Monday, June 11, 2012

Blogdiddily Update Diddles

Hey update readers,

Just to keep you up to date,
The Daily Crumb worked with animating for a short film, Green Means Stop. This work ended and the film screened in London a few weeks ago. It was an enjoyable experience and we got to meet some great people.

We also recently finished an animation for a nearly married couple. You can watch that here! CLICK THE IMAGE below.


We've been doing some Tomothy and Pals comics! A whole series of them in fact. If you have not been reading then what is wrong with you? We update every week! Come on?!!?!
Click for LARGER! 
and click here for THE COMIC OF COURSE  its kind of a collage aint it. 


- The Dooly Crumb
(Nathan Viney and co.)