Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bonjour Au revoir, both meaning departure

Today in the news a very large man slipped off of a very high building. The city shook. A man with a hot dog stand near by a took a picture, but then slipped and fell down a very long drain losing the evidence. The hot dog stand then slipped and crushed him down the bottom. A little girl heard the echo, but then noticed a rainbow in the sky running as fast as she could to find the gold. She then fell into the sea.
Just like the Walking Man.

(Click on the image to see the movie.)

I actually appear 9 times in this film jumping in the background of different shots. Its really quite serious compared to our other films.
It is apart of a trilogy, all three in which you can find here.
The first one isa bit lousy, not much thought put into it at all. The second, (I was away for) turned out great. At the end of it the walking man got his on the head with a bottle........
which gave us the POWER to create a final piece.
Which you can view above

I updated Nathan Viney .com with the poster and also the movies page with Brackensack and WM3.
"Thankyou Res, thats a great trilogy, 1, not so good, 2 improves loads and then pop! 3 An almost, masterpeice.
(I'd like to get a hold of the code you ujsed for that trilogy as well)
Now RMN stands for Reuben Matt and Nathan. What an original name? Well, i think if you ignore what it stands for its a GREAT name! :P
Anyway, yes, so under RMN comes anything we've all worked on, because we are all too creative for our own good. (Well not me)
RMN go through their highs and lows, other members join in, for example:
Sam Smith (Tramp Snatcher)
James Jewell (Walking man "Stop" and flash-back in "Splash")
but all in all we work together fine, apart from me and Reuben... he seriously needs to get some anger management problems. Poor guy, i feel sorry for him sometimes, my way of feeling sorry for him kinda annoys him so i'll just sit next to him for now on and we'll get no work done.
But once he's up and running he is a fantastic camera man, a classic example would be in our latest film release "Splash"
Well done Reuben on that part."
Also in the news it has been found out world wide that someone by the name of John, and last name Smith has decided to have a party because his puppy was never fead at the easter time church mass. All in all two days from now the grass will hopefully blow away like the elephants sucking up the sandwiches were tasty.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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