Sunday, February 18, 2007

Example Note 2

Today in the news a man with a pink tie was welcomed by towns folk.

Now, you may or may not believe this or you may believe it because you've read it somewhere else.

But there are still a society of people on this earth who believe the planet is FLAT.

Check it out here


We have never gone into space, Antarctica doesnt exist and the sun is 3000 miles above my head.

Jesus hates you if you think the earth is round.

Now i truely believe people who believe this can believe.. well anything. So i joined the forum, and it seems that anyone who points out their oppion gets deleted or banned from their forum.

Well i dont know.. i just had to put my theory out there.


The only proper replies i got were from Mutey, A fellow Brackywoodian who said.

OMG, it all makes sense! Surprised


and a few other.... posters:

How original. A cubic Earth, whudda thunk? You sir, are obviously a cunning linguist.


The Earth isn't 3 demensional?!?!?!

WERE DOOMED! THERE IS NO WIDTH! Or is it hight? Wait which demension are we lacking?

Hang on a second! If the Earth is only 2 demensional... Does that mean that humans only have 2 demensions too?

Wheres my length!?!?!? OMG I'VE LOST MY LENGTH!!!!!!!


Well, apart from the spelling dimension you're missing many. I replied with the simple logic of the matter.

It is stated that someone obsessed with Juns O'Connor's work took a boat out to sea. Can anyone explain why he didnt return?

Exactly, it is believed he flew (not fell) off of the edge and into
space, of course there is no evidence of this, it is quite possible he
just hit something and sunk his ship.

Both Jun and this guy who's name has never been revealed's names
have been put up in rememberance on a giant stone in Digiboo. People
regulary visit it such as yourselves.

Jun's theory is welcome to the flat earth theory as well, much is beleived. The cubic theory, being the one with most evidence.


Also in the news a man was attacked by splodges of energy firing out of his backside, no one has explained it but sceptics are calling it, "A normal human reaction to a curry"


- Nathan(munch) Viney

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