Thursday, February 22, 2007

Doctor Who, Time's a Wish

Today in the news Adam Phillips, Lord and creator of forest planet Brackenwood was named the 11th doctor in the current Doctor Who series. David Tennant's character is said to be killed at the end of the fourth series in a battle with a giant jelly cloud. Adam's doctor will take over and destroy the Daleks with a drop of alcohol.

(Official 2007 BBC image)
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Also in the news Nathan Viney released a very long and meaningful Doctor Who story named
"Time's a Wish."
You have to be a really good Doctor Who fan to enjoy it. (Personal thought)

And no.. people, no deaths :P Besides Captain Jack, he almost dies.
Find the story either
here (Deviart)
or here (Brackenwood stories section)
(There's aways the wonderer who believes in Virtual Time, and for family he'll go to the extreme. Garmentanica, one of the only planets with a "still sun" is about to come across an "energetic" shock. The Doctor, Rose and Jack find themselves on one of the weirdest adventures they've ever been on. Together with Romana of Garmentanica, The Doctor finds out what is confusing the villagers.)

This story was written a while ago for a Gallifrey forum collaboration, it was never released.
I read it once again, and really like it. There is only one scene i dont like and you may find that but otherwise this i love this story.
This story has characters:
The Doctor (10th)
Romana 2(Old companion)
Rose (companion)
Captain Jack (American)
and a few other faces, there is also mention of the 7th doctor's companion, Ace in the story.
Have fun! It's an interesting read!
Also in the news Tony Blair was arrested for breaking into a butchers, and eating the butcher. No meat was taken, besides the Butcher.
He actually escaped the police grasp and ran off into the sun set.
"Hi, do you have any grass manure??"
"What kind?"
"Erm, just the normal grass manure."
"Do you want a bag?"
"No thanks."
"Do you want flies with that?"

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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