Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Silver Screen Trailer

Today in the news a penny is worth twice as much as a long journey. Wise words from the late Samuel L Jackson.

Quest Stars in our film
Derek Acorah
Forest Gump
he's a preview

- The Daily Crumb

Friday, April 24, 2009

Matt and Nathan presents their film to Sam the Blind Director

Today in the news lets jump from one world to the next

In todays world
Nathan and Matt released their newest short film today.
Matthew: "Dudes, it's pretty much a high fling wacky factor trip snap hollywood style drama smash."
Nathan: "I can't believe he didn't even put my name in the intro!"
Matthew: "Sorry man, i can't writing well deserved names into credits while i'm looking at my hair..... dude."
This is their astonishing production which is being presented to the amazing SAM THE BLIND DIRECTOR next friday which will be documented by the camera men at The Daily Crumb.
Hope it all goes well.

Field of Lethal Poles (Short Film)

- The Daily Crumb

Friday, April 17, 2009

Stuff that will & Stuff that wont.

Today in the news this title gave away the ending.

Whilst sitting in a cold broken down shed of a studio, The Daily Crumb. I draw what i see fly past the window in the roaring tornado.

This is Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor.
He flew past clutching a picture of his favourite Grandad

I dont know, Matt Smith might possibly become an animation, who knows? i sure dont. I realised that i can not caricature people.
But one thing is for certain, ICECREAM, my next longer than a youtoon animation WILL be made. Not today, not tommorow, certainly not in the next six years but soon enough.

Yeah... the film is not going to look like that. Just so you know.

Matt with a wig is on his way!

- The Daily Thumb

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Beginning of the Silver Screen info

Today in the news click click click click click
You may have noticed two posts back i was attacked by a falling fan. Well i'm ok, just knocked out for a while with no huge injuries.

The next Silver Screen episode is a PRE Silver Screen, based before any of the ones you may or may not have seen at this time.
There will be possibly three episodes leading up to 'Unsafe for the Silver Screen'.
Looking at it these episodes are going to connect much better than the others did but we'll see.
So we're back in time, everyone and everything is different. This is before they even got to the village of Walkhampton.

Matt and Nathan are aspiring film makers (Like Unsafe). But unfortunately they are terrible at it. At the same time they run their own radio show.
But something interrupts their lifestyle. The medium turns up...
The rest is HISTORY

- The Daily Crumb

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Little Howard Showreel

Today in the news a Humphrey was a Hippopotamus in his past life. He said he worked this out when he choked on a CD. The CD had a group of very catchy tunes.
Sadly the CD did not live through the abuse and passed away in the local hospital soon afterwards. Humphrey was arrested by the Cannibal Police Department. They said, "We were lucky to even get this job."
Where am i going with this?

Let's just say

Can you do a showreel please?
It's cheesy but
oh yeah and the next Silver Screen is being organised. Matt bought a wig.
(Showreel below. If you cannot see it please visit, Dailybloog.blogspot.com)


- The Daily Crumb