Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Missing guns and buying leaves

Today in the news it appears this has been going daily for THREE whole days.
Today includes a
Link to a random website page.
and a get out of my parking spot free card!
There's nothing you dont get or understand at The Daily Crumb. Except if you dont speak english. right?
Moving on in todays news
I've become involved in a charity!

Give me all your money!
what if i paid you?
hurry up with the cash!
Can i please have all of your money?
im running a charity here not.. a burger... a take out! i aint running one of those!
*blinks* say wha? why do you want my money? I dont have any.
I am running a charity here!
what charity?
the.. sick bunnies.. federation
no, I need my monies or my bunnies starve to death
im running a charity to save bunnies!
yet it would not save mine ;(
ok you can keep your money... but now i need money for a tissue
use some leaves, those are everywhere :P
Would you pay for icecream with a leaf?
a gold leaf?
nope just a leaf
oh probably not
you sure, cause i got some on sale?
na thanks. it would melt before it got here.
The Cheryl said id be rich :(
make the leaf worth money.
i know! ill go back in time and replace notes with leaves!
Exactly -- Wooh! --
Good idea.
Drawback, i need money to buy a time machine... and i need a time machine to go to the future when they've actually invented time machines!
oh yeh.... bugger
would you pay for an icecream with a leaf?
yes i would

The point of that random chats, i have NO idea. But it was fun, and it made me want chocolate.
Photos i forgot to post 2 posts back (Click on the images to go directly to deviant art)

- Nathan (munch) Viney

would you buy anything with a leaf?
now i herd random but THIS beats it

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