Monday, September 24, 2007

Doctor Who and the Appearance of the Cardboard Dalek

Today in the news firefighters realized fighting the fire just burnt them to death.
Also in the news
A vote on the best way to start a conversation finally releases a winner.
"I don't know about you, but there are hundreds of people getting shot in MY country" (Followed by a wink *Make sure it isn't suggestive*)

Adam Phillips has released Waterlollies onto the internet. Where it is exactly, no one knows. Though part C or (3) possibly [/code] has its sound effects and music to be made.
It's going to be epic folks. Absolutely Epic

What is it that makes Waterlollies so exciting?
I'm not sure. Lets see.
  • Earlier Animations are evidence of .. this. And every year he has improved
  • Professional music from Lara C
  • The amazing effects animation
  • The many lovable characters
  • The previews we've seen! Not only the detail thats put into the art but the colours used
For the last week ive been repeatedly watching Yu Yu and LittleFoot, and all of the rest. Doing a continuous Marathon of viewing.
What are you looking most forward to in Waterlollies? Waterlollies, what that?

umm i dont know the effects probably
The backgrounds have always been his specialty, so that's what I look forward to.
not sure, just like his animations...............more of what new creature he will come up with...
I'll leave you once again with a screenshot

(You have already seen it but its always nice to be violent)

Also in the news today a crazy video staring myself, and a Cardboard Dalek.
Do i get crazier?

- Nathan (Exterminate) Viney
ps: colour, black and white, colour, black and white....


  1. Slooooooowwwwwwmoooottttionnnnn lolz.

    Couldn't think of anything BAH! :p very disappointing I may never come here again lol.


  2. Oh mayn, I want one so muc (cardboard dalek, not slow-mo fall)

  3. Oh mayn, I want one so muc (cardboard dalek, not slow-mo fall)