Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gush of wind

Today in the news a gush of wind shot a bike rider into the sea. The other man regretted letting it rip.


did a RMN artwork today

As so did i :P

Also in the news:
BBC news:
The Daily Crumb offices is being cleaned away slowly, they still havent found Nathan's body yet. It is suspected he DID escape, and he's selling the Daily Crumb illegally on the streets of Plymouth.
(Dont listen to them, that's their cover up story. They know exactly where i am, and are planning to shoot be dead from above.)
Tramp: "Are toenails meant to be yellow?"
Nathan: *idea!*
(I'll dress in this tramp's clothes and walk out there innocently!)
*Plan sorted*
Tramp: "I look like a jerk."
Nathan: "Um... ok..."
(Walks out innocently.)
"I'm just an innocent tramp."
*Shot down*
"This is the BBC, we've killed Nathan Viney."
Nathan: "Oh dear, better scrap that idea. I cant have my blood all over the floor like that."
Nathan: "Better him than me. Now, i need a hideout, any ideas tramp man?"
Tramp: "A... box...? :("
Nathan: "No thanks, agh! I see a sewer across the road, i could jump down there out of sight!"
Tramp: "Watch you dont land on my box."
Nathan: "I'll have to make sure the BBC helicopter dosent see me. But now they think i'm dead they wont be on such an alert."
BBC: "It was just a tramp, weapons at the ready!"
*Nathan runs as fast he can towards the sewer*
*They fire*
*A bullet crashes into Nathan's shoulder, he's pushed forward firing blobs of blood into the air and splattered across the street*
*Nathan falls head first down the sewer.*
"Ow, ow, ow.. ow ow ow ow ow ow ow, i'd really like to say a naughty word right now.. ow."
BBC: "He went into the sewer, we think he's still alive. Send down the troops!"
Nathan: "Ok..ok... concentrate... RUN DOWN THE PIPES!"
- Nathan (munch) Viney

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