Monday, October 04, 2010

4th October update. Lurble Hokords Bud Koostion

.... Tennis Timmy and his mother were as happy as their unrelated relative Larry.

Hi! It's been a while. A little while, or a big while. Well when i write big i should write it in capitals. BIG.. and bold? BIG
It has once again been a BIG while since i last saw your face/s/z/ers/wers/wizzles/dizzles/trifle.
I've been up and down, all around, falling down.. alot. Been to Mars, oh and Jupitar. Oh and i went to this wonderful place to have a picnic. China... Yeah that was in China.
Oh and i got a disease where all my skin started sticking together, like my arms were stuck to my side and my feet were glued together with gloopy skin.
See i think i just fell asleep while lying down on a sunny day. But i'm lucky i guess, that i dont get all sun burnt, i just melt. Is that luck? I think so, i'm kind of lucky.
You can be too, if you're willing to pay for something pretend.
This is The Daily Crumb. We're the online newspaper who stop start pop and fa.. we do many things here.
Lately we've been hitting the walls as hard as possible as a daily workout. I've not got muscles yet and the wall is not cracked. UnforKunately.
UnforKunately is a big word. I like it. If you make the first and last letters big it could be a big novel or movie title.
Did not really work
UnforKunately. Oh well. On with the rest of the jazz. Jazz music.. Hows that all going, i want some, maybe when i'm 21... is that one of those 'important' birthdays. No bithday is important, either that or all of them are. I dunno.
Either way if you are going to get some extras for an ordinary birthday just let the people do what they want to do. Party food is good, cake is good. Party Pies are good.
Then there are those teenagers that go for a amazing 16th or something. Whats it called? Super 16th or something? Special 16th? Probably the last one. Where they get lots of money because they think they deserve something big, or that other people do.
Anyway i've gone off topic now... what was the topic. Did i even have a topic? What was for dinner? What was for lunch? Why do i not leave my chair EVER anymore. Apart from the whole melting thing i'm working on Lurble Hokords Bud Koostion which is a fantastic CBBC show, because childrens TV is the rox socks. The show starts very soon on BBC2 but i will be at UNI i have been informed *Insert swear word here*
Go iplayer. I do believe it starts on the 6th.
So have you been researching? Good. If you have you will have noticed that i said i do not leav emy chair. then later on in the wonderful conversation i mentioned that i had UNI. So yes i get off my chair to go to uni. OR is UNI a new.. type of UNIT... U.N.I.T.. (DrWho). Alien/army work i do from my fat home office chair.
Hope you are all having a nice day. Because right now i am NOT!!! It is pitch black outside. But that might be because it is night time.

See you after the break