Friday, March 28, 2008

FlashAnts are Pests. My review

Before we conclude this article there is a slight DISTURBANCE in the force.
Just in!
Justin, the owner of FlashAnts. Also the co owner and receptionist. Also the maid and gardener, as well as the bodyguard and sales rep.
He also works as Feedback manager.

His name probably isnt Justin, but something taiwanese like... Ami
But i think its time to begin entering the starting stages of creating a rather serious major issue/ problem.

A while back Mr. Adam J Phillips or Adam Phillips for short. (even shorter could be Adahilips or just plain old A-bop) posted a rather lengthy 'blog' article looking at the positives and negatives of "swf to video" convertors.
He reviewed 2.
The highly praised one was FlashAntsSwf 2 Video.

A while later i bought
With the future of today when you buy a computer program off the internet (A rather smallish one) all you get is a download link and a key code.

Well with Swf2Video your program automatically processes a 'machine code' for your computer.
Well after sending them your machine code you get the keycode and you can start.
UNTIL you want to change computer.
My friends as soon as you change computer you've lost a working program, as the machine code of your new computer has changed the serial no longer works.
So, you paid for it, what do you do?
Email them and ask for a new machine code expecting a reply.
Well you dont get one.

Flash Ants never reply, plus their phone number is invalid (which to be honest may have been expected)

Afilips ended up buying another copy the program was so important to him. We pay the full amount and what do we get?

If you are positive your computer will stand the test of time or at least half your breathing life. Buy it!
It converts swf to video in a flash and can convert into image sequences perfectly as well without any faults.

If you have a normal computer and not an immortal one
oh yeh and when exporting avi it dosent include sound so you have to do that seperatly

Suitcase rested

Also. I've been told another convertor from a more reliable person is in the works. So we'll keep you posted.
Though im not paying for another one.

- End of Review -

This was for my own bored enjoyment.

I've never understood when people say 'I made this when i was bored' Even though they are meant to be working on a huge project themselves (Myself, T&P)
Well basically bored means one of two things
1. Feeling Lazy (Although this normally creates nothing)
2. Been stuck on the same idea for so long and just want to stretch onto other ideas for a bit.
3. Something else (Perhaps a worry) is clogging up your mind when you try to work. It seems easier to start of newer things.
by the way i meant 3
- The Daily Crumb
- Justin Ami

Thursday, March 27, 2008

First attempt at Toon Boom and T&p preview

Today in the news the T&P preview only went to certain people. amazing huh :O

You can't handle the knowledge. out may

also in the news

Attempt at Toon Boom

Tile: 'Snow Goon' or when released in the UK 'Marshmellow man'

Sound by Dolby or when released in the UK by Jamie Oliver.

- The Daily Crumb

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The best movie of all time

[If you cannot view TODAYS NEWS]
Please read the following. Do not read if you can see it above.
The news has been taken off the air today. This is due to the fact that nothing interesting is going on. Come on people, break into some houses and murder someone.
If you DO DO this
You will win the Daily Crumb DO-DO award and be the personal feature for a whole week. We will stalk you and continuously write amazing articles about your lifestyle inside and out of jail.

Hopefully this will bring on some complaints about us 'Advertising Violence'.

"The Daily Crumb Studios Progress News"
Munch media will very soon be closing down as we've bought them.
We're still working on "You Can't Handle the Knowledge"
And it is very very slow progress but the script is finalized as well as the storyboard and we may have almost reached the half way point.
If the project is not released by May. I'll be "dead."

so long
-The Daily Crumb

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The least exciting preview on earth

Today in the news a tall man was playing basketball. He found out he'd eaten the hoop.
His in hiding at this point in time.
RMN productions blog is up and running again, how long will it last? I'm not sure. I'm also not sure why because RMN wont be making any productions in the near future. But some old films will be released back onto the internet soon enough.
(Please not not get RMN productions mixed up with RMN Copz the animation)
The blogs open here
i say i say i say
do not forget to check out the RMN Copz blog for continuous updates.
Both Matthew Menhenick and I are working on separate projects for our final major so keep checking both the Crumb and the Copz blog.
The new Crumb animation will be titled
"You can't handle the knowledge"
and will continue on with the characters from the Tomothy and Pals episodes.
No more information.
Now i wanted to show the least exciting preview on earth but that would be a blade of grass.
So ive decided to show the second least exciting preview on earth.

The storyline revolves around this tin :O
- The Daily Crumb

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Stepping back in time a little

Today i n t h e n e w s s o m e t h i n g s g o i n g o n w i t h t h e t e x t

Ye Old Days

This was during filming of "Tramp Snatcher". The second college collaboration piece which you can no longer find. Although the 'Life in the lands' trilogy in now available on DVD from your local shop that sells DVD's.
So please buy it and watch it, comment on it and then sell it off again at Cash Converters.

Talking of the past
you may or may not have seen these before

and the origin of Matthew Menhenicks RMN COPZ

- The Daily Crumb

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I star in RMN COPZ!