Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oh my Gosh! It is a Pico special

As you all know it is Pico day or something like that 2 thousand and... whatever.
and i made something
some are calling it the best animation on earth
"You only repeat the scene 100 times" and it was the best animation on earth.
Right from the coconuts mouth folks.
anyway you can see it here before it gets deleted. in... 15 days!

Great news! Tom Fulp raised my limit to 11mb Tomothy and Pals You Can't Handle the Knowledge will go onto!!!
- The Daily Crumb

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tomothy and Pals Poster

Today in the news four thousand tiny pupils left their humans eyes and made their way to an enormous School reunion! They were located in America heading towards the sea!
People are wondering whether they copied the YuYu cloud, or even worse, the Lost cloud that the YuYu stole :O
The tutors are hoping every pupil will return. "I sure hope every darn doodiling little student returns to our diddily invisible fat chunk of cheese educational department centre for children under the age of watching VHS.
A military operation is going ahead to kill every single pupil sailing across the ocean. They have built a giant underwater bucket and are going to lift it up, they will then lock the bucket with a metal lid.
The pupils will have no breathing air at all.
Tutor: "I know, i heard!"
Officer Military Law Enforcement Man: "I have a decent job for a decent man. Thats me. I run a buisness with Jeffrey Katzenberg to destroy any unusual living creatures. We then steal their looks and create new ones with a different name!
We have already begun thinking of names "Pupil Tale" "Kung Fu Pupil" and "Pupilz"
Then we will create another patch for new born babies, upgrades might i say. Titled: Pupilz return for a second time, Pupils have a third appearence and Pupils 4.
Everything is discussed and Seinfeld is all for the idea even adding in his own element to the idea. He is going to call one of the pupils Nemo, and then crush it on live camera just for his youtube channel. "
Tutor: "Nothing they say is true"
Jeffery Katzenberg: "I am bold"
More on that story later.
Oh yeh, new poster. A bit earlier than expected i know, but isnt that good? No not really has a coming soon poster.
We also have a new LINKS page

thats all

- The Daily Crumb

John Lasseter in Bee Movie?

Today in the news my next project is going to be called DONUT and it is going to be about a nut that wants to learn how to bake donuts, in Paris. Not really.
A bit of a mean stab apparently.

If so, here could be the reason why:
INFO Quoted from

Why For? Well, as I understand it, Jerry & John supposedly had an awkward encounter at Vanity Fair's 2006 Oscar party. Which reportedly came about because Seinfeld casually mentioned to Lasseter that he was working with DreamWorks Animation on "Bee Movie."

From what I've been told, John supposedly used Jerry's brief mention of his new insect-based project as an opportunity to bring up the "Antz" / "A Bug's Life" episode. Where (it's been alleged) Jeffrey Katzenberg "borrowed" the initial premise for Pixar's second picture to use as inspiration for DreamWorks Animation's first CG release.

This conversation then reportedly closed out with Lasseter telling Seinfeld to be careful around Katzenberg. Which was unfortunate. Given that this comic had already been working closely with Katzenberg for a number of years at that point to try & make "Bee Movie" a reality. Which is why Jerry now considers Jeffery to be a good close friend.

So what Lasseter allegedly intended as a helpful bit of advice, Seinfeld supposedly took as a rather insulting remark about a friend of his. Which is why -- the very next time Jerry got together with the "Bee Movie" production team to discuss how that they could "plus" their animated feature -- it was Seinfeld himself who reportedly suggested that they add that blink-and-you'll-miss-it gag that deliberately twitted Lasseter. Which is where this "fat guy in a flowered shirt" gag allegedly came from.

He's twisted Seinfeld's brain juices up.
Oh well, if i were you John i wouldnt care. You got a caricature, thats nice :D
- The Daily Crumb

Monday, April 28, 2008

Interview with Adam Phillips from the past

This was recorded just after Adam left Disney. But all information stays informative and inspirational. When I originally wrote the questions the answers didn’t mean much to me but now as I have grown and begun this college course and final project so many little things interest me and inspire me. The pass into storytelling and the history of his work. How he has evolved and also how I have evolved in animation since I wrote it.

  1. When did you first start animating?

Animation as a career never occurred to me until someone said "you

should apply to Disney!". Before that I wanted to make my own comic book and become massively successful and famous with it. I actually used a

few pages of my comic book work-in-progress to apply for the job at


2. Did anything in education help achieve your position now?

No, not really... I never elected art as a subject, and I left school

early. Nowadays I'm obsessed with learning, and there are times I wish I'd learned more at school. But I'm glad I wasn't exposed to different

styles of art too early on.. it helped me develop my own unique style.

3. Tell me about the evolution of Brackenwood so far.

Yes definitely. Brackenwood started as a novel about a planet called

'Forest', inhabited by a lone crazy pixie called Jack. It was quite dark and even violent.. but eventually the story developed into a more light-hearted thing, and that character became Bingbong. In the

beginning, the story was all about Bingbong, which is why 'Bingbong of Brackenwood' was the first Brackenwood episode. But Bitey's worldwide popularity exploded after his introductory episode, so the story has been developed now to focus on the relationship between Bingbong and his nemesis, Bitey.

4. Who are your favourite animators? (Influenced)

I don't really have a favourite animator. I have friends from Disney

whose work just blows me away. I am lucky to be able to look over their shoulders and watch them work... learn from true masters of the craft.

The direction I have mapped out for my future is more focused on

storytelling, than animation. I have been very fortunate to be given

that training in animation, but it's just one area of storytelling. I'd like to tell stories in other media.. such as 3D animation, live-action, literature (fiction) and illustrated stories (graphic novels, comics). For now though, animation has helped me expose my ideas to the world, so I think I'll stick with it for a number of years yet. Who knows though?

There are usually many surprises that throw your life in a completely

different direction to that which you'd planned. I'm happy to make the best of what I've got, and go with the flow

5. Have any other people helped you on your way, partner, family.. friends?

My mother noticed my talent for drawing when I was a toddler. She has

photos of me drawing spiders on my toes when I was 2 years old, and she has kept many of my drawings. The earliest drawing of mine, a

pencil-drawing of a man's face, she has kept in a photo album. The

drawing is dated 1973. I was almost 3 at the time.

Over the last 6 years, my partner Jeanette has been instrumental in

helping my storytelling dreams become a reality. She was there when I

first got a PC and the internet, and when I discovered Flash and made my first movie. Without her, Brackenwood would never have been what it is today.

6. Tell me about you and Disney

Disney employed me because they saw that I had a talent for drawing. I was not employed as an animator. I was employed as a trainee

Inbetweener. Inbetweening is where you would start a career in

animation. From there, you need to learn all you can about the industry

and the process, develop your skills and work your way up.

7. What are your favourite animated television programs or movies?

My favourite animated movies are Iron Giant and The Incredibles. For

sheer storytelling genius, Brad Bird is my hero. My favourite animated

programs are those that contain very clever writing and entertaining

dialog.. things like the original Warner Bros cartoons (Chuck Jones)

Angry Beavers, The Simpsons (early years), Spongebob. These are all

legendary because of the refined blend of character design, writing and


8. What advice would you give to young animators?

Learn all you can about anatomy (human and animal) before you try to

learn about animation or cartooning. A good grounding in the

fundamentals of real bodies and forms will give you the best start for a

career in animation.

When I applied to Disney, animation skill/experience was not required.

Not even an education was required... all that they wanted was an

exceptional artist. Someone who commits every spare minute to nurturing

their talent and learning, improving, refining. You have to make it your

life, and if you love to draw, you won't find this difficult at all.

9. What do you hope for Brackenwood in the future?

Global saturation hahah!

- - The Daily Crumb

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sun ball

Today in the news investigating bird watchers have found a new species of bird. It's looks are like no other, red eyes, purple belly and rainbow coloured wings. They are calling it a Lie.
Also in the news: My first paper animation!
I title it: Sun and lies!

- Crumb

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

OH MY GOSH! Surprise in RMN COPZ Preview clip

Well as you know Matthew Menhenick has been posting continuous updates on his RMN COPZ blog.
He didnt tell me about this clip :O i found it in an old email.

Who do you think?
May 15 we all find out.

- The Daily Crumb



I actually made it :D
out of paper! look at my REAL paper cuts!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another preview

Today in the news it seems as if RMN COPZ blog want a war. Well, they probably dont but we feel challenged anyway.
Continuously posting preview screenshots and posters huh?
Well ill show you!
Heres the movie!
actually no
but here is another picture.

Also i found this in an old comic realising id never posted it back after Tomothy and Pals episode 2. So put that onto the webcomic site caus i like eet.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

You Tube Week

There is no such thing, but heres some videos from youtube

From FilmCow


Vote Jerome Student Union President for Plymouth College of Art and Design.

[] If you elect me every student will receive a pass.
[] Every day of the week will be a day of the week
[] No one needs a common room.
[] All social gatherings cancelled forever!
[] Students will all get megaphones
[] Higher Education leavers will receive donuts from Sam!
Now Rome wasn’t built in a day, but earth may have been.
So vote for me and receive a Globe in a bottle.
Jerome for Student Union President 2008/2009 pm

Positive Comments:
Oh and check out to see more preview clips of these upcoming film.

- The Daily Crumb

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Daily Crumb does EASTENDERS

This week in Eastenders i was rather
surprised to see Heather was shot!!!

Not half as bad as some of
Bradleys 'Dancing'

But here's a question, who was it that actually shot Heather in Eastenders?

Well here's a clip from a little bit earlier.

Of course Heather wasnt shot! As you can see here

I was also surprised to see Shirley had one of those pieces of paper that could transform into a mobile phone.

And whilst saying sorry to Steven for something else Stacey has done she brought along a cardboard cut out of munch! I see we have a Stargazed fan on the show.

- Only@TheDailyCrumb

All videos and everything by the BBC. You people are good, you made Doctor Who. Pats on the back. You people are bad. Making Catherine Tate companion. No pats on the back.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Tomothy and Pals another update

last night i animated the
'EPIC' scene of the movie. i actually like it.
but after all that my hand hurts.

another preview pic will come on may 13th :O
So watch out.

now for some paper work

by the way, here is an image i never used.

- The Daily Crumb

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Youtube Video

i thought this was funny :O

Friday, April 11, 2008

Official Release Date

The Official release date of You Can't Handle the Knowledge is

May 15th-16th

But that is not all. At the same time RMN Copz episode SIX will be released around the same time.
You can find a preview clip of it here

Both episodes from
Daily Crumb Films and Blob Corp will be almost the 'movie' of our series. RMN Copz and Tomothy and Pals.

I guess another title for You Can't Handle the Knowledge might be
Tomothy and Pals 'The Interweb Movie'
Yesterday a new character was introduced.
Well let's just say no computer can because i got a new one recently and it dosent do the best job either. It does it better but................. i'll be happy when the movie is done.
Loading forever
Not exporting
Sound out of sync

Thats only the beginning. I also dread what the future brings.
But anyway, yep. Date is May 15th

- The Daily Crumb

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tomothy and Pals Final preview

Today in the news the phone rings in the other room. But i cannot reach it.
I grab a spoon and start digging away at my leg.
Soon its too late
As my ear bleeds all i hear is

It's a pic!
And the last pic or, how many .. three?
The first one was...

I taste that korma still.
then you got a fine glimpse of a can of dog food.

and now you get a bad quality picture of one of the new main character jumping?

Sorry for the quality.

- Crumb

Monday, April 07, 2008

Tomothy and Pals release date

there is none :O

But what is done so far has been shown to the BBFC. Now if you dont know what that is, it is
British Board of Film Classification.

Before this occured the countries across the world rated the film.

Argentina gave it a G (For All)
Belgium gave it an L (For All)
Brazil gave it an L as well
Bulgaria gave it an A (For All)
Canada, if they excist gave it a G as well
And the list goes on
(Yes the film will be subtitled in those languages)
Even Flashants Taiwan gave it a G!

But what did the BBFC give tomothy and Pals, You Can't Handle the Knowledge?
they gave it an

didnt they.


Sweeney Todd, 18. ok some gore but its so fake its funny + no swearing or adult themes, apart from killing and its an 18..
18. I know lots of you are in your 50's but think about our position. Even though im going to be 18 soon anyway i still make my stand. M15+ in Australia, uh huh. yep. i'm sure it was similar in other countries.

Next problem.
I bought TekkonKinkreet, amazing film, i'll post some screenshots of it. i recommend buying it.
It's a 12 on the packet (May contain violence)
Pretty graphic violence for a 12, swearing and even adult themes/almost nudity. So, hmm. Maybe they didnt count the swearing because it was in 'japanese' and only in subtitles. but still, come on?
Someone made a mistake when rateing this film.
"Oh another childrens cartoon, i hear its a bit violent i'll make it 12 just in case. I'm too lazy too watch it, i am going to nip out and get some pizza. Hey pizza man! PIZZA MAN! Darn, little rascal.
Hey wheres those various drugs and alcohol i keep hidden away from my pet cat?
Yo Benny, how ya going mate? I'm feeling a bit dizzy because of some various things i'm not too imformed of happening to my brain.
Oh alright.
Yo dude, have you seen Tekkonkinkreet? i'm meant to be givin it a classification tonight. I put 12 ya know.
12? Thats a bit young, id say 15, wish there was one in the middle. Like.. 14..... not 13.. too young for 13. but yeh, (14) Anyway, it countains adult themes, gore and such, not horrible gore just the usuel stabbing, setting people on fire and such. "
"Nah man i cant hear you, my ears are feeling all like an aeroplane feels when its in your ears ya know?"
"No... whats wrong with you today, are you ill?"
"NO MAN.. i've been drinking, and doing some sort of drugs that do this to people plus ive obviously just landed...."
"Right that's it"
*He pulls out sword and stabs him*

Well i dont know really, looking at the British Class chart...
It looks like 12 is meant to be quite an old age. Maybe here in the UK children are adults at 12, smoking and gambling.
It's possible i suppose.
When i entered this country they were smoking at 16.
I thought they'd made it a higher age, but maybe they've made it earlier.

Soon the whole world with be a duplicate of Bugsy Malone.
A nice way to end off but i'm not finished.

We strike BB initials again. but i dont think it's mainly their fault. Who thought of bring CATHERINE TATE back to Doctor Who, AS A FULL TIME COMPANION?
Well she's ruined a bunch of perfectly good stories i suppose.

Thanks Russell, producers, Cathy.
She's one of those extremely annoying people you cannot stand to watch. They are challenging us?
Put the most annoying person in the best ever show?
will we still watch?
Yes we will

But hundreds of people around the UK actually enjoy her as new companion!

Tell us why John Hutch:

"the fact that she is something new and the series has some great stories in this one"
Yes, the stories are going to be great but... they could easily have chosen a 'better' and less annoying actor to play this new character??"
"she's much better than when she was in the runaway bride"
is it because you met her/ saw her in person?
"apart from that"

what other people are saying:

"I liked Donna"
"Had a major change of heart about Donna, any woman who is sensible enough to try to smash a window with a spanner when it's not opening any other way gets points in my book. And she's soooo excited to be going with the Doctor, which is just cool, bless 'er."
"Catherine Tate. I thought she was great"
"Donna. I was expecting her to be a good char, but wasn't expecting her to be like this. She fills the role of down-to-earth, grown up companion we haven't really had."#

- The Daily Crumb

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Top NINE Coolest looking animated characters.

Today innit
Also. Get ready FOR

Today we add a 1 2 10 and take away a jewel from smokey.
After asking a few people and deciding on some myself i've chosen the coolest designed characters.
But that dosent exclude the personality of the character, it all helps.
Let's begin.
  • The Iron Giant
  • Invader Zim
  • Bender

Apparently :O


Should be first place! You cant beat that attitude, map for a brain and speed skills.
Something missing? Read the bottom of the post.

She's in the wrong place! She should be number 1!

TWO? That is not fair on the rest of them!

Should have been number one :O

Swiiish. I hear Aang is a big hit.

Let's just say he inspired this list.

It's Asterix!
Always been a fantastically cool character
Please note that these are not in a strict order. Although i'm sure its very close to the truth.

Well that concludes The Daily Crumb's Top 11 Coolest looking animated characters.
Maybe next time top 11 coolest looking live action characters?
Never know.
Please go off and enjoy this broadcast.

"Welcome back to The Daily Crumb working with the BBC to create childrens and elderly television. Today on the show we're going to be reading the story of the maggot who lost his eyes.
But first, its the PIG DEBATE
Whats better? Pigs, or Tape recorders?
Email us at with your answers.
and please, give detailed reasons why.

tune in next time

- The Daily Crumb

anybody realise we're missing an eight.. and a seven come to mention it?
Argued out:
  • Linguini
  • Naruto


Thats right...
im not sure what i am going to do.
I am going to explore these options
  • Wrapping a scarf around my ankle
  • Applying for the weakest link
  • Firing a toy gun at a cupboard door.
  • Buying mighty boosh live tickets, oh already did that.
This is a disaster!!
I'm going to see if there is anything on youtube to cheer me up.

cant believe i lost it.

- The Daily Crumb

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

PIXAR Studios

Today in the news toy gun make good silhouette
Also in the news

Yes, a post on April Fools but here at The Daily Crumb we dont believe in lieing so we're going to have a 'fool free day'.
Due to the fact we fool people every other day of the year.
Unlike those BBC jokers.

Now i just imagine a penguin sitting on a deck chair with sun glasses on.
Isnt that amazing? Flying penguins!

See on April Fools day you cant quite work out whats real or not, but if the below is a joke then its a pretty bad one.

Upcoming Pixar:
An anonymous tipster at Disney reports that in June, Pixar will drop the "Animation" from its title and become "Pixar Studios". This is in light of the live action productions being produced at Pixar, including Brad Bird’s 1906, Andrew Stanton directing a live-action adaption of the John Carter of Mars series, and Mark Andrews is tipped to direct a live action feature as well. More Info: 1906 is being directed by Brad Bird, and is a Disney•Pixar/Warner Bros. Production about a college student who begins to investigate the murder of his father, uncovering a web of deceit that has left the city vulnerable to the sort of fire that breaks out when the Great Earthquake of 1906 hits San Francisco.

Now its a loss for all of us as Peggy Mitchell died in Eastenders tonight.
She was found bleeding from her broken skull in the Queen vic cellar.

- The Daily Crumb