Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Newest Brackenwood Screenshots

They are here!
Adam Phillips released two new screenshots today from his new Brackenwood short.
"The new Brackenwood movie has hardly any re-use, so almost every scene has a completely new background, not to mention the sheer volume of frame-by-frame animation in each shot."
"Full of characters and creatures, set in many different locations, weather conditions and times of night/day"

Adam is looking to release mid Novemeber though it is easy to fall behind.

The untitled short animation has 3 screenshots released so far.

Something great about this project is not only is the title a secret, but there is also no reveal of storyline. We know nothing about this next film so we are going to enjoy it a lot more. I think it is going to be a another great viewing experience.

I remember when i first watched Waterlollies. All the backgrounds and animation blew me away, i was hyper for weeks. If what the blog says is true this may happen again.

His blog is here
Past animations are here

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cliff and the End of the Rainbow Poster

In animation news today

Adam Phillips is moving through his new Brackenwood short film trying to keep to a deadline. Though he has been pulled down by minor distractions, some of which are Eastenders updates.
Screenshots from the film itself may be released in 1 or 2 days time.
You can keep track of all of his wise words and progress reports at his blog

We will of course be showing off the screenshots here as well.
Also in Adam Phillips news it may interest you to know that Mr. P has produced a full game online for EA games. Classed as a EA2D game Adam did artwork and animation.
It is titled Dragon Age Journeys and you can find it here

Some of the artwork in that.. well ALL of it is amazing.


Yep that is right. As you all know or do not know in which case listen Matthew Menhenick is working on a new animation.

you can find a heap of great progress screenshots on his blog

He advertised my film that wont be finished until we graduate so i thought i'd advertise his.

So this is the poster. Looks exciting!

Another great Blob adventure!!!

So just for the fun of it i thought id do a poster (of the movie that won't be finished until we graduate)

yay happy days..

Alright, parties over. Everyone get back in your cars and drive home drunk.

Based on the screenshot below
i am still 1% in.. :D

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mystery Lump?

Be patient
Wait for the article to load.

It's all about professionalism

A report recently came in that a green lump was trespassing on a couples lawn. They had this to say. "It is not like it is a bother.. i mean, it brings us food and presents. It's lonely, but it's all slimey and discusting. We can't be having children in this environment. I've heard of green lumps getting aggressive when you don't give them what they want."
"She's right. The lump don't speak much either, it just mumbles and dribbles. Our bulldog wet itself."
The RSPCA are questioning whether they are allowed to take a green lump with giant inflated eyes into the shelter.

The couple took this photo.

The creature recently wrote a letter mentioning the loss of a good friend. 'Earth Child'. This loss has obviously changed the poor guy.
Though like everyone else he continues through life.
The letter mentioned that every month he'd meet a whole load of new friends. But they would never stick around. They'd reject him, leave him all alone. He feels emotionally hurt, do they leave him because he's a green lump? Or because of something else?
He did not leave a name.

The RSPCA have let the lump into the wild. As soon as they let him loose he ran off. No one has seen him since.
All he wants is a friend that will stick with him forever.

In other news i recommend everyone on Twitter to 'Follow Friday '


Because i am working very slowly on an Animation that will not be released before any future Blob Corp or Adam Phillips productions... i thought it right to release a screenshot.

The film is titled
The End of the Rainbow

It stars two kids, Cliff and Tam and a witch played by Tracy Ann Oberman of Eastenders, Doctor Who and the upcoming online series Girl Number 9.

But who is this?


graviteh eh eh eh eh never let me down

Friday, October 23, 2009

Out of Place Comics

Here are some scrappy comics/drawings ive done over the past month.
Sorry for the pointless post.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Alien and Man

Made for Uni with a cast of thousands.
Paper makers and Directors include:
Matthew Menhenick of Blob Corp Studios
Nick Maynard of JeffCoate Studios
and David Lifton of Facebook.

People are saying
"Absolute masterpiece."
"Revolting but my friend thinks it is a masterpiece."

As this is my personal edited version after filming this waste of space it may seem more violent than originally planned.

Video below:

Link to video for email readers:

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Toy Story 3 HQ trailer.

So on Friday the 9th the UK were given the gift of UP.

It is only fare to show recent findings of next nears PIXAR masterpiece (hopefully)
My 3d/2d animator/artist pal Riannon sent me the link to the higher quality version.
Now i was thinking whilst watching UP, as much as i really enjoyed the film. It might have been a better experience for me if i did not know how the film, began.
As a PIXAR fan i follow up all of the latest news through They are waiting for the HD version of the trailer to be released officially on Monday.

I have a very high quality version right here, right now. I can even see Andy's freckles.
If you do not want to spoil an experience or really dont want to get excited SO early. Don't watch.

If you want to see a dramatic, amazing change and adaption to the original Toy Story look then please do.
Toy Story 3 LOOKS amazing.
They've mixed the skills they've obtained from all of their films since, (Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille, Wall-E, UP) and come up with a great new look.
Now, you fans out there will be like
Would you really want to see THIS return in this day and age? With the amazing technology and people as resources?

The humans in this film are i suppose, a mixture of the human designs in Incredibles and Ratatouille.
You can sort of see how the humans have improved throughout the lifespan of PIXAR.

Of course it is not only the humans that have evolved. That is just the most noticeable change in the trailer.
PIXAR have improved in storytelling. They improved in all areas, modelling, animation, lighting. And direction/storyboarding.

Anyway. here it is.
(Video below. Visit the Daily Crumb to view)

No eyed Article. Brackenwood and Youtube

Writing this without eyes is tough enough. Please note any errors are due to this reason.

Brackneoowd Bews
So Adam (Find out who this is on page 12) is at work again, frying the loud lodger for the crispy sugar taste. Sitting down to his favourite tv guide magazine and dancing on beas like they were grapes.
But apart from those important facts Adam B Phillips is also working on a new film... a new short Brackenwood production.
If you've not heard of his grand work you can check it out at

As you can see the production of the un-named short is well underway.

You can continue watching this bar at his blog

I hear word of a screenshot popping out from under his wig ever so soon.


What the hell Youtube?
Nah i'm just kidding with you. But seriously.
Youtube has had a mexican wave of UPDATED channel designs. The channel designs are beyond silly.(And i can't even see¬!) I see no improvement.
Once upon a time your youtube chennel was your home. Now they've gone to the toilet on it.
I dont like the new design. You can't just click on 'view all videos' its all in the same window. A video can still be playing while you're looking around and you don't know where the sounds coming from.
I understand it, but find it pointlessly irritating. And i know some people that will not have the faintest idea how to use it because they are dumb. These dumb people are most of youtubes community.
On the other hand dumb people adore the NEW. So will flock for this new design even if they can't use it.

Well anyway, the flocking has stopped and now the channel has been forced upon us. Bad youtube, bad.

So the system works but what was the point in changing it? Will will never know.
New Youtube
Will's leaving now.
Watched UP yesterday. New film from Disney Pixar.

Fun ride
i suppose
sort of
lots of adventure
and such.
Bit of emotion here and there.
Heart pounding epicness and so on.
Great characters and blah.
Nice look and.. yeah well whatever
it was a good i mean, 'alright' movie.

it was awesome
go and see it 4 times.

you have to.
Some are saying their fave PIXAR yet.


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Doctor Who 2010

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