Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Today in the news a crossdressing terrorist was sighted on CCTV footage
He's having some guidence on the issue. It is said in 3 months he will not have the urge to dress like a woman ever again.

Also in the news Tony Blair has released a meat product called, 'My shoulder, taste it and become like me.' Only one packet was sold and only bought by TESCO supermarket.
As the human meat wasent sold rapidly, the Daily Crumb bought it for themselves.
Nathan: "It is an interesting piece of meat, it looks like it was just bitten off his own arm, we're gunna stick it in a dusty room we never actually go to and see what happens to it in a few years time. Should get a bit of money out of it one day."
BBC1 news:
Nathan Viney has shown his appreciations to the BBC by giving them Tony Blair's shoulder, in good condition. We no longer have the erge to kill him.
Tony Blair in a speech recently said, "I lost a shoulder for my ideal world! I want everyone to be a cannibal like me and George Bush!"
"What about John Howard? Pm of Australia?"
"No.. no we ate him."
Tony Blair: "See i dont personally find it funny, my arm is hanging by a thread folks, and you know when you have a headache and you cant get comfy in bed because of it. It's like that, i havent slept since i ripped it off."
Just-in, the boy from London who ventured down south for job opertunities died recently in the huge battle of The Daily Crumb.
The funeral was a few weeks ago.
We want to remember Just-in now, a second in silence please.

Right. Good.
His parents are trying to sue The Daily Crumb! Lets go and steal that second back.
Also in the news orange juice is acid, there was an experiment where somebody put a tooth into it, nothing happened.
MUNCH news:
A new SHORT CREEPY story on Deviant Art named YOKE was released. It is about an old woman who wants some breakfast.
I'm thinking of doing a series of Yoke short stories (not sequals) but connected in some way.
Find it here

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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