Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Daily Crumb in 2017

Hi The Daily Crumb readers!!

Oh okay, everyone has gone home I guess.
Well this is a quick 2017 update just giving the no-one-verse an idea of where I am as a person creatively.
I'm currently finding the world very interesting. Happy faces and interesting locations continue to catch my attention. Because of this I post a lot of random pictures on my Instagram account. There is no consistency there. There are photographs, drawings, animation previews, videos of atmospheric settings, short 'comedy' videos and more whatevers I experience. My Instagram seems to be kind of my visual diary, like this blog may have been once upon a time. Anyway, in short, I bit my tongue yesterday ouch.

Here are some of the sketches that have appeared.

You can check out everything at

A lot of the the little video sketches I've made for Instagram I have also put on my second YouTube channel, TheDailyCrumb2. There is certainly some very weird stuff on this channel so watch your step if you do venture there.

Like this

and this

and this (Scene from Toy Story 2)

and of course, this.


So I've been keeping busy. I've also ventured into some very new and very old areas.

I've recently just completed a super dumb animation about Donald Trump. And I love it because it reminds me of how stupid things can be in cartoons. It also reminds me of those good times in my teen days where I'd create many silly short comedy sketches just for the fun of it.

I have a full time job in the real life, so doing full animations is so difficult and I am certainly restricted from working at a good pace.

I would like animation to be my main thing going into the future. I have fun doing it and I have a lot I want to say, even if it is stuff people have heard already before from other massive properties...? what? My cartoons need to move I think, I' m not sure. I've done loads of comics in my life but after the 'no book' situation I feel like animation is a better place for my art. It takes so long but it's very fulfilling.

Going next I'm not sure what animation it will be, but you'll see. (Eventually) (In like 3 years) (Nah, hopefully not..)(I am so slow)

Next up is new thing! Well not entirely new....
The full story is I've made a lot of music in my life, but all on this non-professional software called 'Mixcraft'. I don't know how to play ANY instruments, apart from a tiny bit of drums. But I do play the laptop keyboard a bunch and find sounds that feel good in my ears. From there I make songs and write lyrics and do whatever. The ending of the Trump animation had a little music I did... though it is short.
Anyway. I joined up with my friend in Australia who I have known for many years who is an expert Trombone dude. He didn't care that I didn't know how to play actual instruments and decided he wanted to get involved in some of my music!

So we made 2 songs! They are scary and tromboney. So please enjoy.

Listen to that Trombone!

To end off, I've also watched all of Steven Universe and am playing some FreeSo (The Sims Online fan reboot) (I don't play official Sims anymore. SHOCK HORROR!)

- Thedailycrumb



.. Oh you are still here? I knew you were curious! Of COURSE you were. Well, since you are so desperate I'll show you pictures of my Sim house.

- Thedailycrumb