Friday, September 28, 2007

The Killing Joke (Book)

An excellent book ive recently finished reading.

(Stolen Extract)
Guy Henderson is a struggling actor recently dumped by his girlfriend. Getting drunk in a downmarket North London pub, he overhears builders telling a sick joke about a recently deceased actress - who just happens to be Guy's long-lost mother. He objects, and is viciously headbutted for his pains. But does he seek revenge? No - the incident sends him on torturous quest for the source of jokes such as the one that offended him - and he encounters both shadowy, sinister figures and bizarre characters who appear to have stepped right out of jokes -- and don't have his welfare at heart.The one-liners here are, to quote the title, killingly funny, and the hapless Guy is a wonderfully shambolic hero; If the final revelation doesn't quite match the brilliantly sustained build up, few will complain. It looks like Horowitz has another career - first-rate comic novelist - to add to his bulging CV. --Barry Forshaw

Wondering about the Crumb closing?

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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