Friday, September 21, 2007

Cold? I call this WINTER!

Today in the news an obviously mentally handicapped mop haired child didnt film himself acting like an obviously mentally handicapped mop haired child.
Also in the news I AM A FOOL
Anywayz aside from that
Congrats Adam on winning Peoples Choice at Flash Forward.
Everyone, you need to check out the acceptance animation. It's classic.

^Click image for animation^
One day ill be at Flash Forward, just you watch me! XD
Look at all those arrows
"Oh, soo wiiise"
^Read that in a sarcastic voice
But not all bad news today...... *cough*
Matthew Menhenick released episode two of his paper animated cartoon. RMN Copz. This time, along with some odd themes hes put "The Hobby" into the storyline. The Hobby is a character originally created by Matt that likes to torture and murder people. It also stars DAVID TENNANT making a heros appearence. so have a watch.
Heres the episode

(To make: Paper, Photoshop, Flash and Windows movie maker)
and heres The Hobby trailer/title sequence that was made last year directed by myself and Matt.

(To make: Camera, paint, Smokey Jewell, The Hobby, Adobe Premiere)

- Nathan (cheese) Viney

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  1. I am so glad I have started to look at your blog more and more there is so much amusing stuff on here Viney. Awesome stuff and keep up the good work, plus bring more vids of yourself here ;)