Saturday, September 08, 2007

Killer Caramel, Journals and Toms eyes

Today in the news animals such as Penguins are being killed and turned into chocolate bars.
Unfortunatly this is happening all over the world from Koalas to Frogs. Even cows!
Not to mention Kats.
You can find more information about this here
There isnt much news today in the world.
That is apart from Tom Baker's eyes popping out.
Though we could see it was going to happen.

Yesterday and yesternight our Crumb gained a few more on lookers.

Unique viewers went from 30 to 62. Page loads went to 103, and this time it wasnt me.

Now i thought id try out what normal people do with blogs, and actually write about my day. Jot down things thats happened. So here goes.
08 September 2007
Today, i ate cereal. Then, at the highest point of the day i sat at the computer.
It's harder than it looks to write one of those. I've given Sammey a try, if you dont know Sammey. He's the executive writer here at The Daily Crumb.

Log 32: 08 September 2007
Its been over 40 days now, working for chocolate chip biscuits in the studio. They call it a studio, i call it a
Anyway, for all those film makers and TV producers i want to give a sort of show real of what ive done whilst ive worked here.
So here are some bits ive written just for the Crumb over the last year.
"As Adam is a bloggy newbie he was kicked out for making a fake ID. He also tried to sneak his friend Berny in the side gate but was beaten up by two midget bouncers."
"Bodgesack (Sack of Bodge)"
"Chapter 1:
Doctor Charles Corn was born in 1873. Who? Who you ask? Corn? Yellow, juicy corn? The Doctor couldnt help squirt it all over someones diary. The person whos diary it might have been spat out the word BLOG! in an attempt to say the word "GIT!" but he had a terrible terrible lisp."
"In other news a man has built a replica of Postman Pats mail van. He says it’s attracting wild cats."
"Headline in the news today my light bulbs gone out so I’ve stolen someone else’s."
"Today in the news you say what i say and i copy you in the reverse order you said it in. More on that story to be found on page 32"
I hope you enjoyed my presentation
Note: Caution, the night session video log is not Daily.
"Anybody else want to join in the 'Journal' thing?

Oh no, im sorry he's away at the moment.
On his office door it reads "I quit" But i beeelieve that he actually means he hasnt quit. But if i find him lazing about in the lounge i plan to get the monkeys to ***********************
"So what do you think of The Daily Crumb?"
"I like it, it's great"
"Can i quote you? i just wanted to put something at the bottom of my article to finish it off."
John Hutch.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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