Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tomothy and his Christmas mishaps

Hi reader,
This Christmas I released two Tomothy and Pals comics for the festive season.
Tomothy's Christmas has not always been in comic form, in previous years there have been animations showing off the antics of his Christmas time.
Things have not always been good.

Some will remember the darker side of the Tomothy and Pals series.

Christmas may have all started with this snowy cartoon, Tomothy and Pals episode one. Although there is really no mention of Christmas itself, it does include a Jingle Bells tune at the beginning. It is a very wintery toon though.

In this one we see how hopeless Tomothy's life is? Hmm. What a Shame.
Vinnie and Yo make an appearance with a snow ball fight and Ellie has a snow monster war with Tom. The animations also included a previous character, Simon, a friend of Tomothy who is moving away.
If there WAS a timeline for Tomothy and Pals, the comics would be set before...
Peter replaced Simon. You'll notice it was not until 'You Can't Handle the Knowledge' that Vinnie obtained his bubble.

First proper Christmas one, Tomothy and Pals Christmas Ecard. This one really is just a bunch of random stuff, Tomothy gives Ellie a box for Christmas. Yo is sinking in the the snow, and we are introduced to little Tadhg (Who later had a big redesign)

Next up is a short Christmas special  where Tomothy forgets a song so has to make the whole thing up himself. Poor Tom.

Last of the Christmas animated specials is the most.. it made a bit of an impact on the series and the audience.
This short continues on from 'You Can't Handle the Knowledge', a 7 minute Tomothy cartoon. Yo does not make much of an appearance in this one. It was called 'Killed off on Christmas Day'. The story is that, due to Tomothy's lack of personality he is worried he will be cut from his own series. Various Characters are called up and told, if they killed Tomothy they would get their own series.
Jerome rejects them but Ellie follows it up trying her own way of getting rid of her brother.
After a twist we find that Monet, Jerome's bear, shoots Tomothy.
Vinnie's bubble also pops in this one, which shows, plus the death, that I wanted to stop the series.
Looking at my love for the comics now, I don't like how this animation breaks that wall, where Tom knows its an animation.

But all is well! 4 years later Tomothy is back and wearing a bib at Christmas Dinner. Here's to 4 years more of living Tomothy!
(Below) Yo and Vinnie
(Below) Dad, Mum, Tomothy, Tadhg, Jerome, Ellie, Yo and Vinnie 2012
Read all comics at http://nathanviney.com/tomothycomic.html

- The Daily Crumb

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

'Tardis Not Included' New Doctor Who 2013 Cartoon

Yesterday (10/12/2012) I released a new Dr Who cartoon to Youtube. Exclusively for Youtube! What a wonderful place. If you enjoy please send on to your friends for them to enjoy! Keep sharing! Or the world might just explode.

Video above:

Secrets for the eagle eyed:

  • The Snowmen, Dalek being beaten up, Tomothy Sign, WOOO Wizard on shop logo and Mock Donalds clown character killed in car crash in opening shot. 
  • Kameleon in the Bin  
  • Blob Movie Poster for 'The End'
  • Cyberman working at Mock Donalds
  • Tom Baker scarf and jelly babies on the table
  • Ellie and Tadhg characters from 'Tomothy and Pals' comic in the moving car toy. 
  • Adric going up the escalator when Adric is mentioned
  • Crime tape says 'Little Policeman's Room' 
  • Copy of  'The Beano' Magazine on the cabinet as well as photo of the victim with Dennis the Menace in a hoody.
  • 'Ron Weasley' After Credits mention. 

We'll let you know of any future projects

- The Daily Crumb

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Grapes. A short film (Live Action)

Hi everyone, Lana Cohen has written a brilliant story about two kids and the reintroduction of imagination. Here is the director talking bout it. They are looking for some cash to help them out. They are already spending 1000 (eek) from their own pockets. so it would be nice if you guys could help out! It will sure be appreciated. :)

Donate above^

I've worked beside Lana on this script for a long time now and know that it will hold the interests of both adult and child. We all relate to the loss of imagination, the real world beckoning us with it's negativity. Well in this story a girl, is pulled back, to where we should all be. A worry free world of imagination.
It is going to be a good film, no doubt about it. There are a good team behind it, all very interested in the project. It is just a matter of getting some of your help.

Watch the video below

- Nathan

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tomothy and Pals Comics

Hi everyone,
We have recently reached about 41 comics on the website.
Here is my explanation of them as a set

There are a variation of comics. Ones that have stupid jokes, one that have kind of clever jokes, ones that are mostly for character development but hopefully make people smile and ones that people may just not like.
I think it needs that. Because clever and stupid are the ones that sell but character develop are the ones that keep the fans if there are any reading.
I used the school camp series of comics to explore the characters personalities with various different situations a kid may experience at camp. Cooking, making and sleeping in a tent, camp fires and other activities.
It was also a way to bring in a long running theme. All of the other comics have been one off jokes. I love the one off formula because it gives us a lot of freedom thinking of ideas (My co-thinker Lana Cohen brings a lot of the comic ideas in).
But the theme kept some on going situation/ continuity. This was in their clothes (school uniform with leaf camp logo) and their environment (the wilderness, nature).

It is difficult to portray a story in 4 panel jokes that I like to be quite funny, and a good development for the characters but it will be nice to work on what is coming next. Whether that be one offs or themes.

On that note, the comic will be taking a short break while I work on some other life projects, like council work and possibly a short animation.
I will still be planning comics, just not producing them just yet. But this normally means you will get a lot at some point!
I am also looking into releasing it as a book, I may send word out to publishers but not getting my hopes up.

- Nathan Viney
Tomothy's Dad

Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Daily Crumb's TOP 20 Blur Songs

You an listen to these tracks (Apart from 2 Bsides) on Spotify here '♫ Crumb Top 20 Blur tracks http://spoti.fi/L7WJcw
In celebration of Blur releasing 2 new tracks for their fans to listen to in their ears we've decided to do a top 20 list. There will be detailed -> vague descriptions of why they have been chosen.
Of course there will be songs that don't make the list due to the fact that I'm only allowed 20! But whatever, let's do this thing.

Below the list are songs I could not fit into the 20.

The Puritan.
Album: Under the Westway
I had to put this on the list because I am very much enjoying it, on repeat. But not had enough time to quite work out where it might be in the list. This song is energetic and shows poetic, developed lyrics (Like Westway) but to an electric jumping pop song, something to lighten the mood. It shows a lot of the work Damon and Graham have been doing over the years all piled into an excellent track.

Wear me Down
Album: Leisure
This song just has a great flow. It plays both a relaxed sound throughout, and a fantastic chorus. It is just one of those easy listeners with a memorable chorus. 'You, You wear me down, my defences are gone now." It also has some very nice guitar sounds.

It Could be You
Album: The Great Escape
At this point Blur knew what pop they were making. They knew the hooks, an example of this is 'Country House'. It Could be You has the catchy tunes, friendly vocals and just a great listen. Another one with an amazing chorus, and an amazing album.

Colin Zeal
Album: Modern Life is Rubbish 
I think I love this song mainly for the guitar, it is just excellent throughout. 'He's pleased with himself, he's pleased with himself, ah hah!'. Blur started finding their own direction and this song, clearly about a character was a part of this beginning.

Album: Leisure
I have to be honest here, this song really only became one of my favourites because of it's usage in the documentary 'No Distance left to Run'. It originally missed my radar while listening to Leisure, then seeing it used in such emotional scenes, it became a very beautiful song in my eyes. You will love it.

Star Shaped
Album: Modern Life is Rubbish
This song once again shows how well the band work together, so many things click together so well and create a full on rock/pop track.

Album: Blur
As they restarted themselves in more of a grungy rock type direction Beetlebum was a great success. It sounds quite simple, but you'll never hear anything like it. It clearly shows a difference in sound, but a similarity, the same 'Modern Life is Rubbish' band advancing into a new direction. A good one.

Trouble in the Message Centre
Album: Parklife

This song is brilliant! When you begin to listen to it, you don't know what to expect, then BOOM! It gets into it. This is a great simple rock/pop song. Everything sounds great in this song. The vocals sound like they are spoken and there are some crazy effects on the guitars like an epic children's television title sequence. Not sure how to explain that. The drums are basic but oh so important. "In so much trouble" Just to top it off they bring in the la la la's and you know you've got a good track.

Money makes me Crazy (Marrackech Mix)
Album: Out of Time
Here is a song you may not have expected in this list. I'm not sure why, but it seems to be a less appreciated song. Maybe it is because it is so catchy. This song came out as a bside to the single, Out of Time. It is brilliantly catchy and goes back to Blur's old pop days (Before they started exploring other sounds and moods).
I suppose it was also a bit like the 'Under the Westway' release. An emotional song piece 'Out of Time' with a jumpy pop song to sit with it and enjoy.

Album: Parklife
This has a lovely tune and lovely lyrics. A highlight from the Parklife album. Have a listen. Though I never had a badhead in the morning so I can't relate to that..

Charmless Man
Album: The Great Escape
I'm not sure whether it is the song or the video I love the most.... The video is hilarious, how stupid they take it with the beating up of Blur, the amazing Damon spring legs or the connecting story at the end?
Hey the song is brilliant as well, else it would not be on this list. It is up there with 'It could be you', knowledge of what catches and what sounds brilliant. It is also one of the only songs I knew the words to as a kid. ENJOY THE VIDEO

This is a Low
Album: Parklife
Here is a song that seems to get better with age! Blur recently performed it at the Brits and it sounded brilliant. An old but classic, emotional track.

Strange News from Another Star
Album: Blur
This song, like 'He thought of Cars' seems to be like hidden gems. They are not Bsides, but without being singles, they remained brilliant and quiet sitting on their albums. This one is very spacey, but also very sad sounding. Don't cry, it is only a bunch of aliens. It also has some fantastic little electronic sounds in there.

Album: 13
I wish I could have fit more 13 tracks on here, it is a fantastic album. Bugman is another highlight from this album, as well as Trailerpark, Trimm Trabb and the obvious Coffee and Tv. For me though, Caramel is just CHILLING. It will chill you, everything about this track is chilling. I'm not sure whether it is a musical response to their emotions at this time in their career. It is dark, but also a refreshing sound for the once poppy chaps, like the whole album. This song will make you feel lonely, and possibly make you think that you smell burnt caramel, that might just be me. 'Gotta find genius'.

He thought of Cars
Album: The Great Escape
I actually think, a live play out of this in 2012 by Damon and Graham at WarChild sounded better than the original. But that does not stop this being an amazing song. I don't know whether to laugh and say 'haha they mentioned cars' or think about a darker side to the lyrics? It has to be one of the best Blur songs ever, and that is why it is up near the top!

Under the Westway
Album: Under the Westway
Wow are we here already? That was quick! So this is one of the songs they released last week. How did it make its way all the way up to 5? That is crazy! So at some point in between the 2009 reunion and opera, Dr Dee, Damon Albarn had an epiphany. This epiphany inspired him to go back to his past, love his past and write about his country. (Because Dr Dee was about about England and stuff) So Damon wrote some lyrics, some very poetic lyrics. Their first 2012 'comeback' song was named ' Under the Westway ' and sends every Blur fan into a tearful journey. To hear their favourite band playing a new, full emotional tune makes their heads explode. Then 'The Puritan' just topped it off. So anyway, with brilliant lyrics, a beautiful, possibly simple piano tune and some excellent support from the band (echoey epic drums), 'Under the Westway' sounds great.

The Universal
Album: The Great Escape
I'm not a musician but could this be one their most well written songs? Someone get back to me on that. This song is beautiful and memorable, and on the British Gas adverts. That's probably what else helped Damon's epiphany, he was like "My song is on a 'British' Gas advert... which means I should write about Britain.. what else is in Britain?.. oh yeah! My band!" This song, like 'This is a Low' showed they were happy to do more slow, less poppy tracks. But I'd happilly play this song if the world was ending.


Theme from an Imaginary Film
Album: Parklife (Single)
This track, I feel is another 'The Universal' but a bit more pantomime. It's lyrics are perfect for the title, it is just an amazing sound. No idea why this was not an Album track. The music and vocals are all SuperP

Out of Time
Album: Think Tank
This has to be here, this is my favourite Blur song. I discovered Blur when the Best of came out and went backwards. So when the first Blur single came out for their next album I was the first to buy it... Out of Time is an amazing track. The bass and drums are relaxing and driving. The guitar is going all over the place with fantastic little plucks or whatever ya call it. The lyrics are perfect. I know you were not there Graham, but I'm sure it was inspired by ya. Lovely song. All of the Banksy art helped as well.. oh yeah and apparently the sound clip at the beginning is from Doctor Who..

For Tomorrow
Album: Modern Life is Rubbish
This song is 'blur'. It is a classic, it has the lyrics, it has the tune, it has the lalalas, this is the song that makes them them. 'Trying not to make him sick again.' I also think this one helped the epiphany...

London's so nice back in your seamless rhymes 
But we're lost on the Westway. 
So we hold each other tightly, 
And we can wait until tomorrow.

The end

Songs that did not fit into the list!
Song 2 (Blur)
Parklife (Parklife)
Country House (The Great Escape)
Blue Jeans (Modern Life is Rubbish)
Coffee and TV (13)
Trailerpark (13)
Bugman (13)
End of a Century (Parklife)
To the End (Parklife)
Black Book (Music is my Radar)
Sweet Song (Think Tank)
Tender (13)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Blogdiddily Update Diddles

Hey update readers,

Just to keep you up to date,
The Daily Crumb worked with animating for a short film, Green Means Stop. This work ended and the film screened in London a few weeks ago. It was an enjoyable experience and we got to meet some great people.

We also recently finished an animation for a nearly married couple. You can watch that here! CLICK THE IMAGE below.


We've been doing some Tomothy and Pals comics! A whole series of them in fact. If you have not been reading then what is wrong with you? We update every week! Come on?!!?!
Click for LARGER! 
and click here for THE COMIC OF COURSE  its kind of a collage aint it. 


- The Dooly Crumb
(Nathan Viney and co.)

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Amination is fun

Today in the muse

Hi people reading this blog.

First off, I'd like to say, thank you everyone for your kind words on that Matt Smith has a birthday video. It was spread widely across various blogs for Doctor Who, Animation and even The Sims. Such lovely people out there spreading my rubbish. Luckily, I feel like, unlike physical rubbish that needs some effort to clean it up, internet rubbish simply fades away in the minds of people.
Thanks to Tony Coburn for returning with his fantastic voice to joy the people of the Doctor Who world once again.

In this blog post I'm going to talk about possible future projects of my own. As well as looking at some interesting and entertaining videos and music I have discovered recently.

I have good friends! All working very hard on their projects.
I have an unknown friend named Nick Maynard, he is working on some ToonBoom cartoons, they will hopefully appear on the internet, even if quite simple.

My fellow Detective, Matthew Menhenick, the creator of the webseries, Lillium is working on more projects as well as the next episode. You can check out his blog here.

My other friend, the musician behind the credits music of 'Cliff and the End of the Rainbow' has released a musical album under the name, 'Star-Eyed Shrew'
Click the image to listen and download album


Own Projects:

A Tomothy and Pals 30 second short will be out in the coming weeks. The animation is complete but waiting on a voice. It will be presented as a comic in the series.

I'm wondering what I should be doing next, and whether I'd have time to do anything. Before anything is for certain I'd like to earn some money.
But here are things I'd like to do.

  • Random animated shorts
  • Possible short music vid
  • Animated short film (Similar to Cliff but better)
  • Animated web series (Oh to dream!)

Question is which one to do first? 


Stuff the internet found for me!

4 chords!

Not a full song.. but its Damon Albarn! 'The Dancing King' I saw him play this live last year and I met him! We're waiting on 'Under the Westway' Blur recording.

This is the next thing I wanted to share, for UK readers. The BBC Radio 4 show 'Just a Minute' is finally a TV show.

For people who are not in the UK you can listen to an older recording here

Picture by Drombyb, discovered on DoctorWhotv.co.uk

A lady playing Zelda on Violin

Screenshot of the new SimCity
My fave picture from Gorillaz Phase 3

Inspired by Family Guy

A simple countryside background I drew in a short amount of time

Preview of the Tomothy and Pals short 'Awkward' posted on the Tomothy and Pals Twitter page

- The Daily Crumb

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Reef

Citizens of Dailycrumboria

Hi everyone!

Today in the news Falcons were caught doing some pretty foul cons.

The Daily Crumb Youtube released a new Dr Who cartoon staring Tony Coburn. This is the 2012 release in the style of a sequel to the previous Dr Who spoof cartoons.

In this recent 2 minute, 26 second animation a cartoon Matt Smith is desperate to eat his tasty birthday cake. Unfortunately for him Amy and Rory are the only ones to turn up at his party, and Rory's dieing again! Steven Moffat and David Tennant also make an appearance in this toon.

The cartoon reached 5000 views today since release which is lovely, thank you to everyone eating and sharing.
MATT SMITH HAS A BIRTHDAY (Doctor Who Preview Clip 2012)

 The Daily Crumb Youtube's previous Dr Who shorts include Doctor Who meets Minecraft
Dalek in Love
Doctor Who preview clip 2010
Doctor Who preview clip 2008
 The Daily Crumb also produced some very early ones with their own Doctor Who design including 'Hello I'm a Mac' http://youtu.be/1nJ_PhpsPbE 

 * OTHER NEWS! The film we worked on 'Green means Stop' is in editing stages at the moment, but when complete may get a full screening in London. We may be working on some documentary type film as well as possibly some short comedy animations (both not official) The future of Daily Crumb Animation is not entirely clear at this point.

Reekingmends (Recommends)

*   Blob Corp Studios will be releasing a short animation they did for Freelance work soon on their channel

*   Anna in the Aviary (The musician that performed the 'Rainbow's End' credits song at the end of our film Cliff and the End of the Rainbow has changed her name to 'Star-Eyed Shrew'.
Star-Eyed Shrew will be releasing a new album! Here is a preview track.

*   The band The Daily Crumb used to produce, 'Ekalopse' who soon signed onto 'Xtric Plugkits Records' retired in earlier weeks. Though they are still touring. Their blog is available online.

 - The Daily Crumb

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Daily Crumb Roundup

Hi folks!
The short film Green means Stop is finished (Animation anyway) It is going through editing stages now. Its all been shipped off to be edited by a man named Will Middleton. He will be your director for this evening.

That is wonderful isn't it.

Lana Cohen (Our collaborating genius) has written us a script based on a very old idea of ours. So we may be doing some for designs for that soon.
At the moment we are looking for some work, whether it be animation, or scooping slabs of poo from a lasagne tray. Whatever shall pay for the animation time.

Also the band Ekalopse informed us that they've released a Best Of Album. Which apparently has all the songs they think are at least 'listenable.. almost'
Find it here 

Monday, February 06, 2012

2012 Website Design

It is a new year.. slightly, although the year is already on its way to ending...  With jobless people across the world and some jam donuts waiting for me, this year is going to be exactly like every other year. Except with new year, comes more responsibility.
- Uncle Ben

The Daily Crumb has had a huge 'makeover'. With new images, colours and a LOGO that is still a work in progress.
The new website has a side bar for navigation. The options at the moment are HOME, CONTACT (Which now includes CV), ANIMATIONS, COMICS (A new button that links to the recent Tomothy and Pals comics) and BLOG, Which links to here.
The side bar buttons are really nice as they stay on screen when linking to other websites. So if you access this BLOG via the website, you will also be able to go and check out the comics or animations, or click the contact button. All worlds connect.
This method for some reason does not work when linking to sites such as 'facebook' and 'deviantart'. So it must mainly be blog-like sites. (I don't know!)
Everything is easily accessible and we also now have a Daily Crumb Facebook Page (You can find that link on the new website as well).  So you can click LIKE if you desire.

This website is in 'redesign' stages, there are still some glitches to be ironed out


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stuff you can look @

Dear Daily Crumb Readers,
Happy Birthday to Adam Phillips who turned the age of the Unicorn today.
I'm going to show you some things! First off, SHELF promotion now, there is a new Tomothy and Pals comic out.
You can find it here

There is also a new trailer for the new Avatar series available. (If you cannot see you may be reading an email)

Also this lovey dovey animation for all you birds of love out there.

Below is a very well animated bar fight
(Please, if you are interested in the artists and animators don't mind me, go and look into them, I'm not doing it, I've got things to do, mostly sleep.)

Videos that entertained me

Comedy double act that used to do Macromedia flash downloadable drawn objects including guns and motorbikes released a Death Note spoof.

Movie of the year so far by Studio Ghibli with perfect british dub, unfortunately the trailer narration is written by Dr Seuss

- The Daily Crumb

Friday, January 27, 2012

Steak Pie Review (For UK readers)

Warning: This page may include offensive material to anyone that is a vegetarian or vegan. We mention the word Steak 20 times throughout the article. 

Hi everyone, in the last year Steak pies have started turning up everywhere for me to eat.
British Pie company, Pukka Pies started throwing their steak pies at pastry shops around the country. Here are my reviews and ratings for some pies I have eaten recently.

(Steak Pie)

Tesco, like many supermarkets have a pack of  4 steak pies you can buy and pop in your fridge. Unfortunately a Tesco Steak Pie is the equivalent of a broken down car that's sinking very slowly to the bottom of a river. You can tell the meat is not of perfection, it is a bit 'tasteless' (at times) and it might have a bit too much gravy. But that's the good part, I would not say no to a Tesco Steak Pie, the insides, although not mind blowing, are still good. It is the pastry that is not so fine, It is pastry, sure, but it is just too hard, we want smooth soft pastry when we eat our Steak Pies.

We give it a
(Steak Pie)

Lidl, like Tesco does a pack of 4 pies. I'm not sure of the price but I hear from a flock of birds that they are of good value. I don't know how they did it but 'Lidl Steak Pies' are as good as you can get with a cold simple Steak pie.
Their insides have the right amount of steak and gravy and the pastry is very smooth to eat. The only reason I have not given it a higher rating is because I've not tasted God's Steak Pies unfortunately, I'll keep you updated on that.

We give it a

Pukka Pies
(Steak Pie)

Well, these are the leading brand of pie people in the UK I believe. Some how the owner is one of the richest people in the UK. Truth be told I only started to notice Pukka Pies in the last two years, popping up in pastry stores like Oggy Oggy and in little orange boxes in supermarkets.
I was sceptical at first, no one had real pies any-more. They all seem to be tiny Co-Op slices and greasy Warrens pasties.
But I was wrong! Pukka Pies at the Oggy Oggy are fantastic. As well as the shop ones, very good. They brought hope back into my life. Now bring on the chicken pies (without mushrooms)

The leading brand for pies gets a
8.5/10 (So Lidl's are as good :O )

(Steak and Ale Pie)
Morrisons is brilliant, if you are walking around, hungry for lunch, all you need to do is jump into Morrisons. You can buy one juicy Steak and Ale Pie in a bag, hot or cold, and off you go. Buying one pie is very helpful, in other supermarkets you are made to buy a pack of 2 or 4. Although that is brilliant for when you are going home and you can store them in the fridge... when you are out at lunch it means you will want ALL OF THEM. Then you gain weight for eating 4 pies in a row, every day for lunch.
You can sometimes find these Morrisons Steak and Ale Pies, made in store, at the back by the meat and cheese counters.

We give it a
8/10  (This may have been higher but as it is against regular Steak Pies, it had to be fair)


Looking at other websites it seems Lidl has been doing quite well with other customers as well.

Now back in Australia we had these things called Party Pies, they were mini Steak Pies, bring on the Party Pies!
There are no images included in this article of 'Steak Pies' because they actually look quite 'yuck' in photos, not very photogenic. Not like Chocolate Cakes.


- The Daily Crumb

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Shed a tear for the latest Blob Film

The following article is based on the fictional series, Lillium. You can watch the various episodes here

In March 2010 characters Matt and Puddles the Cat left their smelly stone city, with it's pollution and corruption. They flew over to a more beautiful and peaceful place, the Old Realm.
In the Old Realm there is no war and no guns. But something happened in episode 9, Destruction. A bomb went off in their old city, a bomb that would effect their new home, The Old Realm.
There seems to have been a lot of life loss, due to this explosion. But it was the loss of...

You can watch the episode below.
There is some magnificent voice acting from the voices of Matt and Puddles. Sad to see their own city destroy them.