Sunday, March 28, 2010

Showreel and new Ekalopse song release

Apparently the catchiest song ever made says Bernard Mantrem, head guy at EMI.
Ekalopse have not really officially released 'PIRATES' but it seems to have leaked its way onto The Daily Crumb's Animation Showreel!
So enjoy!
maybe i'll get some jobs with the song :D
Ekalopse had this to say.

Pupendai: "I was having a lazy day. The sky was falling and i wrote the lyrics. Pirates! Though i got some girl to sing them, the one that sung on that 'Old Realm' song. She is fantastic, and made this song her own. It was great fun to work on."
The General: "It is a speedy piece, fast moving, catchy. Nothing too indepth."
Pupendai: "Oh yeah it is about a couple who get attacked by pirates. b=But the couple soon show their true colours and fight back as REAL pirates."
video below

The General: "We've got the lyrics so you can sing along."


you need to know
its a long long way to go

pirates pirates

When we went to the sea
pirates took our money
when they walked away from me
treasure box of fury

Fun in all the roaring
fun in all the glory
as their guns shot fiercly
We began to show them how to be

pirates pi-rates

eye patch and gun they're dead
mug of rum and peg leg

its a long long way to go

what we love this is who we are

who we are
who we are
who we are

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Ekalopse released their new album. You can download it here

After the success of FRUIT ENCYKLOPEDIA The General felt inspired to make more music. Though this time he wanted to produce his own album. The General started out as a basic drummer and brass player in Ekalopse. But he advanced in his talents and can now play every instrument given to him. (Though saying he can actually 'play' them has been argued amongst critics)

The General then attended a church ceremony at the Prison Pupendai (Original vocalist) was being held. Pupendai told him how sorry he was about murdering Mr. Bindy (Previous dead keyboardist and vocalist). The General noticed a kindness in Pupendai he remembered from when they were in school. Later on the General sent his old friend some musical clips he'd produced in his home studio. Pupendai sent back some recorded jailcell vocals.

They continued to do this until Pupendai was caught in a prison fight and his microphone was taken away from him.

The final song they made was Echo Ello, when the General brought his instruments and set them up in the jail cell. Since then the General has taken a break with his family and Pupendai remains in jail.

Track by Track info from the band:

Musical July

The General: "I wanted to open the album with an excited tune a bit different from past songs. Something to say, "This is not going to be popular but it might sound nice." This was all me overlapping some recordings and producing this short piece in my studio."

Pupendai: "The higher sounds remind me of July."


The General: "It sounds a bit scary, then it becomes a bit of a poppy tune. I think it sounded good without the vocals but Pupendai forced me. (In a non violent way) He is different now."

Pupendai: "I was relating the lyrics to a combo of the TUBE TRAINS, so small, that horrible feeling of being underground amongst depressed people. That i can now relate to being stuck in this damn jail cell."

Echo Ello

The General: "This was mostly all Pupendai. He got a tune stuck in his head all day, much like i did 'A General Place'."

Pupendai: "Yeah i just wanted to get this out of my head. Though my microphone was taken away from me so General had to come into my cell with the instruments. It was fun to jam again!"


The General: "Actually the first tune we made, Pupendai did throw a lot musically into this one as well. We sort of started it before.. you know, the murder. Then finished it together. There is a bit of Mr. bindy keyboard i stuck in there. This makes me feel a bit sad so i never listen to it."

Pupendai: "Water and sky."

On the way to heaven

The General: "I did ask Pup what the hell these vocals were about. He never really explained. Trivia you can hear me doing backing vocals at the end."

Pupendai: "It is about how bad you hurt when i killed Mr. Bindy. You just wanted to throw away your trumpets and go to heaven."

The General: "Ah! ... yeah it is true."

Spaghetti Tails

Pupendai: "I love the light heartedness, shame my voice is so depressing."

The General: "Yeah we DID want to get someone else in for this one but no one wanted to join in after the murder. They did not like that i was still working with you. Can you tell them about the lyrics Pup?"

Pupendai: "They are actually talking about the native characters in AVATAR.and their spaghetti-like pony-tails."


The General: "This track is just me going crazy with music and bits and bobs, much like "Pu."

Pupendai: "I only wanted to go with the flow on this one, i say Pterodactyl and Redial. the rest is slurh."

A General Place

The General: "I had a tune stuck in my head, this was it. Though i realise now that i should have got Pupendai to do ALL of the vocals."

Pupendai: "The middle of the song i say 'Oh the General's son wants to play hear now.' This is because Tom General (The General's son) went to the studio to play some drums for this song."

Pupendai: "I do not like how depressing the song is."


The General: "I was hyper and wanted to tech it up. So i got all my stuff and made this sound."


Pupendai: "It was me that said we should make a beat out of a ticking clock right?"

The General: "Yeah i think so, though it did not work out as well as we'd hoped. It does have a nice little tune to finish the album."

Pupendai: "Will we make more?"

The General: "Who knows."



Theres no space for where you wanna go

It hurts to try and fix it

He know you

He know us

Echo Ello

Echo caus soul dont dance

Ello dancing lava lamps

Echo when you feel no pain

Ello it starts to rain

Echo straight in a hook

Ello like any childrens book

Ello Echo

Ello Ekus


Cloud Cloud Cloud Stolen

Cloud Cloud Cloud (In the sky)

We know you cannot fly

Your blimp in the sky

blimp blimp blimp blimp sky

On the way to heaven

Theres no troubles on the road to heaven

Theres no trumpets on the way to heaven

So The General, he wants to go there

(I mixed this for you)

Back and forth can coward sing there
Head to shore bells ringing not fair

Check the case
took it

waste remains
bin it

Further more
Mixed it
For yoou
For yoou

Spaghetti Tails

Blue it
Blue it
When they dance it seems a bit

(Spaghetti Tails!)

West tree see dance
Parting people pass the guards
as we see dead space
as we guard the drivers barge
we wait

we wait

pass me dark stone
heavy doors made of stone
crash down tall rails
we just shout spaghetti tails



Pterodactyl ay

OhAa oh Redial

A General Place

I know this place

I've been here before

Oh the General's son wants to play here

Released single

The Daily Crumb Material-Swap

We've released two short animated pieces.
One being a complete stop-motion group project, FRIGHT. A little boy walks through a scary woods. He has to overcome his fear of the shadows.
The other is a MAYA 3d performance animation i did including lip sync. Model created by Chris Gorvin.


Stop motion animation

Monday, March 01, 2010

Blob Corp Studios: Matt and Puddles

As proud crazy advertising freaks The Daily Crumb would like to advertise Matthew Menhenicks new film, Matt and Puddles.

This is the first official look at the world his characters are living in. A real eye opener intro to a big set of stories yet to come our way and electrocute us with entertaining lightning bolts of fantasy.
Matt and Puddles tells the story of two characters (In the title) leaving their terrible dirty horrible mechanical modern day Plymouth and finding a place of freedom, Old Realm.

To celebrate the release of the film 'The General' from EKALOPSE has sent in the lyrics to the song his band produced for the film itself (You can hear it when Matt and Pudds are flying, as well as the credits).

The General spoke about producing the song.
"Pupendai was going through a rough time, this was before the death of our keyboardist (Mr. Bindy). I'd seen some of Matts work earlier on and sort of knew what he was looking for. A fresh new world song, happy, light, and green. Bindy and I played around with some tunes. Then Pupendai came back from the pub and attempted to sing a tune (Lyrics written by myself.) He did ok but it really did not capture the sound i wanted for Old Realm. I called in an old friend of mine, vocalist Jayn Tapilin. She sung the lyrics and it gave the perfect feel for the moment. I can see now it works well with the opening idea of FREEDOM."
- The General email today.

You can watch the film here though i'd really recommend going to this link, due to the higher quality.

Ekalopse: Old Realm
song lyrics

Old Realm

Flowing from the sea
Left the city

Passing the sunlight
As we flee

Gathering along
Gloom seems wrong
Walk from the grey
Singing this song

Bowing down
fleeting off shore
To old Realm
Leaving mist as we soar

you can download Ekalopse album here. Bonus track includes original song