Thursday, December 31, 2009

Smiley Stories

I found a website with various doctor who smileys.
Because Blogger is not as easy to use as a forum (Quickly posting images with the [img] code.) I've only made these short ones. But i have been making longer ones else where. Join in the fun!
Do you hear the drums Doctor? Tell me you hear the drums.


No sorry, they're just in your head

You can find the full stories here

Hey Rose! Have you seen my jumper? I think i left it in the TARDIS

Sorry Mickey, i love the Doctor now.

Yeah! She loves me!

No, i love the other Doctor. The one with the hair.

Matt Smith?

No... the thin one


No not you Christopher Eccleston!


Just a bit of fun

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Welcome! Old Stories

Hold on. Get out from under that rock. We're having a BBQ over here!
Welcome back to The Daily Crumb!
We've been a bit slack with getting you the news over the Christmas break. But paperwork, reading and most importantly, swinging our arms around the place have taken up all of our time.
No, we're not working on any animations at the moment due to the above. I may do another 'marshmallow' type animation soon or i may not. But Rainbow is still being made, almost as slowly as my coursework is being completed.

I'd like to tell you a story at this point in time. One that would thrill you. But someone is watching my type and bothering my ears.

So i thought i'd pointlessly link you back to some old stories i'd written.

Unsettled, the Story of Jonty Williams.
A very violent story about cannibals...

Wey Damage
The story of a man who hit his head on a bus

A Chefs way of Death
Confusing mind boggling murder

The Elephant and Theme Park
A writer with a haunted Goobusee past

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas 2009

Due to money problems our offices are as bland and grey as they are all year. Apart from some lights Marshall and the monkeys brought in to light up the windows. But this does not mean there is no christmas cheer.
Sammy the monkey brought in some tasty chocolate brownies he and his wife prepared at home. We're taking this month to relax. So a lot less work is going on.
We've done a secret santa. But due to the lack of money we're just leaving envelopes for people.
Yesterday we got snowed in. On the bright side it was so bad a tree crashed through our window! So now we've got a christmas tree inside!

So if we are too busy sleeping tomorrow, Merry Christmas from The Daily Crumb

- Nathan Viney

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Marshall Hens Words of Wisdom

Marshall Hens takes over The Daily Crumb for todays article.
He talks about his upcoming books and gives some wisdom of his own.


"I'm spending a lot of my time working hard on Sokology book III. So being asked to write for The Dairy Farm is, not only an annoying interruption but a breath of fresh air.
Sokology is the japanese art of squeezing wet socks until they are pretty much dry. No troubles there.
We've gathered up quite a following based on the art of Sokology. I have been collaborating with a Japanese man i like to call Brad and together we've met many folks with wet socks. We released the english version over here and it is selling fast based on the amount of rain we have.
But enough about me, Marshall Hens.
Let us just dive into my imagination and find out what genius is searching the walls of my skull.

Dive! Splash!
Oh, bubbles! Watch as they rise.

Marshall Hens often swims around my own brain. There is so much too see, my father, my son, my mother and sister. They have never been able to escape my imagination. Which is a real shame because they're all really great chefs.
But yet in reality i stand alone.

Oh! as i fish around a joke swings by. I think it wants me to tell you the joke.

How many lightbulbs does it take to seal a deal?
Whats the best snap in the book? The one that gives you the paper cut!
What is a good thing to put into a cake? Your teeth!

Tear dropping flood, fountains of joy. Tell them to your grandkids when you get home.
But now onto the serious side.

It may have taken you a little while to get here and read this. Because as we all know you came here to read my words of Marshall Wisdom. Which is also a book i am planning to write. You may have been told by a friend that i was posting here at The Dollys Arm Blog. If so, please give them a pat on the back from me!
I'm not here all the time, i just stop by sometimes to say hi to Michael Viney, the writer of The Berry's Thumb Blog.

But to leave you with a depressing messege would be mean. But i have to let you know that everywhere you go you are killing animals just by breathing in their air. Without air the animals are going to die.
So think first, hold your breath for a while and let an animal live for once."

- Marshall Hens
Exclusively for The Daily Crumb

Wise words from writer Marshall Hens there.
Next week Sean Pernly Wittingston talks to us about Bradley's Door, the new American Teen Drama and Barry Medicine Perkins is in the comedy chair. It is sure to be a very funny article. Stay tuned.

RE: Mountaineering

Journal Entry: December 15, 2009.

Day 1.5. I'm at the bottom of the mountain. Not really started yet, well i did the whole of yesterday which was a bit of work. But after that i'm feeling pretty lazy. I can clearly see some easy bits to climb up ahead but maaaan, it is cold. I just finished all of the food. I think... hey! i'll climb up to that bit today, but nah, i'll eat my food first.. then have a little sleep.
So i've set up camp one and a half days into the climb.
I'm sure reaching the top will be worthit. My pal, August Terrance Dickinson Fellowsworth started today and he is already here, sat next to me. He is determined to continue to the climb, after a quick hot chocolate hes up again clambering away up the mountain.
I can see the blurred figure of a goat at the top. That goat is my goal, ooh the goat slipped, it has gotten back up. It is fine i am sure, though it seems to be slowly building itself a home with sticks and leaves.
As August Terrance continues upwards i stretch my arms and watch Eastenders on my laptop iplayer. Good reception up here.
Tomorrow i shall climb some more.

In response to

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


So my friend came up to me today. He said he was allergic to short words. I said, Ay?

Also in the news a battery walks into a mote.

Written by Marshall Hens. See more of my work at the bottom of this article.


So the new animation from Adam Phillips 'The Last of the Dashkin' was released officially today.
You can watch the final film here

Lots of comments have been coming in since release on newgrounds and twitter.
"Best this week!" - Newgrounds Member Wam57
"I love the garlic influences!" - Newgrounds Member TearductChris
"Better than Charlie 'nd the Unicorn!" - Newgrounds Member Feafhalo

So it looks like the people are happy again. The world can dance until Feb next year (Too long man! :D ) when Adam will start work on the second short in the bigger story.

Just to slip the new Brackenwood film into the lime light again.
what about Lemonee Wee's new design ay??

to this

Well i think i know which one i prefer.
Bitey and Lemonee Wee are going to create a bigger and better Brackenwood Series together. (And feature film)


Lil' Daily Crumb Story to end the day:

Little boys not eating his food. Mum says, hey, eat ya food. He says he can't eat his food due to a prior engagement. Mum says carrots make you see in the dark. Like night vision? Yes like night vision. Lil boy eats his carrots. Peas, what do Peas do? Peas, peas make you run really fast.
After dinner the boy ran around the kitchen for hours. Soon it was bed time, and sure enough, he could see the fainted outline of a cupboard in the dark. It is working! Will eat more carrots tomorrow!
Eat your cabbage. No. Eat your cabbage. What does it do? It makes you fly.
That boy is now dead.
Curse words are not acceptable at the dinner table.

Written by Marshall Hens. I do hope you enjoyed it and take the messege seriously.


Nothing much else to say
VOTE CAKE and have a nice night or morning.
oh yeah and i just hired this guy Marshall Hens. I reckon he is pretty good.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

This title is a secret

Sorry for releasing this twice, we had an issue with dates.
This article includes an exclusive review of Adam Phillips' new Brackenwood Short Film that has yet to be released.

But before we can go anywhere i need to do a colour test. The print sometimes fails on The Daily Crumb. Just need to make sure each colour comes out fine for the article.

Yep that all seems fine!

Adam Phillips has been working very hard on his new Brackenwood animation. The last Brackenwood related story was 'Waterlollies', released in 2007. Every film has made a huge impact on internet communities and won him many awards. Apart from that one time France thought bitey was not hairy enough.

But is it just me or has all this work made Adam start to melt?

One of the continuity errors is the green coloured keyboard on Day 1.



The time has come for me to watch the new Brackenwood short film. Apparently a little shorter than the others, around the length of YuYu.

As the preloader begins i notice straight away the brilliant title of the film at the top of the page.
It is loaded, i click play.
It is over
I cannot begin to describe the beauty of this new animation. It is unlike the others in most aspects. The artwork is absolutely brilliant and unique to the series. Every shot is beautiful in that of a painting, with amazing lighting and new colours.

The film begins with the usual intro credits. A Brackenwood story, told by Adam Phillips. Here starts the sinister, epic music of Lee Miller. A fantastic composer. Together with the brilliant artwork, animation and story of Adam this is more worthy of the cinema than a lot of the films released these days.
The camera work is amazing. It makes me want to see the storyboard and/or animatic. See how much it may have changed, or how much it stuck to the sketches.

If you're like me and you've been waiting for an update on The Brackenwood Film. This is pretty much what you've been looking for in epicness. Without revealing too much you're going to know a lot more about Brackenwood and it's characters.
The mix of music and cinematography is epic and works so well. Going to be a pleasure to watch, unless you have heart conditions.

That is all you need to know. You're going to enjoy it, and you're going to get what you wish you were paying for.

It is also going to leave you wanting more DARN YOU ADAM PHILLIPS. I'm just kidding ;) but i am very angry.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Some sketches

Soon enough the new Brackenwood film will be released and we will all join hands in song.
It is possible the Crumb may get to exclusively review the film before official release which is very exciting. But because this time has yet to come i thought i'd put together another group of old and new sketches.
So please engoy.

Awesome cool guy, man

Not exactly sure why i did this.
Little Howard hits teenagerhood

No one in particular wearing a wig.

I call him Agness

A bald man wearing armyish clothes




names Trolly Oda


Who would not vote for cake?

Sunday, December 06, 2009

As a fan i think this quote worthy of a whole blog post

"New Brackenwood movie just hours from completion. I'm settling in for the final all-nighter. Staying in this chair until done."

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Exclusive Actress Interview and much much more

In todays article of The Daily Crumb we'll be looking at many different aspects of celebrity culture and will be giving a stunt man instructions in brail for some reason.
That and much much more. Including a fantastic interview with a world famous Actress, as well as a lot of Adam Phillips mumbo Jumbo.

So what type of soup was Adam Phillips buying you ask? That is not a very important question.
The fact is he did it, because he wanted to change the world. He did something to save the world as an individual so he would feel inner peace.
He mentioned on his twitter page

@Chluaid 'Since the soup incident my insides are green.'
He actually said that.

Yep that is right. Too many Crumbs in one day? Never too many! We're on the game as the countdown begins for Adam Phillips' next short film.

Day 4 in the countdown.

Just sitting around. Hair needs a cut. Slurp of warm mud.

Cut the hair, stabbed the razor into the back of my head several times for a laugh. A few cuts, no ones poked them yet. Though someone did start rubbing my shiney bald head.

We're actually still on Day 4. It has been a long few minutes since i began writing this journal entry.

A trailer for Day 3 will actually be posted soon enough. It shows the ups and downs of lonely office worker Brad Turnipson and his passion for a unique art. All his life he's made musical tunes with zips. Now his time has come to show off his talent to the world. From the stage to Hollywood and based on a true story John Edwards stars as Brad Turnipson in
Something to look forward to.

"It was fun to shoot." - John Edwards
"One of the zips sounded like Mickey Mouse." - John Edwards

Day 3: ZIP may be released in 2010 along with director Jerry Stevenburg's new title, BT, Brilliant Telephone.

Before i leave you with an up-beat tune from 'Down with the kids' i just want to give an important mention to the upcoming 'GIVE SPAM A CHANCE DAY.'

So every day of the year we say, NO to SPAM. But on this special day we open that email or letter and bother to read what is inside.

This years slogan, spoken by 'John Smith' himself (The creator of email spam).
"i am an unread email. I am spam. Give Spam a chance day is coming soon. Open one of your spammy emails and see whats on offer for once."

Acknowledge all the work those stupid people are doing.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Email Attack 4,679

Today in the news baby construction cone sheltered by mother.

Off Topic from Witches Hats.
I have a feeling that the face into camera youtube celebrities have actually slowly disapeared. Or at least they dont full on talk about their day constantly in every video.
Youtube celebs have expanded over the last year. Collaborating and bringing a bit more story or humour. Webcam folks are becoming comedians and advice givers. Sure there are still alot of them out there but the film partnership and popular credit go to the film makers and comedians. Real work is being appreciated for written and directed short films and comedy sketches. Even if it is just someone walking around their house with some special effects pasted over the top of the video. At least it is not talking about nothing for 10 min of downloading time.
2010 is looking bright.

Now going LIVE to The Daily Crumb Office.
There is nothing going on here.

Though I think i am allowed to report that Adam Phillip's next Brackenwood film could well be released this Saturday. (Or around that date)
I actually saw Adam Phillips at the shopping centre this week. He was buying some Heinz soup.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Daily Crumb Museum Nov 2009

When artists have nothing new to say they go back to their old work. For many years The Daily Crumb have kept a photobucket log of drawings and animations.

A memory box opened up whilst searching and we discovered something. Crumb was, for about 2 weeks, going to be an animated character with friend Odei.

That was Odei.
His friend Crumb only made it into one digital drawing

I'm sure you agree that it was lucky this was never made.

I thought, for the first time in Daily Crumb history. I could give you a look at my very first Flash Animation.
I always claim that Tomothy Live 1 is my first. Well it is my first proper cartoon (However terrible) but this one here, this was the first.

This is Flame Boy.
Click on the link

The computer says it was made in 2004, like the Tomothy Live episodes.


Now! Some more history maybe?
Over the years or 'munchmedia' has gone through a lot of website design changes. Here are some examples.

These are not in any particular order.
This one being my fave (Click for bigger pics)


So anyway
Nowadays i care less about my website design so if you visit you'll actually find it is a mixture of two.
As long as people know where they are going i am happy. The problem with my fave design (first posted bubbles) was all the links lead to new window pop ups. There was a lot of error with that and it was difficult to update without problems.

But the Museum has not finished yet!

I've still got some very old animations to show.
This being one of them.
Before munch was a little blond haired boy with a green and white scarf he was a BIG ORANGE BIRD.
Yeah that didnt last very long.
Check it out here

And now last but not least i actually made a second PEANUTS Tribute no one ever saw.


I hope you enjoyed viewing and reading about a little bit of The Daily Crumb's history.

I have not worked on the new animation, Cliff and the End of the Rainbow for about a week now but here is a screenshot.
One in which i am quite proud of.