Sunday, June 08, 2014

My 4 Part Coby Charles Series

Dear Readers,
In recent months I have been creating a series about a lonely little man who lives in his.. living room (pretty much). They are just short, badly made little videos really. But hopefully there is a heart in there you will appreciate.
The final episode was released 2 days ago. I thought I'd put them all up on here.
Although I say there are 4 episodes. There is a rather dull filler VLOG I also included to help plot or something.

The Coby Charles Series

Agoraphobia with a touch of schizophrenia

Episode 1: Meets Parallel Self 

Episode 2: Coby in a Cupboard

Episode 3: The Lonely Song

Episode 3.5: Vlog

Episode 4: Finds out Stuff

- The Daily Crumb