices were ambushed by a pack of news reporters and lawyers named "Sue." It is reported that it IS a very common name these days.
It seems, as been told through a mega phone by a group of fat people with "Close down the Crumb" on their shirts that they'd been planning this attack for quite a while.
Nathan (monkey) "Where's Daniel?"
Monkey: "Umm, over there, staring out the window."
Nathan: "Throw him out there for bait, but dont tell him i said so."
Monkey: "Yes, monkey leader."
Just in! The Daily Crumb have thrown the smartest man in the world into the pack of reporters and lawyers, they are sueing him alive.
Monkey: "What now boss?"
Monkey: "Shall i get the raptor?"
Nathan: *whispers: It dosent exist.*
Monkey: "Oh right, oh dear... boss, TONY BLAIR'S IN THE TOILET!"
Nathan: "Perfect, he'll get taken down by the press for being in the building."
Monkey: "But he only came over to have some pizza, you invited him."
Nathan: "Why are you talking, throw him to the sues!"
Monkey: "Sir." *nods*

With packs of people at the back of the DAILY CRUMB offices the side has collapsed in, a pipe seems to have broken and shot the priminister of the United Kindom into the sky along with a tiny monkey.
Nathan: "Ok, ok, think think. JUST-IN! Throw Just-in out there!"
Monkey2: "Yes sir."

A small child has just been thrown out into the crowd, blood has been shead. Also in the news it seems as if the mosh pit of people outside the offices are setting fire to the building with flameing marshmellows on sticks.
*Phone rings*
Nathan: "Yes? Oh, hi Daniel (Vector) Kerr... yeh, those monkies are crazy. LET YOU BACK IN? are you insane!"
*hangs up*

"ok ok think think"

Latest news: The whole backside of THE DAILY CRUMB offices has collapsed into itself and is soaring into a pack of flames extremely fast.

The Daily Crumb started when a Nathan Viney opened up a news reporting system involving a group of monkeys writing odd articles. Since then every article they have written is contaminated with lies.
- The Sun
It is said that Nathan Viney is hiding under his bed as the building he once owned and wrote for goes down in flames. The fire engines and services are arriving as fast as they can, the RSPC has also made an appearance.
- The London Times
(I aint hiding under my bed! I'm hiding under my desk the liars!)
John Howard said farewell to his position of cheif of Tim Burton fan club today as he says he's too busy with 'Less important' things. It is being discussed whether he should stay in position as Priminister.
- The Daily Crumb

Nathan: "I know! I'll throw pencils out the window and hope they stick into peoples brains! At least i still have internet access! THE CRUMB WILL NEVER DIE!"
The Police: "Come out quietly, we have slowed down the mob, we can protect you."
*throws pencil.*
The Police: "AGH MY BRAIN!"
Nathan: "I guess this will be my log. Ay i hope we have that vanilla coke i ordered off ebay here somewhere, no dont write that down you idiot monkey!"
*Throws pencil, monkey dies*
Nathan: "Oops, diunt worri ilklb wite da cwurm istead. i dunt ned thos moonckees. i can spel perfetly of coursh. AGH its ni youse! Iem DOOme*d"
Adam: "Gday Munch, you've run out of toilet roll, i ended up doing a mid-dump on the stairs. It wasent a pretty sight. Anyway, i have a wee waiting for me in the toilet, be right back."
Nathan: "NO NO! WAIT! Adam, i wouldnt go to the toilet, and also. Can you write the crumb for me?
Adam: "Sure i will mate. You tell me what to write and ill jot it down as good as i can."
Nathan: "As.. good as.. ok, ok right. Listening?"


- Nathan (munch) Viney

cool Aardman links:
Shaun of the sheep tv series trailer
Wallace and Gromit Were rabbit mug advert.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge, Honk Honk, Punch Punch

Today in the news a man lost his voice when he went on MUTE.
We had an interview with him earlier.

Also in the news a building will be destroyed for being an old building, after a lot of discussion they've decided it'd just be easier to CLEAN the dust off of the windows.
A clock tower fell down today with a man inside, his back was violently bent.
Also a man dropped a golden gun down a drain, a man with a hot dog stand got it and is now a millionaire owning a giant house on a cliff side that in future is planning to collapse.

And that's the news today.

I just wanted to appreciate people ive worked with over the years to help me get to where im not now :)
- Adam Phillips (Mr.P, unexplainable, everything! :D)
- Joseph Waters (Worked with me on Tomothy Live 3, also voices of Simon and Yo in others and performed Munch and Joseph's WAR on Plagarism.
- Daniel Kerr (Smartest man in the world, brought together the Tomothy and Pals game)
- Daniel Symonds (Voice of Bully Bill and Alfred Dirt.)
- Countney Leacock (The voice of Doctor Who)
- My sister. Ellie, for being voices even when i had to force her.
- Mum/ Dad, voices of well, Irean & Gazza (Tomothy and Ellie's mum and dad)
- Chris Gardula played Sean Connery in TAP ep2. And was going to play many more characters.
- RMN, Matthew Menhenick and Reuben Speight. Also other extras James Jewell and Sam Smith.
- The Bullet Holes and Mike Swain (Perth band and creator of newgrounds series Blockhead)
and many more.
- Nathan (munch) Viney

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

There is no better place in the world, than your fridge -The Daily Crumb

Today in the news a tennis racket flew out a tennis players hand and into another tennis players head. He won the game, and is going onto Wombledom. The championship womble tennis turdament.


Also in the news i released a short violent story on deviantart. Its a bit silly.

Its called, PRICE, ARCHER

This story may contain violence, any young children will have to read it first to find out.



Also in the new, something else.. cant remember it....


Nathan and Munch, check them out.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Monday, February 05, 2007

SPAM and a vegemite sammich.

Today in the news there is a new email going out called, the confirmation email. If you've just signed up to a forum/account on a website you may expect a confirmation email. DO NOT EXCEPT IT!

Its evil spam and has a virus in it.

We interviewed the genius behind this contraption, John Smith:


"Sorry, we cut out our question there."


We've been researching, it is said every second corner shop on this earth is a secret SPAM service gathering ground.Not just that, petrol stations say they close early for safety reasons. But the fact is exactly 60% of them are once again SPAM service gathering grounds and it's rising still today.

Looking very closely into it, they dont just take your email and personal details but also go to your house and take pieces of your family.There are about four people in the world leading this crime but with one man on the top.

Sir John SmithI think you know why he started this association. Johns original email was Johnsmith@hotmail.com SPAM hit it like a rocket.

Just for revenge sake his new SECRET email is Johnsmith78934@hotmail.com Just.. a wee bit of information to keep you all on track and alert.


For munchmedia, this is a working logo

Can anyone work out what this code means?
You can find it in Adam Phillips short, NINJA, to be found here. http://youtube.com/watch?v=pL1ToZ2VZhQ

- Nathan (munch) Viney

...and he said do you come from a land down under...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bonjour Au revoir, both meaning departure

Today in the news a very large man slipped off of a very high building. The city shook. A man with a hot dog stand near by a took a picture, but then slipped and fell down a very long drain losing the evidence. The hot dog stand then slipped and crushed him down the bottom. A little girl heard the echo, but then noticed a rainbow in the sky running as fast as she could to find the gold. She then fell into the sea.
Just like the Walking Man.

(Click on the image to see the movie.)

I actually appear 9 times in this film jumping in the background of different shots. Its really quite serious compared to our other films.
It is apart of a trilogy, all three in which you can find here. http://rmn-productions.blogspot.com/2007/02/walking-man.html
The first one isa bit lousy, not much thought put into it at all. The second, (I was away for) turned out great. At the end of it the walking man got his on the head with a bottle........
which gave us the POWER to create a final piece.
Which you can view above

I updated Nathan Viney .com with the poster and also the movies page with Brackensack and WM3.
"Thankyou Res, thats a great trilogy, 1, not so good, 2 improves loads and then pop! 3 An almost, masterpeice.
(I'd like to get a hold of the code you ujsed for that trilogy as well)
Now RMN stands for Reuben Matt and Nathan. What an original name? Well, i think if you ignore what it stands for its a GREAT name! :P
Anyway, yes, so under RMN comes anything we've all worked on, because we are all too creative for our own good. (Well not me)
RMN go through their highs and lows, other members join in, for example:
Sam Smith (Tramp Snatcher)
James Jewell (Walking man "Stop" and flash-back in "Splash")
but all in all we work together fine, apart from me and Reuben... he seriously needs to get some anger management problems. Poor guy, i feel sorry for him sometimes, my way of feeling sorry for him kinda annoys him so i'll just sit next to him for now on and we'll get no work done.
But once he's up and running he is a fantastic camera man, a classic example would be in our latest film release "Splash"
Well done Reuben on that part."
Also in the news it has been found out world wide that someone by the name of John, and last name Smith has decided to have a party because his puppy was never fead at the easter time church mass. All in all two days from now the grass will hopefully blow away like the elephants sucking up the sandwiches were tasty.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Backstage mayhem

Today in the news an elephant ran through the curtains of a Peter Pan Pantomime Performance and killed the band below. They are thinking of changing the name so there are less P's.
It also looks like creme eggs are STILL falling from the sky
Also Paul is doing some cooking

This is the exact link to where Mr. P posted our vid review

Munch news:
I has a bit of homework today so dont expect anything sweet for a while, in the future you can expect more publications from the RMN team and a new NATHANVINEY.com logo design and animation.
Also hopefully i will get a flat screen monitor and ill be able to begin animating again.

(We DID NOT make this, we just found it on YU tube)

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Friday, February 02, 2007

Dashboard man

Today in the news a group of cats attacked a chinese person. They are being put down for racism.
The Daily Crumb is honoured to have found out that Adam Phillips. Monkey God recently posted our disturbing video review on his woodBLOG.
Check it out here http://biteycastle.com/blog/woodblog.html
Res is pulling them in.
Also in the news, RMN recently posted a claymation on youtube. It's nothing special but its got.. features. It was to design a BBC 2 sequence.


This is another thingo we did at college related to a still from Shaun of the Dead.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Daily Crumb's unofficial review of Brackensack.

Today in the news someone lost their arm in a childrens magic pencil box.
Also in the news an eighties style hat was found floating down a long river in Cornwall, it's being burnt at the moment by a group of people that hated the Eighties and religiously believe anything left of the past will bring it back.

TODAY, the First of February Adam Phillips (Codename: Chluaid/ Mr. P) released with companion and smartest man in the world. Brackensack, the flash game.
The game can be found on Mr. P's home website here http://www.chluaid.com/brackenSack/
It is still titled BETA, so it may possibly still be in earlier stages but otherwise that it's out! The Daily Crumb reporters broke into Daniel (Vector) Kerr's home today to ask him a few questions.
"Do you admit to selling bits of your brain, not only on the street but across the ebay network?"
Daniel: "Yes... you were one of the buyers."
"... *cough* Thats RIGHT! But only.. on the ... on the umm... because... of the investigation into............... your... mind...."
Daniel: "No you said..."
"Is it true Tony Blair was on the list of buyers as well."
Daniel: "Yes, that's true, he was there... buying. I remember he added me to msn, played me some guitar. When i said i'd send the brains as fast i could he replied, 'Yummy'..."
(FACT: Adam Phillips owns a shoe which he tried to drown, this was successful. The shoe was motionless afterwards)
Daniel: "You're so cool crumb."


The Brackensack game includes too amazingly well known characters.
(Bitey of Brackenwood)
(Prowlies at the river)
(Little foot)
and (Yu Yu)
and the FATSACK. The fun loving bag of liquid who is seen in
(Bitey of Brackenwood)
(Prowlies at the River)
and (Little Foot)

In the game the rule is to bounce the fatsack off of your (Bitey's) head as much as you can without dropping it. But if you REALLY want to get the high scores by pressing down (Space Bar) You are able to give the character enough energy to fire that helpless sack of liquid through space and time. With the speed of bitey + plus the sliding features your sack will be bouncing off of the trees like a game of pinball. A true aim is to get the best quality possible, and if you like, get the top height, keep trying to beat your old score.
A simple game with amazing actionscript and fantastic animation, this game has made people ALL AROUND THE WORLD go INSANE.

Here is Nathan Viney, our monkey News reporter at the scene.

The Daily Crumb have ordered in many more of those amazing fatsack balloons if anyone was remotely interested.
Order them now from Biteycastle! (There's no looking back)

Thankyou for reading this special GOLDEN TRILOGY SPECIAL DELITE LIVE version of the Daily Crumb's Daily Blog.

- Nathan (munch) Viney of The Daily Crumb.