Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Two Detectives Episode List

The Two Detectives 
By Nathan Viney and Matthew Menhenick

The series came to an abrupt ending but not before filming a 6 episode series for the Web. Michael and Freud did their best to get as many crooks behind bars as possible, but most ended up killing themselves anyway. 

Series 1 (2010) Episode List 

Episode 1: Sweet Murder
Michael and Freud come across a bunch of mysterious deaths relating to the Carnival. Could these drugged up sweets be a clue?
(Improvised Episode)

Episode 2: The Man Upstairs
A grumpy Michael and curious Freud are tipped off something is going on in a local house. Who is the mystery man on the fridge and why is there a dead guy?

Episode 3: River of Riddles
A dark mystery lurks Tavistock. A growth in suicidal bridge jumpers just don't sit right with the  two detectives. What has Michael got up his nose?

Episode 4: The Arch
Copper, Simon Seds has reports of Freud Lo-hurt mugging an innocent. Could Freud really be the attacker and how did he disappear through the archway?

Episode 5: Dead Rich
Michael and Freud investigate a series of deadly killings in town. But how are they all connected?
And whats going on in the rich side of town?

Episode 6: Drowned Passion
A very dark killing dawns on the detectives. One of their darkest, but this won't stop them getting right to the bottom of the grave.

In this closing story of the series, Michael and Freud run off into the distance to their own theme tune

2013 Short
A personal look at what Michael from The Two Detectives has been up to 

Check out this side episode in the form of a short story! A great read,
'The Two Detectives: Blood on the Railway'

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Songs I just came across

1. Spaceships and Moonbeams by Bethan Fanning

2. Chloe by Hannah Peel

3. Just Lie There/ The One by Gabz Gardiner
These are songs that were performed on Britain's got talent. They are not that INTERESTING but they are enjoyable, well written and performed by a 14 year old.